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"The Seven Master Keys of Creation"

by ZaKaiRan

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The "10" Commandments Enlightened


1) I shall have no other Gods before Me!

It is highly recommended that you get to a centered balanced place in your divine consciousness, where you no longer serve any other Gods before yourself. In other words, I will no longer serve or worship anything in this transitory, temporary world of form, (to try to avoid my suffering of separation, and try to prove my worth to myself or others), including money, power, fame, glamour, love, relationships, sex, food, drugs, toys…, over my true immortal Spiritual Essence of Love and Divinity.

2) It is highly recommended to not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.

We normally interpret this commandment in reference to cursing something or someone in anger, using the name of God vainly. (Vain: empty, of no real value, worthless…). Invoking the energy and names of God, is a powerful spiritual alchemical practice, and should be done respectfully, for invocation in ceremony, not used in anger, judgement, retribution...

In other words, don't blame God (or anyone else) for your own manifestations, as if you are a victim to fate or chance, (and you are powerless and helpless), as if there is a conspiracy and God hates you and is punishing you. How could God hate it's own creation, itself as you, pure Godness. You are a sovereign creator God/Goddess. There is no such thing as hell or punishment of any kind, except what we dream up and create in our own minds, lives and dimensions. You are "the Lord thy God", so you're only cursing yourself.

There are many names for God the Father, and God the Mother (Holy Spirit), and many names for the higher dimensional Gods and Goddesses, but the real name of God is - "I AM!". Since your name is one of the names of God, treat yourself and your name with the respect that God deserves. Chant and proclaim your name as Holy Divinity, and emphatically repeat after me:

GOD I AM, GOD I AM, GOD I AM, God/Goddess_______(your name) I AM, God/Goddess_______ I AM, God/Goddess_______ I AM, I AM, I AM, I AM!

If you treat yourself with Love and respect, and release all the lies you have adopted as to your supposed sin, unworthiness and unGodliness, then you're sittin pretty.

A few Names of God in the Hebrew tradition: Elohim, (creator Gods, or Divine Mother aspect of God), Adonai (the Earth aspect of God; in the Kabbalah it means Lord), Yod Hay Vod/Wah Hay or YHWH (the Divine Father aspect of God), Shekinah (Holy Spirit, Mother Aspect of God, the inner world of Shekinah), Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (meaning I Am that I Am)… (For additional names of God, Mantras, and Words of Power (in many traditions, including Hindu, Islam, Egyptian…, please see the "Complete Ascension Manual" by Joshua David Stone).

3) Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it Holy (Sabbath: to rest)

The Jewish and Christian tradition of resting on the Sabbath, is in respect of day 7, the first day of completion, when God "rested" after "creating the world". Six days to create the world is a simplified version of the very first movements that Spirit must make in the void, (sacred geometrically), to begin creating life. This is detailed in Drunvalo Melchizedek's "Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life" Vol. I, Pages 147-154. These movements are also detailed in my article "Dimensions - Creation in the Void" on my website: www.ZaKaiRan.com

The first movements are the male linear geometries. Then the female spheres. These spheres, and movements, are exactly how cells reproduce, how all life creates itself after conception. After 6 "days", and 6 spheres (cells), surrounding the original first sphere (7), God has created a 6 petalled flower - the genesis pattern. This is the most simple complete form of creation. These first movements contain just enough geometries and spheres, to create a donut shaped tube torus, (no hole in the middle, but with extra chocolate). A 3rd dimensional structure that is quite unique, as it is able to fold in on itself infinitely, like the universe. It is a perfect structure. This is the first day of completion. The 7th "day" of rest. A day to look back on the wonders that God-Goddess has created, and you have created, before moving on to ever greater complexity.

It is highly recommended that - you enjoy life and your natural state of abundance, rather than being a slave to a feminine repressed, false male dominated, lack oriented, controling, compassionless, disrespectful system.

