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“Ascension Meditations”, by ZaKaiRan

Ascension Meditations and Exercises to keep you in Tip Top Spiritual
& Energetic Shape, to remain centered in your Divine Beingness for the Continuous Acceleration of your Vibratory Rate

Mini Ascension Masters Toolkit

A Mini Manual for Ascension



Technologies of Release, Embodiment and Manifestation

To Easily and Gracefully Create Heaven in your Life
& Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

Happy Ascending!

Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

The Mini Ascension Master's Toolkit

Contains many of the basic core techniques for Soul aspect/program/limitation…
clearing/releasing/healing and techniques of manifestation,

from my book
"The Ascension Master’s Toolkit”,

A Manual for Ascension. Tips, Tricks, Tools and Technologies of Release, Embodiment and Manifestation

To Assist You in the Dissolution of your Limitations and Embodying Your Divinity

Divine Guidance and Meditations to release all that you are not, to reveal and embody all that you are. To Help You Wake Yourself Up from the Dream of Survival, Separation and Limitation, to Your True Reality Of Divine Expression

To Assist you to Easily and Gracefully Activate
Manifest your Divine Mission and Vision of Heaven on Earth.

To Easily and Gracefully Create Heaven in your Life
& Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

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This booklet is Copyrighted by ZaKaiRan, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as the proper credit line is included and nothing is deleted.

The Mini Ascension Masters Toolkit

Vow Rescinsion & Agreement
Releasing Technique

This is an excellent general negative contract and agreement releasing invocation. Use this technique and other similar invocations any time you are feeling stuck in an old pattern, feel like you are being controlled by something outside of yourself and are having difficulty connecting to and receiving from your God Presence. It involves working with your soul extensions (yourself in other dimensions) that may have these contracts effecting you. If you are having a difficult time gaining center and balance, then your "ego" or unresolved energies (wounds), aspects of your beingness, or your soul extensions, are being negatively affected by contracts they have with themselves, you or other beings to always acting in certain ways or never act in certain ways. So due to your connection with these parts of yourself, and with these energies, your energy is negatively affected. Your 4 body system (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), has a hard time staying balanced. This especially occurs as you bring in more light and love into your beingness with the inner work you are doing. These influences from these aspects can cause you to follow the matrix without hesitation rather than your spirit without hesitation, and continue to function from old patterns, thusly sabotaging your true mission and divine path. Doubt and confusion are key elements that you are being affected by these agreements.

Repeat to yourself, internally or preferably verbally as a formal decree:

“By Divine Decree!

With the Power, Essence, Love and Grace of God-Goddess,
my own God-Goddess-Presence
and the Universal Laws of Love, Grace, Divinity, Karma, Forgiveness, Creation, Oneness & Liberty…

I now release all Vows, Agreements & Contracts,

that I, or anyone else in this body, or any of my Souls,
Soul Extensions, Soul Aspects, or any of my ancestors
(any one in my genetic lineage), has ever made,
in this or any other lifetime, across space, time and dimension,

about _____________________________.”

And I Release to the Light, any and all energies, entities, attachments, mechanisms, structures, implants, programs, codes, beliefs, thought-forms, curses, judgments, perceptions or pictures of reality… that have supported or maintained these Vows, Agreements, Contracts, beliefs, patterns, programs…

And I call upon Archangel Michael
to disconnect all cords of attachment to them.

I call upon my Guardian Angels to assist me to open my Rainbow Bridge (Antakarana/column of light), above my head, so that all these limitations can easily and gracefully go to the Light.

See these things moving off to the light. Give them all up to God.
See the Angels taking them away.

“I also ask for St. Germain and the Violet Flame Angels to flood my column with the Violet Flame to clear out all limiting structures and I invoke the Silver Ray of Grace to create a completely new vibration and fresh start in this now moment, without any reference to the past.”

"And I call upon the Karmic Board and all the Lords and Ladies of Karma, and I ask for complete Karmic Absolution with anyone and anything related to these vows and agreements... I ask for all karmic records to be healed, released, taken to God so that I may see the truth of all past experiences, all past lives and all reality.

