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Recognize Your Magnificence!





The most important thing you can do for yourself and your awakening process, is to recognize your magnificence. To recognize that you are a Master, a Divine Spiritual Master. To realize how totally awesome you are; to know how loving you are; how truthful you are; how gentle; how kind; how strong; how compassionate; how caring; how powerful; how beautiful you truly are - now - without any changes or adjustments, without getting rid of anything that is part of your beingness, just as you are now, you are absolute magnificence.

You, consciousness you, and the human character you have developed, are totally divinely perfect, intricately and perfectly designed for the expression you are, for the expression of the wholeness of All That Is. You are a unique, individual, creative, divine, expression of All That Is, and that without you, All That Is would not be complete.

Recognize this perfection, do not doubt it for a second. Anyone that you are in relationship with that does not recognize and acknowledge your magnificence as a master, release them from your life. Anyone that does not encourage your magnificence, recognize this fact and limit your contact with them accordingly. Surround yourself with people in your life that have the ability to recognize their own magnificence, in turn they will be able to encourage yours. Only masters have the ability to recognize masters. Only masters have the ability to encourage mastery in others.

You are unique, there is no one like you in all the universes of the entire creation of All That Is. Your individual characteristic perception of reality and life, is unique unto you, this is a gift of God. It is a masterpiece of the creativeness of God. Recognize this strong sense of self, within the wholeness and oneness of All That Is.

Regardless of how you, or others perceive you or judge you, you are divine perfection. No matter how insignificant you feel - you are eternal greatness. No matter how lesser than, how unworthy, how not good enough, you may feel, these feelings are not yours and not you, this is not your natural state, you are merely temporarily deluded by the world of limited perception.

Recognize your magnificence and be this magnificence that you are. As you recognize your magnificence, you will naturally allow this magnificence to emanate from you, to shine forth everywhere and to everyone, entraining them to their own greatness.

Living As A Master

When you live as a master, emanating your light, not hiding any part of yourself, people react in a variety of ways. They will be repelled by you, or attracted to you, with many variations in between. They react this way because their divinity, their true self and the lie that they live daily, will be in their face.

Those that are open and ready to be entrained into their own mastery, to be encouraged and supported, in being who they truly are, will be attracted to you, they will acknowledge your greatness, with respect and honor. Those that are not, that are openly in denial of their greatness, that are not interested in waking up to their own divinity, that still desire to experience limitation, will be repelled by you. They will dislike you and hate you. They will do their best to ignore you, harass you, and to disacknowledge your greatness. You will be accused of all kinds of vanities, including being arrogant, careless and disrespectful.

Your Divine Essence

Recognize Your Divine Essence. Your strong self of Self. Recognize your unique bias and predisposition of life, creation, expression, and perception of reality, and how this natural predisposition of your character helps you function within creation.

No one can do what you do, your job is unique unto you. We each have our own specific function, designed by All That Is, for the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth, and the Co-Creation of Heaven in All That Is. Your individual essence, function, abilities and gifts, have been given to you as an expression of All That Is, for expression within the ascension of humanity, planet earth, this Christ Universe and all realms of existance.

Recognize how others are affected in your presence by your essence and function. What divine qualities are evoked in them, by your divine presence. What illusions are revealed within your presence. What in life is revealed and transformed in your presence. What limited things become enlightened, or obliterated.

How life changes in your presence is what you naturally do best, just by being and acting. These are your natural abilities, the virtues that you naturally live; your natural attraction and expression to love. Your natural predisposition to being compassionate, to being strength, to being caring, to being forgiving, and trusting, and having a natural bias of being greatful.

Recognize your wisdom; your faith; your humility; your tolerance; your patience; your goodness; your un-selfishness; your generosity; your prosperity; your faith; your love for self; your love for humanity; your love for all life.

Recognize and acknowledge these virtues in others. Recognize the wisdom in others; the faith in others; the humility in others; the tolerance in others; the patience in others; the goodness in others; the unselfishness in others; the generosity in others; the prosperity in others; the faith in others; the forgiveness in others; the compassion in others; the love that others have for themselves; the love that others have for humanity; the love that others have for all life, especially when they do not recognize these things themselves. Recognize the Divine Essence, Function, and gifts of others, especially when they do not recognize them in themselves.

Fear and the Lie of Unworthy

Most people's unconscious fear is that they are darkness, and that they are of the darkness; that they are sinful, evil, and completely unworthy of God's grace. Because of this they perceive that they should be punished for their sinful behavior and unworthiness. Others believe they are forgiven for their sinful behavior, or need to be forgiven for any number of things, such as, not being good enough; for being less than divine; for not loving enough; for not being compassionate enough; for not forgiving enough, etc. All of these stem from the secret fear that they have been caste out of heaven, are in hell, and have to earn their way back into heaven somehow. This was a great delusion, propagated by most of the clergy of most religions who felt this way themselves, and ultimately, was bought hook line and sinker by the followers of these religions, because they felt this way too.

