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Power of Positive Affirmation

Freeing yourself from the Limited Beliefs
and Programs of your Genetic Lineage
Accelerating your Vibratory Rate



Each individual's current state of consciousness is based upon how connected they are to their hearts, to love and their Spirit, and based upon their current conscious perception of themselves as wondrous holy perfect Masters, or struggling unworthy humans, who are trying to earn their worth (God’s grace), become enlightened, etc.)

Our conscious state is a collection of our programming, education and spiritual training (or lack thereof), and our unconscious, subconscious and super-conscious states and how much these individual aspects of our "mind" and “divine mind” are directing our lives.

Our conscious mind is everything we consciously believe to be real and true; again, based upon our spiritual training (or lack thereof), and our programming and beliefs we have adopted from this life time, and also fed by our genetic programming, (from our ancestors), that is stored in our genetic bodies and DNA codes. Much of this programming is passed on genetically and is emanated energetically or verbally expressed by our parents and relatives, and either rejected or believed by us as we grow up. But regardless of our acceptance or rejection, these beliefs/programs are still written in our genetic codes, in our DNA, and we are affected by these patterns until we reprogram them, integrate them, transmute them and release them, through honor, forgiveness and blessing. This is why so many people have such difficulty gaining freedom from the shackles of their blood ties and family attachments, and have many conscious and unconscious desires for their approval and struggle to release the programs passed on to them.

This genetic ("blood") programming is obvious by how many people, still to this day, in the 21st century, live like cave-wo/men, following the fears, beliefs, doctrines and commands of their ancestors, and the “BSTI”, the biological, sexual, territorial, imperatives of their biology and survival instincts, or the basic animal instincts: eat, screw, raise children, work…, for emotional and physical security and survival.

Most of these programs are unfortunately, fear-based. They are racked with enemy and separation consciousness. Naturally, because many or most of the beings who came before us had lives of struggle, war and injustice, and seemingly, the best way to survive was to "stick with your own kind", (basic tribal consciousness, that still runs strongly today, but is more nationally based). The belief is that there is at least some degree of safety, financially or physically, if you cling to your tribe/family/land/country/race/religion..., and maintain power and control as that group. All of this tribal, religious and political coherence is designed to ensure you personal, emotional, mental, physical and species survival.

Now all of society is expanding its borders, so to speak, on individual and group levels, and slowly letting go of tribal/survival “un”-consciousness and slowly opening up to the fact that we are all One Tribe, and the best way to ensure my survival is to ensure the survival of my brothers and sisters, (which of course, is every single person on planet earth). But still much of people's conscious day to day existence is still fear, lack and survival based, which of course is propagated by the media and business, because fear, sex and tribal consciousness sells. Aside from the great times of history upon this planet (Lemuria, Atlantis, Rama, Egypt…), society pretty much has always believed that lack and unworthiness were real, and that prosperity and even divinity, were for the very few. And this has evidently proven to be true, based upon empirical evidence. But just because life has “always” been a certain way, does not mean that it is natural or true, or will be that way in the future. This reality has only existed because humanity has believed it to be true.

It is now self evident to even the densest individuals, that dramatic and imminent change is upon us, and if we don't make changes within ourselves and how we live, we are not only doomed as a species, but we are condemning everything else around us to certain extinction. Luckily for us all, help is graciously at hand. Liberation is now available freely for everyone, and all levels of awakening, teaching, guidance..., is available to everyone. And even those beings “unlucky” enough to be living in very oppressive societies, inner liberation is always available, all anyone has to do is ask for it. When the student is ready, the master will arrive. Miracles do happen!

We are also affected by our subconscious minds. This aspect of mind is a type of storage unit of soul and karmic patterns, and repressed emotions and memories from our past lives, our soul’s perceptions and soul extension’s lives, (other beings that are part of our same soul group/family). Positive affirmation is an extremely powerful tool to reprogram our genetic patterns/beliefs, but is less affective upon our unconscious minds and our soul programming. More powerful invocations and other manner of divine assistance is needed to care for the effects of the unconscious, which emanates its programs out from our energy fields, generally unbeknownst to ourselves.

