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The Quantum Consciousness Expander

A further exploration of whether issues of the past in relationship can be resolved.

(Number 5 in the series about Divine Relationship)




All issues that you feel a need to resolve between you, will at the core of them be full of pain, and will be full of victimhood. If they were not, then we would not feel that they needed resolving. Obviously the key here in this instance is forgiveness. If we feel we have been hurt, abused, mistreated, then we need to forgive; whether the transgression is true or not and whether the victim/abuser scenario is true or not. Rarely do we purposefully try to hurt each other, more often then not we try desperately not to hurt each other, but end up doing it any way.

The victim/abuser scenario is an illusion of the world of form, the two sides of the same coin; emotional hurt blaming, to not feel some pain of separation; an old wound revealed by the interaction with the other person. We are the masters of our reality and have drawn every situation to us for our growth - so victim is a grand illusion. Victimhood must be seen for the illusion that it is, truthfully; this must be realized for true forgiveness, otherwise you will not be able to forgive. You can't see victimhood as an illusion idealistically, it must be real for you, otherwise you are faking forgiveness.

I'm sorry / I forgive you. Saying these words whole heartedly, are very big acts of humility on the road of forgiveness, and I highly recommend it. Of course one argument might be that if the victim/abuser scenario is an illusion then why does it look like it happens, and why do we need to forgive, (and say I'm sorry). First, why the victim/abuser illusion is here, is for our experience of it and its many ramifications of growth within the illusions of separation, (this is an entire exploration in and of itself). Second, you must forgive and say I'm sorry because we must honor the human aspects that believe victim/abuser to be real, and that part of your self that believes that you hurt the other person and have been hurt by them. It is an excellent thing to do because it dismantles all pride, allowing for the possibility that you screwed up and they screwed up; and honors that both parties genuinely felt hurt and possibly abused.

After you've "forgiven" - then check in with time to see if you really have. Obviously if you still have resentments and are hanging on to things, and are still not at peace with your experience, then you probably have not forgiven yet. So you may need to call upon Grace to help you further.

What's your forgiveness quotient - how much are you willing to forgive? What is your limit? What unpardonable sins are you willing to forgive or not to forgive? How conditionally forgiving are you? How much control of how others are and view reality are you willing to surrender? How much like the Buddha or Christ can you be?


Now what if along with this illusion of victimhood you have a scenario where your partner keeps acting in a certain way that causes problems in the relationship, or for that matter you do as well. You know that it's not your job to try to change your partner and it is not their job to change you. But you also know that it is all of our jobs to wake up to who we truly are, and hopefully live wholistic lives based on this divine identity, in service to All That Is. You know that the relationship would improve if you and your partner would do this or not do that, be this way or that way.

So how do you resolve this situation of needing to change things, but also surrendering to the love that is there that needs no improvement. Because this is what I see as being the key to a successful relationship: surrendering to and acting on the love that is present now, always, regardless of which issues have or have not been resolved. Because if you can actually resolve issues, if they can actually be completed for you - then please do so, clear them up for yourself, forgive others and forgive yourself. But you can't spend the entire relationship clearing up issues, where's the fun in that; you must let go of control. There isn't any time for love or fun, if you are constantly tackling your heavy issues, you must allow for flow, and spontaneity, and grace to give you a fresh start.

One way to deal with your desire for control, and surrendering to where you do not have immediate control, because you have to wait for things to unfold and divine timing to run its course, is to say: "If I had any control over this situation I would like to see it be this way." Now what you have done is spoken for and honored your desire to control and change things but you have done nothing to manipulate things to obtain your desired outcome. You can now allow for flow and grace to alter and change things for you, and for your perception to change with time. Allow the grace of forgiveness to resolve your painful issues.

Now of course I am not proposing any form of denial, you must be aware of every part of your beingness, but be specific, what is really part of your beingness. Know what is yours to deal with and what is your partners to deal with. Things you may be trying to sell to your partner that are yours, and things that your partner might want you to take care of in you, so they won't have to deal with their own issues that are in synchronicity with it.

Are you working hard at attaining perfection, by trying to control your circumstances, by trying to change your exterior world. Are you willing to give up this control, and allowing divinity to make changes within divine timing from the world of perception. Because this is where changes are made, within your consciousness, your perception of the world. Change your perception and you make changes in the world; try to manipulate and control the circumstances, and you create more conflict and polarity.