I also ask that all of my Souls, Soul extensions, Soul Aspects and all Ancestors related to these vows and agreements, be placed in Healing Chambers and Love Cocoons, to be healed and released from their own patterns of resistance and denial,
so that they may return to their hearts, centered in love and their divinity.

If it occurs to you that you might have any disembodied spirits attached to these agreements or vows, but they will not go to the light with the simple process above, then you will have to do some additional work. Please see the "Disembodied Spirit Releasing Process" further in the book.

Because of the quantum clearing of limitation stuff taking place, you now have a open ground for the embodiment of divine stuff, so now you ask your Spirit-Higher-Self-God-Presence, who resides in the fifth dimension and above, to place new pictures of reality, insights, awarenesses… from this place of Unity-Christ-Consciousness (heaven) into your energy fields and your humanness, that will be quantumly more aligned with your divine mission, with the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth, with the creation and manifestation of the New Civilization of Love and Light. Then you just allow this all to come in progressively.

I now ask my I-AM-God-Goddess-Presence for New Pictures of Realities, Divine Insights, Awarenesses and Divine Structures,
to replace these Vows and Agreements…

And I ask for massive Grace and Ease
in the release and integration of all of this.

I now close any and all 3rd and 4th dimensional doorways
associated with these vows, agreements, contracts…

And So It Is! And So It Is! And So It Is!

God I AM! God I AM! God I AM!

Goddess I AM! Goddess I AM! Goddess I AM!

You may now want to follow up the vow/agreement rescinding technique with a God Presence Manifestation Decree to fill all spaces left from the release of these vows, agreements… You may desire to request new divine insights, awarenesses, abilities, directives, perceptions…, that may occur to you that would assist you in manifesting your Divinity and functioning more powerfully in your Divine Mission. You may especially request for the surfacing, dismantling and reorganization of your unconscious perceptions of reality, beliefs, agreements, patterns…, in order for you to release these and to allow for conscious divine perceptions to be active in your life.

So it is a continual process of dismantling, releasing, embodying integration and activation; dismantling, releasing, embodying integration and activation; dismantling, releasing, embodying, integration and activation…

(The above Vow/Agreement Rescinsion Technique is a combination of parts from myself , ET Earth Mission, Qala Serenia, Starbase Creation and SheKaNah)

Disembodied Spirit Releasing

As I have detailed previously, everyone that has not done the processes or similar processes detailed in this book, or some other spiritual work, is possessed by entities and energies of a limiting nature - everyone! Some people are just "possessed" more than others, or controlled by the "matrix" and their ego, which is controlled by entities, energies... What is your possession quotient?

Everything that we have agreements with or negative energetic connections with that are of a limiting nature, anything that is designed to keep us from being or acting certain ways, is a form of possession and needs to be exorcised. Basically every releasing process contained in this book is a form of exorcism.

The process detailed below is specific to entities that are attached to us in some way because of past agreements that need to be released, or you have already released these agreements with the vow/agreement releasing technique, and they no longer have a job, are now revealed to you and it is now time for them to go on to their next step. It is a great service that you offer them by assisting them to now be released from old agreements and taken to the 5th dimension of Love and Light, where they can have a fresh start.

Other examples of "possession" are related to extremes that you may be experiencing as you awaken, where you have embodied or are attempting to embody more joy, love, light, happiness, prosperity… in you life. When this is your focus, often beings connected to you, who are lost in darkness, are resistant to these beautiful energies, and especially the light. And will try to keep you from them with the typical patterns of doubt and confusion and by seducing you with old emotional-mental patterns and addictions, to keep the light very dim.

