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Travel = Enlightenment!

By ZaKaiRan



Travel to foreign countries, with different cultures, different customs, different languages, different religions, etc., is one of the key principles of success and yes, even enlightenment, because travel is a massive consciousness shifter.  It shifts you out of your “normal” patterns and offers you a chance to shift you out of the “matrix”, out of the socially “agreed upon” reality that you have been programmed and trained to live within.

Foreign travel is a major success principle because one of the main limitations in life, is to keep doing the same things day in and day out, which slots you in to a limited groove. 

There is an old Chinese proverb that states that, “Insanity is doing the same things over and over again but expecting different results”.  Or, as Jim Rohn often said, “If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got!”  Or as Kevin Trudeau says, “If you want change in your life, then you’re going to have to change things in your life!”  And travel is a great place to start because it takes you out of your comfort zone, it shakes things up and shifts your thinking. 

And from a Law of Attraction perspective, where in order for you to create what you truly want in your life, you must focus your attention upon what you DO want, rather than being focused upon what you DON’T want, and the lack of what you want. 

So, travel gives you a chance to pivot your attention away from your worries, bills and stresses, and gives you the opportunity to leave them behind, and focus your attention on more pleasing feeling thoughts and experiences. 

Travel is a great way to distract your attention away from your struggles, because “you get what you think about most of the time”, and when you are focused on adventure and fun, rather than your troubles, you are now vibrating at a higher rate and creating more positive experiences for yourself. 

It’s like what Donald Trump says, ‘When things are going bad, there is nothing to do but go and play golf’. 

Now that is not a direct quote, but you get the gist of it.  In other words, when things are looking bad, focusing on how bad things are, does absolutely nothing to improve your situation, because you are just energizing that bad situation and you are focused on how you don’t want things to be, rather than how you want them to be.  And the unconditionally loving universe will just give you more of what you are focused upon because that is what you are vibrating as important. 

So, one of the best things that you can do in any “negative” situation, is to shift your attention to something positive, like going on a holiday!  Or, shift your attention to what you DO want, rather than what you DON’T want. 

So, in this situation, it is beneficial to say, “OK, I am thinking about something negative, something I don’t want, and therefore I feel bad.  I want to feel good, because feeling good is the most important thing, and when I feel good I am vibrating in tune with my higher power and when I am in tune with my higher power, I am creating positive wonderful things in my life, and I want positive wonderful things in my life!  So, it is very clear what I don’t want, now, what do I want, and why do I want it?” 

Now focus your attention on what you DO want, and why you want it, and you will feel better, guaranteed!

The essence of limitation is keeping yourself stuck in the same “merry-go-round” that isn’t so merry.  Staying stuck in the 9 to 5 grind of life or as Robert Kiyosaki calls it, being stuck in the “rat-race”.  But when you travel to other countries, your horizons are broadened.  You get out of your comfort zone and you not only see, but feel, other perceptions of reality, beliefs, frequencies, etc., which shifts your consciousness.  It forms new positive momentum and derails old negative momentum that you may typically fall into through habit.

And travel is just plain fun!  It brings you JOY!  And the PURPOSE of LIFE is JOY! 

Travel is also courageous, because again, it gets you out of your comfort zone and old patterns.  And foreign travel requires that you have your wits about you and that you be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. 

Many people are afraid to travel because they fear the unknown!  They are afraid that they will struggle to communicate with people who don’t speak their language.  Or they are afraid of “foreign” food, (which is just more fear of the unknown).  And they have bought the propaganda from the governments and the media that there are “terrorists” and thieves lurking around every corner just waiting for naïve travellers to come to their countries. 

But based on the Law of Attraction that basically states, “You get what you think about most of the time”, with that in mind, you can create whatever reality you desire - good or bad.  |

So, for someone who has fears of travel, going ahead and taking a leap, certainly creates new “enlightening” pathways, and opens their hearts to allowance and tolerance.  It also helps them to appreciate other countries, cultures, foods, people, as well as appreciate their own country that they would normally bitch, moan and complain about on a daily basis. 

And by taking a leap of faith, the fearful traveller gives into their adventurous spirit that is guiding them to broaden their horizons.  And this courage gives way to immense excitement and joy from seeing new and wonderful things and meeting new and wonderful people. 

Travel is an integral pathway of enlightenment, because enlightenment is nothing more than a reconnection to our true divine nature, which is: joy, allowance, tolerance, abundance, understanding, generosity, appreciation... 

And going on vacations and holidays, does in fact, bring joy to one’s heart!  And when a person is in JOY, they are in a much higher vibrational (“enlightened”) state, than the most solemn and dedicated monk who meditates 14 hours a day and who never leaves the monastery. 