Always doing doing doing, taking taking taking, lack lack lack, money, money, money - boring boring boring. Massive imbalance. You are a human Being not a human doing. You would do well to honor both forces of the Divine Masculine and the Divine feminine, using the wisdom of your divine feminine to know when it is time to do, and when it is time to be (and do nothing), or be and do. On the 7th "day" Male and female is balanced. In unison, these two forces have created life. You cannot create anything, or be centered without male/female balance. This is how you create heaven in your life. Without male/female balance, you create hell in your life.

The Sabbath, (or Sabbat), is an honoring of this life, of creation. It is a time of rest and recollection. A time to look back on your week, year…, at all that you have accomplished in your growth and experience. A time to honor the wondrous beauty of life and creation with ceremony, thanks, invocation, forgiveness, Love making… You honor life and the Divinity that you are, by taking responsibility for your mastery as a creator God, and as the creator God of your own reality. You honor all life and your own life, by taking excellent care of your human temple, by resting often, energizing yourself in communion with nature, and pampering yourself, as the God/Goddess that you are, with massages, wholistic healing, and blessing your body with organic, (respected and blessed), fruits, vegetables, fishies and animals, and honoring their spirit, by feasting on them with great thanks, celebration and joy for their life and your life.

4) Honor thy Father and thy Mother.

It is highly recommended to honor the Divine Father and the Divine Mother forces of Creation that created your divine spiritual essence, (a Christ Child born of Love), and that has created all life, by realizing that you are the human-earthly expression of God-Goddess-All-That-Is. You would honor yourself and your God/Goddess Presence, by being this Divine Presence that you truly are, by inscending this true essence (Higher Self), into personality you, and ascending this (ego) you, into I AM Presence you - creating and activating your Christ Body.

You would do well to honor Mother Earth, who allows you to live upon her and experience life upon her. Your unconditionally loving mother, who allows you to use, delight in, or abuse her and her creatures, as you see fit, without any condemnation or judgement. You would do well to honor Father Sun and Sister Moon and your animal brothers and sisters. They await your communion with them. And the Angels, the Devas, the Nature Spirits, the Rock Beings, the Water Beings, the Christed extraterrestrials, and your higher dimensional family, await your communion with them.

It is highly recommended to honor your earth father and mother for providing you your fabulous body, and for doing their best in loving you in the best way they new how, (based on their ability to love themselves). And raising you in the best manner they knew how, (based on their ability to raise themselves). Everyone is "raising" themselves first and foremost. The task of helping another being prepare for life (and realizing their divinity), is a grand task indeed, one that requires great mastery, patience, compassion and surrender. Remember, you picked your parents, siblings, and your entire genetic family. You chose this life; you chose this body…

Your parent's only cosmic responsibility was to birth you, the rest was personal choice. Honor them for this choice. And be honored for being blessed with their Divine Presence as the masters that they are. Your job was to garner all the wisdom possible from living with these people and learning from their experience, their love, their guidance, and their patterns - to surpass all educational, religious, past life and genetic programming of limitation, and become the sovereign empowered Divine Master that you are. The same goes for you if you are a parent. You would do well for yourself to be honored that your children have blessed you with their presence and the task of caring for them. And realize that they too are sovereign masters, in the care of their Spirits and Angels. And your cosmic responsibility ended when you birthed these beings, the rest is personal choice.

Honor your ancestors, for everything they have done for planet earth and humanity. For exploring the furthest extremes of limitation, and for pushing the boundaries of density. For cutting the pathways in consciousness for your life and the 7th Golden Age, to make way for expansion and divine expression. It is your job to clear all of the past life and societal programming, for yourself and for your entire genetic lineage, and recollect all of your lost soul aspects, and help them heal their past life traumas. It is time for everyone to come home to the heart, home to love.

5) It is highly recommended to not kill, (and do as little harm as possible).

