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Water Crystal from a lake blessed by Buddhist Monk in Meditation
Courtesy of Dr. Masaru Emoto


Loving Water,
Loving Food

Water & Food Lovergization



Before Enlightenment; chop wood, filter water.
After Enlightenment; chop wood, filter water.

The most important thing you can do for yourself, to have the most energized water and food is to bless them – to Lovergize them. Aside from that, you want to obtain the best water (and food), that you can. Preferably, if possible, you want to collect the water yourself, directly from the sky, or from local clear streams, wells, etc. And at the very least you want a really good filter that will remove all of the chlorine and fluoride toxins. But even filtered water, unless you get a really good filtration system, won’t be in a really good assimilable crystalline state ala the Masaru Emoto pictures, (see links below and Picture above.

To get it to it’s crystal-love state, you need to Lovergize it. Say/sing Love Love Love into the water you drink. And telling your water you love it: “I love you water!” “Bless you divine water of life!”… Put your essence and love into the water to restructure and realign the water to its divine true state of perfection, then it will bless and nourish your body. The more you nurture your water the more the water will nurture you. You can also write love on your water bottle to Lovergize it.

You can also use various technologies to restructure and energize water, like Tesla's Water Harmonizer; Ozonation: (oxygen with extra electrons: O3, O4…); Flow Forms, (that apply the proper spin); Prill Beads (which alkalizes the water with magnesium oxide beads); and the Wellness filter looks really excellent, and appears to restructure the water to it’s natural crystalline state (www.wellness.com.au).

You can also use a copy of one of the Emoto structured water crystal pictures, or one of their crystal coasters to set your glass on. Also putting crystals in water is excellent. And sacred geometry structures in the water and pictures of geometries, like the Gaia Aqua Solar Star or the Flower of Life, put on the bottle of water, or the water set upon it, to realign your water. (Love Stickers are available from www.Messagesforyourwater.com, to put on your bottle. And Flower of Lifes, Gaia Aqua Solar Stars, and other geometries are available from me, to stick on your water bottle).

Unstructured, polluted, mal-aligned, water (and food) is a toxin to the system and inhibitor to the awakening process. If you look at the pictures in Dr. Masaru Emoto’s book, “The Hidden Messages in Water”, you will see how disgusting normal tap water is that has been polluted with chlorine, fluorine and other nasty chemicals, to make the water “safe” “and “healthy” for us. And the before and after pictures of beautiful water whose crystalline nature is completely destroyed by chlorination or other invasive energies, including speaking harsh words to it, or putting it in the presence of electromagnetic fields. It looses all cohesiveness and alignment, it essentially is polluted and toxic. In this state, your cells cannot use it, it is relatively unassimilable. And in order to actually metabolize this toxic water, your body must break it down and restructure it, if possible. And this water, that is a mutated facsimile of real water, more than likely creates mutated cells. No wonder most people are toxic and dehydrated. The water they are drinking is not love water, it has been abused, as most water is on planet earth. And people who drink it, are abusing themselves.

I wholeheartedly recommend that you form an intimate relationship with water and water consciousness, including lovergizing the water you drink and the food you eat. Invite and invoke the essence (Deva) of water into your consciousness. And the High Council of Water Beings, and the Gods and Goddesses of Water: Neptune, Poseidon…, to enter your consciousness, aligning you to AQUA, and aligning the water within you. You are at least 75% water, so you certainly want to realign that water.

By blessing the water, food and air you drink eat and breathe, you are blessing your self, the elements, devas and Mother Earth with your every action. Use the technologies that are available, but do not rely upon them, and know that you are the most powerful force of transmutation in the universe. The internal technology of Love is a million times more powerful than any external technology.

Recognize and honor your divine power to heal, restructure, bless and love anything and everything. You have the ability to completely transmute and nullify pollution, toxins and negative energies in anything. These “toxins” are nothing! They do not have any power to affect you in any negative way! They have just lost their way, and need a bit of help to be brought back to the light, (just like people). You have the divine power through your love, divine intent and channelling of healing energies, to re-energize and heal anything. You have the power to transmute anything to it’s original blueprint of Love and divinity.

Keep as clear as you can from synthetic materials, especially steel and aluminium. These metals are energy draining rather than energizing. All synthetic materials are not divinely structured naturally by nature, so they do not generate charge. Plastic and glass are relatively inert electromagnetically. But the general rule is that anything that nature has made that has not been manipulated by greedy humans will be charging to your system. This is what you want to easily and gracefully facilitate the embodiment of your divinity. The vessel must be fully charged, to embody the light that you are, and to not be drained by the world.