This is why many people who have done the necessary spiritual training, release, reprogramming and activation necessary to bypass genetic programming, often find it difficult to go on to higher levels of awakening and liberation. Luckily there are now many highly accelerated teachers and channels, that are teaching people how to clear and heal their soul programming and empower themselves to fully embody their divinity. But as I already stated, highly evolved and high dimensional modalities are necessary to heal and shift the unconscious and soul programs. Especially beneficial is Celestial Sound: toning, light language and mantra, to shift these patterns, and bring in these aspects of the soul back to love. Also, extremely helpful are decrees and invocations to our God Presences, the Angels and the Ascended Masters, (our divine friends on the higher dimensions), for divine dispensations and assistance with karmic release.

These technologies of consciousness are available in my book “the Ascension Master’s Toolkit” – Energy Releasing, Healing, Activation & Manifesting Techniques & Meditations for Co-Creating Higher More Divine Realities & Embodying your Divine Magnificence! Available at: Earth Ascension Times: http://www.zakairan.com/ZaKaiRansArticlesBooks/AscensionMastersToolkit.htm

So What Can We Do To “Reprogram” Society?

How do we gracefully and easily change this civilization into the wholistic society it is intended to be? Well, that has always been the magic question, and the answer is: it manifests one person at a time, and even though our minds may think, what can little ole me do, well, you can do a lot, believe me. This is how powerful you are!!!!! We have seen through history, how one person can change the entire history of the planet, (Joan of Arc, Mother Therese, St. Germain, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., etc). One person can make huge changes, and every single person who accepts love, and chooses love, over fear, makes huge waves of change upon this planet. Every individual person choosing love, and accepting their divinity, and honoring humanity and loving life…, creates a cascade of energy, (a “100th monkey” affect), creating change on quantum levels.

So the journey of awakening is an individual one, as we are all individual souls, but we are all doing it together as one soul group. And the ultimate key is to focus mainly on your self: on your own consciousness and unconsciousness; what programs, beliefs, patterns are there, waiting, needing, wanting… to be transmuted. And from this consciousness/unconsciousness, what you have been creating, what you are creating, and what you want to create now. Because this is the only part of life you have any creative control over. You do not have any creative control over the consciousness of others. You may help them by leading by example. You may affect people in profound ways by you being the divinity that you truly are and by being the love that you are. But you do not have the power, or the right to control the consciousness of others. Nor would you want to, as this would affect your karma negatively, and is just not our natural way to try to control anyone’s free-will.

When like minded souls are creating the same reality of love, prosperity, cooperation…, then the group vibration (MerKaBa) has a huge affect upon the overall energy of the consciousness of humanity. It makes it easier for others to make the transition away from the un-natural state of separation/enemy consciousness to our natural state of unity consciousness. You will be a much more affective planetary change master if you concentrate on your “stuff”, honoring and loving every aspect of you, and creating a “heaven” reality in your life, rather than placing your attention on what other people are doing and trying to convince them that they need to change. Everyone is perfect just the way they are, (on soul levels), and everyone’s state of consciousness is temporary and absolutely will change, because this is the natural state of evolution, because everyone’s true natural state is LOVE!

Positive Affirmation (Reprogramming your ancestral programming)

To help heal/reprogram/transmute your patterns, programs, addictions…, especially those programs that have been passed on to you through your genetic lineage (the last 7 generations of your ancestors/mothers & fathers…), strong positive affirmations are highly beneficial, especially when affirmed 22 times, (a master number of manifestation). Additionally, to make these affirmations extremely powerful, we recommend that you include all of the most powerful supporting elements available to you, by formatting your affirmations with these elements:

1. “With the Power of my God Presence”

Naturally you want the power of the most powerful force in your life: your own Higher Self/God Presence

2. “And the Power of the Unified Field”

The unified field is the field of energy that connects everything together as one. It is also the same field of creative energy that creates and maintains life. It is the field of unconditionally loving creative energy that (completely non-judgmentally) watches, feels, listens… to every conscious/unconscious thought, word, deed, action, belief, pattern…, that you have, express, or do…, and rearranges your reality/life to suite your conscious or unconscious beliefs about reality. When you “wake up”, and accept your divinity, and the fact that you are a creator God/dess, and accept completely that you always have and do create your own reality, then you naturally become a conscious creator with the Unified Field. You essentially reaffirm your connection as an integral co-creative part of the Unified Field of Divine Life, which you already were a part of, but you just forgot.