Symptoms of "possession" are dense, stagnant, heavy places in your body, possibly where you have ailments, pain, stiffness, cancer… they can be connected through and to your chakras and just about any where on your body. They will often be connected to major energy centers such as your heart, (heart disease, asthma, breast cancer…), in the stomach, (ulcers), solar plexus (power junkies), colon, prostate, uterus, ovaries, testes …), in your spine (flexibility problem, stiffness, sciatica…), in the back of the shoulders, neck, head... This does not mean that these entities actually live in these places in your body, they are just places where they are possibly attached energetically with psychic cords and other energies of attachment. You will need to disconnect any cords and energies attached to these areas, and need to heal these places when they are removed.

Disembodied Spirit Releasing Process

This is a process of exorcising entities, energies…, that are connected to you. It is a loving inner process of transformation, a beautiful compassionate service of Love for yourself, the entities in question, and others who you are guiding through the process. Your Lightness, joy, fun and compassion will make the job easy and truly a wondrous experience. If you are doing it out of fear, it will not work, or it will be very difficult and potentially scary.

Get in a very relaxed position, preferably laying down. Call upon your Guardian Angels, the Ascended Masters and your I-AM-Presence (or any master or being you are most connected to) to help you in this process. Fill your body with fluffy-translucent-sparkling-golden-white-light, the brightest you can imagine. This will make the dense energies attached to you even more apparent. And any entities will certainly get scared at this point as they have truly been discovered and will already be feeling the illumination and pull of the light. Now fill your body with iridescent Golden Light to evoke the higher spiritual energies in both yourself and the possessor and to help transmute all the energies present to their highest potential. And fill your body with the Silver Light of Grace, creating a new transformed beginning for you both.

With your inner vision, picture yourself in a tunnel or on a bridge of Light. At the end of the tunnel/bridge is the brightest light you can imagine. Look around you and see, feel, or sense if you have any company in the tunnel, such as: entities, people, energies, devices, implants… connected to your body, light-body, soul, soul extensions, aspects…). Don't worry if you are unable to see the light, sense the tunnel or see any entities, you may be so used to identifying yourself with these entities or energies that you cannot differentiate yourself from them. If this is the case, imagine two exact duplicates of yourself standing in the tunnel, and take the other you into the light. Just have faith that the process will all happen with your divine intention. Call upon your angels and God-Presence for extra assistance in this case.

Bring light into your tunnel gently, illuminating any beings that are in there with you. Bring it in very gently so as to not freak any one out that is in there. Tell the entities that are in your tunnel that they are dead, lost or stuck in the 4th dimension. More often than not, they are unaware of this fact. But assure them that everything is alright and that a new beginning is at hand. You may ask these beings or your Spirit what the agreement was that you had with them, or what past experience brought you together. More than likely it was an agreement to provide the use of your body in exchange for some service from them in return. Thank them for the providing the service and for the excellent spiritual growth and learning you received from having this arrangement with each other, but tell them that this agreement was made in ignorance of the Truth and Light, and it is time for you both to be released from it. Tell them that you no longer have need of their influence and that your beloved Spirit will now provide all that you require. Forgive them and yourself for making this agreement, and release yourself from the past memories and traumas associated with the time you made the agreement. If you are unable to determine the specific agreement, you can just do a general agreement release between you. Now do a formal releasing decree releasing yourself and them from any and all agreements and contracts.

Now, do whatever you need to do to gracefully, gently and compassionately support them to move down the tunnel/over the rainbow bridge, into the Light. Ensure them that where they are going is indeed a beautiful, joyful and safe place and that there will be family members and angels waiting for them. They may be scared and want you to walk them down the tunnel while holding their hand.

In tough cases, where a being is reluctant to go, you will need to lovingly command with the fire of your Spirit that they go to the Light. I prefer to say: "I command from the Lord God of my beingness for you to go to the Light". Command this over and over again until your tunnel is definitely empty. Or you may say something along the lines of: "In the name of God-Goddess, Father-Mother God, the Ascended Masters, Angels and all the Lords and Masters of Light in the Universe, I command that you cease to exist in this dimension and reality and go to the light.

