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To Create My Own Reality

or Co-Create My Own Reality,

That Is The Question?




Many awakening planetary transition team members have wholeheartedly become addicted to the phrase "I create my own reality". This version of the way that is in this Universe has served well up to this point as beings transitioned from 3rd dimensional ways of perceiving reality to 4th dimensional ways of perceiving reality. It is now time to move on to a more expanded 5th dimensional way of perceiving reality.

To make this transition we must now fully understand where we have been and know where we are so that we will know where to go. We will now create direction for ourselves.

The first thing we must ask in this process is who is the 'I' in "I Create my own Reality". Is the I my ego self, (that part of us that thinks it is in control or would like to be in control), my personality self, my separate sense of self, or is it - the eternal Spirit self - that which I truly am. The ego, body identity self, is a large element in the forces at play in our reality, but it does not make up the sum total of the manifestation process - obviously.

And what is "my own" reality. Whose reality is it any way? Ownership is an illusion. You cannot own anything, least of all any of the forces at play in your reality, including your body. Your body is merely your vehicle of expression, a manifestation of Spirit - but not who you truly are. That which you truly are is not of this world of form, it is a spiritual essence, untouched by the limitations of the world of form. All reality is illusion - you are real. You are not anything that can own or be owned.

We are all one therefor there is no such thing as "my own" reality, and if we include all the elements in the forces at play in our realities than we see that reality really is a 'Co-Creation'. You are a unique expression of All That Is, so you could say that your "own" perception of reality is unique unto you; that no one else perceives reality the same way you do.

"I Create my own Reality" is very exclusive, and the prime directive at this time of Ascension is to Be Who You Truly Are with Precision. Being that my function is honor and inclusion, I know that who you truly are is not exclusive in any way - but totally inclusive, and honors all realities. One huge part of this directive is allowing and embodying your entire multidimensional wholeness, and including all possible realities as elements in the forces at play in your reality. Since this is so, the concept of "I Create my own Reality" does not accurately describe how manifestation works.

Let us now try to gain more direction by looking further at what we are experiencing and where we can go from here. Let's look at a few of 'the elements in the forces at play' in our realities? We are multidimensional spiritual masters having a human experience. We are living in a 3rd dimensional world with direct access to the 4th and 5th dimensions and all the beings that reside there. We exist in many bodies in many star systems in many dimensions in many realities. We have had and are having past, future and parallel lifetimes on this planet as well as many others. Everything that you have ever done and will ever do is recorded in your soul as the accumulated experiences of Who You Truly Are, and you carry these as the biases and predisposition's in and of your soul.

All of the Yous in all possible realities influences your reality now. We are surrounded by and influenced by disembodied spirits (the living impaired) and dark forces on the low overtones of the 4th dimension that can and do influence our reality. We have an extensive network of bodies including: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and etheric. We also have numerous energy fields contained within our physical beingness, including: auric fields, MerKaBah fields, chakras etc.

We are loaded with limited conscious and unconscious genetic patterns and pictures of reality that we inherited through our parents and lovers. Also within our wholeness are karmic patterns from our past, future and parallel lives, and the lives of our genetic lineage's. We are also packed full of the mass consciousness programs and ways of perceiving of reality that we learned by growing up with, being guided by, and living amongst the indigenous population of humans and their psychic energy projections.

All of these energies influence us and are examples of the elements in the forces at play in our realities. All of these influences and energies are used by us to feel, explore, and experience life on planet earth. All of these elements served us well as veils to forget who we truly are, as we explored Mastery of Limitation. But many of these elements no longer serve us as we transition to Mastery of Divine Expression.

Your Spirit (Who You Truly Are), is of course the biggest and most important factor involved in the forces at play in your reality; included in this element is your councils, guides, angels and of course your extraterrestrial buddies on the ships. And let's not forget another huge element - Mother Earth, including: the animal, plant, mineral and Devic kingdoms.