In other words, you must learn to take complete responsibility for your reality and manifestations, beliefs, unconscious programs, genetic patterns…, so that you are not controling, manipulating, harming…, others physically, energetically or psychically in any way. You must release your programs and beliefs that victimhood is real - it is not, it is an illusion. There are no victims in any universe or dimension! So you are not responsible for other people's pain and suffering, you have no control over other people's lives. You certainly can be an evoker of suffering, but all pain and suffering that people experience already exists within them from the past, it was just repressed and denied. You are only responsible for your own stuff. When you take care of your own stuff, you are energetically clear in relationship to other people and they are left to deal with their own stuff without your interference.

In other words: Love thy neighbour as thy self. (But of course this is why humans act the way they do towards each other, because they do not love themselves). To be able to unconditionally love another person, you must release all of your beliefs and programs of unworthiness, to reveal the truth of your absolute pricelessness. When you have accomplished/allowed this, you can unconceitedly revel in your own magnificence, and subsequently relish and encourage the awesomeness of everyone.

Taking responsibility for your entire reality is advanced spiritual teaching, although it is actually the simplest key to enlightenment. But humans are extremely veiled to truth and their divinity, by their belief in their unworthiness, so teachers have been forced to teach simplistically to the masses. Taking responsibility for your entire reality, is the real reason for giving the original "commandments" in the first place. But giving simplified teachings to the uninitiated masses, without real consequential explanation and training, only fills them with guilt. This irresponsible way of "teaching", is not designed to accelerate humanity's growth, but to keep them under control with fear. It is programming, not education. Real education is guiding individuals to arrive at their own conclusions, for their own sovereign awareness. (Education: Latin, from educe: to evoke, elicit, draw out, develop from latent or potential existence).

The lie of "original sin", was created by fearful ignorant misguided individuals, who suffered from separation, unworthiness, and the fear that they had been cast out of heaven, and had to earn or learn their way back in. (Like everyone). The perception that we are humans trying to have a spiritual experience, rather than spirits having a human experience. They then chose to deny and mask their own feelings of unworthiness with the adoption of piety and moralistic projection, (the same thing we all do), making themselves the authority to dispense these lies as truth - because "God said it". Anything is the "truth" if you believe it. But just because you believe something doesn't mean it is the Truth. And just because you don't believe something, doesn't mean it's not the truth, (or doesn't exist).

Possibly, the Commandments were not actually given as "commandments", but recommendations, as I have given them. Regardless, it is obvious to any one who has attained a reasonable level of awareness, that we are naturally pure, honorable, loving and truthful beings, and only react otherwise when we have experienced trauma and suffering and feel that we have been abandoned by our Spirits, and feel separate from God and each other. Because of our natural divine state, we do not need anyone telling us what is right and wrong, we naturally always know the difference, it is merely our manipulation of ourselves, and our own self adopted denials and ignorance that keeps us from the path of truth and Love.

"Killing" includes harming the psyche or energy of others by you not realizing and embodying unconditional love, and feeling the need to take energy from them. This includes killing each other slowly with any form of agreement that we make or maintain with each other. This is the structure of typical political relationship that most people currently live their lives by on planet earth. Relationships filled with conditions, deals, agreements, compromise, (conscious and unconscious), blaming, manipulation (blatant and subtle), projecting…- to deny our suffering and wounds of separation.

"Killing" is any form of disrespect or dishonor. What you disrespect outside of you, you disrespect within you. You are dishonoring that part of your wholeness. "Killing" includes judgement. Doing no harm entails being so unconditionally loving that you hold no condemnation of anyone's behavior, knowing that whatever they are doing is perfect for their soul growth and yours.

Remember, you are all things. You are the snake; the spider; the cockroach; the ant; the serial killer, the terrorist, the whale hunter, the lumber jack, the corporate fascist, the politician. You are everything. You are part of and connected to All-That-Is. Since you are everything, then you are everything you eat. If you must eat something that must be killed before eating it, I recommend that you kill it yourself. If you can't kill it yourself, then you have no business eating it. At the very least, give thanks to this animal for giving its life so that you may continue to thrive from its essence. Welcome its medicine into your body. It is a great honor to be eaten by a friend so that they may continue living and co-creating heaven on earth.