Additionally, you can create a beam of light from your heart and third eye chakra and use this beam to create a vortex of Light which fills the tunnel and sucks everything that is not YOU into the Light. This will certainly propel them into the Light. Now, ask yourself if there are any more items to be released?" If so, do the process again. When you know the vortex has removed all remaining energies, you have completed the releasing process. You may of course get assistance from experienced "boogie busters", who are experienced in assisting others with these types of processes.

Most entities, are more than happy to go to the light. Some beings are very frightened and need reassurance and your loving support. Some beings are very tricky and will try to ask you lots of questions, distract or confuse you in some way and get you to doubt yourself. Or they will hide and conceal themselves somehow to make you think that your tunnel is empty and they have gone to the light, when in fact, they haven't.

If you take off a "dark lord", a high ranking demon or ET, s/he may have many minions that previously worked for them, that will be very lost and confused without their fearless leader. You will need to take them to the light as well. For large groups, you can load them all in a Light-Bus and drive them down the tunnel to the light. Or create a big slippy-slide that slides them right into the light. Have fun with the process and it will be joyful and effortless. If you make it a big tragic deal, or have any perceptions of evil and darkness, then you'll probably have a hard time.

Now thank any energy devices or cords of attachment that may be present that are maintaining any limitation programs or agreements for the service they have provided you, and disconnect them, disconnect them with the help of Archangel Michael and release them to the light. You may also need to ask for healing to take place where these energies were attached to you.

After everything and everyone has been cleared out, you may want to do a special tunnel cleaning with Love-Light and with St. Germain's Violet Flame. See the Cosmic White Fire and the Violet Flame, cleansing and clearing any debris or energetic material left behind by the entities.

After clearing these entities and energies from your bodies, you now have an open field to anchor more divine energies. If you don't ask for something specific to be put there, the universe will arbitrarily fill it. So, ask that these new voids that you have created, be filed with yummy stuff. Stuff that you would like manifested in your life for your divine mission, for your further awakening… If you do not have specific requests, ask your Spirit to fill it with the most divine things possible to aid you in your mission of the co-creation of Heaven on Earth.

After this process, you will definitely feel more energized, clear, centered and empowered. You may experience some brief grief, although as beings that were dear to you are now no longer connected to you in a horizontal way, but this makes room for the nurturing of positive vertical connections. If you look in the mirror, you will see more light emanating through your eyes and your face will be younger and clearer. And you will feel more sovereign, more empowered and centered in your own Divine Beingness. You will be able to see your true essence looking back at you and you will feel the fire of your Spirit deep within, ready to create heaven on earth!

Quick and Easy Manifestation

All formal manifestation Decrees and divine invocations are formal requests to your Spirit-Higher-Self-Divine-Consciousness-I-AM-God-Goddess-Presence (your Super Consciousness), to manifest something inside of you or outside of you. They can also be used to release limiting structures and influences as well.

Engaging in the use of formal decrees, puts the power of manifestation in the hands of your Spirit rather than your ego, which has no ability to manifest anything, it only has the ability to manipulate itself, others or the environment to obtain things from outside of itself. So these types of invocations are about reclaiming your Divine power of manifestation as the Divine Presence that you truly are (through and with your God Presence). A power that you have given away life-time after life-time to your separate oriented illusionary creations (ego) and its matrix of separation, lack and unworthiness.

Because your Spirit and other High Light Beings cannot and will not interfere with your free will, everything that you could want assistance with to manifest in your life, must be requested, otherwise you'll get whatever your programming says you deserve. So the universe will give you more of this, based on what you imply is real by where your attention is. It will unconditionally give you whatever it is that is most real and true for you, based on your perception of reality.

Manifestation occurs more quickly, easily and gracefully, if it is placed in the hands of your Spirit. If you do not allow this Divine Will to direct your life, then you must use personal will and strategies to manipulate something or someone to obtain your desired object. This is the typical scenario for humanity, and the key word here is object, or external technology. When I speak about manifestation, I am not referring to pleading with God to give you things that will make your life easier and more enjoyable, what I am referring to is the manifestation of a completely new overall picture of reality, that is light years beyond anything you have previously known to be real and true. What I am referring to is the cultivation and use of internal technologies of Divine Creation - through Love. Inner qualities, abilities and perceptions to create more divine connection to All-That-Is directly in your body and life. Enlightening humanness, altering your DNA…, to create a whole new being - the Christ Body you.

