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Self Worth

What is your Self Worth Quotient?

By ZaKaiRan

All ideas, beliefs, perceptions and thought-forms of “worth” and “unworth”, “not good enough”, etc., are illusions! All is Godness! There is nothing that is not Godness! There is no anti-Christ, anti-god, devil, etc! There is no such being or thing, but we are given complete free will to believe ourselves to be evil, bad, unworthy, not good enough, etc., and to have delusions of anti grandeur, if we so desire.

The world currently and primarily, lives in a semi-functioning state of unworthiness. Most everyone unconsciously has beliefs and programs that they are unworthy of something, such as love. Or they suffer from not feeling good enough, powerless, helpless, etc., all illusions that form this “reality” we live in. And people live their lives trying to deny or repress these programs and beliefs, that are unconsciously controlling their lives, by trying to be important, give or receive love; succeed financially, etc., to prove their worth. This is a futile way to live because none of these beliefs are true. The absolute truth is that we are all divinely perfect, just the way we are in our imperfection. We are all unique expressions of God-Goddess-All-That-Is. God is All in All! So nothing and no one is less than God-Goddess total magnificence. But it appears that we are less than this magnificence because we are in human bodies and have descended our consciousness into lower/denser realities/dimensions and have adopted beliefs and programs (lies/illusions) that we are lesser than God, for our soul growth and experience.

People feel disconnected from love, divinity and self worth, because they have forgotten that they are love and divinity itself, that there is no such thing as worth and everything and everyone is God-Goddessness! And because people feel disconnected from love and divinity, they are cut off from the life-force energy that should sustain them to be healthy, happy and enlightened. They are disconnected from their true essence of prosperity and abundance and believe they must fight for their share of the carcass, in order to survive. Therefore humans live their lives making deals for love, money and energy, or just taking energy from other through the many possibilities such as relationship, marriage, religion, jobs, commerce, finance, political means…, to feel loved, powerful, worthy, etc. And most financial deals, including basic purchases that people make daily, are often so that they can feel good about themselves, that they have worth. And all big financial deals made on this planet, are for the same reason, to prove worth, “I’m a big business man, I’ve got lots of money, I’m worth something”… And the financial “crises” that we have created, where there doesn’t seem to be enough money, is because these same beings who are desperately trying to prove their worth, are hoarding, manipulating and controlling all business and money.

And the sooner we can help everyone on this planet realize their truth worth and help them release their programs and beliefs of unworthiness, the sooner we can get this planet to a state of true prosperity and abundance. Because then everyone will naturally be looking after everyone and every creature, because everyone will naturally love and honor all life. But first we must heal ourselves so that we are empowered to help others.

(If you would like to read more about this subject, I have written extensively on this subject on ‘reality creation’ in my articles on my website and the “12 faces of human suffering” in my book, “The Ascension Masters Toolkit”). http://www.zakairan.com/ZaKaiRansArticlesBooks/Books/AscensionMastersToolkit.htm

So where do we go from here? How do I get out of this mess I put myself in? Well, it is time to look at your complete wholeness very realistically, and to be brutally honest with yourself, because the many aspects of yourself that believe themselves to be lesser than complete Godness, are tricky and may try to manipulate you to live your life in denial and repress these unconscious/inner beliefs and avoid the suffering associated with them. So you must take control of the ship (your body mind, emotional, feeling…consciousness), and get this love-ship back on course into truth, love and divinity. So with that in mind, that your complete focus is on love, truth and divinity, I ask you:

What is your self worth quotient?

What do you do, how do you act and what do you say, to prove your worth to self, others or God, to receive: love, affection, money, admiration, energy, fame, self worth, feel good about yourself, etc.

What do you value in life; value being able to do; accomplish or be good at; to feel good about yourself; your life; or to prove your worth to self, others or God?

What would you like to be able to do or who would you like to be, to feel good about yourself; your life; or to prove your worth to self, others or God?

How much of you wholeheartedly believes and completely knows, that you are divine; that you are absolutely fabulous; totally awesome and amazingly perfect, just the way you are?

Do you affirm this fact, focus on this truth, and live this truth?

How much of you knows your worth; that you are absolutely priceless; that worth is an illusion and that all things and all people are divine and perfect just the way they are?

How much of you has issues about how other people live and judges their behavior?

How much of you feels powerless, helpless and a victim? If so, what do you do about it? Where is your focus, on fear, or your empowerment? Do you listen to these illusions, or do you affirm your divine power and take responsibility for your reality?

How much of you is suffering from one of the 12 faces of human suffering: "I am Unworthy", "I am powerless", "I don't belong", "I'm not good enough", "I don't know", "There is a way that it is", "There is a right way and I don't know it", "I can't trust my self, others or the universe", "I am incapable", "I haven't got the capacity", "I need to be perfect", "I need to control myself"…

How much of you truly believes that you deserve to be loved and how much of you does not, and therefore spends a great deal of it’s energy trying to obtain or receive love from others?