7) It is highly recommended - to not Steal.

It is highly recommended that you get to a place in your consciousness - where you naturally recognize your self worth, the worth of others, and embody prosperity consciousness, (your natural state), so that you do not feel the need to steal anything, but allow the universe to provide for you everything that you need for your comfort, awakening and growth.

This means realizing what is yours by Divine Right, and what is not, and what you should release your desire and "kung fu' grip upon. Not stealing, includes anything not given freely, including energy and love. Seduction and any form of conscious or unconscious coercion, to get what you want, is not recommended, and is highly disrespectful of yourself, others and synergy.

It is recommended that you somehow get to a place in your consciousness, where you realize the true unconditionally loving nature of the entire Megaverse of creation, and the true prosperity of life. Where you accept full and complete responsibility for your own manifestations, (fortune or "mis-fortune"), because regardless, you are responsible for their creation. And everything you manifest is for your growth and awakening to Christ/Unity/Prosperity Consciousness.

When you have accomplished this, you will naturally be able to appreciate the fortune of others, without envying what they have or wanting to steal what they have for yourself - realizing that this is indeed a prosperous universe, there is more than enough to go around and lack is an illusion. There are no longer enemies or impediments that are keeping you from manifesting a charmed and abundant existence. You no longer believe that money, resources, things…, come from people, or banks, or businesses…, they are merely part of the universal delivery system that provides everything you need from the Universal Bank of Abundant Godness. You have what you have because it is perfect for your realization of Who-You-Truly-Are for you to have it. If you don't have it, you don't need it, (at least not right now). Then you will realize that you already have a prosperous life, because you have already manifested everything you need right now. And you will realize that - You are Prosperity!

It is highly recommended for you to realize that - no one owns anything! Not things, people, land, animals…, anything. All things come into our lives for our stimulation and enjoyment. They are merely blessing us with their presence, and we bless them with ours, especially when we use them with respect and for goodness. Everything is alive and has its own soul, essence, life force, light fields… Even your car, your computer, air planes - have their own Devas. (You can thank the Devas for keeping our airplanes together). Everything we manifest is for the further realization of our magnificence, to remember who we truly are. Respect this fact, and honor the sovereignty of all life. There is one Great Spirit that moves through and creates all life. Anything that can be "owned", can be lost or taken from you. Anything that can be lost or taken away - isn't real. (Please read my articles on Prosperity at: www.ZaKaiRan.com)

(#6) "Adultery" and (#9) Covetry (aka Envy and Lust)

It is recommended to - not covet thy neighbors wife, or thy neighbor's ass, or thy neighbors wife's ass…

Or, if you are going to covet these things, be honest about it, enjoy it, and admit this to your neighbor, (you might get a good threesome out of it). "Covetry" is an act of envy and lust, two of 7 "deadly sins", that we use to try to avoid our suffering from feelings of separation, unworthiness, lack, "I'm not good enough"… (For your interest, the 7 ways of denying our suffering are: Pride, Envy, Jealousy, Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth and Malice/Wrath).

Adultery does not exist. It is an illusion. No higher dimensional force or being in the universe, is concerned about who you have sex with. Only forces who want to control you, by instilling guilt, are concerned about who and what you do on intimate sexual levels. Adultery implies ownership and victimhood (once again), both illusions. We do not own each other in any way! No one is your possession! (Including anyone's love or sexuality). And no matter what anyone does to you, you are not a victim to that action or person. Whatever the action was, including the big "adultery", you drew it to yourself for the experience, for your growth. And if you are the "adulterer", lover number one manifested this situation for their growth as well, and the shattering of their illusions of separation.

Exclusive conditional "ownership" relationship is something we cooked up out of fear because we do not realize, nor have embodied, unconditional love. It is designed to keep us from experiencing our suffering from feelings of separation and unworthiness; to help us feel loved. So it is perfectly fine to covet, adulterize, sex, kiss, shnuggle, mud wrestle, skinny dip, play naked twister…, with who ever you feel like. (Although, seduction and lust is not recommended and should be balanced and healed). Adultery implies that there are victims and perpetrators, neither is real, except in our minds. Everyone manifests what they desire for their spiritual growth and awakening, (even if things often manifest from our fears).

