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Mission Activation – Divine Project Creation



If you are desirous to download and know the true essence of your Divine Mission, Divine Function…, on Planet Earth, especially if you are feeling directionless or unsure as to what your Divine Mission is – channel it, envision the highest possibilities of what it is and can be. Channel these visions directly from your Soul, God Presence, Councils and the Divine Plan. Once you have the vision, you can then just put yourself on automatic pilot. This vision is your automatic pilot, it keeps you on track. No matter what you do or are deciding to do, your choice and direction is referred to and by the vision. It is a tangible representative of the Divine Plan and your God Presence guiding you. If it is aligned with your vision, you do it. If it is not, then you are off track and need to recorrect your steering.

If your intention and direction is to be solely/souly guided by your I-AM-God-Goddess-Presence; if your soul desire is to follow your Spirit without hesitation, and embody your Awesome Magnificence - then the context of your life and reality must be large enough for this awesome BEing that you truly are, to embody, work and play through. If your life context is not big enough, then your Spirit will be unable to channel your Divine Mission directly into you and you will not be able to satisfy your Soul’s desire to function as you truly divinely naturally do.

With you focused on your Vision, (which is a huge creation that will take a lot to manifest), then you have a context and framework to make the small decisions needed along the way to manifest the big picture. You are then empowered to take all the necessary baby steps along the way to become the giant that you truly are.

Life Context

Always look and go big! Go as big as you possibly can. If you can still go bigger, then you haven’t gone big enough. Your Spirit will go as big as you can handle. After you have embodied that, then time to go bigger again. You will need to ask regularly for expanding capacities and abilities: to love, manifest, feel, see…

If you have outgrown your previous vision, then you do not have a large enough context to channel what is next for you. Then it is time to do a new vision, deleting what does not work and adding more goodies to expand your vision. You are being the 5th and higher dimensions here. Dimensions of oneness, cooperation, Christ Consciousness, Unconditional Love…, so this gives you another tip of how big your vision must be to not be limiting to your Spirit.

Visioning completely alters your life context. It provides a much larger vision/picture/perception of reality. It connects you to “the big picture”, where you are a co-creative force of divinity experiencing the wondrousness of humanness, rather than the miniscule perception of being an unworthy sinful human that is trying to l/earn your way into heaven. By channeling this vision into your life, the Universe/God/Goddess, then will continuously provide for you whatever is necessary to manifest this vision for you, your life and for all of humanity. It sees that this is your primary focus and fascination and gives you more of this. This is how unconditionally loving the universe is. Whatever you are most fascinated with, you will always get more of. If you are fascinated with the “Big Picture”, you will get more and more of this Divine Reality of unconditional love and oneness. If you are more fascinated with the “small story”, then you will get more of this illusionary existence of polarity, separation and suffering – your choice.

Look at everything you are and have done. Consider that truth that you are perfect just the way you are and that everything that you judge to be wrong with you, is actually something that is totally perfect about you. This is part of your Divine Function, how you affect people, energies… Just because people react negatively to something in you or that you do, doesn’t mean it is negative, they might just not like their own darkness being mirrored by that aspect of yourself. Your frailties, inconsistencies, patterns…, are not necessarily actually limitations, they might just be your greatest strengths, and only need to become recontextualized in a more divine light. And paradoxically you can be and are much greater than you currently are, or believe yourself to be. I have often seen that people’s divine essence is often something opposite to what they seemingly lack the most or have the most trouble with in their lives. For instance, people who are fearful, are often really “divine fearlessness”. People who have troubles loving or being loved (receiving love), are often the “essence of Divine Love”. People who have troubles telling the truth and are in denial, are often the “essence of Divine Truth”. This pattern is obviously a gift of discovering more of something by experiencing the opposite of something.