Deal with your Own Stuff

Issues in relationship are always dualistic with both partners having a part in the drama. The 'one' relationship problem that is actually two separate issues. They may be similar and totally related but are usually completely different, they are just in synchronicity with each other, one evoking another for the couples growth.

Other times it is more one sided, especially in cases where one partner blames the other or is adamant about them changing so that the relationship will have "harmony". Many times this adamant insistence or victim based blame is rooted in denial. The typical scenario of placing all your attention on the other person and their "faults", so that you won't have to deal with your own stuff. The partner being blamed, judged, or asked to change, may have some issues, but they may be fine with them. They may have forgiven and are more at peace with certain issues that have arisen in the relationship and their own pain; they may have accepted full active responsibility for their own stuff.

Everyone must deal with their own stuff, (allowing their experience), with minimal attention on pointing out faults of the other person from a judgmental position, this is avoidance and denial, plain and simply. Even emotionally detached analyzation and classification, must be dealt with gently, with the utmost compassion from the proper intention, otherwise it will be interpreted as judgment.

What is real for you, what is really your issue to deal with. If everyone takes responsibility for their own stuff to the best of their ability, then there are no issues to resolve for the relationship, only personal issues that are playing out or being evoked by the relationship.

If the issue is of a more personal nature not necessarily having to do with any direct transgressions of the victim/perpetrator scenario, then it is my summation that these issues should be dealt with personally not through the relationship. Certainly they were illuminated through the interactions of the relationship, but it is not necessarily the relationships job to resolve these personal issues. You may need your partners shoulder to cry on; or for them to just listen to you; or to give you some loving advice; but it is not their job to try to fix you, or to put any degree of pressure on you that you should repair yourself. Ultimately of course we are all perfect just the way we are and need no improvement, although further awakening to true self is always a possibility and desired, but this happens with the unfoldment of divine timing, not because you want it, need it, or want to feel better by avoiding your suffering.

Surrender to Grace

If you're waiting to continue with your relationship when every issue is resolved, you may be up for a very long wait. If you're waiting to get over all your issues before you can enjoy each other and like each other again, then you will not have a relationship, certainly not one that is fun; your relationship will be about resolving issues. This will be your entire relationship, one long drawn out therapy session, basically living in the past. This is not what relationship is about, at least not true relationship, and certainly not the new relationship of light body earth. Love now, don't wait for anything to be resolved before you love again. Don't wait for your dramatic emotions to subside to be in love again. Make contact with the love that is here now, and always was there.

The way to resolve issues is to surrender to love and let it direct your process. If things can be resolved, they will resolve in time with guidance, and introspection, and forgiveness, and the further awareness gained from further discovery of self.

"God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference".

So act on what you have the ability to act upon, and surrender to Grace what you do not know what to do with yet. This is gentle and kind. This process of healing relationship and finding loving nurturing wholistic relationship, (the relationship of the new civilization), is done gently, it cannot be done with control; we have already been trying this approach for millennia. You cannot resolve issues by pummeling them; issues must be gently unwrapped because always at the core of them is some form of pain, and pain usually is in no hurry to be revealed; and if you try to rip open the package, you might find there is a tiger inside, not a pussy cat, and the pain will resist being revealed just as a tiger does not want to be spotted amongst the brush.

We will always resist if our partners are not gentle with us, and want to rip us open so that they will not have to experience something within themselves that they unconsciously think might be true about them. And don't go ripping yourself open either, be very gentle with yourself, this is loving, and caring, and nurturing, something you can do for yourself that you desire from your relationships.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!


When engaged in what is required of you in allowing for the new relationship, you may be required to ask the big question of, split up or stay together. Determining how you are going to make that decision is a difficult one. One of the main factors to consider in this situation is synergy.

Synergy is the synchronistic energy created when two or more beings come together for a specific divine purpose. It is the divine energetic entity that is created for that specific relationship.

A positive evolutionary synergy is when two or more people have been directed to come together, under divine guidance, for their personal and group growth. As transition team experts this synergy may be for very specific missions, to transmute very specific energies for the planet and humanity.

