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March 15 2011

Becoming a Leader
(of Empowered Harmonizers)

by ZaKaiRan


Are you a Leader? Do you feel the call from Spirit to be a leader, but maybe you are afraid of your own Divine Power or afraid that you will abuse your power and turn into Darth Vader? Do you have faith and trust in yourself? Do you know that you are Light and Truth and Love? Do you know that everything you think is wrong about you is what is totally right about you? Do you know that you can do no wrong? Do you know that there is no judging or punishing force in the Universe? Do you know that you are an instrument of God-Goddess?! Do you know that you are God-Goddess?!

Planet earth desperately needs leaders, real leaders, that understand how love and light works, that understand that all beings are Christed Masters and that all beings are God-Goddess. Humanity needs leaders who can see the Christ Light within the hearts of humanity, who know how to harmonize frequencies and how to create balance and empower others.

But don’t worry, I am not saying that you should run for Governor, politics is not what I am talking about, that is not ‘real’ leading! Politics has its place, but it is trying to make peace in a world of duality that does not believe that peace is possible and that there is not enough for everyone and there are some people better than others, when the real truth is that all beings deserve to be treated fairly, and everyone deserves to be loved, honored, fed and to be prosperous. The world does not need more politics or politicians, what the world needs are more Empowered Harmonizers, real leaders who ultimately know how to lead themselves first without projecting on to others that they must be or act the same way as them, masters who can guide others to lead themselves and be guided by their own divine presence.

Leading others comes naturally with soul growth and evolvement, through Enlightenment and Ascension, where you learn to lead by example, through love, honor, respect and truth, not by making laws, deals and manipulating people and financial systems to serve your cause over others. True leaders are connected to the Divine Plan and all intentions and actions are focused upon helping absolutely everyone in the best way possible.

Do you know how to empower yourself to be your own leader and to then empower others to be their own leaders? Do accomplish this, first you must open your heart, and keep it open at all costs, this is the mark of a true leader, a master. If your heart closes for any reason, then you have lost compassion in that moment, or are being overtaken by a soul aspect of yourself that has experienced some trauma and closed their heart, so your next step is to heal that aspect of your soul that feels that it is safer to close ones heart in situations like this, so that they/you won’t get hurt. But the fact is, you cannot get hurt, you are not a victim, you create your own reality remember?! Yes you have been hurt in the past, but that is only because you wanted to experience being hurt and because you had attachments to people and results and you wanted to experience more of yourself through heart-ache and the illusions of limitation and separation.

But now you have the desire and ability to empower yourself so that you may empower others and this is all that is needed for you to become an empowered leader, the details of how you accomplish this self empowerment are up to your Spirit, if you allow yourself to be guided by this Divine Presence that you truly are. And teachers, books, videos, friends, nature, Gaia, the Family of Light, etc., if you open your heart to receive, will manifest in your life to support you and to help you wake yourself up, recreate your enlightenment and re-embody your mastery.

And this is an important part, you must be able to receive, and let go of programs such as “it is better to give then to receive”, both giving and receiving are as equally important. Plain and simply, the open heart is receptive, and when you are receptive, you create what is perfect for you and your spiritual growth, as well as physical, emotional and mental support. When you are able to receive, you attract to your self what you need to support your life and spiritual growth, and you are able channel divine frequencies for yourself and to support others to become more empowered in their lives.

Also to support yourself, I highly recommend that you incorporate into your life, Ascension Meditations and other energetic support that helps strengthen your auric fields, your heart, open your chakras, etc. This kind of support is freely available on my website, in my articles, workshop and teleclass audios, Ascension Meditation CD and in my books, especially “The Ascension Master’s Toolkit”. And here are the absolute must-dos to support you and your spiritual growth: breathe in the white light that is all around you in the unified field to balance all of your chakras and breathe this light into the base of your heart and the celestial frequency, to make it strong and so that it stays open. Activate, grow and expand the pink, blue and gold flames of the 3-Fold Flame in your heart; connect your heart with Mother Gaia’s heart; regularly call upon the Violet Flame to transmute any and all limitations in your life, call upon your God Presence to merge with you and open and activate your pillar of light that is around you between your soul star chakra above your head and your earth star chakra below your feet, and delight in your absolute divine magnificence!

These and similar meditations/activations, will empower you to become the leader that you truly are.

Accept your Responsibility as a Leader of Leaders!

Blessings on your journey of Divine Magnificence!


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