The real issue with "adultery", "faithfulness", and wholistic relationship in general - is complete honesty and total open communication, where you withhold and deny absolutely nothing from anyone, including yourself. And you take complete responsibility for your reality, consciousness, unconsciousness, and the healing of your separation issues, wholeheartedly welcoming the initiations of Divine Human Mastery. You are the center of the universe, connected to everything, but you do not need anything or anyone to fulfill you, because you are already fulfilled, you just forgot this fact, and because you are centered in your own sovereignty and empowered by your Divine Presence.

If you are this open and responsible, you are naturally non-possessive. So you are not concerned about who your lover or friend makes love to, sexes, loves, dislikes… No matter what they do, you allow it, and support whatever learning they need to gain from it, without impeding them in any way energetically. You may not recommend certain behavior, but you do not judge them in any way, only classify, observe, feel and experience. If the synergy between them is evolutionary, you will recommend it, and support them, even if it doesn't feel good from your separation issues that are still lingering. If the synergy between them is not seemingly evolutionary, but patternistic, and not "recommended" behavior, you must get to a place in your consciousness where you will even support that, because you know that the growth garnered from that experience will be immense for everyone.

It is highly recommended to be clear of old relationships psychically and energetically, and clear yourself of what you realize to be impeding you from experiencing unconditional love, before beginning new one's, otherwise your new relationships will eventually look just like your old ones. This naturally entails taking complete responsibility for all of your own stuff, without projecting on to others. And of course, it is emphatically recommended to always being totally and completely honest and truthful. If you can't tell your partner that you just had wild passionate sex with some one else, and talk about it wholistically, without any regrets, then you are in denial and just avoiding your suffering with lust.

It is recommended to be get to a place in your consciousness, where you are naturally thankful for what you have now, because everything in your life is your manifestation. Chasing the grass on the other side of the fence is avoiding your own lack consciousness. Until you are truly at-One with yourself and balanced in your divine masculine and feminine, you will struggle to have wholistic relationships. So you will always be playing games of romance, seduction, lusting and trying to be loved. (Please see my article "Exclusive and Unconditional Relationship", and many other articles about Divine Relationship, on my website: www.ZaKaiRan.com)

Remember: you are not a victim, so don't blame God for being so unconditionally loving as to give you free will and graciously allow you to manifest anything and everything that you desire, (consciously or unconsciously) - even if you are unconsciously blocking what you "truly" desire. Take responsibility for being the creator God that you are, for manifesting everything in your life, and stop blaming everyone else for your manifestations, or for keeping you from manifesting a better reality.

It is highly recommended that you - attune Yourself to Synergy, (synchronistic energy). This is the divine connection between two or more people or things, where you are all moving forward in an evolutionary (synergetic) fashion, towards expansion rather than limitation (devolutionary). Your energetic signature is how you know you are in synchrony. Your Spiritual essence, emotional body and heart, resonates with the divine vibration and you both experience natural enthusiasm from the connection. (Enthusiasm: Latin; 'in theo ism'; in God Consciousness). Everything we manifest into our lives is ours by divine right, if it is synergetic. If it is not synergetic, (evolutionary), then we are hanging on to that person or thing to deny our suffering, in order to feel powerful, in control, loved, worthy…, (a devolutionary spiral).

This is a prosperous universe! Its natural state is one of general unconditional prosperity and abundance. Only our feelings, beliefs, programs and perceptions of limitation, lack, and unworthiness, manifests the contrary polarity. You are an awesome creator and co-creator of reality. You have the natural ability to create anything and everything out of nothing. You do not need to synthesize, steal, and manipulate yourself or others, to get you what you need or want. "Ask and you shall receive! Knock and the door will be opened unto you! Seek and you shall find!" Release your feelings of unworthiness, lack consciousness, belief in separation - and be prosperity!