This list is just a small list of the elements in the forces at play in our realities that we must be completely aware of and that we daily experience in these human bodies. This gives us an idea of what we're really dealing with here as far as the creation/co-creation of our realities is concerned.

I Create My Own Reality?

It would be more accurate to say - all the forces at play in my reality including my bodies, fields, lives, genetics, programs, etc. create my own reality. Or one step further to true reality, and more accurately - my spirit (Who I Truly Am) creates my reality, because every element in the forces at play in my reality is created by spirit, and these elements are what manifests reality around me; these elements are what rearranges the Universe to accommodate these forces that dictate how reality is for me. My free will choice is how I will decide to perceive reality: - based on my old programs of fear, lack and competition, or based on true reality of Love, allowance and tolerance.

It would be accurate to say "I create my own reality" if Who you Truly Are was fully embodied and there was no separation between you, or at least the illusion of separation between you. And that you no longer had any remnants of illusions of separation still remaining as an element in the forces at play in your consciousness and reality; a reality in which you are one with All That Is and all the elements in the forces at play; a walking talking expression of oneness with All That Is. Of course if this was so then you would not need to say "I create my own reality" because you just would. And paradoxically you are a walking talking expression of All That Is even in your "limited" human expression, creating your own reality, but this is a paradox that I recommend you not try to resolve in your consciousness.

There is a promise of power and control with the principle "I create my own reality", that if I can create my reality correctly and do it good enough, I will have a satisfactorily pleasant life. And many beings who hold to it, do so from a place of pride, in order to gain the illusion of power that they actually have some control over their lives. They say it because they 'really' feel powerless and they need a crutch to stand on to not feel the feelings that they have that they are helpless, powerless and unworthy. This position furthers the illusion that we are separate.

Inherent in this scenario is the prideful adherence to their ego self, which excludes their multidimensional wholeness (All That Is), as elements in the forces at play in their reality. "I create my own reality" is something excellent to stay attached to if you are afraid of losing your separate identity (your separate sense of self), and want to still experience various forms of limitation. If you have a desire to expand your awareness beyond limitation, and be a master of Divine Expression, then I suggest you loosen your grasp upon this concept.

And let me assure your ego that you will not lose your individual unique identity - your separate sense of self. Your unique identity is part of the wholeness of All That Is expressing itself at a single point and will always be this "individual" expression. You are an awesome expression of All That Is, and All That Is delights in your existence and expression. You will although, thankfully, lose the dysfunctional aspects of feeling separate, alone, alienated, abandoned and punished. And if you suffer from "I don't belong" like me you will be jumping for joy at this news.

I know a lot of you are freaking out right now because so many of your favorite channeled books, have stated that you create your own reality. Well excellent, then I'm doing my job as I cause you to question even channeled entities - this is true mastery. And it causes you to look deeper at what these beings providing this data really mean and expand your awareness beyond the 4th dimension.

All of this has been perfect because "I create my own reality" has been for everyone awakening and transitioning from 3rd dimensional ways of perceiving reality to 4th dimensional ways of perceiving reality. It was and is a very empowering Universal principle that now needs to be expanded and my job as a planetary transition team member is to ask you to go one step further and consider 5th dimensional ways of perceiving reality. So let us now do so.

Next Stop The Fifth Dimension!

My key feeling tone is - "profound experiences of the wonders of the workings of the Universe". It is my job and delight to figure out how this Universe functions. It is also my job to figure out the Laws, or Universal principles for this Universe, and of course how to optimally and efficiently function within it, on this planet, in these bodies.

The paramount Universal principle for this Universe is - The Universe Rearranges Itself To Accommodate Your Pictures of Reality. What this means is that whatever you imply by everything that you do, is real and true, the Universe in all it's unconditional love will graciously rearrange itself and any elements in it, to accommodate (create) this reality for you. What ever your attention is on, the Universe will give you more of it.

