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Love / Hate the Paradox

Love is everything. You are Love Love is all there is




Your true Divine Essence, your Spirit, Higher Self, loves everything. This True you, does not hate or dislike anything. It does not dislike anything because it exists beyond and outside of the realm of duality where the illusions of like, dislike and hate exist. This YOU perceives every individual perception and reality as just being part of the wondrous creation of All That Is.

You as humanness, from your perception of human consciousness, have the ability to Love everything if you are one with your Spirit. When you are operating from this advanced level of awareness, where you and your Higher Self are one and embodied, you will realize that you love all life and all creations, regardless of how they can be judged.

Only the human perceptive you (with your separate-sense-of-self and ego), experiences the illusions of pain, suffering, like, dislike, love, and hate. These things are part of this reality of physicality and limitation that we are experiencing.

In order to be able to Ascend in consciousness to a position where you and Higher Self are one, where you are truly a master of human and divine reality, you must accept and allow all aspects of this reality of humanness to be part of God’s Creation of All That Is. Every limitation and illusion of power, control and manipulation; every polarity, duality and dramatic emotional reaction, every experience and sensation that can be encountered, you must learn to allow them to be part of All That Is. You must learn to allow them to be a part of your wholeness, part of your experience of the expression of creation and physicality. Things that you would normally judge, especially as you begin to awaken and see what has fucked up the world so much. Things that you perceive that if they were just taken away, the world would be a better place. To a large degree, this is true, but it is not the experiences that screw up reality, it is what we do with them.

For instance, some people in the spiritual community perceive that hate is the opposite of Love. Or that fear is the opposite of love. From a human perspective this is true, but in true reality, fear and hate do not even exist, so they are not really the opposite of anything.

Liking or disliking something, is subjective based on the level of awareness you are currently operating at. From a human perspective, liking or disliking something is dependent on whether or not something gives you pleasure or not, or feels good to you energetically. You like certain people because they energetically feel good to you. You are in synergy with them (synchronis energy). Your awareness levels of truth, divinity and Self are similar. They evoke and encourage your magnificence.

People that you do not like are the opposite. Essentially they do the opposite. Your two polaric realities undermine each other. They not only do not evoke and encourage your magnificence, but they deny and discourage your magnificence so that they won’t feel lesser then you from their reality of unworthiness.

Similarly with this illusion that we currently exist in, called "reality", aside from all the good love stuff, most of the denial and lies that currently are prevalent amongst the systems and people of planet earth are negative, dark and in total denial of divinity and truth, they are totally driven by false identity, survival, lack and enemy consciousness.

From my perspective as an Ascended Master, these patterns are just part of the old world and the experience we have been exploring called mastery of limitation. From my perspective as an Ascension specialist here to assist this planet’s evolvement and ascension to higher realities, they are part of a reality that is archaic, is dying and is being replaced with a more enlightened reality of oneness, cooperation and prosperity. The transition may sometimes be an arduous one, but Heaven on Earth will manifest, I personally will make sure of it, because I am one with the Divine Will and this is the Divine Plan of All That Is.

From this perspective, combined with my human consciousness, these negative dark energies of limitation are absolutely hateable, and I give myself absolute permission to hate them. In fact I give myself absolute permission to dislike anything, or anyone. I recommend that you give yourself a similar freedom, give yourself permission to dislike people, things and situations. Do not try to be a goody goody and deny that you dislike something or someone, otherwise this feeling goes unconscious and you will then be (unconsciously) psychically attacking them and acting like you like them, and you are lying because you really don’t but you don’t have the honesty and courage to admit it.

So now that you give yourself permission to dislike, and you allow yourself to feel all the feelings about it, including being angry at yourself for being a jerk, you then must discover why you dislike this thing or person, and discover if any of this dislike is actually yours or if they really dislike themselves and project this self loathing out into the world, and you are acting out their reality.

At this point you realize what I spoke of earlier, that you do not dislike anything or anyone, but this must be real for you, you must have made sufficient contact with your higher self for this to be real. You must have embodied your Self and had a real experience of your Divinity and Oneness with All Life. Otherwise you will be living idealistically, trying to manipulate your thoughts and feelings to try not to dislike someone, or to try and like someone that does not want to be liked. You will be trying to police your thoughts, trying to arrest the bad ones and put them in prison, but this is futile, because thoughts are nothing and do not describe your true feelings from YOU. You realize that on Divine levels you like everyone and especially love everyone, but combined with human perception, many people are shits – plain and simply. So until this like/love for all life is real, give yourself permission to: want, desire, lust, be outrageous, be angry, etc., allow your emotional experience and discover what is behind these illusions.


Know yourself! Know your likes and dislikes. Give yourself permission to be human. I know exactly why I dislike and judge people or things. I know exactly what I dislike and "judge" about people and what they do, because I know why they are doing it, which is always because they are suffering, but in this case it is not judgement but classification. See reality for what it is with no condemnation, with unbiased detached observation and full realization of the truth. This is divine judgement.