The synergy is essentially an experiment. All That Is decides to try to accomplish a planetary transition task through this specific relationship. If the task is successful then the synergy may be asked to perform other tasks through the structure of that specific relationship. If the experiment succeeds or fails, the synergy may be scrapped, and in turn the relationship may have to be scrapped as well. This is the situation where a relationship may be complete and you continue past your time because you worked so well together at one time.

Now of course there are many reasons for experiment failure, many of these reasons are due to the factors we are discussing. But many times we may fall prey to these traps because the experiment is over and has been scrapped, you just haven't gotten the message yet.

If there is too big of a gap between you, when your partner does not see you accurately because they have not awoken enough to love yet, and have not attained enough awareness of their divinity yet, denying their experience by continuing the typical psychological games. If honor and respect do not prevail, and the typical control dramas continue with avoidance and blame, then plainly it is a devolutionary synergy.

If your partner is trying to change you and you know that there is nothing wrong with you, then you must get out. You changing to meet the requirements of another persons suffering is not an option, this does not fix relationships it only makes them worse. And it is not necessarily your job to wake them up so that they will take responsibility for their reality and stop badgering you, everyone must be responsible for their own stuff. In and from relationship, you learn what you learn about self, and if you are no longer growing together, and the harmony factor is in the low percentile, then perhaps the synergy is complete. Time to reflect, be alone and gather up all the gifts that you have learned about self from that experience.

If you experience a feeling that your relationship has failed or is a failure, then do yourself and your growth a favor, and find the higher purpose to the failure. Perhaps it wasn't supposed to succeed, at least not from your ideals of the fairy tale romance. Perhaps it did succeed from the perspective of what you accomplished together for relationship on planet earth and your personal growth. All relationships are experiments, and you never know how their going to turn out, or what the divine plan is for that specific synergy. There is no one in the scope of All That Is, who punishes for failure, only yourself, because failure does not exist. Failure only exists in the perception of human. In higher reality failure is just growth, learning from your "mistakes". Sometimes we purposely screw up, so that we can gain the experience of it, and to learn the consequences of those actions. There is huge growth from screwing up, it has huge impact upon us, and we become very discerning and wise from these experiences.

Now, many times the relationship may not be complete, but the specific synergy's set up for the specific experiments, may be scrapped. You must be very discerning when doing planetary transition work so as not to throw the baby out with the bath water. Issues that arise have their specific synergy, each one is an experiment. You must know when specific issues are complete or not, even if they did not "get resolved" and it looks like you have failed; the experiment of that issue may be scrapped; the work you did may have been enough to transmute it, it may have given humanity enough to work with. So you must be discerning as to when it is time to give up and go back to the drawing board, because this manifestation of Heaven on Earth is a constant job of dismantling the old relationship and welcoming in the new.

Are you still growing (evolutionary synergy) or are you in a continual downward spiral (devolutionary synergy)? Does synergy still exist between you, or is the synergy complete? Is a new synergy being created for you and you need to let go of the old? Are you staying together because you really are not complete and you're still co-creating the new relationship with each other, or are you just afraid of being alone and no longer receiving love, affection and sex.


The new age nemesis as we strive for freedom from the bonds of the old ways of relating, while doing our best to be divinely responsible, and co-create the new relationship.

What's your commitment quotient? How committed are you to intimacy, to being an open book, to revealing all aspects of your beingness? How committed are you to your job as a transition team member, to divinity, to God? How committed are you to the mission, and doing whatever it takes to accomplish it, no matter what? How committed are you to the manifestation of the new relationship? How committed are you to your partner and the divine synergy created for the two of you? Are you willing to love, honor and cherish your partner through thick and thin, hard times and good times until God do you part? Or are you only willing to hang in there if things are good, and fun, and nice?

Ultimately, in a relationship, your choices and control are limited. We know that attempting to change others is racked with denial. So you don't really have the choice of, "I will stay in the relationship if this stuff changes, and if my partner changes". You do not have the time to wait for your partner to change if you are dedicated to awakening to self and manifesting divinity. As an impeccable master you do not have this option of being conditional, you must be definite, you must be unconditionally loving. If you are committed to self, to love, and to God, then this commitment is definite, and in turn your commitment to relationship must be definite, because your commitment to another is your commitment to self and to All That Is. You must decide to stay unconditionally or leave unconditionally, there is no in between.