3. “And my own free will,”

This is the will of you as personality or soul, depending on your level of awakening. We are all individual aspects of the Godness. We have been given free-will to create any reality we choose, and the power to do so, (naturally, because we are God/dess). To create in this 3rd & 4th dimensional reality, because this is the “free will zone”, we must use our own “will”. And to create in the most profound way, you merge your own Personal will with your Divine Will, (the will of your God Presence), which is still your will, but your higher will. This is the evolutionary direction of all of humanity. And the choice of enlightenment, is and always has been, “my will or God’s will”. And what we are doing as an enlightening species, is merging the two so that “my will and the father’s will are one”!

4. “I am now miraculously transforming my physical reality”

You want your entire physical reality miraculously transformed to accommodate the graceful and easy manifestation of this thing. And you

5. “to gracefully and easily, manifest in my life, in divine timing
________________________” (place desire here)

You want to allow for the miraculous possibility that whatever you need or want can and will manifest now, with lots of grace and ease, and you also want to allow for things to manifest in their perfect divine timing, (when it suits the direction of your God Presence), and thusly suiting your spiritual growth to receive this, (because “mother/father knows best”). Grace is the energy/essence of newness. Grace provides a fresh start, without any reference to the past. I recommend calling upon Elohim Grace to clear the pathways for everything in your life, for maximum Ease and Grace.

(Or, “I am now manifesting in my physical reality_______________ (place desire here).

6. “for my prosperity, and the prosperity of humanity”
(This one is for prosperity/money only). You will need to re-word this for other affirmations, such as: “for my enlightenment and the enlightenment of humanity”…

It is a gesture of sharing true prosperity, where you want everyone to succeed and wake up and be all that they can be.

7. “And I am now releasing to the light…”

Now release, ask for the healing/transmutation…, of all limiting beliefs patterns…, that might be limiting or blocking this from manifesting.

8. “And I am now easily able to help others manifest prosperity/enlightenment… in their lives”.

This is a strong statement, affirming the fact that you are so abundant with wealth or health or divinity…, that you are able to help others create this in their lives. It is an affirmation that you are living fully in divine prosperity and mastery, because when we have mastered something we naturally feel drawn by our spirits to help others create this in their lives. Additionally, you are most affectively able to help others when you have mastered something yourself and are abundant with the energy of it, knowledge of how to create it, and you naturally emanate a sense of confidence about it.

(You may re-word this to suite anything you desire to create, such as helping others awaken, “and I am now easily able to help others realize their divinity; “open their clairvoyance”; create joy; love;… in their lives”.

9. “And I am now releasing to the light, all energies that might be blocking this manifestation!

Basic Positive Affirmation Example

“With the power of my God Presence, the Unified Field, and my own Free-Will, I am now Easily and Gracefully Manifesting in my Physical Reality _________________:

Or, “With the power of my God Presence, the Unified Field, and my own Free-Will, I am now miraculously transforming my physical reality, to Easily and Gracefully manifest, in my life, in divine timing _________________:

Some Simple yet very powerful
I AM Affirmations/Invocations

I AM Love!!!! I AM Light!!!! I AM Beauty!!!! I AM Truth!!
I AM Compassion!! I AM Balance!!!! I AM Gentility!!!!

I AM God-Goddess!!!! I AM All-That-Is!!

I AM the Way, the Truth and the Light!!!! I AM the Source of All-That-Is!!!!

I AM Smart!!!! I AM Intelligent!!!! I AM Insightful!!!!
I AM Intuitive!! I AM Brilliant!!!! I AM Compassionate!!!!

I AM Prosperous!!!! I AM Abundant!!!! I AM Rich!!!!
I AM Money!!!! I AM Wealth!! I AM Wealthy!!!!

I AM Music!!!! I AM Art!!!! I AM Comedy!!!! I AM Creation!!!!

I AM Divine Manifestation!!!! I AM Divine Prosperity!!!! I AM Divine Abundance!!!!

I AM Divine Creation!!!! I AM Divine Creativity!!!!

I AM Divine Relationship!!!! I AM Divine Health!!!!

I AM Divine Clarity!!!! I AM Divine Knowing!!!! I AM Divine Feeling!!!!
I AM Divine Seeing!!!! I AM Divine Hearing!!!! I AM Divine Expression!!!!
I AM Divine Compassion!!!!

I AM Divine Clairvoyance!!!! I AM Divine Clairsentience!!!!
I AM Divine Clairaudience!!!! I AM Divine Claircognizance!!!!

I AM LOVE I AM LOVE I AM LOVE!!!! And so is Everyone and Everything!!!!!


Blessings on your Journey!!!!!!!



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