Many new age people have judgement about judgement, that it is wrong and you are not supposed to do it. So they police their thoughts trying not to be judgemental, then beat themselves up because they are being judgemental, a double jeopardy. Mafu used to say that judgement is not when you do something that could be judged to be wrong, but judgement is when you do something, then later on judge yourself for that behavior. There was nothing wrong or right with the original act, it was just an expression of the moment, it can be condemned or not. Judgement is when you later rebuke yourself for your "nefarious" activity and then feel guilty and wish you could take back the experience. Judgement is really only self referential because you only have any real affect upon yourself. Regardless of what you say or do to someone else, their perception of reality is what determines their life experience, and they may react how ever suits them and their spiritual growth.

There is nothing wrong with judgement, if it is based on classification, on the realization of why something is the way that it is or why someone is acting the way they are acting, rather than denial and condemnation. Real divine judgement is merely forming an authoritative evaluation about something based on your empirical knowledge and awareness. The only problem anyone really has with judgement is when someone is doing it in a condemning way from their ego personality, where something has been evoked in them that they don’t want to deal with, so they maliciously judge and condemn you so that they won’t have to deal with their own shit.

So I recommend giving yourself permission to love things, to like things, to dislike things and even hate things, or people. If you do not, then you are idealistically being spiritual and you are denying your humanness, and humanness is what you came here to experience.

If you deny any aspects of your humanness, then you also hate those aspects. If you deny and hate them, then you will more than likely repress them. If you repress them, then they will be acted out in consciousness, because all things must be expressed somehow, this is the natural flow of Creation and Divinity. Previously when there were parallel realities, you would even act them out in another reality, but now that there are not any more parallel realities, you will act these things out in consciousness on unconscious psychic levels.

Any part of anyone (especially an awakened spiritually oriented person) that has not been allowed to be, that is repressed and unloved, that part becomes the evil twin, the Egor in the dungeon, a dark side that is kept hidden and who does all of your dirty work for you. (Get it – Ego-r). And the secret fear is that someone will discover this "dark" aspect of yourself and think you are evil and condemn you, and put you in prison, or send you to hell. So you have to keep it really hidden and deny it at all costs to the bitter end to the extreme of even dying with the secret.

You see, darkness doesn’t really exist. We are not dark, we are all of the light, it is only when parts of ourselves are unloved and judged and denied and repressed, do they become like darkness, because they are hidden from the light.

Honor and allow every feeling and thought that you have and realize that they might not be your feelings or thoughts and none of them are real. Honoring all aspects of humanness as part of the grand creation of All That Is, enlightens the old reality to higher perspectives, it ascends humanity and mass consciousness. So in essence you have to love everything and allow yourself to hate everything too – because both ends of the duality are both illusion and both part of God-Goddess-All That Is.

One thing is for sure, experiencing life through a human body is an experience of the paradox, because we are smack dab in the middle of light and dark, heaven and hell. We have been given this thing called free will and with it we can choose how we will be, whether we will serve the Light or whether we will serve the dark. Whether we will be good or whether we will be bad. Life is a paradox, the sooner you realize this the sooner you will master this reality and really become a creator God/dess.

The Spiritual Heads

Are you a spiritual head, meditating and ingesting spiritual knowledge and connecting with higher dimensional realms, being a cosmonaut, with open higher chakras but not very connected to your lower chakras and not very connected to the earth? This is a pattern that many people have fallen into, people develop their mental bodies and upper chakras, but neglect the lower ones. (It is an old pattern left over from past lives and genetic memory from our religious dogma, including sexual guilt and repression and the perception that the way to get to heaven was by being puritanical to earn your way in. From the old perception that we were humans having a spiritual experience and needed to become spirits rather than the truth that we are already spirits and spiritual, and are having a human experience, and the perception that you needed to get out of here rather than really get in to here). The lower chakras enable you to be able to embody these cosmic energies and this advanced knowledge, to earth it rather that it just being in the head, a lofty cosmic possibility.

Knowledge and awareness of cosmicness, is of no use if it is not here on this planet, in your body. If something is not embodied here in this dimension, then it isn’t even real yet, it is idealistic. Certainly it is real on those dimensions, but here it does not really exist.

Many beings in their experience of awakening/enlightenment/ascension, get to a certain level of awareness and really progress no further, even those that are in the spiritual limelight, leading workshops, writing books, etc. This occurs especially if they are information junkies, or meditation junkies, or heavily psychically oriented or rely upon channeling. They amass large amounts of data and higher awareness, but neglect one whole half of the puzzle – the emotional body, which embodies and expresses love. (This is the right eye of Horus, the emotional (body) initiations – developing unconditional love – female vibration). You cannot ascend without love. You cannot ascend or really grow spiritually with just knowledge, or ascension techniques, or meditation. (This is the left eye of Horus, the mental (body) initiations – developing wisdom – male vibration). Everything must be in balance, inner awareness with light acceleration. Inner technology with external technology. Internal processes of connection to oneness with techniques of attainment. Male and Female. Wisdom and Love.

