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The Paradox of Humanity
The Love Masters



Trying to be like God

Underneath it all, humanity believes they are unworthy bastards. They believe unconsciously that they have been cast out of heaven and must earn or learn their way back in somehow. Humanity is trying to be like God. They try to act like God or as a god would on many levels. Religiously they try to be puritanical, as they perceive that God is - to be like God; to deserve God’s favor; to deserve heaven and be saved from hell or non-existence. Scientifically, people try to be as “creative” and as powerful as God by synthesizing awesome technological things for the good of or for the destruction of humanity, (to have power over life and death). Militaristically, politically and economically, people try to be as powerful and controlling as they imagine God to be. Medically people try to be creators, saviors and protectors of life as they imagine God would be.

Everyone is trying to be like God, or trying to be like gods. But they are trying to act like gods rather than actually being the Gods that they already are, this is the paradox, the great cosmic joke. It is like when you are looking everywhere for your sunglasses, and they are right on top of your head.

This was the experiment in separation, forget that you were God, and go as far away from being God as you could get, then try to find your way back home. The Ascension of planetary consciousness and of the species human is this journey home. A new civilization is manifesting on planet earth where worthiness no longer exists, where we no longer try to be like God, or try to earn God’s grace, because we realize that we are each an individual expression of God, we realize our oneness with All That Is.

Good and Bad – The Polarity

Good and bad are both illusions, you can’t have goodness without there being the opposite of badness. They are both just expressions of separation, denial, and unworthiness. It is our natural inclination to be good, on higher dimensions there is nothing but goodness. Goodness is subjective based on your level of awareness and judgement. If it is your natural inclination from the divinity of your beingness to be good, then be good. Most of humanity has forgotten that they are just naturally good, because of this they try to be good so that they can prove their worth to God and earn their way into heaven or at least earn the love, praise and adoration of their fellow humans. Other people feel so bloody unworthy that they don’t even try to be good, they just go ahead and act like the despicable humans that they believe themselves to be, they figure, “what the heck, I’m going to hell anyway. Both of these two scenarios come from the same feelings of unworthiness. Neither one is enjoying themselves.

If you are going to be good then I recommend you do it from the center of your beingness, from the natural essence of your divinity, otherwise you are no better than a murderer or a thief. And if you are going to be bad, well then I recommend you really enjoy being bad, this might be your road to enlightenment. Of course, as I’ve said, being bad is not our natural state, and anyone being bad is really in denial, (consciously or unconsciously, and/or has just volunteered for a specific role in the drama of polarity), otherwise they would be good, naturally, but the point I am making here is that both are delusions. If you are acting good you are deluded, if you are acting bad you are deluded, there is no difference, one is not better than the other in the big scope of things.

Additionally, the point I am trying to make is you should enjoy your experience here on Earth. If you as a master, have to act in a way that will serve everyone’s growth in the moment by being confrontational or by telling someone that they are being a jerk, then I recommend enjoying this acting part, have fun with it. One thing that is part of being an enlightened master is you always have fun, even when you are experiencing emotional discomfort, or you have to confront someone you love with truth, (and we all hate confrontation).

Regardless of what your spirit requires you to do, I recommend you enjoy it. Have fun confronting the lies. Have fun illuminating the truth. Have fun revealing distortion and denial. And have fun telling people how magnificent they are. Have fun waking up yourself and your friends even when they act like they don’t want to wake up. Certainly you will experience lots of sadness because of people’s resistance to waking up, especially when you know it is their time, but have fun with this too. Find that point of divine consciousness that you are that truly enjoys every aspect of the experience of humanness, all the sadness and disappointment and of course all the happiness, and joy.

I recommend seeing the hilarious movie “Mars Attacks,” because the ETs in it are really excellent bad guys because they really enjoy being bad so much. The real truth is that even the “bad” ETs: the Orion’s, Reptilians, Dinoids, Grays, Zetas…, are so disconnected from love, which is felt through emotion, that they don’t even enjoy being bad guys, in fact they experience no enjoyment at all about anything. (Also see “the Highlander”, the bad guy is the best bad guy ever, he really enjoys being bad).

This is the part of the great shift of being human, being so paradoxical, because to even enjoy being bad you have to still have some connection to love, because the enjoyment of being bad comes from resisting being good, from resisting the light. It’s the child syndrome, (which we all still are), where if you tell a kid not to do something, that’s exactly what they want to do to feel in control and experience power. Even though they are seemingly powerless, they will resist your authority to enjoy “being bad” and to feel powerful. (This is why most people commit crimes - to feel powerful and in control of their lives). We are doing the same thing with God, we resist the supposed authority of God, that the religions have sold us, in order to feel powerful (and in control of our lives) like God. We are enjoying being bad, maybe not humanly so, (because we are denying this enjoyment), but on a soulular level we as spirits are enjoying the experience of being bad.

So I recommend looking back on your life and admitting to yourself that you have enjoyed being resistant and defiant to God, and your parents, and all authority figures. Admit it to yourself that you have enjoyed breaking the rules; that you have enjoyed being naughty; that you enjoyed committing “adultery”, or stealing something, or screwing someone out of something, or playing a nasty joke on someone. You may have felt bad afterwards, but you know that you enjoyed it while you were doing it, (especially the adultery one).