All man made “foods” are generally debilitating, especially “Franken Foods” (genetically modified). Steer clear of these abused foods, they are designed to turn you into a zombie. You can see that the plan has worked by the state of the average human who has no mind of their own, who are slaves to the matrix and addicted to fast food. Do not support the continuous, rampant intoxification of our food, planet and our bodies! Steer clear of anything that is not certified organic or grown by your local farmer, or yourself. But if this is not possible, and when you can’t buy organic food, “no worries mate”, because you are the Lovergizer! Just Lovergize these abused plants. I AM Love! And if you want a bit of junk food, enjoy it wholeheartedly! Lovergize it! Everything is God, even junk food! P.S. chocolate is not junk food! (See my website in cosmic cookies for the health benefits of chocolate). (Chocolate was brought to us from the Pleiades, and Pleiadians know how to have fun, I should know, I’m one of them).

Just bless everything you eat, especially if you eat in public places. This sends an energetic vibration through the collective consciousness of the abused crops, realigning them to Love. They are very happy for you to do so, because they are just used and abused and aching to be loved, like all of us. You are letting them know that you love them and it’s not their fault they have been abused. Love everything and even the harshest toxin will bless your body. I AM the Divine Transmuter!

We are all getting more and more sensitive. If you are not already, you will soon be unable to eat or drink anything that is not organic and “Healthy For You”. And you will be or are unable to spend too much time in toxic environments such as cities, and office buildings that are full of survival and competition “realities” and lack consciousness, electromagnetic radiation, fluorescent lighting, toxic air conditioning and stressed out people, doing stressful uncreative slave labor jobs that serve nothing but the profits of the few.

These environments are energy draining, not charging which is how they were designed to be, to keep everyone disempowered, so they are easily exploited. You want to be in environments that facilitate co-operation not competition. Environments that build your charge, rather than leak your charge. One of the main keys to this is Sacred Geometry. Today’s square buildings do not facilitate charge, or empower; their geometrical function, is to separate and divide, which is the nature of the cube, which is useful, if this is what you want to accomplish. Using this geometry primarily on planet earth for architecture has been perfect to explore separation. You will notice that the architecture of the most powerful buildings on earth are not typically square buildings. They are domes, or yurts, or shaped like crosses, or pyramids, or pentagons, or conal (teepees)… Round buildings, the buildings of the future, like domes, are much more beneficial in creating unity and charge. The round nature creates spin, and spin creates charge. Other geometrical shapes have their specific energy charging ability, and facilitate specific energies. In the case of pyramids, Ascension.

Therefore you must protect yourself energetically through Sacred Geometry and other means to keep yourself aligned amongst these debilitating frequencies. Maintain your column of light and do everything possible to generate and increase your charge through the use of crystals, Sacred Geometry, art, sculpture, Ascended Master pictures, Light Language, plants…, and living in as natural of an area as possible, with as many trees as possible. But most importantly, with internal technology (Love-Light) and your own creative abilities and assistance from the Ascended Masters, Angels, Devas, Faerys….

Every morning visualize your column of Love-Light (Rainbow Bridge) remaining fully energized and set up all day wherever you go and to take any negative energies in your fields and to remove any disembodied spirits, or negative energies in the environment, up to Source. Also invoke St. Germain’s Violate Fire to remove all adversity and negative energies prior to your arrival of anywhere you are going. You may also call upon your favorite master to help in this manner, such as Sai Baba, Ganesha (who removes all obstacles), and the Angels…

The other main ingredient in the energetic charge soup is the activation of your Light-Body. With an activated Light-Body very little or no negative energies affect you in any great way. Eventually with full activation, one can enter the densest environments and not be affected in anyway, in fact, you transmute those energies instantly to Love. The clearing of your judgments, emotional baggage and attachments is integral to this process. When this is accomplished your heart stays open no matter what. Any time your heart closes, you have entered some form of judgment or limited thought-form.

Maintaining an open heart, is the key to living in an unconditionally loving God-like manner. In this enlightened state, you can eat anything or drink anything that we typically judge to be bad for us. Because you are nothing but love, anything typically viewed as being toxic, is instantly transmuted to Love, because nothing can exist within you except love. The ever pervasive Love that you are, entrains anything within your Love field to Love. Any negative energies, harsh vibrations, dark forces, disembodied spirits are entrained to the light just through your presence. This is the same way you affect anyone, through your Divine Presence and Love-Light Emanation.