I am talking about the development of divine inner qualities and connections to other dimensions, your divine councils, angels, Christed extraterrestrials and all the Beings of Light (your divine family) residing in these realms. "Super-natural" abilities such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and channeling abilities. The ability to channel/be who you are on the higher dimensions into this one. Inner qualities of emotional/mental connection, expression and communication. Connection to Divine Guidance, so that you are always provided with your next steps in following your Spirit, acting on and from your divine mission and the divine plan of co-creating heaven on earth. I am talking about cultivating your true ability to manifest, be and always remain connected to Divinity.

Decrees are also requests for the manifestation of external things such as money and resources, human assistance, divine relationship, divine family connections, housing, transport…, things that you need in your life that will be very useful for you to be able to efficiently accomplish your Divine Mission of creating heaven in your life and the Co-creation of Heaven on Earth. Prosperity is your birthright, and you need lots of abundance in your life to accomplish your mission. The release of all that is limiting this abundance and openness to the natural abundance of the universe is a most desirable and efficient quality to accomplish the Divine Plan.

The God Presence Manifestation Techniques detailed later are extremely efficient manifestation techniques, which I have used extensively for my awakening process for the embodiment of more Divine realities, abilities, expanded awarenesses, direction, clarity, resources... within my beingness, to channel, embody and be the Divine Master that I truly am. I have seen many similar decrees but the one that I have used for decades is the Super Conscious Technique from Extraterrestrial Earth Mission.

Inclusive in these divine decrees, is the request to be released from everything that is of a limiting nature, everything that has supported these limitations and everything that you have thought yourself to be, that has kept you from embodying true divine awareness and your divinity. Basically you are asking to be released from all separation consciousness, from all illusions of control, power, survival, lack and unworthiness. So when you ask for this assistance, for expansions, for greater awareness, for greater capacities to experience love, etc., please be aware that you will go through massive changes to get to this destination. You will go through massive emotional-mental upheavals and physical mutations to accommodate your DNA Light-Body Activation’s and the embodiment of huge quantities of Light. These shifts in consciousness, I refer to as the “Initiations of Awakening. (Please see article “Mutating or sick – that is the question”).

You have many friends in high places, (you can call these beings ET’s, Ascended Masters, Angels etc), to help you implement these expanded awarenesses and abilities. I recommend you ask for their assistance as often as you feel is necessary. (A list of a few of these beings is included later). They will also help you get through the emotional initiations that illuminate your way to true self. They will help you dismantle all of the limitation structures, perceptions, thought-forms, beliefs, agreements…, that formed your false identity and your inner and outer reality. Then, new expanded identities are implemented that are closer to the true cosmic you. This is the grand initiation of awakening to your magnificence, where your identity is completely shattered, and your perception of self is radically expanded to include quantumly more than you imagined yourself to be or believed you had the ability to become. You identify yourself less and less as a separate self, and more and more as a whole being. Your identity is no longer about what you do, but is just how you natural are. When you have instigated these radical changes and disconnections from the illusions of the matrix, you are then left with just yourself, or the true self - Divine Consciousness, Divine Essence, Divine Spirit - God Presence.

This is when you start really actively and passionately playing/working (plorking) with and for the manifestation of the New Civilization of Light – Heaven on Earth. Until then, you must go through "the initiation of identitylessness and directionless, as your old reality is being dismantled. This is the most important initiation as you cross the threshold between the inner and outer world, between the dimensions of separation and the dimensions of wholeness, between separatioin and Christ/Unity Consciousness. This the crossing where there is no turning back, where you can no longer delude yourself any longer. It is the grand awakening because it illuminates the real you - pure God-Consciousness, that was hiding behind human suffering. This is the initiation of Enlightenment, Realization, Ascension. But this is just one of many as you drop the old and adopt the new. (See my article, “Light Body I”, my book “Life is an Initiation – Christ Consciousness”, and "What is Light Body" by Aliyah Ziondra/Tachira Tachi ren).