Your overall big vision, life context, motivation… - is Inscension. To allow your God Presence full and complete Divine access and expression within through and around you - as you. To completely be an expression of this Divinity. And everything you do is an expression of this Divinity that you are and the Divine Plan. Naturally you want to include the downloading of your Divine Essence, that unchangeable most sure core of your being, to be you, as you, through you… For your natural ways of being and true emotional connection. To truly allow your emotional experience. This essence is your I-AM-God-Presence

You want to have constantly ever-expanding capacities of your beingness, to be able to deal with all the new energies you are embodying. And lots of grace and ease. And gentility for your nervous system, so that it is able to deal with all these increased levels of light. And the constant ability to accept and allow your entire wholeness, without judgement and condemnation. You honor all aspects of your beingness and welcome in all possibilities of Divine Expression. See yourself expressing yourself in all these miraculous ways all the time, in everything you do. You are a sovereign Master of Divine Manifestation and Transmutation! With the ability to transcend all old systems, programs…, of the matrix and completely embody and manifest the New Civilization of Light. You are completely connected to the Divine Plan/Group Soul.

And you want conscious access to everything you could possibly need to know. Direct knowing and direct connection to the Akashic Records, Ascended Masters, Galactic Councils, your origins, history…, through channeling, clairvoyance…, with the ability to travel in your MerKaBa and consciousness. And explore the higher dimensions of love/light. And see yourself on these other planes of existence. And be a Divine instrument/channel of these higher dimensions.

In relationships, do not include specific people. You do not have the divine right to directly request any specific person to do anything for you or with you. Your only creative control in relationship to others is your own divine mastery and mastery of divine union, including the balancing of your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Get it together personally and then you will be able to relate to others in divine ways. So you ask for your own divine abilities to manifest and then your spirit will line up who ever is perfect for you to interact with on all levels and types of relationships. Your vision is how you will be with others, and just how you generally deserve to be treated from others. Be very general, yet specific. You delight in the magnificence of others, and they delight in your magnificence. Working with and playing with the most perfect people, and doing the most perfect things together, in the most perfect places… Channel/envision a general divine background vision of relationships.

I am personally fond of individuals who like to have fun and who get the cosmic joke. People who do not take life so seriously and realize that this is really a big game and is supposed to be fun. Call for the embodiment and activation of that Divine Child within and for the attraction of similarly like “minded”, spontaneous adventurous individuals.

Enthusiasm is your key emotional reference point. If you are excited about something, then more than likely your Spirit is behind it. Enthusiasm comes from the Latin word entheoism, meaning: “in God Consciousness”. When you are enthusiastic, you are in God Consciousness. You are channeling/being Divinity.

So you want to ask for and channel a life context where you are in constant ecstasy. Your life is intensely positive, ecstatically blissfully beautiful, with constant forward divine evolutionary movement. With a constant balanced awareness of divine direction, always connected to the divine plan, my divine councils, Angels, Ascended Master’s… Life force constantly surges through every part of your being and every day you feel more alive and fulfilled and full of your God Presence. And every part of your life just gets better and better and better and then gets even better.

You have a big job to do, so you need all the resources, time, money… available to manifest your vision. So you must take care of this aspect of your vision. Shift all your perceptions of money and time to higher perspectives. Channeling the Divine blueprint of finance, abundance, prosperity… You must create everything to be easy for you. Get specific, include all possibilities that you will or may need. All the practical things. And ask that all the practical things manifest before you even know you need them, so you don’t have to keep asking for things. Ask for the complete embodiment of your divine sovereignty. The mastery of divine manifestation. With the ability to transcend all old systems, programs…, of the matrix and completely embody and manifest the new civilization of light. Completely connected to the Divine Plan/Group Soul. You want to be able to completely embody Grace.

Channeling a Vision

To begin, do a “God Presence Manifestation Decree” or similar invocation, and ask your Spirit to channel into you: a Vision of your Divine Mission, the Overall Divine Plan Mission on Earth and your roll in this manifestation...

