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ZaKaiRan is known as One of the Caretakers of Humanity and a Caretaker of Planet Earth-Earth Mother. He is part of a Vast collection of Ascended Masters, Extraterrestrials, Angels.... who graciously serve to assist Planet Earth’s transformation into a Star and humanity’s Ascension into immortal bodies of light.

ZaKaiRan is a Mayan (Pleiadian)/Arcturian Light-Body Activator-Healer and Master Attuner. Cosmic Planetary Transitioner. Ascension Instigator. Cosmic Human Inventor. Sacred Geometrist. Limitation Structure Releaser. Disembodied Spirit Releaser. Divine Union/Relationship Master. ET/Angelic Essence and Origin Connector. Divine Mission Activator. Prosperity Consciousness Activator. Ascended Master Channel. Sonic Alchemist. Record Keeper and Keeper of Galactic Soul Travel through MerKaBa Technology. Planetary Healer - Geobiologist (EMF/EMR and Geopathic Stress relief).

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