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What's in a Name?




As you have seen during this awesome spiritual transition, many beings have received "new" names. Names that were not given to us by our parents when we were born. Names that we were not ready for yet, because they represent a much higher level of awareness then we could embody at the time, they represent more of who we truly are. These names are usually of extraterrestrial, extra dimensional &/or Angelic origin.

When you receive these names you are ready for more of yourself - your mission has been accelerated - your awakening has truly begun. These "new" names represent your Universal, higher dimensional origins. On planet earth they represent the new civilization identity; your personal mission of the co-creation of heaven on earth accomplished by the full embodiment of who you truly are. These names represent (and are) higher octaves of yourself. They are encoded with higher dimensional DNA light body encodements and programs; to further awaken you and others; to enable you to connect with much more of yourself then these human forms with their genetic identities and programmed history; to assist you with the manifestation of your light body.

Your birth name may hold a certain amount of nostalgia for a limited time, but soon it no longer represents who you truly are accurately. In truth no name represents your magnificence accurately, but these new names at least come closer. Beings are being asked, (by who they truly are), to cease using old genetic names, and to utilize these higher dimensional names in there day to day life. When you use these names daily, committing to them, not just using them occasionally when you're speaking "spiritually", but actually embodying that name - it is awesomely empowering, and expresses your free will choice to All That Is to embody more of who you truly are.

When you write and speak it, you will feel the awesomeness of you; the mastery of you. You will feel and know that contained within it is data about your true identity as a multidimensional master. You may discover and articulate your essence, that true divine never changing aspect of your beingness that always is and always has been - that which you truly are. You may embody and start utilizing your function: that which you came to planet earth to do; that which the source has created for you to function as.

As you require others to utilize this "new" name you will notice how it affects them; how there perceptions of you will change; how there judgments will arise. Some will welcome this higher aspect of your beingness, willingly calling you by your new name - thus empowering themselves. When beings use this new name they are experiencing more of you; more of you evokes more of them. They may then wish to receive there extra dimensional names - being excited by this accelerated change. Still others, especially "normal" people and even those that are spiritually aware, will resist using this new name; they will resist seeing and feeling more of your true essence beaming through. They are resisting expanded identity, and they are resisting there own divine identity - resisting the light. Their ego is freaking out because it is afraid of loss of its human identity - because contained within these extra dimensional names is an identification with oneness, with All That Is; an awareness that you are not human at all, but a spiritual essence of the highest caliber of mastery and awareness. In these higher dimensions (that your name and true identity emanates from) oneness is truly a reality, (not just an ideal), and these names carry that reality with them. They may also be resisting change and feelings of loss of you, because their old perceptions of you must change as you are changing and expanding; they can feel you surpassing them in your awareness level, and their feelings of inadequacy are evoked.

You may receive these names in various ways: directly into your consciousness from your spirit, or via friends, channeled entities, gurus etc. Your ego will doubt it and possibly resist it, but pay it no mind, just assure it that its identity is not being lost, it is just being expanded.

When you receive your new name or names, repeat it out loud 3 times: I am ........... I am ........... I am ...........- and feel the empowerment; feel yourself; feel your essence, your true self. Feel your vibration accelerate; feel your divinity as it is embodied with this name of who you truly are. Use this name; be this name; embody yourself and have the courage to be who you truly are.

Chanting the names of God, entrains your consciousness to the vibration, essence and function of those deities. You are also a deity, you are one of the many Gods and Goddesses that comprise the wholeness of All That Is. All names are important because they are the names of God. Honor your name, for it is the name of God. Chant your name, for it is the name of God. My name chanted, opens a vortex of energy, of light and Love. It transmutes you to higher realities, transports you to your next steps in evolution; heals; transmutes dense realities and perceptions; releases limitations. What does your name do when chanted? Get in groups and chant each others names and see what happens. See how powerful your name is. See how your name truly represents you (or doesn't) and your divine character. Embody your name!

The meaning of my name is what it emanates and manifests when chanted: Za - light, truth. Kai - life, ocean, water, flow, acting (to act); action. The Embryo of God. ZaKai - to cause to remember; remind. Ran - To sing or to chant, joyous, vitality, vigor and freshness, masculine Fire. Telos - oneness; communication; understanding with Spirit; the end.

Your name may change many times as you embody different rays of self and you become aware that you are not just a you, you are a we - yourself is actually selves. Your essence is experiencing life in many embodiments on many planets, dimensions, parallel and alternate realities. And you channel this "self" into this reality - you are a channel for who you truly are - All That Is.

Especially as parallel realities converge you might get confused - you may not know who you are, because your identity keeps expanding and you become more and more aware of the simplicity and essence of who you truly are. You recognize your identity as vast and expansive yet simple and timeless; you no longer see yourself as being a separate individual struggling human, (an identity created from old world patterns, genetic history and programming), trying to have a spiritual experience, to earn your way to salvation. You know yourself to be a Divine Spiritual Essence having a human experience. An essence that does not need to learn anything, earn anything, or prove its worth to anything or anyone.

Contained within this expansive identity is the blueprint of the new civilization manifesting now on planet earth. We are embodying this epic reality complete with its higher vibrations of light and love. We are embodying, integrating and learning how to utilize these higher dimensional aspects of ourselves and engaging with what we truly came here to do. We are embodying the new species of light - we are truly The Starseeds Of The New Civilization.

Enjoy BEING without identity - for this is true reality - the essence of Who You Truly Are.

We are indeed all one! - Soon we will remember this completely and experience it fully!

Awaken to that which is already awake! Be Who You Truly Are!

ZaKaiRan Telos AzaRa


P.S. Names are important because they are the name of God.

Honor your name for it is the name of God. Chant your name for it the name of God.

My name chanted, opens a vortex of energy, of light, and of Love. It transmutes you to higher realities, heals.

What does your name do when chanted?

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