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All Reality is Perceptual




All reality is perceptual. How you perceive your life and the world around you, determines how your life and that world is and will continue to be. The world exists in and of itself and experiences itself apart from your perception of it, yet your perception of it changes it for you and your reality, and to a large degree for everyone else. You effect the world as if you live in your own separate universe and depending on how you perceive it, that is how it is and how it is created. You are a powerful creative force, this is how we all work together, oneness does exist within the separation, and your perception of reality does in fact affect life for everyone and the collective reality.

“All things are relative to the state of consciousness through which they are perceived”-1. So depending on what level you are operating from, determines how that reality will be, based on how you perceive reality from that level of consciousness. Typically humans operate from a low level of consciousness, from basic fear. There is a reality of competition, lack, and survival, it is a basic animal survival mode without any connection to nature, or true instinct. So typically humans perceive reality from this perception, they do not understand cooperation, gratitude and prosperity because life is not like that to them. It is fearful and dangerous and someone is always trying to steal your piece of the carcass. Their lives are hell, essentially, slaves to a false reality of greed and conflict.

So what kind of world do you live in, is it a world of love or fear. Now I am not speaking about your view of what other people are doing, but your perception of the overall picture of reality. Sure people do hideous things to each other, to the plants, the animals and the planet - but is this your reality, is it true reality?

What kind of world do you live in? What kind of people do you surround yourself with, fearful people or loving people. Do you react to situations in life fearfully or lovingly? How you react to life determines how that world will continue to be. How you perceive that world will determine how that world will continue to be.

What kind of world do “you” live in, a world of competition and survival or a world of love, abundance, prosperity and cooperation? Do you live in hell on Earth or Heaven on Earth? What level of consciousness do you perceive life’s challenges through: victim consciousness, where things happen to you, or Mastery consciousness, where you make things happen.

All things, all experiences, all challenges, all relationships, can be perceived differently on different levels, so that what might seem like a negative situation on one level, can be experienced as a positive in a higher state of consciousness. It can be an experience of growth, of greater awareness, and of greater development of loving abilities, such as a greater compassion and understanding.

No one experiences any problem without being greater than that problem, and without the tools to surpass it and see the gifts from it. I recommend developing the ability to see the gifts from all experiences no matter how temporarily terrible they look. Everything you experience being in this body on planet earth, is for your growth, for your further awareness of All That Is, for you to remember God through, for you to remember your oneness with all Life.

Seek the highest perception possible of all things at all times and you will live in Heaven on Earth. Perceive all reality through Love and you will always know the truth of everything and everyone. Through the vibration of Love, you will see how others perceive reality, then you will not be fooled by their lies, and you will not put yourself in a situation where you are a victim.

You create your experience by your perception of reality. So what came first, the experience, or the perception? It appears as you started out on the planet so young that experience happened first. Things were out of your control until you became old enough and empowered enough to have some control.

From consciousness, from spirit, you always had control, from how you perceive what was happening around you was how you always had control. Initially you were unconscious, or at least you were not encouraged to be conscious of your perception of reality. Your guides (parents, friends, teachers, media, government, etc) taught you to perceive reality in their extremely limited fashion. You still always had a choice but were brain washed to perceive otherwise.

There was no reason to disbelieve your programming that life was about working, earning and learning, because everyone lived their lives from this agreed upon illusion. Regardless of your own innate natural knowing that all is one, all is Love, all is prosperous, etc., you had no proof that this knowing was true. So you started out innocently conscious, giving and unconditionally loving. You created from this awareness. Then you were programmed into a mass consciousness agreed upon reality. You became unconscious. And once again, you created reality from this perceptual awareness.

Your experience of life was proof that the human agreed upon reality was real, even though underneath it all you knew that there was something better. This knowing was your true self urging you on to truth, urging you on to live Heaven instead of hell. This was your awakening. Now you must realize that Heaven on Earth is created by the mass consciousness perception that this is real, rather than the illusionary hell we have been existing within. You, and all of humanity, must realize that they do indeed create their reality by their perception of it. You and humanity must be empowered by the fact and knowledge that they are ultimately in control, that they are the dream weavers.