8) It is highly recommended to not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

That means no vindictive gossip. (Fun romantic gossip is OK). If you can't talk about someone, and say what you are saying about another person directly to their face - then you are either elevating yourself by being judgemental, projective and superior, to avoid your own suffering (with the use of malice), or you are just afraid of hurting their feelings with the truth, and them rejecting, hating and attacking you for it. (I call this, the "kill the messenger syndrome", or KMS).

There is judgement and classification. Judgement is condemnation. Classification is merely stating fact, a perception or observation. You may classify to your hearts content, with the awareness that what ever it is you are saying, you would say directly to that person, and you are karmicly clear of any enemy consciousness. If there is an emotional charge of resistance, and you have closed your heart - then you are judging, and you need to heal some wounds, some aspect of yourself that is lost in separation, lost in some past trauma, afraid to forgive and be hurt again. (Techniques for healing these aspects are detailed in my book "Ascension Master's Toolkit" available on my website: www.ZaKaiRan.com)

Judgement is only in the hands of each individual about their own life and behavior. All judgement is self judgement. How you judge others, manifests more people around you that have those traits for you to judge, so that you will hopefully look at yourself in the mirror to get beyond your judgements. This is instant karma, or the laws of resonance and reflection. (These "laws" fully shatter the illusion of victimhood).

How you perceive yourself, others and life, (consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously), manifests your reality. So, "Judgement is mine, sayeth the Lord". Or, the "Lord" that you are, your wholeness, manifests for you what you believe is real, what you believe to be important - which is what you need to manifest to surpass, and heal for your growth. So judgement of others is an illusion, something else we thought up from our feelings of unworthiness, to avoid our own suffering. No matter how I perceive others, what I think of them is none of their business. And what others think of me, is none of my business. (For more on these subjects, please see my articles on Judgement and Reality Creation at: www.ZaKaiRan.com)

8.5) Thou shalt not Lie!

It is highly recommended to Always Tell the Truth - Always! I don't know why this isn't a "commandment". Seems like this ought to be the one and only commandment recommendation. If you always tell the truth, seek the truth, follow the truth, listen to the truth…, then everything else is automatically taken care of.

No matter what the possible consequences of doing so might be, no matter how it may seem otherwise, even if it creates much pain and suffering in yourself or others, or you get in "trouble" for speaking your mind - the truth always serves higher evolution, divinity and the greater good for everyone, always, no exceptions. The consequences of lying are always worse than telling the truth. (I can attest to this with extensive experience). Any lie whatsoever, to yourself or anyone, including not speaking when your spirit is directing you to do so, is some form of lying, some form of denial. Any lie whatsoever, furthers to create a karmically based imbalanced life (hell) for yourself and others around you. Each lie is one more brick in the wall.

'Saving someone's feelings", by lying, does not serve their growth, it only supports illusion, limitation and denial. It is also insulting, because we are all psychic and know everything, consciously or subconsciously. Everyone intuitively knows if their partner is fooling around, or lying. And we always know, on some level, when anyone is lying to us, cheating us, manipulating us…, but we are fooled by our denial of our telepathic abilities, and by the nice sweet illusion that people project, that they are "telling the truth" and "would never tell a lie", or "do anything energetically nasty", (and by our naturally trusting nature).