The Universe rearranging itself to accommodate your picture of reality has a much more multidimensional viewpoint than "you create your own reality". It is a 5th dimensional principle, rather than 4th, that implies something similar to create your own reality but in a more co-creative expansive way, because it includes All That Is in the manifestation of reality. It includes the reality that others rearrange themselves to accommodate our realities and that we rearrange ourselves to accommodate theirs. We all rearrange ourselves to accommodate each others pictures of realities: Friends, lovers, parents, co-workers, teachers, the mass consciousness, disembodied spirits, dark forces, Angels, Extraterrestrials, Our Councils, Who We Truly Are, The Divine Plan etc. We all then, are the Universe.

"You create your own reality" does not include higher laws and principles, and excludes more than it includes. But the Universe rearranging itself to accommodate your pictures of reality includes all possibilities imaginable, including the possibility of actually being able to create your own reality.

The fact is, we live in our own individual perceptions of reality based on all the influences around us and programmed into us. And the reality we live in has been created for us based on what we have decided is real or not based on these influences. This is how we create our own reality - by what we imply to the Universe as real or not.

You may be thinking that this new concept is personally dis-empowering, well you're right, it is - it is totally and completely 'personally' dis-empowering because personal does not exist and is an illusion. It is an illusion that only exists from separate sense of self which is also an illusion, but part of the wholeness of All That Is.

We are totally one with All That Is, connected to everyone and everything, yet paradoxically we are separate, individual, unique expressions of All That Is, with a separate sense of self. It is a paradox (one that I suggest you not try to resolve) that is ultimately personally empowering, because it includes all that you are (transpersonal), not just the limited egoic separate sense of self perceptions of the world of form.

We are all a unique individual Universe. Each one of us is the Universe expressing and experiencing itself at a single point. With this in mind how could it be possible that any one of us is unworthy and anything less than God.

I Want I Want I Want !

Now just wanting something isn't enough to get what you want, because the Universe doesn't go by what you want, the Universe goes by what you are really implying you want. Once again it goes by your attention. An example would be: if you want more money because you're broke, more than likely your attention isn't really on abundance but it's polar opposite of lack. Your attention is on not having enough money. The Universe sees this and goes "Oh s/he wants more lack, because that's where his/her attention is - OK here's some more lack for you". Now in this scenario the Universe rearranges all elements in the forces at play in your reality to give you what you really want. And the Universe uses all the elements that I spoke of earlier including other people, disembodied spirits etc. to do it, there in lies the co-creative aspect of how the Universe works. And other people around you, especially those that love you the most will graciously be the Universe and rearrange themselves to accommodate your reality - no matter what it is. This is the heart of unconditional love and the past creation of karma.

Once again I have given another example of how we are all truly one, how we are all totally and completely connected and how we all work together. We are connected, energetically, telepathically, spiritually, karmicly etc. Separation is truly an illusion. This is one big Co-Creation. You can't do anything without affecting someone else, we're all in this together and ultimately we all experience everything that everyone experiences. Therefore the principle that "I Co-Create my own perception of Reality" seems to me to be much more accurate and inclusive of all other realities and beings in All That Is. How can we possibly create our own reality with all these elements all happening at once. We must be pretty damn powerful to control 'All That Is' to rearrange itself for us. And once again paradoxically we are this powerful.

So once again do you create your own reality? Yes, "All That You Are" does create your reality. Who you truly are; you the multidimensional master; you the soul; you the Universe, creates your reality by rearranging itself to accommodate all of who you are's perceptions of what 's real and what is supposed to be real in this now. All of who you are is involved in this process, your multidimensional wholeness - including the very limited human aspects.

All that you are has created a vast multidimensional existence for you to play in and it is all available to you. Now does your separate oriented ego, your pride self, create your own reality - how could it - it does not have the multidimensional perceptions necessary to do so; nor can it manipulate the entire Universe to bend at it's will.

Now the ego will provide you with distortions that say: you do create your own reality, or that you don't, or that you are a victim of the Universe, or that your life is under the control of the government, your parents, lovers etc. But these are merely distortions of what you have called real, they are not real. So thank your ego for providing these pictures of reality for you to see - now stop identifying your self with them and stop calling them real. The Universe can now rearrange itself to accommodate this expanded picture of reality, including your multidimensional wholeness.

