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Sexuality and Intimacy

(Number 12 in the Continuing Series about Relationship)



Everyone is working with, and to some degree, struggling with this divine expression of love called sex, or as I prefer to call it, making love, although I think that there is a definite distinction between the two.

Making Love is probably the most intimate thing that you can do on planet earth, so naturally everyone has some dramas about it. I am an intimacy junky, I am always on the search for the highest levels of intimacy possible with everyone. And because of my intimacy addiction I personally enjoy making love more than just about anything on planet earth, although I have let go of this addiction to a large degree.

Everything is about sex just as Freud postulated, all psychic sexual energy is about relationship and intimacy. Sex is about intimacy, intimacy is about relationship; relationship is the expression of divinity; sex is creation; life is creation; enlightenment and ascension are about creation; sex is an expression of intimacy with the entire universe, of love and oneness with All That Is.

Committing yourself sexually is no different to committing yourself in any other way. It is, or should be, an expression of the commitment you have to yourself, to the honor, respect and love you have for yourself, and in turn expressed outwardly toward another person who evokes, honors, and respects and loves your magnificence.

For real Love making you must expose yourself, inside and out. You must completely open up on all levels. Love making creates deep energetic connections. It connects up your chakras and light bodies; it makes deep psychic connections, and hooks you up genetically and karmically. This is why relationships become much more entwined when making love as opposed to "just being friends", and why "breaking up is so hard to do".

When you say yes to making love, you are saying yes to all of these connections, and yes to interacting on all the deep levels that follow. It opens up past lives together, consciously or unconsciously, and brings up all of your wounds of separation, relationship and sexual traumas across time and space. This is why we always manifest a relationship that matches the level of evolvement we are currently on, moving to, or are done with. Whatever aspects of our beingness, including wounds from this lifetime, on this planet, other planets, other dimensions, other bodies, across space time and dimension, are evoked for you to either deal with and heal, or deny.

This includes your soul extensions, soul fragments….; beings that are part of your soul family, even parts of your self that you and your soul extensions have left in other galaxies, other dimensions…that are in need of healing because of traumas they have experienced that they cannot or will not deal with. Because of your awareness, and the fact that they are part of your wholeness, you will heal them or help them to heal them, for themselves and for you, because of your connection to them and for the whole soul and Monad (group soul). So Divine Relationship, and divine Sexuality, is saying yes to full presence, with yourself and with another person, with all aspects of your beingness and all aspects of the beingness of your mate.

Making Love in Every Moment

I believe that everyone should live life like every day they are making love. Every moment of every day, you must live like you are making love. Everything you do should have the same sensitivity and awareness as when you are making love. If everyone lived their lives in this manner, heaven on earth would surely be here; peace and love would reign supreme.

Real love making is the kind where you are completely in the moment with your lover; totally in the moment with every nuance, every touch, every stroke; with no intentions, no desires; where you are not trying to cause anything, or get anything. And if you live life like this then a tree is your lover; a rock is your lover; a flower is your lover; the grass and clouds are your lover; the wind is your lover…; everyone and everything is your lover - your beloved.

Make love to your computer, make love to your car, make love to the xerox copier, make love to your pets, make love to all animals, make love to the angels, make love to the Ascended Masters, make love to the check out person… and of course, not in any old way. Make love with them, don't sex them. You don't make sex, sex should happen as a natural part of making love, directed only by the synergy, by the synchronis energy; just because it is the next thing to do to complete the synergy, to honor the synergy, to honor the union of the divine masculine and feminine, which is its true intention even in same sex bodies.

Sex and Intimacy

I believe that all people are just as addicted to intimacy as myself, they just don't know it, do not allow themselves to experience it, and more than likely, feel that they do not deserve it. This is the root of all intimacy problems, fear. Fear that they are not good enough; fear that they are bad; fear that they do not deserve to be loved and nurtured and cared for.

All sexual intimacy difficulties stem from these problems. It is everyone’s natural tendency to be affectionate, sensual and sexual. Anyone that is not, has got intimacy and unworthiness issues that they have not dealt with. I know that everyone loves to be touched, and shnuggled, and stroked, and kissed. Anyone that does not, is in some form of denial of physicality, based on some fear program and past karmic issues.

