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The Starseeds for a New Civilization





You were planted here to flourish and create the New Civilization, we are the embodiers of this new paradigm. We are the 3rd Dimensional access points (channels) for the manifestation of this 5th Dimensional existence. And as more and more of these higher dimensional energies enter this dimension most of what you have known and held onto to be reality is shattering, falling away, and giving birth to a new higher octave of Divine Expression. The old world is dying, a new one is being born, and we are the Midwives of this birth.

What's Your Fascination?

One of the most important keys in making this transition is to pay attention to what you imply as reality by what your fascinations are. Consider for a moment that what you previously thought of as real is nothing more than an audiovisual hologram of consciousness - A Picture of Reality .

The Universe Rearranges itself to Accommodate your Picture of Reality - in other words All-That-Is in its desire to unconditionally love and support you, wants you to have it all, and presumes that your attention is on what you really want. So the Universe looks at everything you consciously and unconsciously call real and rearranges itself to manifest more of those pictures around you. Whatever you lend your attention to, whatever you label or define as reality - you will get more of. What do you focus your attention on? What do you make important in your life?

Throughout your entire life you have been bombarded with other people's pictures of realities - (ways that it is). Parents, teachers, friends, peers, politicians, doctors, clergy, media and the general mass consciousness have told you what is real and what is not. Also encoded in the cell structures of your body are pictures of reality from your genetic lineage as well as your past lives.

All those versions of the way that it is that you have accepted as reality are stored in your conscious and unconscious mind and form the basis of your current reality. Most beings do not see these as pictures of reality and as being optional but consider them to be real. However these pictures are optional and can be rearranged. And that is what we are doing to manifest this new Paradigm.

To fully engage in this new paradigm requires that you be conscious moment to moment of what you consider to be real and what you put your attention on. The force of Evolution is upon us, you can have a fun ride lending your energies to this inevitable force of life and manifest more of this new civilization, or you can place your attention on the old world, manifesting more of this and prolonging its inevitable death.

During this transition you will feel the pull of the old world reality, this is natural and assists in balance and keeping too much light from entering into this di-mension too quickly. But if you recognize the illusions, not accepting them as reality, remembering your true identity, (the master that you truly are), you will expe-rience more ease in being completely and wholly en-gaged with the new species and civilization that is emerging - a civilization based on love not fear. A civi-lization of beings who live an ecstatic existence in bodies of Light, exploring mastery of Divine Expression. We think that is worthy of your fascination.

You Are Not Alone!

As you go through this period of transition you may at times feel very disjointed, like you don't belong and can't function anymore. Everything seems to be diffi-cult, especially day to day existence functioning within the old world of competition and control. Rest assured that you are perfectly fine, you are just becoming more transpersonal, and your mental and emotional bodies are freaking out be-cause they're not used to this new version of the way that it is. This is natural, as the new world has not yet fully formed and the old limitation system becomes less and less real. We are in transition, and the transition zone is the difficult place because you are releasing the old and bringing in the new, you have a foot in both worlds.

Your ground crew is saying how are we going to survive living a 5th dimensional existence in a 3rd dimensional world? Recognize that survival is NOT an issue! That you didn't come here to merely survive, and you didn't take a vow of poverty in order to be here either. Being poor isn't any more spiritual than prosperousness. It is your divine right to have everything that you need to Co-Create Heaven on Earth. You are planetary transition team members and you have a job to do, and part of that job is transmuting distortional patterns that you have taken on, and having the resources to do it. And as you do so, you are cutting pathways and transmuting them for many beings, it's not personal, it's not your stuff. You are the Light Bearers for your entire genetic lineage.

You are the forerunners - The Starseeds For A New Civilization!

ZaKaiRan (Mayan Starseed from the Pleiades and Archturus)



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