How much of you feels and knows that you are love? Do you affirm this daily?

How much of you gives and loves unconditionally? And how much of you only gives and loves conditionally?

Do you have regrets, or feel guilt or shame about anything you have done? If so, can you let go of these feelings and forgive yourself?

Do you feel the need for forgiveness, either to forgive someone or be forgiven for something you have done?

Are you holding on to the past experiences, (pain and suffering), where you have been hurt by others? Can you let go of your feelings of being a victim and take responsibility for creating these situations, for attracting them? And can you forgive yourself and the people associated with these experiences?

Do you feel that anyone is worth more than you, or that you are worth more or less than someone else? Perhaps it is because they have mastered something in their life, or they are better at something than you, or they do something that you would like to be able to do? Maybe they are “better” looking than you; more spiritually awake; aware; or have developed certain abilities that you would like to develop?

How much of you suffers from these illusions and how much of you is centered, balanced, empowered in your divine beingness, knowing that you are a master?

And how much of you does not believe that you are a master, that you are divine?

Can you bless and honor these aspects of your consciousness? Can you love them? Can you have compassion for their suffering? Can you embrace them as part of yourself, as part of God?

Can you release all of these limited perceptions; surrender, let go, and forgive yourself and others, to get to a place in your core (your presence), where your entire beingness is not fooled by the illusion of worth; and know that everyone and everything is God-Goddess-All-That-Is; that everyone and everything is perfect and divine; and no matter how terrible any experience is or was, or how disgusting you or someone acts, there is a divine reason for it and everything is perfect?

What if you wholeheartedly knew that every experience you have ever had was for your soul growth and mastery, to know love more and experience more compassion?

Can you look upon the worst of the worst people upon this earth, the murderers, the dictators and their henchmen, (or should I say hench-people), the terrorists, the corporate exploiters, the environmental destroyers, the corrupt politicians…, and can you honor them as being an expression of God-Goddess-All-That-Is, and even a part of you?

If this is difficult for you, then just consider the possibility that every single being was created by God, and is God. That nothing and no one is separate from God-Goddess-All-That-Is, but some beings believe that they are separate from God, as if some things and some people were not created by God, and were created by some anti-god? This of course, is the illusion of “the devil”, which, I surmise, is supposed to be some anti-Christ being, created by some opposing dark force. Of course, this is an entirely humanely created fantasy, based upon man’s belief in his own unworthiness.

Now consider the possibility that these people who act despicably and who live their lives based upon power, control and greed, are just suffering. They are suffering from the belief (mostly unconscious), that they or others are worthless, powerless, helpless, not good enough or any of the other faces of human suffering listed previously, and they are trying desperately to deny these feelings by living in ignorance and denial and by acting like they are in control and they are powerful. They are acting in such a way that proves their worth to themselves, others or God, and they are acting like God or trying to be like God.

Just imagine what it takes to behave in such an insanely disgusting manner, these people would have to feel completely disconnected from love and divinity; disconnected from their hearts; disconnected from humanity, from nature and from their own divine spirits.

And now, knowing that you and everyone, (even the despicable ones), are a part of God-Goddess-All-That-Is, that no one is separate from God, that everything and everyone is ONE, that all beings are ONE being, (All That Is) - then even the despicable murderers are a part of you, because you are God-Goddess-All-That-Is! Easy peasy, case solved! You are now enlightened!

Now you can let go of all of your judgment of all the beings who are acting in ways that are not in alignment with love, truth and divinity. But hold on, taking into consideration everything we have already stated, wouldn’t that mean that all acts are, in some way, in alignment with love, truth and divinity. What a paradox, what a quandary! I recommend not trying to straighten this paradox out in your head, or you’ll explode.

The key ingredient here, is everything and everyone and every act, is all part of the wholeness of love, truth and divinity of God-Goddess-All-That-Is..., but there are dimensional variations, or higher and lower vibrations of love, truth and divinity/God-Goddess-All-That-Is, that we have the choice to experience or not. And this is where we’re heading, as souls, as a species, as a planet, as a solar system, as a galaxy…, back to the truth, that we are all ONE BEING, and we are all individual expressions of that ONE GREAT SPIRIT and the release of all illusions that cause us to act in ways that are lower in vibration to our true nature of God-Goddessness.

Ahoy mateys! Batten down the hatches, there’s a storm a brewin! Full speed ahead! New Civilization of Love and Light dead ahead! Aaaargh!

To Infinity and Beyond!



©ZaKaiRan AatKa'Nui SheeHan

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