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Comedy Channel - Hit & Run - “Fish out of Water”
A Spiritual Challenge for Comedian Libbi Gorr (aka "Elle McFeast") Facilitated by ZaKaiRan




The Master Keys of Success & Freedom

Introduction to
The Master Keys of Success & Freedom

Success & Freedom Key #1

100% Responsibility!
You Create your Own Reality!

Success & Freedom Key #2

Burning Desire

Success & Freedom Key #3


Success & Freedom Key #4

Who do you listen to?

Success & Freedom Key #5

Programming yourself for Success

Success & Freedom Key #6

Caring in the Perfect Amount

Success & Freedom Key #7

The number one “failure” disease!

Success & Freedom Key #8

The Purpose of Life is Joy!


Success & Freedom Key #9

Success and Decisions




The Purpose of Life is JOY! 

And the Basis of Life is FREEDOM!

And your life can be a charmed, magical, prosperous and fulfilling one,
if you accept your birth right of Joy and Freedom!  

Your life can be one of immense happiness, health and wealth, if you are willing to be coachable and teachable, and willing to apply the principles of success, on a daily basis!

You can be, do and have, whatever you want in life, if you choose to settle for nothing less than utter and complete Joy and Freedom!

What is your Dream? 

Do you want to inspire and empower people?
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Is your dream to fire your boss, have your own business and create Financial Freedom for yourself?

Maybe your dream is to have Time freedom so that you can spend more time with your family and do whatever you want whenever you want? 

Maybe you want better relationships?  A more loving partner?  Or, maybe a lover?

Or, do you want the time and money to travel the world, and visit amazing places all around this planet?

Maybe your dream is to pursue a creative endeavor, like being an actor, or a writer, or a singer, or a dancer, or an artist, or a professional athlete…

Whatever your dream is…
you can be, do or have it! 

But you need to remember and apply the keys of creation to manifest these desires into physical reality. 

And you need a vehicle that will help you manifest your dreams.

And you must learn the keys of how to master the Law of Attraction. 

You must learn how to think positively with laser-like focus about what you want, not on what you don’t want.

You must learn how to follow your own infallible self-guidance system that will guide you the entire way to creating what you want in your life. 

And I am very happy to show you how to follow that infallible self-guidance system to manifest your hopes, dreams and desires, with a

FREE Guidance and Coaching Session!

Along with this free guidance and coaching session,
you will also be shown an absolutely amazing platform of Fun, Freedom and Fulfillment,
that will help you create the abundance you need,
to have the freedom you desire and help you achieve your dreams!

This offer of a FREE session, is also available on an on-going basis, but only if you are truly teachable and coachable!  And you show me that you are actively committed to creating the joy and freedom you desire, without excuses for why you can’t have it!

If you meet these qualifications, and you are truly open, teachable, coachable, passionate and committed to achieving your dreams of financial freedom, then I will support you on a long-term basis, with periodical free guidance and coaching, to BE, DO and HAVE, whatever you desire to create in your life. 

So, future champion, if you lock arms with me and you truly commit to creating the freedom you desire,
you will create a completely abundant, magical, joyful, healthy, happy, loving
and fulfilling life for you and your family!

So, if you want more out of life than working for 40 hours a week, for 40 years of your life, only to retire on 40% less pay than what you received while working…

And if your dream is to create a life of Fun, Freedom & Fulfillment,
where every day is a holiday
and you have the time and money to do whatever you want, whenever you want,
and all you do is pursue your dreams…

And let's schedule your first FREE Guidance and Coaching Session!

And let's get you on the Road to Freedom!



What is your Dream

by ZaKaiRan



Travel = Enlightenment

by ZaKaiRan



Multi-Million Dollar Mindset
by ZaKaiRan

If you want to succeed at anything in life,
you need a Multi-Million Dollar Mindset!

If you want to succeed at anything in life, whether that is business, a craft or profession such as: acting, dancing, painting, being a musician, etc.,

No matter what your dream is, you need a Multi-Million Dollar Mindset to create it and manifest it!

You have to get money working for you, rather than you working for money!



How To Harmonize EM Frequencies & EM Radiation
by ZaKaiRan

Tesla's Radiation Harmonizing Products



ZaKaiRan on the Comedy Channel!

Hit & Run - “Fish out of Water”

A Spiritual Challenge for Comedian Libbi Gorr
(aka "Elle McFeast")

Facilitated by ZaKaiRan

I do believe in Fairies!  I do believe in Fairies!  I do believe in Fairies!

In this episode of the Comedy Channel's TV series, "Hit & Run", Comedian Libbi Gorr (formerly known as "Elle McFeast"),

comes to Byron Bay, (the "Spiritual Capital" of Australia),

and accepts the spiritual challenge to connect to her "Higher Self" facilitated by ZaKaiRan

Libbi then does a fabulous comedy act based on this experience!

More Information on this TV Program

In July, 2004 I was involved with the production of a segment of a comedy series entitled, "Hit and Run", which was produced by the fabulous Bridgett Ninness for Granada Productions. It aired in Australia on Sept 7th, 2004, on the Comedy Channel, (Foxtel Cable). (The series segment was called “fish out of water”).