Traveling also puts a person in an abundant state of consciousness, which is also an enlightened state because when a person experiences abundance and opulence, even temporarily, such as staying in nice hotels, and being pampered at spas, and being driven around in taxis, and being served their meals in nice restaurants, etc., this causes people to experience prosperity and abundance in their lives, which is something most people do not experience. 

And experiencing this state of abundance raises their vibration to a higher level and so they vibrate prosperity!  And when you are vibrating a state of prosperity, you are in direct alignment with your Divine Spirit, which exists in a permanent state of abundance. 

Even if a person is traveling “on the cheap”, and staying in tents, cabins, caravans and trailers, and not in splendorous hotels, the experience of being in nature creates a similar state of prosperity because nature is also in a permanent state of abundance. 

Now, one of the biggest issues that people have is they are stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel of life, and most people live in a permanent state of struggle, so they typically have no time and no money to travel.  They are too busy fighting to survive, so the prospect of being able to leave the “battle field of life” to experience leisure and adventure, seems like only a dream for most people, not a reality. 

Most people do not know that they are stuck in the “rat race” and living in the “matrix”, so they don’t try to get out of it.  They have been programmed to do what their parents have done, because that’s what their parents did…, and what society says is the “right” thing to do, so the “rat race” is the normal socially agreed upon reality. 

Humanity is not typically taught that there is an alternative!  Humanity is not typically taught that they can be free, financially and otherwise.  They are taught to work for someone else their entire life and then retire and be happy with their old age pension.  And then, and only then, are they “allowed” to experience leisure and travel! 

But more often than not, by the age of retirement, either they have worked themselves to near death and are too ill or feeble to travel and have adventures, or they have no money to see the world and finally have fun after a lifetime of slavery. 

So, unless you were pre-programmed for success because you were raised in the elite society, you were programmed for struggle.  You have not been programmed to believe that you can or should create for yourself, a financial situation, where you have the financial freedom, and therefore the time freedom, to be able to travel whenever you want, and live in abundance and opulence, and be creative and generous, etc. 

You were programmed to trade hours for dollars, therefore drastically limiting your financial leverage.  And you have not been taught that the absolute key to financial freedom is passive income! 

Passive Income – the Key to Financial Freedom!

What is passive income?  Passive income is money that comes in every week, month and year, whether you are physically working for it or not.  Where you have some business or financial endeavour that provides income regardless of your daily personal effort.  And the beauty of passive income, is the work you do now, pays you for a lifetime. 

So, how can I create passive income so that I can travel with my family and spend as much time as I want basking in the sun and drinking Pina Coladas on exotic beaches around the world?  Well, there are a few possibilities.  You could write a hit song, write a best-selling book, or star in a movie, and that song, book or movie, that keeps getting purchased, listened to, read and seen, keeps paying you residual checks for life. 

Or, you could invest in real-estate that provides rental income.  Or you could invest in a business or two that provide regular passive income from the businesses profits, etc.  But unless you are a talented song writer, musician, actor, writer, movie producer or wealthy investor, then you have only one remaining option to create financial freedom for yourself by creating a passive income generator.  And that is starting your own Network Marketing Business. 

Now if you reacted negatively when I mentioned Network Marketing, then you do not understand what Network Marketing is!  And you do not realize that Network Marketing is something you do every single day of your life, but you just don’t know it!

You automatically reacted negatively because of your unconscious programming, and you probably do not even know why!  And if there is no actual quantifiable educated knowledgeable reason, then you are just reacting irrationally out of old negative programs, because the fact of the matter is, you don’t really know what Network Marketing is!

You probably do not realize that you are unconsciously judging network marketing because you have been pre-programmed to believe in the socially agreed upon “9 to 5”, “work for the company”, “trade hours for dollars” program!  And “Network Marketing” is not a normal part of that societally programmed reality! 

Even “societally approved of” business strategies like: investing in stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, real-estate and businesses, are also more than likely not a normal part of your programmed reality!  Building a fortune, being rich and owning a Passive Income business, is more than likely, not a normal part of your programmed reality! 

We are programmed to judge things that we do not understand.  We are programmed to condemn things that are not a part of our programmed beliefs.  If you have not seriously been involved in a Network Marketed Business, then you don’t understand it any more than you understand how Donald Trump conducts business and how to create financial freedom by investing in stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, real-estate and businesses.  

If you did understand “Network Marketing”, you would realize how amazing, how cooperative, how equal opportunistic, and how lucrative this profession is!  You would understand that it is absolutely the business of the future, right here and right now! 

Or as Robert Kiyosaki, the best-selling author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, calls Network Marketing “The Business of the 21st Century”.  And you would realize that some of the wealthiest people on earth, like Donald Trump and Warren Buffet, both own network marketed companies.