So if you are going to really be in a relationship, if you are committed to it, and to your partner, then you must honor, allow, tolerate, forgive, surrender, and love all their idiosyncrasies and enjoy them, for they are the character of their essence. And your partner must do the same. Simply put, you are together because you love each other, no other reason.

If you officially break up you'll miss the love and affection; you'll miss that person's essence which is what you fell in love with in the first place; you'll miss the love making, and the good times, and the memories; but they are in your heart, with you forever. If you're flogging a dead synergy, and you are hanging on to these sentimental lovely things, you may be hanging onto a fantasy, because they are all gone anyway. Unless you can really do it from a place of purity in the moment based on the love that is always there, your affection and sex will be based in the past, and if it is not in the moment, based in love it, will be an illusion based on this past; you are no longer suited, so you drum up old passions to not feel the pain of separation. But the pain of separation is there no matter what you do, no matter how much manipulation you do to not feel it. The love may be overshadowed by the rift between you, and the illusions of separation that exist between your perceptions of reality and how to operate together within those realities. And you've forgotten your partners essence, because your relationship is so full of excess baggage, and your perception is deluded.

If the synergy is really complete, and the experiment has no hope of meeting the desired end, you must bail out ruthlessly with compassion, willing to give it all up because it's just not good enough for someone as magnificent as you. If you are not honored and respected for who you are; if your partner cannot see your purity; if your idiosyncrasies are not allowed, loved, honored and respected, then you better get out of Dodge - because the new relationship of the new civilization, manifesting on planet earth, is completely allowing and respectful of character and personality idiosyncrasies. Even things that can be judged as being flaws, are divinely ordained specifically for you - you are perfect just the way you are.

So if you are willing to give it all up, to give up that old "relationship," to give up what does not fit your vision of the co-creative relationship of heaven on earth, then you can shift to the next level, one step closer to its manifestation. If you are willing to give it all up, and your partner is as well, then you may not have to give each other up, just the "old relationship", and you can now shift to a new level together, ever closer to the perfection of relationship of Heaven on Earth.

This is how the new relationship is manifested, by not settling for the old crap any more. By living passionately that you will not settle for any thing less than what you divinely deserve - a perfect co-creating synergy of true love.

All relationship now, is manifesting the new relationship of the new civilization of light. All the work you do in striving for perfection, for your vision of harmonious, loving, caring, nurturing, gentle, passionate, exciting..... relationship is the steps along the road to "perfect relationship', the divine relationship of the civilization of light and love.

Do you have the courage to be in a real relationship? A relationship that matches your vision of the new civilization of Light. Do you have the courage to live Heaven on Earth now?!

Male / Female

What about the alignment of personalities, biases, things in common, and personal missions. This is definitely synergy. If there are many differences in common interests, it may be more difficult to maintain the relationship; for instance having similar visions for heaven on earth is a definite benefit. Having similar levels of awareness is of benefit, the synchronistic energies link up. This is why many relationships start out synergetically, then later you start questioning the synergy of the relationship, because it looks like you're so different.

Does it look like you're so different because the synergy is over, or because you have become lost in the maya of human, which tries to convince us of separation with each other. This is one result of outside influences that affect relationships, and especially the apparent conflict between male and female. One such influence is a mal-alignment that exists energetically, magnetically, and physically, between the sun and planet earth. This mal-alignment especially causes trouble with communication. It creates a situation where if you tell your partner something, they do not hear what you said exactly how you said it, the meaning and intention is misconstrued.

The male and female polarities exist all the way to God. Even the trinity of All That Is of the Father principle, the Son principle, and the Mother principle of Spirit, has their inherent male and femaleness. So everyone must realize the truth of these aspects of beingness.

Within our male and female bodies we are balanced equally between the polarities. Our brains have male and female front quarters, with opposing rear quarters. So both sides of our brains are male and female, separated, yet balanced. So there is a balance between male and female within us all. This balance manifests physically with the extremely feminine physique, and the extremely masculine physique, and all the various permutations in between, including very androgynous physiques.

So it is obvious that a huge part of this experiment, and experience, is knowing first of all, what male and female really is, and balancing our perception of the male and female within ourselves. You must know who you really are, not that you are male or female physically, but spiritually. When everyone knows who and what they are, then we can relate to each other equally because we are operating from a balanced position.