“I call upon my God-Presence and the Power of Grace, to Manifest the Embodiment, Activation and Result, of the highest possibilities of ______________________ (insert request),

to Manifest Directly and Powerfully in my Experience and Awareness Now! And So It Is!”

You may ask for all the details you can imagine and ask for details that you cannot imagine. Like your Essence, Function, Keepership, Divine Abilities, Mastery, Specialization’s, ET/Angelic Origins… And let the energies flow in. You will become extremely excited and enthusiastic, and will feel impassioned to scribble all of these visions down very fast like automatic writing. It will include every possible request, desire, ability, mastery… that you can imagine, hopefully. Put everything into your vision.

When it comes in, it may come in very disorderly, so later reorganize it, put it in your computer and print it up nice and neatly to be able to refer to in the future and add to as you get more goodies. Reorganize it by stating your overall vision of Planet Earth and the Divine Plan. What is the heading, or overall name of this grand mission? For me it is very simple, “Heaven on Earth!” Everything for me is referred to and by this overall Vision and Mission - the complete and total Manifestation of Heaven on Earth! So in regards to me personally, it is Heaven on Earth or nothing. Anything that is not heavenly is out the door. These are the baby steps of manifesting the overall vision – the Big Picture. Take care of the little visions and the big vision gets taken care of.

Also personally, my intention is always to be of the highest good and to listen and follow the Divine Plan for the planet and for myself. So I must listen to my own Spirit and Great Spirit, who talks through my Spirit. I must listen to my Soul’s desire especially related to my/our mission and release all that is impeding this divine functioning for my life and my mission. And I must listen to Mother Gaia, and the animal kingdom, and the plant and mineral kingdoms, the water kingdom, the Devas, the ancestors, the Ascended Masters, Christed ETs/Angels/Councils and our planetary logos, (Sanat Kumara and Lord Buddha, the embodiers of this planet).

Anything and everything I need stems from my Overall Vision and Mission. This includes everything I could possibly need, like cars, computers, money, housing, plane tickets… I no longer have any desires that are not directly connected and stemming from my Divine Vision, in from my God Presence, from my Divine Mission and the Overall Vision of the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth and the Ascension of Planet Earth into a Star. So if I need it, I know it will manifest. If I don’t need it, but maybe think I do, it will not manifest because it does not support my/our vision/mission, and the desires of my Soul and Spirit.

The Vision gives you focus, intent and passion to manifest it and all the steps along the way. It totally directs your life, which is what you want. The alternative is being directed by the matrix, by social programming and the illusions of unworthiness, survival, power… You are an undaunted, unwaverable, courageous champion that will settle for nothing less than Heaven on Earth. I personally will settle for nothing less then absolute and total Heavenness in my life and on my home, Terra. So I will do everything in my power to help her birth this new Star Earth, and I will do everything in my power to help everyone and anyone birth their own Christed/Star nature. With the fire of your own God-Goddess Presence, you can accomplish this vision easily and gracefully. This is your intent, your desire, your focus and your Love - and so it is done!

With this focus on the Vision, on your mission and on the overall mission, your Spirit can direct you along the way to this “final” destination. Without this destination, the guidance that your Spirit and Councils are able to give you are limited because they are guiding you to nowhere. This is why so many spiritually awakening people are just going around in circles, getting nowhere in their lives, and unable to really ground their Divine Presence into this reality and into their lives.

If you are directionless, then ask your Spirit for direction. Invoke your Spirit to: “guide me to take each step to be in the most perfect place in each moment. And guide me to do the most perfect thing in every moment, for our mission and Soul. Guide each step I take and take me to each new place that will give me the right direction towards my next perfect step.”