What About Thoughts?

Many books and beings say that our thoughts create our reality. This is plain and simply not accurate. 80% of our thoughts and feelings are not even ours. They are the thoughts and feelings of all the other influences in our realities that I have spoken of earlier, including all people on planet earth. All their doubts, fears, joys etc. are telepathically sent everywhere across the world wide telepathic internet, and since we are all telepathic and penetrating each others fields we all pick up on these.

According to "Bringers of the Dawn", by Barbara Marciniak, "thought creates experience". What the Pleiadians are talking about is not the thoughts in your head but the true thoughts, pure thought, your inter dimensional mind. It is not the words that create experience, a word is the after affect of a thought. Words are the limited 3rd dimensional expression of the thought after it has filtered through our fields. True thought is objective with no judgment. Judgments come from the emotional body. You cannot think selfish, you can only feel selfish. You cannot think destructive, you can only feel destructive. It's the emotions that make the thought subjective.

Pure Thought resonates within your heart chakras. Pure thought is Knowing - simple recognition of truth. There are no words involved with Knowing - it just is. Thinking does not create reality, but 'Thought' does - pure thought, divine thought. Pure thought is Love and only Love creates reality, because all reality is Love.

We are not our thoughts. Thoughts are interpretations by the mental body about feelings and images coming from our emotional body and programming. Our mental bodies are like scrambled up computer holograms loaded with too much unorganized data. It is time to upgrade to windows 2012, reorganize the database, and delete all old outdated programs.

Many beings are frightened by their thoughts, emotions and desires. They feel that they must police them and manipulate their thought processes in order to have control of their reality, (positive thinking). The reasoning is that "if I just have good thoughts, then only good things would happen to me". Good thoughts do not manifest good things in our reality, and negative thoughts do not produce bad ones.

Now if you have a picture of reality that says you must have positive thoughts in order to manifest positive things, then the Universe will rearrange itself to accommodate this version of reality for you, and it will be true for you. It will look like it is the truth and the way that it is in this Universe; but of course like everything else in the world of form this is an illusion. People feel that they must control their thoughts because they generally are identifying themselves as those thoughts, as if 'they' are having them. You are not your thoughts, and most of them are not even yours. Who you truly are does not actually think at all; who you truly are uses your mental body and ego to think.

The process of manifestation is not so simple. Thought, word, action, feeling and what you imply as real etc. must all be in the soup for full manifestation. So I recommend throwing away your books about the "power" of positive thinking. Positive thinking is a complete waste of time. By placing your attention on positive thinking you are actually implying to the Universe that what is really important to you is negative thinking. So you will always have to be policing your thoughts to keep out the bad ones that the Universe is providing for you because that's what it sees that you really want. You cannot be a conscious channel of Universal energies and police your thoughts. All thoughts come from the mystery of All That Is, I recommend that you just allow them to flow in and out of you, without indulging in them, denying them, or identifying with them. Allow them to flow through and back to the mystery from whence they came.

So you do not have to be afraid of your thoughts or edit them, they are not the enemy, and your mental body is not the enemy, it is just doing it's job, to tell you what is programmed into you and what is around you. You can now have complete freedom to think any thought that you can possibly think of no matter how hideous it is. If you don't believe me walk around for a whole day thinking terrible hideous things and see if they manifest around you. You are not your thoughts, they do not determine your identity or your reality, and you do not have to act on them.

Our mental bodies are totally awesome and are used by Who You Truly Are to think about the Wonders of the Workings of the Universe. This is it's true job and the more divinity we manifest into this dimension the more our mental bodies will be able to do their real job.

You Are A Spirit Having A Human Experience!

If we are living in a reality base that we are struggling humans having a spiritual experience, trying to become enlightened, then we will have to manipulate and control these nuisances called thoughts. From this reality base we are the victims of our thoughts, this is not very empowering or masterful to me.