The problems of society are largely due to this imbalanced perception of male and female, and the fact that people do not know that they are spirit. They are deluded by physicality and their perception that they are that physicality. So there is a breakdown between male and female within societies perception of themselves, this is obvious with how life is so out of balance and people can operate from too much male or too much female, or false perceptions of what male and female really are.

We are all either male or female consciousness, (positive or negative electrum). We must realize whether we are male or female consciousness, so that we can be truthful with ourselves and our natural bias and predisposition of one of the polarities of existence. Just because you are in a male body does not mean you are male consciousness, similarly for a female.

The mal-alignment of the sun and earth, and the subsequent out of balance situation between the male and female, is obviously part of the divine plan's manifestation of heaven on earth, and its naturally balanced wholistic state of oneness. And our continual work to balance these polarities enables this manifestation. It evokes the truth behind the physical manifestation, that of the need for awareness of the male and female aspects of consciousness, of true self.

Until the planet, sun, solar system and universe align, and we are inhabiting our light bodies, we will have relationship problems, communication difficulties, and unbalanced states between the male and female within the majority of beings. But this allows us to make huge changes to help manifest that alignment and prepare for that natural balance.

We must be very aware of this breakdown in communication due to this mal-alignment; its detriment and benefit. We must be gentle and compassionate with each other in regards to this breakdown and difficulty of relating because of this influence. The detriment is obvious, making peace and harmony somewhat difficult. But please be aware that peace and harmony is our natural state, and this influence is of exterior origin, so to have peace and harmony, this situation requires that you know who you are, and act from this natural consciousness state of peace and harmony.

So the personal benefit is it requires impeccability and assists with awakening. Planetarily, it creates a situation where if you want balance and aligned communication, you will make a concerted effort to try to create this alignment, you will try to resolve issues of conflict and old karmic patterns that need to be transmuted for the planet. And it requires that you give up control, and surrender to times when there is not apparent alignment, and you feel helpless to not being able to create harmony.

Perhaps with our dedicated work we will correct this alignment, or it will be corrected for us when the time of transmutation is complete. Or it will not matter because we will go beyond planetary magnetic influences, relying on divine magnetic influences. If you are in a light body, and you know that you are immortal consciousness, then physical influences have little or no affect upon you.

You must also still be aware, that there are forces that are determined to create conflict, to break down loving relationships, so that love cannot flow through this medium. The greatest challenge for a negative entity is to try to limit the greatest force of All That Is - love. If you are being adversely affected by outside forces, then you must be aware of and if possible, take care of these influences.

So in all situations of apparent conflict be aware of all factors involved. Give credit where credit is do, and surrender to the times when you have very little control over a situation, and may feel quite helpless. Feeling helpless is a temporary condition that you experience when you encounter a situation that you do not know how to handle. As you grow and your abilities are manifested, you learn how to deal with these seemingly impossible situations, or at least you learn to surrender them to God.

Patience is a Virtue

Be patient with your "flaws", they are merely things of the world of form, of the world of human, they are not you, merely your character costume, to act in the grand drama of life. Do not be with anyone that is not patient with your "flaws", who does not see you as perfect, who does not actually love your idiosyncrasies, quirks and biases. If they are not patient, allowing, respectful and honoring, then they are just projecting their own impatience and intolerance with their own "flaws" onto you. So in a sense, we must strive to have relationships that are perfect. Just as we have always done, but now from a real position of true perfection, not just some fantasy ideal so that we won't experience any suffering. We must hold the intention of perfection, our vision of the new relationship within our consciousness, allowing the gradual unfoldment of the new, while having patience with the dismantling of the old.

So we must be ruthless, and accept nothing but perfection, knowing specifically what we want, and not settling for anything less; while at the same time allowing for divine timing and gradual graceful unfoldment. Ruthless patience - knowing when to act and knowing when to surrender. So you'll do what ever it takes, no matter what All That Is wants you to do: stay in one relationship, working hard at maintaining your attention on the love; bailing out; going from one relationship to another; or being alone.

I will accept nothing but perfection, but I will be perfectly allowing, and patient, and discerning, and impeccable, in how the perfect relationship manifests, looks, acts and is. Because as this old world dies and the new one is created, the perfect relationship is in continual revisement and refinement, personally and planetarily. It is under refinement individually as self and how you operate as a divine, loving, caring individual within this divine relationship; and how you know you deserve to be treated; and how perfectly you deserve to be loved.