Other things such as divine abilities are also visions. Smaller visions within the bigger vision. And if you desire these abilities such as: being an incredible channel of divine energies; being able to see multidimensionally; being able to manifest huge amounts of money and resources to manifest your mission and the overall mission…, envision these, and then take the baby steps along the way to manifest them. Once again, your Spirit has a context to work within. And you have big and little destinations for your Spirit to steer you to. Or maybe you need direction, more mastery, focus, awarenesses, synergetic support (from people and other masters), grace, ease, greater capacities…, all of these little visions actively create the big vision because you are in fact Co-Creating Heaven on Earth with every step you take, every move you make... (thanks Sting)

Additionally, if you are desirous to know what projects to put your attention into - channel them. Channel the visions of these divine creations. Or if you have a project, but only have a glimpse of it, or wish to receive the highest and most accelerated essence of this project, then channel them, envision them, directly from your Spirit and Councils.

Using invocations to your Spirit such as the “God Presence Manifestation Decree”, for each vision that you receive, that you desire to have in your life, makes them real, it gives them substance, grounds them into 3D reality and creates a destination for your Spirit and your own will to get to. It positions you in your consciousness in a completely balanced state between heaven and earth, as a creator-Hu-man (God-man) - heaven creator, planet ascender.

So you make your requests to Spirit, you invoke this divine power to embody into you and your life for the vision, for the mission - and it is done! Then you just have faith that it will manifest in divine timing, or not. Regardless, your Spirit is in charge and your only job is to make the request, clear anything in your way and Follow your Spirit without Hesitation. Simple as that. Clear the path, bring in the new and follow your spirit... If you do this, you will surely arrive at the “final” destination, safe and sound, and it will have manifested way beyond your desires and expectations. So again, you set the destinations with your visions, with your requests (divine demands) to Spirit and act on them as if they are already in your life, which they are, but there are probably a few veils that are “convincing” you otherwise. Clear those, bring in the new and act on the new. See it, feel it, Be it! Imagine it and it is created! What you imagine – you create. This is the power of creation. With childlike spontaneous imagination, you can create anything out of nothing.

If you get off course, do what is necessary to get you back on course. Clear, heal, activate, embody…, back on course. In the early stages of your awakening you can count on the fact that you will be off course a great deal of the time. No matter, this is just how it is until you master the art of cosmic human mastery and following/embodying your God Presence. You will have to develop great patience for the process, which is personal and planetary. You are first of all, working with your own consciousness, then you are working with social consciousness. So it isn’t all your stuff that you are dealing with and enlightening. So you must be very patient with your process, then with the process of each person’s awakening.

Give up your desires of perfection! The beauty of this experience of humanness and separation, is non-perfection. Be spontaneous, do and channel what has never been done before. Be what has never existed before. Give up your desires to do things right! There is no right, or wrong. These polarities are illusions of the matrix. They do not exist in true reality. There is only growth and experience, nothing else. Learn from every aspect of the journey and you are never off course, you are never lost. If it appears you are lost, and you are experiencing delusionment, enjoy it! Enjoy this thing called humanness! Enjoy the imperfection of separatioin and dimensional experience.

Nothing is an impediment if you learn from it and move on. Every “limitation/illusion” that is revealed along the way, every influence, implant, entity, pattern of denial…, is given up, healed, released, forgiven. They may have taken you off track a bit, but this was totally necessary to heal all aspects of our beingness so that they will come back to the Soul/Monad/Source, for all to be free. The fact is, you were already off track, but after clearing these parts of the soul, you are instantly back on course and Heaven is one step closer to full and complete manifestation. Nothing can keep you from this destination. Not even the most disgusting slimiest gnarliest nastiest evilest creature in the universe could stop you and your mission, or the whole mission, because illusions have no affect upon anything that is real.

Having a clear direction also gives you a clear reason for doing everything that you do, which satisfies your ego’s desire to be useful. You have given this accomplishment oriented “self” a clear direction to help you get to. A goal. Even though this goal means the annihilation of this separate oriented “self”. No matter, it becomes part of your soul, so it doesn’t really die, it just becomes part of the whole, like everything else. It also gives you a reason to make sure you are always clear and open, so that all new data and direction can be put into the new programming system. Another good job for your ego.