But did you feel bad because you did something that is actually wrong, or that actually hurt someone, or did you just feel bad because of some societal program that says that act is a bad thing to do, or because someone screamed poor me, victim, and then you judged yourself. Aside from a few things, I would say that most people have done very little badness in their lives. If we really looked at all the things that everyone has done, from another position of consciousness, we could see that there was absolutely nothing wrong with that and it was just an expression of the psycho-spiritual state you were in at the time, a natural or unnatural reaction (depending on your perspective) in the moment.

Looking honestly at your life this way teaches you compassion. It teaches you respect for each individuals expression no matter how their actions can be judged. Because actions do not accurately describe the true reality of the being, it only describes the position they are holding in their consciousness, or the denial quotient they are operating at. It shows you that they are suffering and are trying to deny this experience with their actions. But this will change, everyone grows, everyone will eventually wakeup to their Divinity, cease the denial and realize that unworthiness is an illusion, but until then, it is just experience, nothing more, nothing less.

This is an example of how it is easy to love everyone, even the scum of the earth, because they are still divine, even though they don’t know it. Even someone that screws you royally, steals from you, rapes you, hates you, beats you, whatever, you realize you love them, and they really love you too, they just don’t know it.

Bad does not exist without good, this duality is just part of this experience, this reality. So anyone on any dimensional level including humans, disembodied spirits, and “bad” ETs are only “bad” because they resist being good, because they resist being God. They are disconnected from the experience of Godness through feeling, through Love. This is our edge as humans, our ability to love and feel love, to feel and express emotion.

We humans are more multidimensional then those negative ETs. They are stuck on their dimension (usually the 4th, sometimes the 5th), they can’t go up, and they can’t go down. The grays and other ETs have tried both, and they can’t do it. You can’t transition to higher dimensions with technology, you can only evolve to higher consciousness with Love. But we can make the transition, we are not stuck on this dimension, we have access to all dimensions because we still know Love. (Love is your dimensional portal). (This is why the Greys and Zetas wanted to genetically breed in an emotional body into their genetics, and why we can release disembodied spirits and 4th dimensionally stuck ETs to the 5th dimension).

This is the reason ETs are so fascinated with us. The Andromedans (through Alex Collier), say we are all from the 11th dimension, a much higher dimension than the negative ETs, (even though, more accurately, we are from multi-dimensions). The reason why we are so paradoxical, and the reason why this planet and this specie’s ascension is so important, because when we ascend, we affect every dimension on up the scale.

In essence, we are like angels in bodies, we stepped down our vibration to a massive degree to inhabit very dense animal like bodies. I have already spoken in many of my articles about many of us being ETs and Angels. And that essentially everyone is an ET on a genetic level, since these bodies were created by ETs. And that many of us are ETs, Angels and ET/Angels, from the stand point that we (our spirits) are from other planets, universes, dimensions…. But also there are beings here on planet earth that are human consciousness, that were created at the onset of the creation of this Christ Universe. These are the Christ Beings. If you were “created” in this universe, then you are a Christ Being. You are the model of the return to the source for all beings outside of this Universe.

The ETs are fascinated with us because we are capable of such love and beauty and at the same time, capable of such hate and destruction. You see other races on other planets, in other universes, aren’t so much like this, they are less paradoxical, usually being either very good, or very bad. We are truly the paradoxes of the Universe. We do both all the time, with many variations of good and bad in between.

Many positive ETs are completely puzzled by this behavior, they view our behavior as being quite bizarre and many consider us to be great masters and great heroes for the work we do and the courage it takes to do this. When you ascend from such a paradoxical 3rd dimensional planet, you are such a great master, such a master of creation, that your experience and mastery is valued and respected greatly. This is why the negative ETs have always fucked with us, because we are so great, they have always wanted to somehow steal what we’ve got, but you can’t steal Love.

The implication has always been that we are bad, dense, un-evolved, low-life’s, when compared to ETs. The negative ETs and other dark forces, have propagated this delusion to keep us controlled. This was a great plan to keep us from realizing our Divinity and even higher status then these ETs.

We are fooled by appearance and by technology, because they can fly around in ships and kick ass. This is our delusion as humans – being fooled by appearance. But once you realize your Divinity and multidimensionality, you are no longer fooled by external technology. You realize that internal technology is far superior and much more powerful than external technology. If it wasn’t, then why would the negative ETs even bother with us? Why would they study us? Why would they try to control us? Why would the Grays have needed our “inferior” DNA and need to study us emotionally?

We are the key to Ascension for countless other species. When we ascend as a species, this transition becomes available to all the other planets and species that are ready to ascend. The estimate is that at least 341 other planets are in a similar position as ourselves and are ready to ascend. And because of our involvement with ETs, this ascension energy is available to them as well. This is why all of them that are here, because they (unbeknownst to most of them) were sent by God to learn about Love.

We are the Love Teachers, even though it appears otherwise sometimes. Even though it appears that most people on planet earth don’t have a clue what Love is, (especially not unconditional love), but do not be fooled by even this appearance, we are the Love Masters. And as soon as everyone realizes their magnificence, and realizes the truth of their Divinity, and realizes they are Masters of Love, even appearances will prove this.

Be the Love Master that you are!

Blessings on your Journey of Awakening to your True Essence of Love.

ZaKaiRan (Love Master Extraordinaire)


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