"Hit and Run" is a very creative and visionary program whereby they put comedians through various challenges which is video taped, and the comedian then does a comedy act based on the experience for the half hour show. In this case, the challenge for the celebrity was spiritual, facilitated by me.

This was the premise: The comedian, (Libbi Gorr aka Elle Mcfeast), was ready to take the next step in her life path as an actor/comedian by coming to Byron Bay to meet me (ZaKaiRan) to help her meet her Higher Self, become enlightened... (Other scenarios for the show apparently have been military boot camp, a séance…)

The producer and researcher gave me complete creative control of the spiritual processes. The rest was up to Libbi, spontaneity and the producer. The days shooting began with an intro by the announcer, shots of Byron and shots of me meditating. During this intro, Libbi stepped in cow doody, which was of course hilarious and led into her interviewing me about what she would potentially experience and what we intended to create for her. We discussed stepping in shit in life, (naturally), as she washed the doody off of her foot in the pond, spirituality, enlightenment, ascension, ETs, the Pleiades, (which she resonated with, and where I am from), fairies, (including fairy dusting her face, ample cleavage & the host), and goofed about other spiritual stuff.

The scene then moved on to the prepared meditation space, where we discussed the importance of setting up an altar/pillar of light to hold and activate the divine energies. (the Altar was created beautifully by SheKaNah using various beautiful divine thingys, including: Ascended Master pictures, a Kwan Yin sculpture, flowers, crystals..., and hung behind it and the action, was an Archturian Gateway banner, that I channeled and painted for the Higher Self Ball 2001, which is encoded with ascended master codes (courtesy of Qala), and Archturian Gateway Light Codes (courtesy of me), 12 and 8 point spiraling waves of whales, dolphins, space ships and stars, around a Merkaba geometry) (Image to be put on my website). All beautifully lit and photographed!

I then led her and a small group of my friends through a meditation to "meet her higher self". All of this on camera for cable television! Yee Ha!

The entire spiritual process was done as “seriously” and legitimately as possible, even though naturally there is a comedic slant. The producer not only showcased myself and what I do so excellently and not only didn’t screw with what I do, but even enhanced it with cosmic visual affects, so totally excellent! And everyone got a plug on the show: the Ascended Masters, Faeries, dolphins…, including a segment during our meditation where Libbi started us chanting “I do believe in faeries, I do believe in faeries…”

They even did this segment, instigated by the researcher and producer, where I am speaking about how awesome of a time this is “as planet earth ascends into a star and we ascend into our immortal bodies of light and co-create heaven on earth…” – totally awesome. Libbi was very courageous and we had lots of fun with the process and taping the show. And her doing faery/dolphin language was awesome, a very courageous and funny thing to do, and she did it so easily and naturally, it is not just concidence that she chose that particular challenge.

Libbi’s comedy act was excellent as well, especially when she had everyone hold hands and chant “all of us are made of infinite love and compassion”, beyond excellent! And she talks about me and crazy spiritual Byron Bay, poo/colonics… and even does dolphin light language on stage, and the audience just loved it. For them she is speaking about totally “alien” stuff, but it is totally excellent and hilarious because they would not have encountered something like this except through comedy and entertainment.

Can you believe it! I am still blown away by this. It is totally unprecedented and a test to these accelerated times. Kudos (that’s film talk for high commendations) to producer/director Bridgette Ninness for producing this show and her and Libbi’s decision to choose me and this premise for this segment. (Also blessings to Granada Productions, Foxtel and the Comedy Channel for it’s part in the further awakening of humanity). Also thankyou to Vibhuti, Linda, Peter and SheKaNah for joining in and lending your divine energies to the experience.

We are indeed well and truly in the 7th Golden Age when I and what I do is put on television. Yee Ha! God-Goddess be praised! Hallelujah!

Golden Age Love!

Blessings on your journey of divine awakening to your awesome magnificence!



Divine Thanks

Thank you Vibhuti, Linda, Peter & SheKaNah for joining us and supporting us on this journey. 
Thank you Cameron for your fabulous hosting & commentary, watch out for those fairies. 
Thank you Bridgett Ninness for producing this show with me in it! 
Thank you Raym for recommending me to the producers.
Thank you Granada Media Australia, the Comedy Channel and Foxtel Cable for producing and airing the show.

And last but not least,

Thank you Libbi Gorr (aka Lioness Princess Leibla),
you are an awesome fairy, care taker of humanity and I loved your comedy act!

Libbi Gorr
Raym Richards - Crystal Healer Extraordinaire - Global Healing
Granada Media Australia Pty Ltd
The Comedy Channel Australia

I also want to thank you again for the Hit and Run CD of you and Libbi Gorr. I have watched it often and it has not only reminded me how to laugh and talk fairey (which I do often now lol) it has also awakened me to self acceptance around my weight. thank you thank you thank you..... Watching Libbi is wonderful and I have found that I am wearing sleeveless T shirts etc and not worrying about my arms showing and I am begining to not worry about my "Stalker" in the words of Libbi.... So thank you thank you thank you..... I will keep watching it and learning the lessons... Jenny