The God Presence Manifestation Decree

The basic format of these Manifestation Decrees is a request to your Spirit to manifest this ability, awareness, thing…, in your life, consciousness and reality. I have primarily through my awakening process used the “Super Conscious Technique” from ET Earth Mission detailed below. But I have since created my own version with words that most suit my personal bias. You may similarly alter this decree, or create your own, using whatever words suit your personality and spiritual bias. “Starbuilders” has a “Polar Shift Technology” that is excellent, which is available from them at: www.starbuilders.org, and I’m sure there are other manifestation and invocation techniques available from other divine masters.

By Divine Decree, with the essence of God-Goddess and the Power of Grace, I now invoke my God-Presence, to Manifest the Essence, Embodiment, Activation and Result of the highest possibilities of: (insert request) ______________________

And I ask the Karmic Board for Karmic Absolution between myself and anything that may be blocking this manifestation, and I ask for an Angelic Activation to release any agreements or vows that may block the manifestation of this request.

And I ask that all Divine Channels be created to facilitate the manifestation of this with maximum Grace and Ease and that I have an ever expanding capacity to receive, embody, and implement this request in the ever expanding Now Moment”.
(This section is courtesy of Starbase Creation, taken from the Solar Manifestation Technique).

So that the Power of that will Manifest Fully and Completely in my Experience and Divine Awareness - Now! And So It Is!

Quicky Version

God-Presence, with the power of Grace and Ease, will you manifest, the essence, of the performance and affect and embodiment, of the highest and most divine possibilities of ________________ (insert request here), so that the power of that can be manifested fully in my experience. And so it is!

(This version is very similar to the Super Conscious Technique from ET Earth Mission, with the replacement of “Super Conscious” with God Presence, which I prefer to use now and a few other additions).

Love Cocooning (Soul Extension Healing)

Cocooning is used in relation to specific issues that have arisen in your life. Essentially, we wrap our soul extensions in a Light and Love Cocoon, which separates them from us on horizontal disfunctional, negative psychic cord levels, so that we and them are left with our own sovereign essence and consciousness, not feeding off of one another. This allows us to support each other on wholistic vertical, higher dimensional, levels; on love levels, to follow our own Spirits. It releases any co-dependency energies, in favor of inter-dependence; in favor of co-creation.

You may experience resistance, or an inability to move forward because your soul extensions or fragmented soul aspects, are in resistance and fearful because of past experiences that are related to an occurrence that is happening now in your life. Because you are totally connected to your soul extensions, if they have experienced a traumatic experience related to this that you are experiencing, they will be in resistance, and this will affect your ability to move beyond this pattern. They will not want you to move forward into, or through, this experience, because they will feel their pain, or there is a fear that they will experience this same suffering again.

Cocooning them will free you energetically from any resistance's to your forward movement, any fears of your next level. It will remove any fears, agreements, vows, limitations…that are your soul extension's, soul fragments or splintered aspects of your beingness that are in trauma, fear etc, or that you have disowned because of traumas and past experiences of fear and resistance to love.

Love Cocooning Technique

Call upon the Angels for assistance and invite in and surround yourself with all of your Soul Extensions, and fragmented aspects of self (past, present, future, and genetic extensions), that are related to this issue that has arisen for you and ask them to all be placed inside of Love Cocoons.

“I Call upon the Angels for assistance and I draw to myself all of my Soul Extensions and Aspects that are ready for healing now”.

See them all around you now in a huge area. It will probably be dark and womb like. There will definitely be a lot of them. See yourself in the middle of them. See the Angels around assisting them.

Speak to all of them intimately, “will you all please place yourself inside of Love Cocoons”.