Sexuality aside, I believe that it is everyone’s natural tendency to want to experience as much shnuggling as they can. I am not convinced that some people are more affectionate than others, and enjoy affection more. The only difference between people is the level of intimacy and love that they allow themselves to experience and express. Giving and receiving affection is then a direct manifestation of these inner qualities and abilities to give and receive love.

It is natural that when you love someone you would want to hug them and shnuggle them for a long time. Depending on how much you allow yourself to experience the intimacy of it, will be the degree to which you allow yourself to experience affection, if you have someone to experience it with. If you have a lover, it is a natural tendency to be extremely affectionate. If both people are comfortable with giving and receiving love, they will not be able to keep their hands off of each other.

Love making should be greatly honored, it is a wonderful creation of intimacy. It is an expression of creativity itself. I recommend to everyone, to make love as often as possible and as long as possible. Your focus should be on the moment, the sensuality of the moment; the intimacy of the moment; the emotion of the moment; the ecstasy of the moment; the divinity of the moment. Result should not be a consideration. Orgasm will naturally be less important if you make love in the moment, with the utmost in intimacy, then every moment will be orgasmic. Every kiss, every touch, every stroke, every lick will be orgasmic.

Open up your entire chakra system when you make love. Connect your genitals with your heart. Make love with your heart not your genitals. Look deeply into each others eyes, look into the soul. Allow heartgasms to happen. Allow cosmicgasms to happen. Be sexually/sensually divinely turned on by Love, by the resonance in your heart and full connection to cosmic and earth centered in your Antakarana/Rainbow Bridge, joined as one pillar of light.

Don’t be an orgasm addict, this is not a race; there is only the moment so don't try to heat things up; allow real passion of the moment from Divine Union, not from sexual excitation. Making love is about making love to make love, for love’s sake, not to get to some destination. Be in the moment of what you desire now, make love, make out, shnuggle, kiss forever… Don’t have orgasms, be the orgasm!

Make love and enjoy affection the way my cat does; totally surrender to receiving affection without feeling a need to reciprocate. Reciprocate when it is natural to do so. Totally surrender to receiving when it is time to receive. Totally surrender to giving when it is time to give.

Present all of you, allow everything to be there, fully present and with whatever is there. Be tantric, be intimate, be pure, be conscious, but give yourself permission to be an animal, to being lusty, the sex object; to being consciously unconscious; give yourself permission to being a balanced spiritual cosmic humanimal.

Enjoy all aspects of sexuality and sensuality. Be a conscious channel of love. Do not hesitate, there is nothing wrong with any expression of sexuality. Be as outrageous as you possibly can. Allow for total spontaneity, for anything to happen, to laugh, cry, grunt, squeel, fart, burp, tone, to experience all kinds of emotions and feelings. Allow any part of your body to be an erotic zone…; work with everything you experience in that moment; give yourself permission to stop, to change gears, to experience everything; to channel; to have a multidimensional experience; to be submissive; to be aggressive...

You will experience many initiations in your sexual relationships especially with partners you have had past lives with, especially in mystery schools and tantric temples. Allow yourself to release past sexual traumas, and to experience the emotions from these releases.

Love making is an honorable, beautiful, ecstatic expression of love and divinity. It is hugely important and it is also not such a big deal. We only make it a big deal because we are afraid of what it brings up for us. We are only afraid of it because we are afraid of the intimacy, and afraid of the love.


We all need to get to a place in our consciousness where we are in love with everyone and everything. You must if possible be in love with your friends. This must be real, like any relationship. Love your friends like your lover, stroke your friends like your lover.
The same for your children, fall in love with them. Love them like your lover, stroke them like your lover, kiss them like you lover.

Allow yourself to be loved by your mate. Allow yourself to love, to truly love. To love more and deeper than you ever have. Channel love through your love making. Let love making be a ceremony, it should always be treated in this way.

Love making is one of the most grounded things that you can do. Many beings in the spiritual realms have become too spiritual, they have worked so hard on opening their upper chakras that they have neglected the lower ones. They have also done this to not act like typical humans that only operated from these lower chakras. But you must be fully open and operational if you are going to embody who you truly are. You must allow all aspects of self to be here in these bodies on planet earth. You must be divine consciousness as well as divinely human.

