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What is Whale/Pod Consciousness?

(not to be confused with Ipod, this is the WePod)

Whale/Pod Consciousness is the opening and expansion of your heart to the truth, feeling and knowing that you love all beings equally.

There is only one energy in the Universe and that energy is Love, and the expression of this energy - is Relationship. In the past and current time, we have played with the game of dualistic relationship of finding and clinging to that one person that will somehow complete us. But we are not incomplete, we are not unworthy or faulty in anyway, so we do not need another person to make us complete. This fantasy/illusion stems from our feelings of unworthiness, that we have been cast out of heaven and are inherently sinful beings - but this is a lie! We are inherently pure and complete, rather than dirty and faulty, and through experience we develop energies that believe themselves to be separate from others, separate from God and unworthy of Love.

In the New Civilization of Light, we live in Pod Consciousness, without the illusions unworthiness and exclusivity, where we realize we love all beings, because we have surpassed our judgements and condemnation of certain behavior. And relationship is not to complete us, but rather to add to us, because through the combination of our hearts as one heart, we can accomplish anything.

Whale/Pod Consciousness is also the energy of Christ Consciousness, where you live in an accelerated state of higher consciousness and complete empowered balance through the marriage of your divine masculine and feminine and the embodiment of you as God-Goddess. It is also the mergence of you with your God Presence, which is a Pod Being! All higher consciousness lives in group soul consciousness, where everyone plorks (plays/works) together as one group heart!

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This blog was written for the 2012 – The Wake Up Call! - Teleclass Series #6 with ZaKaiRan

The Co-Creation of a New Civilization of Love, Light and Unity


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