You do Network Marketing Every Day!!!!

Practically every single day of your life, you tell your friends about your favorite cars, phones, TVs, computers, movies, music, restaurants, night clubs, as well as our favorite travel booking sites, airlines, hotels, destinations, etc.  And our friends are more prone to purchase those products because you recommended them.  They trust your recommendation a hundred times more than any million-dollar advertisement with the celebrity spokesperson.  That’s why they hire the celebrity in the first place, so you will trust them.

So, every day, you “network market”, or “referral market”, or “socially market” products, movies, restaurants, massage therapists, doctors, dentists, mechanics, etc., to your network of friends, family, acquaintances and co-workers, but you are not getting paid for it! 

So, I’m just curious, would it be OK to get paid for it? 

Would it be OK to get paid for doing something that you naturally do every day?  Well, that’s what Network Marketing is!  We tell our friends, family members and co-worker about the products and services we love, and we get paid when these friends, family members and co-workers purchase these products or services.  And the companies are able to pay us quite well, because they are not spending money on million-dollar advertisements.

Now there are literally thousands of network marketed product companies that pay their representatives commissions for promoting their products, instead of paying advertising agencies, TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, etc. to advertise and try to convince people to buy their products.  And if you are determined, and you get the right training, and you have the right attitude, and you have the right support, and you dedicate 2-5 years of consistent and persistent part-time effort, you could create that business into a passive income generator. 

But not all network marketed companies and products are alike.  And the product that you are marketing is a key ingredient in your success.  You have to really believe in the product, the industry, the leadership, the system of success and the company. 

Now, most network marketed products are health products, and all of the best health products are network marketed, and most of them are amazing!  But from a business perspective, a health product would not be my first choice to succeed financially.  You would think that it would be a guaranteed winner because people are becoming more and more health conscious every day, but unfortunately, most people do not think about their health until something has gone wrong and by then, it is often too late. 

There is also massive competition in the health product industry, where 5000 or more network marketed product companies are all competing for a share of a pretty small industry in comparison to the massive travel industry.   

So, because I realize that the Purpose of Life is Joy, and I understand that the way to create optimal health is through happiness, I prefer to guide people towards the creation of more joy and wealth in their lives through the joyful avenue of international travel.  And I believe this is a much more efficient way to create financial freedom and time freedom for ourselves, because when we are happy and feeling joyful and abundant, then we are able to create more prosperity, health and wealth in our lives.  As Julie North said, “All the vitamins in the world can’t cure a broken heart”. 


And travel, leisure and freedom are the things that absolutely everyone wants!  In fact, most people save money for travel, not for cars, houses, or their retirement.  People want to travel because travel means joy, and travel means freedom!   Travel means relaxation and travel means FUN

There are 2 kinds of people in the world, those who have the time and money to travel the world because they have built a passive income business, and those who only dream of having the time and the money to travel!  Which do you prefer to be?

So, adventurous one, you want more freedom in your life… right!?  And you want the money and the time to travel more often right!? 

So, what if I could show you how to travel a lot more often because you’re getting all of your travel expenses at 20%-70% off?

And what if I could show you how to create more freedom in your life, where you can do whatever you want, whenever you want?

And what if I could show you how to make extra income, making your own hours, doing something you love, helping yourself and other people travel the world at 20%-70% off!  Would you be open to seeing how?

And what if I could show you how to get out of debt and even achieve financial freedom by creating your own perpetual fun & freedom machine? 

And what if I could show you how to make your entire life one big holiday?  Would you be open to seeing how?

Remember, TRAVEL = ENLIGHTENMENT, so you don’t have to spend 40 years meditating in a cave, when you can have a lifetime of joy meditating on your lounge chair on a gorgeous south pacific beach, while you contemplate your next adventure and what exotic land you will visit next. 

And you don’t have to spend 40 years slaving away for the man, when you can build your own fortune part-time on the side, and eventually fire the boss.


The purpose of life is to have fun and more fun and more fun!

And the basis of life is to be free to do whatever you want whenever you want!

Joy, freedom and abundance, are your natural states of Divine Existence! 

You were not meant to struggle and suffer!  You were not meant to live in lack! 

You were meant to live in JOY and ABUNDANCE! 

You were meant to be HAPPY, HEALTHY, WEALTHY and FULFILLED!

So, joy and freedom lover, let’s show you how to travel the world at 20%-70% off!
And let’s show you how to make extra money, helping other people travel the world at wholesale prices!

and let’s show you how to create your own Perpetual Fun & Freedom Machine! 

and let’s help you and your family build wonderful memories as you travel the world!

and let’s show you how to Create the Life of Your Dreams and how to MAKE YOUR LIFE A HOLIDAY!


Infinite Blessings on your JOURNEY of JOY!


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