The ascension is a descension, it is a process of you as consciousness, descending fully into your body. You as personality are building a bridge to soul (higher self) If you are only operating from the upper chakras, then you are not ascending, or inscending, only escaping. You may have ascended your consciousness up to discover that you are much more than human; you may have touched upon enlightenment, and caught a glimpse of your magnificence, but it is now time to realize that you always were enlightened, that you were always magnificent, you just forgot. You as divine consciousness are enlightened. You, as personality, are trying to attain something that you already are, it is merely a matter of lifting all the veils that block your vision of your true magnificence and mastery.

Now that you have some idea of who you are, it is now time to really be that. To realize that you are that. You are pure God consciousness. Embody that. Be that. Making love will help you ground yourself here into this reality because it is a divine avenue for combining human with divinity. You are putting two bodies together for the intention of creation, not to create another human, but to create divinity, to create a divine synergy; to ground divinity into this reality; to ground love into this reality; to ground love and divinity into your bodies.

Releasing Sex from the Obligation to Make You Feel Better

Sexuality/Love making is a sacred act and should be treated with the respect and honor it deserves. As part of separation consciousness, we have trivialized and cheapened sex. It has become a commodity to use and sell and manipulate with. Society uses it, the media uses it and everyone in their day to day lives uses it continually, to get what they want, to feel desired, loved, generate money, prove their worth….

In our lives we use it to deny our wounds of separation, to create a false oneness, an imitation for true deep intimacy. So, in honor and respect for ourselves, for truth, for divine union, our bodies, our genitals, our sexual creative energy; in respect for the sexual creative energy of God Goddess, the universe and the entity of lovemaking and sexuality - release your projections, demands and expectations upon sex. Give sex a break. Release it from the obligation to make us feel better; release it from the expectation to help us feel loved, and have worth, and be fulfilled. Release sex from its enslavement to keeping us in denial, avoiding real intimacy and real passion for trumped up sexual charge and discharge.

Also release your expectations and demands for sex to be spectacular. Sex has become the new god to worship and compare your life with. Society promotes the fantasy that if you're having great sex then you've accomplished something. If you are desirable and available to be desired, then you have some worth. Stop playing the game of unworthiness, it is a lie and not any fun anymore.

Release your partners, lovers, and friends from all obligations to make you feel good. Don't use people for anything, even to help you feel spiritual, or connected, or centered, or grounded or loved…. People, lovers, friends… are not your slaves, require nothing of them other than to respect and honor you if they choose to have you in their lives, this is unconditional love.

Sex will not relieve you of your suffering and take the woundedness away. It should just be a natural part of your ecstatic existence rather than some refuge away from mundane life. If your life is one of full blooded commitment to truth, honesty and openness, you will create beautiful sex and beautiful lovers and relationships in your life. They will manifest as a natural reflection of your inner awareness that you are love.

So as you are awakening further and further to your magnificence and embodying your divinity, you will encounter difficulties with partners sexually and intimately, as the lies of your unworthiness are revealed, and because of the fact that you will no longer be able to do what has been comfortable, you will no longer be able to sex the way you used to, and this may be frustrating, because you will feel like you've lost something. Probably the biggest one is no longer being able to swoon off into unconsciousness, into a false world of your own, a world of images and romance. This is no longer truthful, real and present. Ecstatic love making is conscious, 110 percent, like your life; there is no room for denial, no room for hyped up overdone stimulation to avoid your shit. You must be fully present, that means all the good with all the bad, no more trumped up illusionary "perfection".

With this full consciousness, sex becomes an expression of our joy, our happiness, our love, our truth, rather than some say to obtain these in our lives, to avoid our suffering and dissatisfaction with life, others and ourselves. With full consciousness you do not give any part of your self away, or take anything, but rather allow the union of beings to enhance and expand yourselves; you surrender control to allow love to direct your loving. Love making then becomes a natural occurrence of our already ecstatic existence, a way of expressing our utter appreciation for the wonders of the universe and creation, and our gratefulness for our existence, a natural expression of the love we are.


Release your fear of intimacy and real passion. Don’t fuck away real passion, and true intimacy by discharging your passion, which is really the fire of your Spirit. Don't use sex to discharge your stress, conflict and accumulated tension. Don't create a false level of intimacy by sexing, go much deeper. Sex in generally thought of being a very intimate thing to do, but sex can actually be used as a resistance to intimacy, as a barrier and avoidance of intimacy. It all depends on the fantasy factor, why you're having sex in the first place: your intentions, and ability to allow for love and true intimacy in the moment. Optimally, all sexual encounters should be guided and instigated by love, by synergy (synchronis energy), then there is no seduction happening and no one wanting anything from the other, you're just letting your souls and bodies guide you.