Everyone must realize that they are not victims to anyone or anything, and that their individual experience of Heaven is completely in their control solely by how they perceive it. Everyone must realize that they are indeed the masters of their reality. I know it appears otherwise, but this is a temporary condition that fades with your ascension to higher conscious awareness. Then the pieces of the puzzle all start to fit, all the random elements that have occurred in your life become very specific and meaningful, meaningful to your spiritual growth. Then you can look back on life and congratulate yourself for putting those challenges and experiences in your path so that you would know more about yourself, know more about what you want to be and know more about God.

And congratulate yourself for taking them all head on instead of running from them as a victim does. When you run from one of your own manifestations, (one that does not appear to be yours yet, because how could I manifest something so yucky), you empower that illusion and dis-empower yourself. You play the game of fear, and victimhood, and punishment, and survival. These are the traps in the game called life, the magical illusions in the dark forest. You were led down this path of illusion, distracted by their vividness, by their strong appearance, but do not be deluded by appearances, for these are only creations of physical reality, magical holograms of reality, but not necessarily real. Anything that dis-empowers you is an illusion, and anything that empowers you is the truth.

So now you’re awake, or at least wiping the sleep out of your eyes. Now realize the truth; realize your mastery; realize your creative control; realize your connection to All Life; realize you. Realize that even when you were too little to know that you were creating reality, and even when you were asleep and didn’t realize that you were creating reality, realize now that you were always creating exactly what you perceived to be real at the time.

You, consciousness you, soul you, allowed you to experience whatever illusion you wanted to. Your adopted human egoic identity could run amuck, until human you could see the truth. This is ascension and embodiment of Spirit, this is enlightenment, when you realize that the reality you believed in and the identity that you adopted were illusions. So you shatter all illusions with this realization, truth was waiting to be embodied. Now the creator and created are one, now the human creator is melded with the spirit creator, (the real you) and melded with God, which you thought yourself to be separate from.

Now, as you grow in awareness of Who You Truly Are, and live as Who You Truly Are, in Love, with Love, in Truth, with Truth, your conscious creation of reality becomes ever more acute, until miracles are commonplace, to where manifestation is instant and every breath you take, every move you make is for the greater good of All.

Your perception changes and is changed to being completely multidimensional. You see, with your consciousness, all realities, all universes, all spatial realms. This is your gateway to the cosmos, where there are no limits to your creativity and to your perception. This is your gateway to inner and outer space. Also your gateway to your own inner and outer space.

Your mortality is in your hands, depending on how you want to express yourself and through what medium. In truth, we are all this anyway, now, you just forgot all of this so that you could play this game of illusion. So that you could live amongst the masses, live like them, wake up, therefor waking up all of humanity.

The Big picture is that life is always expanding, and growing, we are always creating new things for our experience, creating more self. Through limitation, through all degrees and dimensions of physical expression, we experience more of self. This is a paradox, one I recommend not trying to solve.

The experience of being in a body on planet earth is an example of this expansion. Your expansion in a limited state of physicality is a quantum multidimensional cosmic total spirit expansion, affecting all of creation and yourself on all dimensional levels. Your expansion affects all of humanity, this planet, this galaxy, and this universe. Your expansion affects your oversoul and all your soulmates.

What is your fascination? Whatever you are most fascinated with, you will get more of this. “The entire Universe Rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality”-2. Whatever you are fascinated with, you will continue to experience because this is your reality. What are you fascinated with, you will continue to experience because the universe-God-Goddess-All That Is is so generous and unconditionally loving that it will give you whatever you are fascinated with.

If you are fascinated by love, prosperity and cooperation, you will get more of these things. If you are fascinated by the old reality of conflict, power, control, and competition, you will get more of these things. Let the old world die, place your attention on the new civilization that you are creating and your life will be Heaven on Earth.

In Divine Fascination,


References: 1-“The Hathor Material” by Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene.
2-Extraterrestrial Earth Mission

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