If we are living in a reality base that we are masters having a spiritual experience - then we merely observe our thoughts; they are merely an element in the forces at play in our reality, they do not determine our reality, and do not determine our identity. Some thoughts are primarily functional while others are dysfunctional, there is no good or bad. The "Negative" hell thoughts and feelings are merely places and things that exist in the world of separation and denial that we have volunteered to explore, experience, feel and redefine to higher potentials. We need not fear or avoid these thoughts, only allow them, love them and ask that they be redefined to higher potentials. There is no need to judge any thought, feeling, word or deed because they are all God and God don't make no junk.

Thoughts are not powerful, they are certainly not more powerful than you. What you think is true and real about those thoughts - that is what is powerful. Your pictures of reality about thoughts themselves and what they imply is real is what rearranges the Universe to create your reality. Our pictures of reality about our thoughts tell the Universe what is real for us. How we continue to act on these thoughts redefines these thoughts and pictures of reality allowing the Universe to redefine these patterns to a higher more preferred potential.

I create my own reality promises salvation, a way out of here, out of an unsatisfactory, unpleasant, painful reality of separation and denial - out of hell. It promises that if I just get it right I could learn how to get out of here, if I just do good enough, if I am worthy enough - I will earn my way out of here. If I do good, I'll get what I want, if I fuck up then I won't and I will have a shitty life full of pain, death and oblivion.

This l/earning scenario is a very old, extremely limited and limiting karmic concept totally based on the lie of unworthy. It says you are an unworthy bastard and need the favor of God to be saved or you will have to spend eternity in hell. That you are not God but that you are merely an unworthy human full of sin and you must earn the grace of god to attain enlightenment and be granted the privilege of entering heaven. Or if you are a progressive new ager, get taken away by the ETs, or if you're really good - Ascend. This is not a very self empowering reality base, and does not allow for a place where Spirit may want you to go through some shit to experience it and to dismantle those structures, transmuting them to a higher potential. You're a master, remember, you do not have to avoid suffering and unpleasant situations because they are nothing and an illusion of the world of separation.

We avoid pain and suffering because it feels yucky and because we think that our suffering is us (that they determine our identities and reality). So you're busy trying to avoid something unpleasant when that place might be exactly where your spirit wants you to be. So instead of going into it and feeling what "you have created" you beat yourself up and do a process to try to create a better reality, therefore denying what Who You Truly Are has manifested for you. You have just said no to spirit. You have said that you know better than spirit. Don't you think Who You Truly Are knows what's best for you - father knows best. We are not our pain; we are not our feelings; we are not our thoughts; and they do not determine our realities.

Life is not about living a blissful existence with no suffering and it's not about not living a blissful existence with no suffering. And what we are implying as reality by trying to obtain a more pleasant one is that the world of separation, the form based world of denial, abandonment, and punishment is what we are really fascinated with, addicted to, and entranced by. So what do we get more of by avoiding the unpleasantries of the old world - more separation of course - more hell.


Our beloved Jeshua Ben Joseph, (a.k.a. Jesus, a.k.a. Sananda), says it very eloquently in the Jeshua Letters by Mark Hammer:

"Incidentally, what is being taught under the banner of the New Age is quite true: each incarnate soul is a co-creator, creating the world with infinite variation. But this is not a teaching which fosters enlightenment, but only the perpetuation of Illusion. And so it continues.

The world is a web of illusion, which you, as a soul, freely choose to be immersed within. The web is like a vortex, or an energy field which is the sole creation of Mankind.

It's entire foundation rests upon Separation, no matter what the pride of the ego may desire to believe. To insist upon illusion is to choose being bound by this energy, or vortex.

There is no enlightenment in the world, nor can there be.

It is this truth that the ego of mankind will cleverly resist until exhaustion comes. And of what? A momentary thought of Separation. Only a fantasy. And from this, the arising of all worlds. The fantasy, in truth, never occurred.

This is the salvation of the world: That it does not, nor has it ever, existed.

