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EMF Exposure Increase Suicide Risk

Posted By Dr. Mercola | August 13 2000


This study examined mortality from suicide in relation to estimated exposure to extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and found a significant increase in the risk of suicide.

*Researchers studied 138,905 male electric utility workers.
They found a more than doubled risk with electricians and an almost 60% increase in line workers.
* Even stronger associations, up to a 3.5-fold increase, were found in men younger than 50.

The authors state that "These data provide evidence for an association between occupational electromagnetic fields and suicide that warrants further evaluation." They hypothesize that this link has something to do with disturbing melatonin secretion or metabolism.

Western Jounal of Medicine August 2000;173:94-100

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

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There is no question that EMF exposure should be avoided as much as possible. The practical issue is to determine how to avoid it. I have recently located some relatively inexpensive gauss meters which only cost $40 (800-497-9516). I have absolutely no connection with this firm and if anyone has a better and less expensive device I would be glad to post that information. Generally, one should try to keep exposures as low as possible. Ideally, your sleeping environment and regular sitting places should be less than 0.3 milligauss.