We must be willing to continually open up old locked doors and reveal what is inside, while at the same time not worrying about whether doors get unlocked or not. Coincidally, we hope that our partner will act similarly, and open their own doors, without the need to pry them open, or to want us to pry ours open, allowing everyone’s own experience and gradual unfoldment, within divine timing.

As caretakers of humanity we must be patient, gentle, caring, compassionate, and nurturing, yet firm when it is perfect to be so - all the qualities of a good mother. Because this is what the new relationship and any good relationship really is - acting with all the good qualities of a mother. A good friend is like a mother when you need help, she is right their for you, she drops everything for you, this is how we must be for each other. Of course not in a reliant, helpless, dependent, childish way, but the pure true aspects of divine mothering. We must also be fathers for each other when it is perfect to do so - the wise, all knowing, caring, helping, nurturing, protective aspects of fatherhood. This is the greatest aspiration of us all as male and female consciousness, to live and be as the Father and Mother of All That Is. This of course takes the oedipal complex to a whole new level.

"Houston we have Ignition" - (Blast off to Quantum Expansion)

Relationships are quantum consciousness accelerators along the trek of awakening to self. When it's time for a shift in conscious awareness, you meet up with someone who is ready for a similar jump in awareness, someone who is as synergetically adventurous as yourself. The relationship will build, get more in-depth and intimate to create a foundation to enable the shift, or it will destroy an old foundation that was not stable and did not allow for divinity to be available.

When the shift has been made or at least begun, the form that the relationship currently takes will start to decay and will eventually die. It may die completely and your interaction may be complete, or it may take a new form, that you will be required to adapt to for the honoring of truth and beingness. If the relationship continues in an evolutionary synergy, you will be required to continually surrender to the relationship having different forms as it gets closer and closer to perfection, and you dismantle old forms of relationship.

The forms that relationships take are in a constant state of change and decay, they are temporary, as are all forms. But true relationship is eternal, its form is based on divinity. You can finally start really having relationships with people when you let go of the forms that relationships take; when you let go of particular forms of relationship to satisfy some apparent lack; when you enter relationships because you want to, not because you need to; when you realize that All is relationship, and everything you do, think, feel and experience, is relationship.

Then when you're ready for your next shift, All That Is will don another disguise to trick you into shifting. Yourself will appear in another form to wake you up further to yourself. Old forms will change to new forms, even when they still appear in the same bodies. Be willing to flow with change as it appears to you in many guises, and be aware within all the change of that which is eternal, permanent, and unchangeable.

"In the world of beingness there is nothing but Love; in the world of doingness there is nothing but Relationship." -


Let your partner have their own experience of life; they can't experience life like you, and you can't experience life like them, so stop projecting your separation issues onto them. Yes we all crave for oneness, but acting alike and experiencing things alike is not oneness, that is some image of what we think oneness might look like. We must really allow each other's individual perceptions of reality. To do this we must let go of control completely, otherwise you will want them to be different and not honor who, what, and where they are. Why do you want your partner to be different than they are?, for themselves or for yourself; so that they will know themselves more, or so you won't have to experience discomfort?

Are you genuinely interested in your partners world? Are you fascinated by how they see things; by their likes and dislikes; by their unique personality and idiosyncrasies unique to them. Are you fascinated by "their world", or are you only interested in your world, wanting them to act like you, and see like you, and be like you. If so, you are missing out on a whole other world, you are limiting yourself to one small town when there is a whole world out there. Open yourself to their world, just like you naturally did when you first met and were genuinely fascinated by their unique way of perceiving the world.

The Transformation

Get over your personally oriented perspective that you need to heal every psychological issue for your humanness, so you will be whole and healed and happy. Karma does not exist, you do not need to fix yourself, you are not broke. You are a spirit having a human experience not a human having a spiritual experience.

Every issue that you encounter, is yours to deal with on a planetary level. It is not yours personally, and it is not you; you are not your issues, pains, dramas etc. Your problems are not yours, they are merely encountered by you to transmute for the planet and humanity, and for your experience of life.

If everything is personal for you, you will always be in shit, always fixing something, and never being done with any issue. The same stuff will keep coming up for you over and over again, forever, (karma), until you shift your perspective to a more macro perspective, to where you are a transformer of limitation, an unlimited master operating within a limitation system, a spirit transforming humanness.