We are naturally gullible and trusting, because this is our true nature as the divine fools we are, to live in truth, be truth and always tell the truth. In our natural state, it is impossible for us to lie. And in this divine reality that we naturally live within, there is no such thing as a lie. And deep down, as humans, we all know how stupid and karmically futile it is to lie about anything, and can't really understand why any of us do it. But we lie anyway, because we can, because we're afraid, because we're all playing the game where we agree that we're separate, and lying exists, and is necessary, and we don't know the truth, and we aren't psychic… In general, humanity agrees that lying is a natural part of reality, and even a "natural" way to act. And people are so used to lying continually, their entire lives, that they don't know how to act any other way. Lies support and maintain the "reality", (the "matrix"), of the political world of negative ego quite well, but they do not support the new reality and civilization of unconditional love that we are co-creating,

The real reason why we lie, is the fact that most people's entire lives and reason for living is a lie. The entire "reality" on planet earth, the social consciousness that society functions from, is a lie and one giant illusion. And most people's lives are based on that agreed upon illusion - a corrupt, greedy, lack oriented, competitive, unsustainable, self destructive system. They consume destructive products, go to jobs they hate, and vote for liars and deceivers - which further supports the lie. They act like sheep, being shepherded by wolves, agreeing to situations continually that they disagree with, afraid to say what they really feel for fear of being rejected or attacked by society, friends, lovers... Afraid for their survival, physically and emotionally. Our fear of survival, is the tool of the slave master. This is the threat used by the controllers, to convince us that lack is real and exists, to believe in their propaganda so that we will give our power away to them, and never realize we are sovereign masters, and realize that prosperity is the truth and survival is the lie.

And an even greater aspect of this, is the fact that most people's entire identity is a lie. Almost everything about themselves they have decided is true, or have been programmed to believe, is a complete lie. And the tricky part, is the fact that most of this propaganda has come from people we love and respect, or at least are supposed to love and respect. People who you naturally expect will tell you the truth. But when you discover that your teachers, leaders and supposed spiritual masters, don't really have a clue about what they are talking about, and have their own selfish agendas, it can be quite disillusioning, especially since there seems to be no alternative.

Behind all of this, is the perception that we are "humans trying to be spiritual". That we are unworthy, ugly, unlovable, sinful animals; and need to prove our worth and lovableness to each other and God, and earn, learn, or ascend our way in to heaven. A "human" identity typically based on gender, nationality, race, religion, beliefs, programming/training, sexual orientation... And these identities decide your worth, based on the societally and religiously agreed upon standards of proper behavior. These systems support you if you meet these standards. If you do not, you are tossed on to the trash heap to be picked on by the vultures. (Cast in to hell).

As Spirits, we adopted these huge lists of lies as part of our identity, to be able to play this game of separation, to believe we were human, and not realize our divine identities as spiritual masters. And the structure of the "matrix" is formed by these identities, and by the lie of unworthiness, and this belief that we are humans trying to be spiritual, (or that we are not spiritual at all). It is time to start telling the truth, to yourself and everyone else, about who you really are. And stop lying about everything else that you are afraid to reveal about yourself, or confront with the truth, which is easy, because everything that you are afraid of and ashamed of, is totally untrue and an illusion, just let it go. Yee Ha! It is time to thrive not survive!

Note: I know that I've only illuminated 9 commandments here, well I looked them up in Exodus 20:1-17, in the Gideon's bible that I stole from a hotel, expecting to find 10 commandments, but I swear, there's only 9 commandments that I can see. I don't know where they got 10 from. I read in a flyer that I found from a Christian organization, that the Catholic Church had dropped one that they did not like, and split up the covet one in to two different commandments. I can't remember which one it said they dropped. (If anyone knows, please let me know). Or maybe Moses dropped that tablet coming down the mountain. Or maybe "Thou shalt not Lie" is the lost 10th one as I have postulated. Seems simple enough to me. I guess the Catholic Church had to leave out lying, otherwise they'd be breaking this commandment all the time.

An additional note: the "10 Commandments", that were given to Moses, were not given by GOD (the Father), but were given by a little god, by the name of Jehovah. God the Father, and God the Mother, do not give "commandments". No entity, that is aligned to truth and Divinity, projects any such thing on to anyone. We have all been given complete and unconditional free will, and all higher dimensional beings, including: Christed ETs, Angels, Ascended Masters, and others of the dimensional hierarchy, do not ever interfere in the sovereignty or free will of anyone. Only deluded Godlets do such things. And by the grace of God-Goddess, are given the unconditionally loving free will to be complete bastards, just like the rest of us. And that's just dandy doodles in my book. I wouldn't have signed up for this physical experience otherwise.