Love making is an entity in and of itself. The union of two people is a synergy, a oneness. This oneness, this synergetic entity, if allowed, will direct your lovemaking, and your lovemaking will become the medium for the channeling of the passionate pulse of your God Presence, of Great Spirit, creation, God/Goddess…

If your love making is not instigated and guided by synergy, by love, then it is controlled by ego, by personality, by patterns, by images, by fantasy and illusion. Your sex is just mutual masturbation. An agreement to help each other feel pleasure, to feel loved, to feel one, to feel sexy, to feel wanted… all external agreements to deny wounds of separation.

If you are truly making love in the moment, there are no agreements, no patterns, no desires, no images…only the moment, with no where to go and now place to be, other than where you are right now. Orgasm does not exist, needing your lover to kiss here or lick there does not exist, if they do anything it is because they are guided by love to do so, guided by synergy and it is ecstatic. Every moment is ecstatic, every moment is an orgasm, this is true Tantra-(1), true Yoga-(2); true full body orgasms, when every kiss, every stroke, every nuzzle, every suck, every lick, every thrust is an ecstatic orgasmic moment, where your senses are so attuned to each moment of love that the love fills you completely and generates lovegasms, heartgasms, headgasms, armgasms, leggasms, breastgasms, penisgasms, vaginagasms, neckgasms, facegasms, lipgasms - full body ecstasy.

Being in the moment is the key. There is no other moment than this one, nothing else maters, nothing else exists, only love. When you can love and make love like this, your relationships will be heavenly, ecstatic synergies of divinity. If you can live your life this way, truly surrendered to the love of each moment, to the deepest imperatives of each ecstatic experience of each and every nano second, then your life will be a life of joy and bliss and pure ecstasy; a life of pure Divine Essence, of pure God Force; an Angelic existence of oneness, and connection, and appreciation of the wonders of the workings of the universe; God/Goddess incarnate; Avataric embodiment.

"Ecstasy is not the goal, but the Foundation"-3

Tiya & Ay - Lemurian Cosmic Sex

On Lemuria, two beings (Tiya & Ay) discovered that by making love in a special way they became immortal and produced an immortal baby. This technique involved no physical contact; it was essentially, interdimensional lovemaking. They formed a mystery school and taught approximately 1000 people how to do this.-4

Prior to the sinking of Lemuria, they took this secret knowledge and all Lemurian artifacts and knowledge to the Agartha Network, the network of subterranean cities around the planet, including: Lake Titicaca in Peru and the city of Telos at Mount Shasta (Northern California).-5

Call upon the Ascended Masters Tiya and Ay (who are still on planet earth), to assist you in your lovemaking, to assist you to channeled these mystery school teachings and be the immortal cosmic sex masters that you are.


Dedication of Divine Union -6

"In the honoring of Sacred Union; in the divine merging of our physical bodies, I invite, align, and open to the surrender of my personal will to Divine Will, of union of my holy essence with your holy essence, with adoration of your mastery in the giving of myself; for the purpose of evoking our enchristment fully into our bodies and humanness, and service to the Divine Plan in the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth. I offer my spiritual essence, soul, light body, physical mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies; my skin, penis, vagina and divine elixir of love and truth to you for the grounding of all that I Am, all that you are, and all that we are here - Now!

Let our soul matrices open to full bloom in our gratitude of ecstasy to God Goddess All That Is for this Divine Union of Love and Grace. I love you. I adore you. I am in gratitude of your essence, existence and divine mastery. Let the Dance of Love begin!"



In Divine Love, Cosmic Sexuality and Juicy Sensuality,




Bibliography/ References
1 - Tantra - expand and liberate; the science and philosophy of the expansion of the mind and liberation of energy and consciousness from matter. 2 - Yoga - union; the science of body and mind leading to the union of individual consciousness with cosmic consciousness. Definitions from "Swara Yoga" by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. Bihar School of Yoga.
3- From "The Truth Cannot Be Rehearsed", a totally awesome book by Robert Augustus Masters
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