True attainment is not attained, it is realized. There is no real technique or method, no knowledge or meditation that really gets it for you, "it" just happens from finally letting go, from finally releasing all that you are not. The emotional body is a huge key to this. The emotional body is very spontaneous, it is your mechanism of embodiment, experience, expression, emanation and release. (It is through the emotional body that you release all that you are not). It is receptive as well as projective. Balanced with the focus of the mental body, these two bodies are a powerful force.

So are you a spiritual head, with a halo around your crown but the rest of your body is not shining too brightly? Do you walk the walk, as well as talk the talk? Is enlightenment real for you or is it idealistic, still something you aspire to? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be entirely light, not just your crown – a whole light being.

Inherent with spiritual heads is a preponderance towards being goody goodies. Towards having a perception that the proper way to be is being nice, peaceful and non-judgemental. They do not experience intense emotions or feelings because "they are beyond such human limitation". They certainly never get angry, or express disdain for anything or anyone, theirs is an idealistic reality of oneness.

This is arrogance and denial, because behind this is repression of basic human emotions, and a perception of superiority and pride because they are so "spiritual". Consciously they would not admit to this, but they feel superior to the rest of humanity, and because of this superiority, they are no higher in awareness to humanity at all.

Having spiritual knowledge does not make you awake. Knowing how reality works does not make you enlightened. Being a psychic, a healer or a channel, does not necessarily really make you any more enlightened than the next guy. Being truly enlightened makes you enlightened. It must be real, embodied and true. There must be nothing hidden, you are an open book. Your consciousness has no hidden agendas, every part of you has surrendered to the light.

No matter what level of awareness you are at, there are always higher levels, and acting spiritual does not make you spiritual, because it is not knowledge or psychic powers that enlightens, only light and love enlightens. It is not the teachings of the master that enlightens others, but the emanation of the master, the emanation of Divine Truth, Divine Light and Divine Love – the emanation of God – this is what enlightens those in the presence of the master or those who read the words of a master, as his/her emanation comes from the book.

Presence is the key, divine presence and emanation of the Divine Essence of God-Goddess-All That Is. The emanation of True Reality and Unconditional Love. Christ Consciousness (the vibration of unconditional love) is the gift of the Christ, not the teachings. As wise as they may be, they are the teachings of all great masters leading to the same thing – Christ/Buddha/Krishna…Consciousness.

Realization is not a teaching, it cannot be taught, you must find it on your own. The same goes for other aspects of this process of awakening, such as ascension. No one can teach you what ascension is, you must find out for yourself. Certainly it helps immensely to study and allow the teachings, knowledge and awarenesses of others about what they know and experience about ascension. But you do this so that you can discover what it is for yourself, because this is your experience of awakening; this is your experience of ascension; this is your experience of enlightenment; this is your experience of realization to Divine Self.

Others can show you a myriad of pathways to travel to this realization, and give you glimpses of what is behind each doorway, but you must decide which one to open and if it is the right one for you. And your experience on the other side of that door will be quantumly different from some else’s. So give yourself permission to experience this human experience. You don’t need to try to get out of here, you are really trying to fully get into here, the word inscension serves well to describe this experience.

You have not been cast out of heaven and are not being punished, so enjoy this experience of embodiment and expression of humanness. Be who you truly are in this body, don’t try to be who you are on higher dimensions, you already are those expressions. You don’t need to try to be you there to be you here, you are both, you are multidimensional, and this body is one of your newest experiences, one of your newest experiments of separation and oneness, a new experience for the soul. Both must be honored, both exist, this is the paradox of creation.

So with this, comes the paradox of human expression and existence, being separate and one with everything at the same time. So with this comes a wide range of experiences: loving everything and allowing everything, having complete patience with everything, and at the same time disliking things, hating things, being intolerant of things and people, and completely impatient.

So your job is to balance these things. If you do not, then you will either have to be a spiritual head, lost in never never land with your idealistic vision of spirituality, or a talking grunting body, lost in the old matrix, disconnected from all true reality, higher chakras and the realm of spirit.

This is why your heart is between the two, and why the new way to breathe is into your heart. Your heart is the new breathing center. The old center was the belly, human relative and psychic instinct centers. The new center of humanness, (the cosmic human), is the heart center. It is the bridge between the old and new worlds. The bridge between dimensions. The bridge between the upper and lower chakras. This, combined with your Pineal center and Kundalini rising, (sacral and pineal connection) balances you between the Cosmic and Divine Human, it allows you to embody the higher dimensional you that loves all and is love.

Without love, you can do nothing real. Without love you cannot create. You can synthesize, which is not real creation because you must use external technology. Real creation is when you can create something from nothing, without technology or 4th dimensional magic.

You are becoming a Cosmic Human, balanced between the paradox. A light human – separate in your individual unique perception of life and one with All That Is.

This is enlightenment, this is Ascension!

Blessings on your Paradoxical Journey,

ZaKaiRan (Intergalactic Interdimensional Multidimensional Extraterrestrial Angelic Human Cosmonaut)


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