Most awakening masters, will naturally be drawn to eat the highest vibrational food and use the most blessed products available. Those beings that are still attracted to “toxic” food and substances, need to release disembodied spirits and heal aspects of themselves that do not believe they are worthy of divine nourishment. And pay attention to the list of toxic ingredients in typical body care products. If there are any very long scientific names, and the products aren’t at least 90% certified organic, then those ingredients are toxic chemicals, especially petroleum products (mineral oils). This is why I use OneGroup Certified Organic Body Care Products, because I deserve the most divine products available.

Please check out my OneGroup Websites for more information or ONE Group Index

And check out the Toxic Ingredients Directory

Some people who are quite etheric, “ungrounded”, empathic and prone to heat as a symptom of their light body changes (mutational symptoms), may be drawn to eat some meat. If you feel drawn by your spirit to consume animals, thank them profusely for giving their lives for your continued health and vitality and for your divine balance. Eat organic free range meat and allow the spirit of the animal to bless you. Accept the animal token (totem) energy that the animal has to offer you. This is one of the main reasons you are drawn to eat this animal. When you have aligned to this animal’s energies, then you may not need to eat them any more. And be aware that every time you eat meat, you are negating your natural compassionate nature, unless you are doing it completely consciously and guided by Spirit.

And similarly bless and honor the plants you consume or plant products you put on your body, they are your friends not your slaves. Bless everything you come in contact with. Bless and thank everything for being in your life, because everything is alive, even if it appears otherwise, even the synthetic creations of man. Bless the sky, the clouds… Everyone and everything is your Divine Family.

Thank the petroleum industry for the gas/petrol you use, and send love through this entire industry. And send love through your petrol/gas tank when you fill up, so that when you drive, the emissions you are producing, do not pollute, but bless the air and planet, and everyone that breathes them.

Bless and thank your computer. Bless and thank your cars and airplanes and trains for providing you with quick safe travel. And thank the devas of cars/planes/trains…, for keeping them together. And thank the mechanics, pilots, flight attendants… Bless the electric, phone and water companies when you pay your bills, even though you know these public services should, by common rights, be free, and even though you might like the water treated better and alternative sources of electricity to be available... And bless the corporate/government world for showing us where we have given our power away.

And infinite blessings and Love to all the Japanese whale killers, and people who eat their meat. May they all embody whale consciousness and realize their divinity. And infinite blessings and thanks to the whales and dolphins and all of the other animals who have given their lives unconditionally, for us all to realize our connection to all life, and embody divine compassion.

Honor and bless everything and everything will bless you!

Bless and heal every water way you encounter with the love in your heart and it will get healthier, guaranteed. See all waterways returning to their natural state. See all dams disintegrating. Call on the high council of water beings, the devas and angels, dolphins, whales, fish beings, the mermaids and Helios & Vesta (the Sun God/Goddess) to help you. See all toxins disintegrating and fish and crustaceans able to detox and new generations able to easily propagate in this blessed water.

You are this powerful! So bless and heal every water way you encounter with your Love. Especially in your local area. You have the divine power to create a wholistic environment wherever you live, regardless of what any body else is doing.

I Call on the high council of water beings, the devas & angels, dolphins & whales, the fish beings, mermaids and Helios & Vesta to help me now, I bless all the water on planet earth with the Divine Creative Love-Light that I AM, through the Grace of God-Goddess, Divine Creation and the 7 Mighty Elohim! I send healing energies of Love through all of the waterways, bringing them to their original pristine crystalline state of Divine Beauty.

I love you Water! I love you Aqua!

I bless all the land upon Mother Gaia, and all the crops who graciously grow for us to eat. Blessings to all plants and all creatures who have unconditionally and graciously given yourself to us for our consumption and learning.

I bless you all and the devas who help you maintain your vibration amongst all adversity. I bless the farmers who grow our food for us, and I send you blessings of divine awakening and guidance that you may become in tune with the land, and naturally grow to respect the land, plants and animals upon her. And I bless the petrochemical industry and thank you for the service you have offered us. May you all find the Love-Light within.

The raping and pillaging of the land has occurred because beings suffer from feeling separate from God, the land, people… They will continue this decadent behavior until they have had enough of denying their suffering from this illusion of separation and unworthiness, when they have experienced limitation to it’s fullest through this expression. Due to these accelerated times, people are discovering that beauty and conservation is more fun than destruction. People are tiring of giving their power away to outside authorities and tired of the greed and slavery and competition…, and opening to experiencing a higher reality, the beauty of life, and accepting their own beauty, joy and immortality, a more preferred reality to pain, suffering and death.