You are not human; if you do not know who you are, you will think you are human. If you think you are human, you will always be trying to heal yourself, trying to attain perfection; trying to at least feel self sufficient and empowered. But this self sufficiency and power, is an illusion based on your ability to operate within the constrains of the world of form, of social consciousness and humanness, and your ability to surpass this system, to get a bigger piece of the pie then the next guy.

You will never attain realization, because it is an illusion; you are already realized, you have just deluded yourself to think otherwise. So know this: every sin, drama, face of human emotional suffering, or spiritual psychological mental drama you encounter, is for transforming to higher potentials, through the perfection of your eternal essence. Transform them quickly through you and out of you, give them back to All That Is from whence all things have come, and be done with it.

You, as consciousness, are above the world of form. You are its master. Humanness answers to you, you do not answer to it. The only way to resolve any issue is to ascend above it. You are already above any issue of the human element. You ascend above them because you are above them, and because you have experienced them, you have the utmost compassion for the human experience in relation to them. This is how you assist others when you are beyond the world of perception, by loving them, and having true compassion for their experience.

This work is also to further discover self. It is not to remove your faults, or repair yourself, or heal yourself, but to know that you are already healed and are perfect. Working on issues, trying to resolve pain and suffering, teaches you who you are, and that karma is illusion.

Transforming these issues, these illusions, to their true divinity, builds character. This character development gives you structure for you as consciousness to express through, to do the work of divinity; because you know who you are within that character, and do not get lost within the illusion of the world of form. It teaches you your gifts and abilities as a divine co-creative master. It requires you to know who you truly are, and use the gifts and abilities of your beingness that All That Is has given you to accomplish your missions, otherwise you will be stuck in the world of maya, playing out karmic patterns and living an illusion of who and what you think you are.

Human character traits are similar to divine character traits. Your natural biases, predisposition’s and idiosyncrasies as a "human", are more than likely very similar to who you really are, they are keys to knowing who you really are. If you already know who you are, then you know what I'm talking about. And these character traits are directly related to the specific uniqueness of your individual essence. And they are related to the gifts that All That Is has provided for you as integral parts of your unique beingness.

It was a tactic of the old world of limitation to tear people down so that they would not see their divinity, so that all their attention would be on their "faults", and not on their true beingness. It is now time to know who you are, and to know your specific divine essence, and live that through the character you have developed as a "human".

In the personal world of form and human social consciousness, what's wrong with you personally, is what's right with you transpersonally, (the divine realm of what and who you really are). So living in the new world, co-creating heaven on earth, everything that you are judged for, and criticized for, is perfect for you, and is part of your character; character needed to do the work of divinity. So work on "your" issues to know who you are, not because they are faults and you need to get rid of them. You have no faults. Every idiosyncrasy, bias, predisposition, and character trait of your personality is perfectly designed by All That Is, for you to efficiently do the work of All That Is, in the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth.

Be what is required of you as a divine actor in the experience of being human and relating as human, from the pure essence of divinity.

The Illusion

Go beyond the position of needing to figure everything out and just let it all go. All "issues", all dramas, all pain and suffering, all problems, all feelings and thoughts, are all illusions of separation and limitation of the world of human, none of it is real and it certainly is not you. Since it is not you, then you do not need to worry about it - give it all to God.

So what is to there resolve? Do you need resolving? Do you as pure divine consciousness (that which you truly are) need resolving? - Of course not, so stop wasting your time and love damnit - that's an order.

Know this above all things: You are Love! You are good! You cannot do bad. Even if you try to do bad, or act in a judgmental way, your essence is pure and your intention is always of the highest good.

Always know that everything you do is in the highest service to All That Is, no matter how your actions may look, no matter how you can be judged, you are perfect just the way you are, even with all your human imperfections - YOU are perfect!


All you need is love - na na na na na
All you need is love - na na na na na

All you need is love - love
Love is all you need
Love is all you need
Love is all you need
Love is all you need
Love is all you need
Love is all you need
Love is all you need

“Forgiveness, Is The Splendor Of God Reaching Out As A Ball Of Light To Enfold Creation”

An Anonymous Lord of Light


Yours in Truth, Love, Light and Divine Service


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