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by ZaKaiRan

FREE Book, Audio & Video Series
"The Master Keys of Success & Freedom"
9 Success & Law of Attraction Secrets
to Eliminate What Is Holding You Back from Achieving Your Dreams!

FREE Book, Audio & Video Series
The Top 10 Secrets of Success & The Law of Attraction
To Easily and Quickly Manifest your Dreams and Desires into your Physical Reality
and Propel you to Inevitable Success & Freedom!

FREE E-Book "The Mini Ascension Masters Toolkit"
Containing the basic core techniques for releasing and manifesting
from my book "the Ascension Master’s Toolkit"

"El Mini Juego De Herramientas de los Maestros de la Ascensión"
Contiene las técnicas básicas fundamentales para la liberación y manifestar de mi libro "Caja de Herramientas De Los Maestros de la Ascensión"
The Ascension Masters Toolkit
An Ascension Manual of Epic Proportions
Caja de Herramientas De Los Maestros de la Ascensión
Un Manual de la Ascensión de proporciones épicas

Ascension Mastery 101
Recipes for En-Light-en-Ment

La Maestría de la Ascensiòn 101 - Recetas para la iluminación


The Seven Master Keys of Creation
The Seven Rays
of God-Goddess-Christ Consciousness

An Elohim Manifestation, Healing & Ascension Program

By ZaKaiRan

Aligning you to the Process of Manifestation & Creation
the 7 Steps followed by the Seven Mighty Elohim,
(The Creator Gods-Goddesses), for the Creation of all Life

Also Mastering the Seven Rays & the Power of Decree

For your Graceful and Easy Ascension,
& ability to Consciously Create
Heaven in your Life & Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

Supported by the Elohim, Archangels
& the Ascended Masters (the Chohans) of each Ray

111 Spellbounding Transformational full sized pages

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The Seven Master Keys of Creation

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The Seven Master Keys of Creation


Part 1
Introduction to The Seven Master Keys of Creation

The First Three Rays and the Three Fold Flame

The Power of Decree - "The Power of the Spoken Word"

The Power of 3 X 3 & The Power of the 10 Thousand X 10 Thousand

What is your Ray?

Ray 1 - The Energy of Will or Power
1st Ray People

Ray 2 - The Energy of Wisdom and Active Intelligence
2nd Ray People

Ray 3 - The Energy of Love
3rd Ray People

Ray 4 - The Energy of Purity and Harmony
4th Ray People

Ray 5 - The Energy of Concrete Knowledge & Science
5th Ray People

Ray 6 - The Energy of Devotion and Idealism (7th Step of Creation)
6th Ray People

Ray 7 - The Energy of Ceremonial Order and Ritual (6th Step of Creation)
7th Ray People

The Gift of the Violet Flame

Part 2

The Seven Keys of Creation

The Three-Fold Flame of Blue (Power), Gold (Wisdom) and Pink (Love)
3-Fold Flame Decree

The Seven Master Keys of Creation

1st Step of Creation & 1st Ray

2nd Step of Creation & 2nd Ray

3rd Step of Creation & 3rd Ray

4th Step of Creation & 4th Ray

5th Step of Creation & 5th Ray

6th Step of Creation (but the 7th Ray)

The Violet Flame - 'Freedom Flame'

7th Step of Creation (but the 6th Ray)

Quicky Ray Synopsis

Definitions & Explanatory Notes