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from Kirael


Master Kirael, a beautiful Master Guide from the 7th dimensional reality, spoke about abundance this morning on a live internet broadcast from Honolulu, through the mediumship of Fred Sterling. He said:

Your world is built, has been for a very long time, as a force, of what you call the yin and the yang, which means that everything has opposites, so how many of you who are struggling this day, in any one of those categories – financial, health, relationship – how many of you believe this story, that if you’re having a downward journey, if you don’t have everything that you want, then somehow magically, the yin and the yang is going to take over, and you are going to get an abundance on the other side of this.

What if I’m to share with you, my friends: what if I’m to share with you this: that if you’re having a bad time, it can simply get worse. Oh, you’d not be happy to hear that, would you? But I’m going to share it with you anyway. Because how many of you have been looking for your finances for so very long, and for whatever reason, they just keep going in the other direction; how many of you have been looking at your relationship and wondering, why isn’t it getting any better – where is the yin and the yang here? How many of you have looked at your health issues, and seen it deteriorating. And you ask, “Master Kirael, what is it? Why?” and I say this: I say you know the word that’s coming, don’t you? Its what David calls the J word – it’s the journey, my friends.

I made a prayer a long time ago; and I said to you on the Earth plane, if you’re saying this prayer, be afraid – be very afraid. Because the prayer sounds like this: “Oh my God Creator, please, please, let me continue to do what I’ve been doing, for ever so long, and somehow you’ll magically give me a different result.”

You see, it couldn’t possibly make sense. So if you’re waiting for the other side, if you’re waiting for the yang of the yin, and you’re just sitting about waiting for it, then there’s a pretty fair chance you’ll only see little bits and pieces of it. Oh, you’ll see a little bit here, and a little chunk there; you’ll see a little escalation here and a little escalation there, but you’ll not be seeing what you’ll truly be looking for.

For here is my statement today: To create that willingness of what you want, first of all, you need to know what it is. And I can ask you, my friends, and I don’t want you to look to your friends and neighbours to ask the question, I want you to ask it of yourself. Do you have a clear picture of what it is that you want. Is it truly clear, or is it muddled with excitement?

You say, “well what about excitement, Kirael, what is wrong with that?” Excitement is energy: would you agree with that? And so, if you are excited about something, if you’re excited about healing, if you’re excited about getting more money, if you’re excited about improving your relationships, then what do you think you are drawing to you? You are drawing excited energy, and excited energy is not going to work for you, my friend. Have you seen the ones who are excited about their journey, and have you seen them stand there and shout from the rooftops, “Do what I did! Do what I say! And you’ll get what you want!” and they’ll tell you about new houses and new cars, and more money than can be created, and you see them bouncing up and down on the stage, and you think to yourself, “Oh that’s it! I’ve finally got it. I know what to do now,” and they make telephone calls, and they invest in the stockmarket, and they buy homes, and they sell homes, and don’t you know you are looking at that one person who
is fortunate enough to know, what they are not going to tell you. And why is that, why is it that they are not going to tell you? Because the average human being is a wee bit selfish, I’m sorry to say.

So here’s what they’re not going to tell you: that they woke up one day, and felt this presence surrounding them. They felt as though there was a Force leaning on their body. They felt as though there was a Light, and merged with their Light. And somehow, through the magical Force of our Creator and the guides and all the wisdom of the energetic angels, they heard deep in their mind, something that connected to their heart, and it was simple. For it sounded like this:

“Get up off the bed. Get up off the chair. Turn off the TV set, and talk to me. Tell me what you want.”

And the person stopped and said, “I want this, I want that”; and this beautiful energetic pattern they could feel surrounding them said, “No, you can’t have it now.” And the person said, “but you just said, become clear”. And the great Spirit spoke again and it said to that Heart now, “We can’t hear what you are saying. We can see your lips moving; we see the vibration of your vocal chords, but we can’t feel your passion”.