This lie of unworthy was a great illusion to adopt, to keep yourself limited and asleep, it is now time to delete this old program, and recognize your awesome eternal greatness. Ironically, what most people are really afraid of, is not their darkness, but their light. What most people are afraid of is their own magnificence. What most people are afraid of is how utterly beautiful they truly are. It is now time for the realization of truth, it is now time for mastery of divine expression - your natural state of being and expression. It is now time to realize that you are Light, you do not need to be afraid of what you are. You do not need to hide your light so that others will not feel insignificant.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, "Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?" Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. As we let our own light shine, we give other people permission to do the same; as we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Written by Marianne Williamson, from her book "A Return to Love".


Bumps in the Road

The unbridled expression of your magnificence evokes others own divinity. By evoking this light, the "darkness" and the lies must get out of the way first. This is why many people's magnificence is seemingly not evoked in your presence, but the opposite. You will have to deal with lots of darkness as you shine so brightly, first "your own" as you drop the illusions and limitations that you have adopted, (your blame, denial and resistance to giving up the illusion), and you will have to deal with the wrath, projections and denials of others, as they deal with their own illusions and limitations.

You must realize that the number one way humans try to avoid awakening, is by adopting a victim position, and projecting fault upon some one else. Since you are the catalyst for their awakening, their "ego self," that they believe themselves to be, will hate you for revealing its true identity of being a delusion. You must realize this human condition, and have compassion for their suffering, but stay out of harms way, (because humans do not like their safe, secure, fantasy of power, control and survival revealed to be an illusion), unless they honestly desire to shift, and solemnly ask for your assistance, then you are in a position to help them through this transition.

This is why the Shaolin Monks of China were trained as experts in the martial arts, because they knew in their wisdom, that the masses will always try to kill a messenger of God, and if that messenger wants to go on revealing the truth another day, he will have to protect himself. A similar situation existed at the time of Jesus. Most people do not realize that the disciples were not sheepish little followers, but were quite zealot in their political and spiritual beliefs. And because their views were directly undermining to the established political and religious structures of the time, they were all well versed in swordsmanship in order to protect themselves. This fact has been squashed by the catholic church in order to place all attention on the glamourization of Jesus as the only way to heaven.

Luckily we are at a more enlightened time and you will not have to protect yourself in such a drastic way. But you will have to be discerning as to when you are actually able to affect some good, and when it best serves you and everyone concerned to leave them with their stuff and get the hell out of Dodge. As you become more secure within the true essence of your beingness and know who you are, it will be easier for you to be in dense situations if you are needed to be, and you will grow ever more knowing as to being in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, doing the right thing.

Recognize your Perfection

Recognize that you can do no wrong. Their is no punishing force in the universe. All expression is allowed and loved by God. This is the gift of free will. How could God place limits on itself, or give itself rules to follow, or punish itself for not following those rules. Rules, and laws, and sin, were created by humans, not God.

Recognize that everything you do has the intention of being divine, whether it turns out that way or not. Recognize that your intention, always, is to do your best, and be the best of who and what you are. Recognize that your intention always, is to do everything in the highest service to All That Is, and that your intention, from the true essence of your divine beingness, is to always be of the highest service to All That Is - how could you be otherwise, for you are almighty God.

Therefore, your divine alignment is based on your acknowledgment of this intention. Therefore, you are always in alignment with All That Is, even if you make a “mistake”, and make a decision that appeared to not be in your best interest, or not to be so "divine". Recognize that your intention is to always be aligned with All That Is, therefore, you are in alignment always.

Recognize that the things that you do acting out the play called human, may appear negative, or not proper, or un-compassionate, but do not be fooled by humanities judgments, you are always in alignment with God, and are always compassionate. God is not concerned about being proper and being "fair". If God wants you to act in certain ways that appear negative to humanity, for a specific purpose, then it is divine, even though it appears otherwise.

Recognize that your natural intention, based on the Divinity that you are, is to always be of the highest service to All That Is. Recognize that because you are not separate from God, your life is always of the highest service to God and you are always in alignment with the Divine Plan.

Realize that you, and your life, are always an expression of this Love that is God-Goddess-All-That-Is.

Recognize, Honor, and be your Magnificence!

With Love,

ZaKaiRan - Someone who Recognizes your Magnificense!

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