Trees, water, animals…, and other natural things are elements that are charged, they facilitate charge and help us be charged. Destruction has occurred, because beings feel powerless and unworthy of charge/Love. Since they feel powerless and lacking in energy/charge, disconnected from their divine nature, they do what most beings do that suffer from powerlessness, they try to become powerful by steeling energy from something or someone. In this case nature. Instead of remembering and recognizing their natural charge/love.

When they realize their connection to all life, through the realization that they are Divine, people will naturally give up competition and its subsequent destructive behaviors and eventually, when beings have accepted their sovereign rights to experience health and prosperity, and recollect their power, as a collective, we will no longer put up with this dishonorable behavior, or Mother Earth will shake the fleas from her back, whichever comes first. Regardless, even though it may look desperate, Mother Gaia, the Ascended Masters all the Subteranean Cities (Agartha network), and the Galactic Federations, will not let this planet be destroyed, and neither will our Higher Selves. And all the destruction that has taken place can be healed easily with our combined love and divine intent. Co-operation is the key. As fast as we have destroyed this planet, we can heal and regrow it at a thousand times this speed.

The healing process starts with each individual. Do not be concerned about what others are doing, focus on your own process and create heaven in your life. When you do this, you create one more little bit of heaven on the entire planet. Do not wait for others to get their shit together before you act, what everybody else does is none of your business. Release your judgments of other’s behavior, and see everyone as the divine being that they truly are! This is the best service you can offer them, this shatters the reality/illusion that most people hang on to, that they are not God and not Love.

All is in Divine Order! Everything is happening in Divine Timing! Place your attention on the new civilization, do not be concerned about the old one. Allow this world to die gracefully. Just wish it well on its journey and thank it for all that you have learned from it.

I AM Water! I AM AQUA!

Water and I are One! I AM a Water Being!

I AM All Life! I AM GAIA! GAIA and I are One!

Co-create Heaven On Earth!

(Please also see my article “Food - A Dimensional Perspective”)

(For more info on EMR and Geopathic Stress” see: Tesla Products (http://www.TeslaProducts.info).
For more information on Spin and Spirals, see related sections on the Golden Mean and Fibonacci Spirals in my book, The Ascension Master’s Toolkit
– Energy Releasing, Healing, Activation & Manifesting Techniques & Meditations for Co-Creating Higher More Divine Realities & Embodying your Divine Magnificence! Also see Dan Winter’s work: http://www.goldenmean.info/ and for more information on Sacred Architecture, see the links below.)


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This article is copyrighted by ZaKaiRan, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as the proper credit line is included and nothing is deleted.

If you would like a shorter version of this article for publication, please let me know.

Eating and Drinking

From “The Prophet”, by Kahlil Gibran


Then an old man, a keeper of an inn, said, Speak to us of Eating and Drinking.

And he said: Would that you could live on the fragrance of the earth, and like an air plant be sustained by the light. But since you must kill to eat, and rob the newly born of its mother's milk to quench your thirst, let it then be an act of worship. And let your board stand an altar on which the pure and the innocent of forest and plain are sacrificed for that which is purer and still more innocent in man.

When you kill a beast say to him in your heart: "By the same power that slays you, I too am slain; and I too shall be consumed. For the law that delivered you into my hand shall deliver me into a mightier hand. Your blood and my blood is naught but the sap that feeds the tree of heaven."

And when you crush an apple with your teeth, say to it in your heart: "Your seeds shall live in my body. And the buds of your tomorrow shall blossom in my heart.
And your fragrance shall be my breath. And together we shall rejoice through all the seasons. "

And in the autumn, when you gather the grapes of your vineyards for the winepress, say in your heart: "I too am a vineyard, and my fruit shall be gathered for the winepress. And like new wine I shall be kept in eternal vessels”.

And in winter, when you draw the wine, let there be in your heart a song for each cup. And let there be in the song a remembrance for the autumn days, and for the vineyard, and for the winepress.


Prill Beads
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Prill Beads, are magnesium oxide beads infused with Life-Force, which creates "thin water", also known as "Dew". Dew is about half the thickness of common water, (viscosity is reduced by over 40%), which your body is more able to assimilate, thusly hydratng your cells more easily and efficiently.

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This is an excerpt from
“The Ascension Masters Toolkit”

Energy Releasing, Healing, Activation & Manifesting Techniques & Meditations for Co-Creating Higher More Divine Realities & Embodying your Divine Magnificence!


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