You don’t need to be fanatically clearing all your stuff. Grace is here. You only need to do clearing stuff when it is time to make room for new stuff and when you are off course and feeling lost and confused. The process of awakening and enlightenment in your life will progress in stages: clearing (healing/releasing old stuff), embodiment (invoking new stuff), integration (integrating new stuff into your life, grounding), and activation (acting on the new integrated abilities, awareness…, in your life and mission). Each stage will be synchronistically activated in your life, guided by your Spirit, and divine timing. So you will be in various stages throughout your day, or in various stages for a day, days, weeks, months, years… Meaning, over all, your mission may be in certain stages. For instance, you may be in a clearing stage, and this may be for a year or so. Then you will be in an embodiment stage, with still a bit of clearing along the way. Then you will be in an integration stage, where you are making all the new downloads real in your life and still actively releasing all the old external aspects and limitations of your life. Then you will go through stages of activation, where you are really acting from your Divine Mission and Divine Function, on a planetary and universal level. So it is good to be aware of what you should be, or are doing at the time. Just listen, feel and know and you will always be doing the right thing, at the right place, with the right people – always! When you finally arrive at a destination, and there is completeness, then the whole process starts again, new vision, baby steps, clearing, integration, activation… A new cosmic day for you.

This Ascension is a constant process of descension/inscension/ascension. Get into illusion, enlighten illusion, ascend… Inscend/Ascend you, Ascend the civilization, Ascend the planet, Ascend the universe, ascend the universes, ascend the dimensions, ascend yourself through all creation and dimension…, then when you’re back to the source, that’s the end of one cosmic day and you start all over again - good fun! World without end. There is no eternal rest. That would be way too boring, and You/God are not boring. When you’re done playing one game, then you try another one. Next step. Next step. Next step. This is your only concern, what is my next step?

There is no good and bad, everything is positive and supportive of the wholeness. On track, off track, it doesn’t matter, channel everything into the Vision. Everything is useful and honored as part of the big vision of Heaven on Earth. Nothing is judged to be unworthy. Everything is unconditionally loved. The “Vision” loves everything. So you can give everything that you can and cannot handle to this Being. Feed everything to this hungry God. Give everything to Heaven.

This vision/mission/direction/vector is a living Being, a real entity. You are the ground crew of this Grand Being. The Earth Actor and channel for this Being. Allow this Vision to charge you and drive you and motivate you passionately. It is the only true obsession. If you’re not completely enthusiastically obsessed with this vision, then you’ll be very directionless spiritually, or you’ll be a slave to the matrix, working for illusion rather than reality, and either depressed or comfortably numb. (Thanks Pink)

Heaven on Earth is the only worth while addiction on planet earth. Heaven on Earth (and my own Divinity) is my drug of choice and my only true addiction, and there’s nothing that I can do (or want to do) to kick this habit. This Divine Vision is my dealer and I just want more and more and more… (And it’s the cheapest drug in town). It is my master, my God, that I willingly follow. All other addictions are pale in comparison, designed to keep you away from the most ecstatic high. Join the HEAVEN on EARTH Cult NOW! You won’t regret it. Satisfaction Guaranteed! It’s the only cult that you don’t have to sell your soul to belong to, (in fact you get back your soul), and the only one that you remain and are encouraged to be the Sovereign Divine Wonderful Awesome God/Goddess that you really are. And we have a really cool club house. Registration requirements: Recognize, Honor and Embody your Divine Magnificence!

EnVision Heaven on Earth! Live Heaven on Earth!

Be Heaven on Earth!


In Divine Vision,

I AM ZaKaiRan
(aka Claire Vision)

(Thank you Alarius for the inspiration and the vision)


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Energy Releasing, Healing, Activation & Manifesting Techniques & Meditations for Co-Creating Higher More Divine Realities & Embodying your Divine Magnificence!

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