(There are of course universal principles that inherently exist and function certain ways in the world of form. These are not commandments, or even laws, (even though people often call them laws), they are just the way things are, and how things manifest. I have already spoken of the "Laws" of Resonance and Reflection. Other universal principles are detailed in this article, and my many other articles and books).

Whether or not the giving of these "commandments" was actually approved by the governing Hierarchy of planet earth, is also a matter to consider. Based on my experience and knowledge, Jehovah was a dimensional entity, that had a desire to control the people of Israel, (and others for that matter). These people fled to this solar system after wars and destruction on their home planet. They settled on Mars with other races, built an awesome civilization, (note the face and pyramids on mars, there are still underground cities by the way), which was subsequently destroyed by wars again, instigated by Jehovah, who had chased after them across space. They then fled to earth after Mars was destroyed. These people eventually became de-evolved, (along with the rest of the planet after the fall of Atlantis), and easily controlled by dimensional entities and ETs such as Jehovah, who claimed to be their GOD. He was also part of the "Lucifer Rebellion". But all of that is another story.

Jesus's Recommendations

"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul and with all thy mind".

"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself, this fulfills all the commandments". (Matthew 22: 7-39 and Romans 13: 9, James 2: 8) And similarly "…love one another, as I have loved you, that ye also love one another". (John 13: 34)

And, "The Golden Rule": "…all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them…" (Matthew 7: 12) Simplified - "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you".

ZaKaiRan's 12 Commandments/Recommendations for Cosmic Human Mastery

Thou shalt realize that - you are wondrous beyond all human understanding.

Thou shalt - recognize and remember your Divinity, your mastery and the fact that you are a powerful force of creation.

Thou shalt realize that - you are the entire Universe expressing itself at a single point.

Thou shalt not doubt yourself! Balance, centeredness, enthusiasm, love… are your natural states, doubt and confusion are not. These are the tools of the political world of limitation, to keep you in the "Matrix". If you are experiencing these human dramas, it is time to get back to center, in your heart, in your God Presence. The world of doubt and confusion, is strictly horizontal and external, not vertical and inward. This world relies upon your belief and support to keep it alive. When support wanes completely for this illusion, heaven manifests on earth. This real world of truth and divinity manifests through the inner world of Shekinah, (through your heart), where there is no past, no future, no doubt, no confusion, no lies…, only infinite presence.

Thou shalt realize - your AT-ONEMENT with everyone and everything, and that you are indeed your brother's/sister's keeper. (Especially after you have realized your own mastery, then you are empowered to help others). You and your brother are one. What you do to your brother, you do to yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Do your best to Fear Not, for I AM always with you. Fear Not, for I AM always with me.

Thou shalt realize that - The Entire Universe rearranges itself to accommodate your perception of reality.

Thou shalt realize that - You are Love, have always been Love, and nothing you do or say, (bad or good), can make you be anything otherwise.

Thou shalt - enjoy life on planet earth. You came here to thrive not survive. Remember, you are a Spirit having a human experience, not a human having a spiritual experience.

Thou shalt not - withhold farts, burps, tones, song, words of wisdom, emotional expression, or any other spontaneous enthusiastic expression of your natural essence, Divinity and Spirit, including: running around naked, howling, yelling, crying… (or complaining, for fear of being judgemental).

I highly recommended that you - Follow your Spirit without hesitation!

And Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

So Sayeth the Lord thy Friend,


(Additionally, please see my article on "Karma", and "The Web of Illusion", from the "Jeshua Letters, channeled by Mark Hammer at:www.ZaKaiRan.com)

P.S. "If you don't know what to do, and all else fails, just have a cup of tea". SheKaNah

Lord: Any manifestation of Higher Light Consciousness. – C/O J.J. Hurtak's "Keys of Enoch" glossary.

Question Reality! Be a Divine Fool!


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