This one thought is given to you as your Second key, and can be given to anyone seeking salvation. Its contemplation may bring an end, however momentary this may be, to identification with the web of energy which is the mind of the world.

Now, we have come full circle, and well you perceive the true source of all your unhappiness. For never have the thoughts of the world been yours. They are illusion. Therefore, so is your unhappiness.

You have come to a point where there is an acute recognition that every moment of unwitting identification with the web of energy which is the mind of the world is the creation of pain, no matter its interpretation by the Ego, which would insist on its reality.

The joy of the world is a Lie, for the world is not.

Go now, dwell upon these things. Know well that you hover on the brink of shattering the mirrors of illusion. The veil is being rent. What you experience in your own way, is the only death which matters. It is the death of Separation. Well do I know what will emerge. Remember this, and love yourself for it. We leave you, yet are always with you."


Ascension is about allowing, loving and being all realities no matter what your judgment is about them. Aren't you all things; aren't you the beggar; the murderer, the thief and the saint - aren't you God, Goddess, All That Is.

The big question here is, what exactly is a better reality. Is it merely determined by if it feels good and no suffering is evoked. If you have manifested a wonderful blissful reality does this mean that no suffering exists in your beingness?; and is your secret fear that any moment your blissful positive world is going to crash down around you because somehow, somewhere, you screwed up, didn't follow the spiritual rule book well enough, and didn't police your thoughts well enough.

So where do you actually have some creative control in your reality?

Notice the wording, I did not ask; what do you have control over? We are all sovereign beings and none of us have any control over anything or anyone - there are no victims in the Universe. This is of course an old 3D way of perceiving power and control, and of course is an illusion. We only have creative control over our own ways of perceiving reality, our own consciousness. We have creative control of our own consciousness to the degree that Who We Truly Are has set up for us. You have Extraterrestrial tools and technologies, Ascension meditations etc. to work with to alter your pictures of realities and karmic patterns. You have assistance from your ET & Angelic councils, Ascended Masters and friends on the other dimensions. You can release disembodied spirits to the light, and the biggest place you have creative control is by where your attention is - what you imply as reality by what you base your actions on. Are your actions based on Love and abundance or are they based on lack, survival, competition and fear? You do not have control over the entire Universe, although, I know that you would like to think so.

You do not have control over other peoples pictures of realities (which are manifesting around you); you do not have control over the mass consciousness pictures of realities; and you do not have control over the realities of the disembodied spirits and dark forces that tend to influence you. You do have some creative control over your own consciousness, but ultimately you are powerless and totally in the hands of your spirit, who ultimately has total control.

This is a Co-Creative Universe - We are all One. You are not a victim. There are no victims in any Universe. Surrender to being powerless and you will be empowered. Know that "you" and your spirit are one, that you are a divine aspect of All That Is, that you are a co-creator of All That Is with All That Is.

“God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference“- Author Unknown

“God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people I had to kill, because they pissed me off “- Author Unknown

(Geezer Version)
“God Grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway, the good fortune to run into the ones I do, and the eyesight to tell the difference” - Author Unknown


Follow Your Spirit Without Hesitation!

Awaken to your Divine Beingness that is Already Awake!


You Created It?

The Illusion of Power and Powerlessness

(The continuation of "To create my own reality or co-create my own reality")


Many people are waking up and exploring the new age concept of "I create my own reality". This is a point in their awakening process when they are expanding their awareness to include 4th dimensional ways of perceiving reality, and making a concerted effort to take responsibility for their life. This way of perception is more expansive then old 3rd dimensional ways of perceiving reality, but it is still limited. Here I will explore an example of its limitations.

You are telling one of these beloved beings about a problem you are experiencing; some pain and suffering that has arisen in your life, and when you have expressed yourself they say - "well you created it". Now if you are like me and you like to constantly enlighten your perceptions to higher potentials, and have a degree of awareness beyond certain new age principles, and you know how things work in this Universe - this little saying will probably piss you off, you will be frustrated by the projection of this limited concept upon you, and you now feel worse then before. You feel worse because they just implied that you fucked up somewhere, and the flow of love between you has just been cut off; you have just entered a control drama; the fight to deny feeling suffering has just started.