Explain to them that this is not a trap, but that the Love Cocoon is a beautiful restful healing space that will help create healing and forgiveness. It will disconnect all negative elements and influences from them and from you, allowing both of you to now experience your own sovereignty and Divine Connection to your own Spirit, Source, God-Goddess…

Some of them will willingly go in, as they are eager for release from their pain and eager to forgive and be healed.

Now, ask them all, "what percent has gone into the cocoons”?

The others are still in resistance to moving to the next level. They will need special assistance to help forgive and release.

Whatever percentage they give you, ask those remaining soul extensions to, "please forgive whatever occurrences have happened to you that have caused you to be in the space you are in and in relation to what is happening now for me"!

Assure them that everything they have ever experienced was just experience for our Soul and need not affect them negatively any longer.

Now ask, “what percentage cannot forgive”?

Whoever cannot forgive that energy, ask them, "will you please forgive everything that created that situation, that makes you not forgive? Will you please forgive all of the individuals involved?”

Whatever percentage is left, that will not forgive, give them a gift, a golden (Light Language) encoded disc called a Tzolkin Wheel.

The Tzolkin Wheel is a reminder of the sacred agreement they have with your I-AM-Presence, for remembrance of the Love that they truly are. A reminder that it is now the 7th Golden Age, time to remember, time to let go of the past, to forgive, to allow Divine Grace to provide a new start without any reference to the past.

Now ask them to “allow the Tzolkin Wheel to spin through your chakras to help you forgive, to surrender to the truth and release your pain”.

Now ask again, "is there anyone who is still resistant to moving forward and entering the Cocoons?"

Whoever is left, ask the Angels for an "Angelic Activation", which will remove all vows, agreements, implants and programs which have supported those limitations and ways of being. This Angelic activation will also reincorporate their soul fragments and re-connect them to their Divine Selves.

“I call upon the Angels for an Angelic Activation for my beloved Soul Extensions and aspects”.

Now say, “please stay in your Love Cocoons until you are all integrated in your own soul energy”, and I call upon the Divine Mother to take care of them and place them in stasis until they have forgiven and healed all that keeps them in resistance and separate from the wholeness".

Once everyone is in their cocoons you will probably not have to do this again in regards to that issue, or deal with those soul fragments again. Any future reactions, to issues that trigger heart contraction (closing), are resistance's that those soul fragments, or newly revealed soul fragments have to that issue or “new” issue. So you will have to do the process over again in relation to what has arisen.

You may also ask the Archturian Light Body Teams to help them release any of their/your stuff as well, including any thought forms you may be experiencing… And ask the Hathors for any Heart-healing that is needed. (The Archturians are the Light-Body healers, the Hathors are the Love/Heart masters.)

Now bring everyone in through your heart, and up through your Pineal, through your Column of Light, into your Soul, back home!

Infinite Blessings on your Journey of the recognition and embodiment of your Divine Magnificence!



Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

©ZaKaiRan AatKa'Nui SheeHan

This booklet is copyrighted by ZaKaiRan, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as the proper credit line is included and nothing is deleted.

The Mini Ascension Master's Toolkit
Contains many of the basic core techniques for Soul aspect/program/limitation…
clearing/releasing/healing and techniques of manifestation,

from my book
"The Ascension Master’s Toolkit”,

A Manual for Ascension. Tips, Tricks, Tools and Technologies of Release, Embodiment and Manifestation.

To Assist You in the Dissolution of your Limitations and Embodying Your Divinity. Divine Guidance and Meditations to release all that you are not, to reveal and embody all that you are. To Help You Wake Yourself Up from the Dream of Survival, Separation and Limitation, to Your True Reality Of Divine Expression.

To Assist you to Easily and Gracefully Activate
Manifest your Divine Mission and Vision of Heaven on Earth.

To Easily and Gracefully Create Heaven in your Life
& Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

Also available for your enlightenment

“Ascension Meditations”, by ZaKaiRan

Ascension Meditations and Exercises to keep you in Tip Top Spiritual
& Energetic Shape, to remain centered in your Divine Beingness for the Continuous Acceleration of your Vibratory Rate