And the light came on: the Passion. For don’t you know, lads and lasses, this world is made up of your thinking. Its as simple as that. Its when you choose to think differently: its when you choose to think differently, that you get different results. And only then, my friends, will you come to the recognition, that you can change your life by thinking alone. Don’t each and every one of you know some masterful thinker – and you say, “wait on, Master Kirael, we don’t know any masterful thinkers, we just know people who are successful, people who just seem to touch a piece of copper and it turns into gold. We know this one person, who finds a shanty, for a $100, and a week later, someone comes along who offers him a million – we know those lucky people. They are always in the right time, in the right place.”

They are thinkers, my friends: consummate, loving thinkers, who never, NEVER, pass by a thought of positive Light. So let me take your ear, just for the moment, because it is a world of yin and yang; and I promise you if you’re down in a world where you don’t want to be right now, eventually, you’ll find your way somewhat back. But if you want to go way up, if you want to reach for the stars, then you make a commitment to yourself this very day: I’ll not let another negative thought pass through me mind, because I’m going to tell you a secret about this dimension that you don’t know….I’ll rephrase that – something that I almost promise you that you don’t remember: your world is a world of yin and yang because you say it is. What you don’t recognise, is that it doesn’t have to be; for you understand the mask of the world, the matrix, they’ll carry on for you, in the yin and the yang. They’ll have their ups and their downs. They’ll feel good one day, and crawl on the floor the next, the masses will do that
for you.

But the Lightworkers cannot stand that any more. The Lightworkers are going to think something along with me right now: what if its all your world of yin and yang because you say it is. But what if its another direction, me friends. What if it was a world where you started this very day, and you’ll not let another negative thought fall to you: if you simply look where you are, this very moment, take a good stock of yourself, make a list of who you are and what you’ve got, and then in the next moment, start your journey: a journey of Passion, a journey that says I’ll put one foot in front of the next; a journey that says, ‘I’ll promise you, I’ll never look over my shoulder again. I’ll be darned if I’m going to have the yin and the yang in my life any more. I’m going to step forward now, in a place and a time, in a space, if you will, that says my journey walks up the mountain, and I’ll put one foot in front of the other, and if it appears as though I’m not getting somewhere, I’ll just use raw, rugged de
termination. I’ll Light my inner sights so much, that every guide, every angel, in the entire world plane of all existences, will come to me aid. They’ll lay before me a carpet and throw roses upon it. For every step I take, when I can’t see the roses, and I can only see the thorns, they’ll lay a magic layer of Light atop that I can step on and not poke me foot. Because I don’t have to live in the world of yin and yang any more. I’ve got the power to lift myself up from it. I’m a creature of Light; I’m a Light particle of the God Creator, and don’t you even think backwards on me now. I don’t care what you’ve learned so far in this yin and yang universal world that you’re in. I’m saying learn something new with me today. Tucking up your fist; touching your heart, go beyond your five senses. Recognise that you are so much more than an instrument of the matrix, to understand that you are a Creator. You Create a world around you, but it must start within. So look in your past if you want: look back and
see all the mistakes you made; look and see about your childhood, when you cried up a storm because you were beat up or picked upon. Look at the last ten years, when you tried everything, and not a darn thing worked. And you look at yourself in the mirror and say, “that’s not the body that I planned to have, but it’s the body I’m stuck with!”

If you can get rid of those thoughts, my friend, if you can cut them free, from the fold of what you are, you can make your weave, you can take a splinter of your Light, and you can start it out forward, to say, “I don’t care any more: I can’t live back there. I can’t be a memory thinker any more! I’ve got to be an evolutionary thinker. Because I’m a Light of my Creator, and the Creator allowed for me to come here, and be part of this most beautiful journey.”

Master Kirael, speaking on "The 21st Century Reality: Your Thoughts Define Your Abundance", 19th/20th February, 2005 http://www.kirael.com to get a copy - lots more in there!, or to find out more about Master Kirael

And from TUT - Totally Universal Thoughts comes this gem on abundance:

Just as you may now think, with some amusement, about prior civilizations who thought your earth was flat, there will be others, in the not too distant future, who will reel in disbelief that there was ever a time when abundance wasn't seen as spiritual, where a dream's manifestation wasn't considered inevitable, and that there were multitudes who knew so little of their importance, their power, and of how deeply they were loved.

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