This drama has started because what was evoked in them was there places where they feel powerless to control their reality. Because people feel powerless to control their realities, they adopt the new age principle of "I create my own reality". Most beings adopted this phrase because it gave them a feeling of security. They had a linear strategy to base their life upon in order to feel powerful or more accurately, not feel powerless. They tried to resolve their suffering by adopting a reality where they have the illusion of control.

The face of human suffering of powerless cannot be resolved. No face of human suffering can be resolved because these faces are not real, they are illusions. Thus the creation of karma - trying to resolve suffering, it is a never ending circle that goes on forever. Karma cannot be resolved because karma does not exist, it is another illusion.

Now, everyone’s feelings of powerlessness are always there lurking beneath the shadows waiting to rear their ugly heads. And in this scenario the other persons feelings of powerlessness were stirred by your sad, poor me story; so instead of really feeling their feelings of powerlessness they tried to deny them by stating "you created it".

Now the concept of 'I create my own reality' is a limited concept that does not accurately describe reality and how manifestation works - but it is more or less true. (see article - to create my own reality or co-create my own reality....). In this instance whether or not it is true is unimportant, what is important is what they have implied as reality. They have tried to resolve their suffering (their feelings of powerlessness) by falling into the trap of pride and helping/intimidating you. What they have done is put themselves in a power position of being a wise teacher, by intimidating/helping you with this enlightened statement about how they have determined that reality works in this dimension. They fell into this trap because they did not want to feel what was evoked within them and entered a control drama to deny it. The competition for the illusion of power has begun.

You have revealed "weakness" because you stated that you are not able to "control your reality". And what do we do with weak people - we kick them when they are down, help them or avoid them, because we hate being weak and helpless ourselves. All of these scenarios are ways of controlling, of feeling powerful and not feeling powerless. In this instance they did all three - they kicked you, tried to help you and avoided you by closing down their heart to you.

What they really meant by "you created it" was: you poor weak bastard, get your shit together, don't you know that you created this situation, that you fucked up somewhere that you need to learn your "lesson". Don't you know that if you just realized that you create your own reality this would make your life all better and you would be able to manifest a more preferred reality. They really just wanted to shut you up so that they wouldn't have to feel what was going on for them. Let's keep everything nice and shallow, and not go anywhere deep where there might be some pain and suffering involved - because I only want to feel good things; let's not explore any places where I may feel separate from you.

Unless the other person is aware, they will probably think that they were honestly doing the right thing, because being a helper is admired in this society. But based on their intentions of control it did not help, because you cannot help others when you are not feeling what is going on inside of you, and you cannot help others without love and without compassion (not sympathy).

By placing themselves in a "powerful" position of authority (being your helper), where they have all the answers to solve your pathetic problems, they have implied to the Universe that you are helpless and powerless - that you are not a master. And if we feel powerless and think that this is real, we will not want help because it implies that it is true that we are indeed powerless. Oh what a circle. You are now the Universe rearranging itself and will become even more poor me then you were, unless of course you stay connected to your feelings and stay in love, having compassion for their suffering and your own.

If you do not stay in your feeling and stay connected to love, they will now within your consciousness become the enemy. Love and Feeling is the key. The only place to go now and always is into feeling and connection to Love. If either people do not go deep into their true feelings then the fight for control and who is more powerful, or who is more powerless, will escalate to a full scale war. This is how wars start in the first place, to see who is more powerful and/or more powerless; who is worthy and who is unworthy.

How do you truly create your reality? How do you imply the highest of all possibilities, the most divine intention to the Universe? How do you discover what you really and truly want, not just your petty physical survival oriented desires? - LOVE. To truly create reality you must create from the highest level of intention possible, and the highest level of intention possible is always based in love and is love. All things were created by love and all things are love. Love is all you need - how could it be any simpler. Thanks John Lennon.




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