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Ethical, Organic, Green & Fair Trade Links

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Toxic Ingredient Directory - How safe are the ingredients in your brand of skin care products? How certain are you that they do not contain chemicals that could be harmful to you and/or your children? If you are not sure, use this toxic ingredient directory and find out for yourself. This information has been sourced from Material Safety Data Sheets (or MSDS), which is recognised as the international standard for providing safety information about chemical ingredients used by humans.


Ethical & Organic Shopping Australia

Ethical & Organic Shopping Australia - Ethical Super Market Shopping Guide - Free PDF - Ethical Paper

Chocolate, Healthy, Fair Trade and Organic

Sustainable Seafood Guide

Nurture and Bless Your Body with ONEgroup - MiEssence
Certified Organic Skin Care, Hair Care, Body Care, Oral Care, Health Care and Cosmetic Products


Ethical & Organic Shopping USA

Organic Consumers Association
The OCA deals with crucial issues of food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, children’s health, corporate accountability, Fair Trade, environmental sustainability and other key topics

Ethical Consumer - Recycled paper - Toilet Paper

Chocolate, Healthy, Fair Trade and Organic / http://products.mercola.com/organic-dark-chocolate/

Genetically Modified Foods

GM Foods Australia - Shoppers Guide to Avoiding GE Foods (Australia)
Shoppers Pocket Guide
Shoppers Guide, Full List


GM Foods USA

Shoppers Guide to Avoiding GE Foods


Fair Trade Organizations

Oxfam - Make Trade Fair
Fair Trade Association Australia and New Zealand
People for Fair Trade - A better deal for third world producers

Fair Trade Shop - Siham Craftlink Pty. Ltd. is an australian importer, wholesaler and retailer of unique, handmade and high quality craft items sourced from Fair Trade Organizations ...
USA and Other Countries

Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO)

The Fairtrade Foundation

Fair Trade Federation

Rainforest Care

Rainforest Rescue - is a not-for-profit organisation that has been protecting and restoring rainforests in Australia and internationally since 1998 by providing opportunities for individuals and businesses to Protect Rainforests Forever.
Our projects re-establish rainforests through planting, maintenance and restoration programs, as well as purchasing and protecting high conservation value rainforest and preserving its biodiversity.

Rescuing a special piece of Tasmania’s ancient rainforests: ‘Forest Lodge’

Rainforest Rescue must buy back and protect forever 80 hectares of pristine old growth rainforest in the north east of Tasmania. This property, called ‘Forest Lodge’, has a purchase price of $80,000. At just $1,000 per hectare, this represents exceptional value for what we believe is priceless rainforest. We need your help to rescue this special rainforest forever.

Donate to Save Tasmanian Rainforest!

Please make a special donation today. Your gift will make possible an important project buy back and protect forever 80 hectares of pristine old growth rainforest in the north east of Tasmania.

Landcare Australia - Landcare is a uniquely Australian partnership between the community, government and business to 'do something practical' about protecting and repairing our environment. More than 4,000 volunteer community landcare groups - including bushcare and urban landcare, rivercare, coastcare and sustainable agriculture groups - are tackling land degradation in every corner of Australia.

The Australian Rainforest Foundation (ARF) is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation dedicated to education, research and habitat rehabilitation for Australia's rainforests.



Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Australia
Borneo Orangutan Survival, primates helping primates. ... Forest - Home of the Orangutans. About Palm Oil. Wanariset. Nyaru Menteng. Mawas Reserve ...

Orangutan Hospital

Palm oil

The single greatest threat facing orangutans today is the rapidly expanding palm oil trade. Rainforests are being cleared at the rate of 300 football fields per hour to make way for oil palm plantations.

While there are millions of hectares of degraded land that could be used for plantations, many oil palm companies choose to instead use rainforest land to gain additional profits by logging the timber first. Palm oil companies also frequently use uncontrolled burning to clear the land, resulting in thousands of orangutans being burned to death. Those that survive have nowhere to live and nothing left to eat.

Many everyday products contain palm oil. It is found in ice cream, chocolate, biscuits, crackers, chips, margarine, fruit juice, batters, soap, toothpaste, laundry powders, detergents, cosmetics and pet food to name but a few. It is also found in a wide array of products sold in natural food stores.

Palm Oil Free Products: http://www.orangutans.com.au/Orangutans-Survival-Information/Helping-you-buy-responsibly-Palm-oil-free-alternatives.aspx

Notes: Companies are not required to specifically state “palm oil” in their products. Palm oil is usually listed as “vegetable oil”, and sometimes “palmolene”.

Green & Ethical Living
Care2.com - The Largest on-line community for healthy and green living, human rights and animals welfare -

Planet Ark - Your Daily Guide to Helping the Planet

Clean Up Australia - Recycle your Computer…
Climate Change Australia
Global Garden - your FREE gardening magazine on the internet. (Australia)


Donate Your Glasses
Give the gift of sight. You can help someone else see clearly by donating your old glasses.


Mobile Phone Recycling (australia)

Recycle your Book

WeAreWhatWeDo.org - Small Actions X Lots of People = Big Change
131 Small Actions to Change the World


Cows with Guns by Dana Lyons

The Meatrix - Join Leo, the young pig who wonders if he is "the one", Chickity, the feathered family farm defender, and Moopheus, the trench-coat-clad cow with a passion for green pastures as they expose the problems with factory farming while making the world safe for sustainable family farms.


Bless and Nurture your Body with completely Natural Certified Organic and Beneficial Products

Certified Organic Skin Care, Hair Care, Body Care,
Oral Care, Health Care and
Cosmetic Products

Not only Certified Organic,
but every ingredient is actually beneficial for your body and health!
Bodyfood - Yeah Baby!


Health Articles By ZaKaiRan
ZaKaiRan's Health Tips &
Toxic Ingredients of the Month

Certified Organic VS. the Toxic Soup
Featuring: * Organic Standards, * What does “Natural” and “Organic” mean on Product Labels? * LIPSTICK - Does your Lipstick contain Lead? * Is your Shampoo Killing you? * Comparing Moisturisers (typical chemical ingredient list vs. certified organic)
Carbon Negative
, *
Toxic Ingredient Directory, a list of toxic ingredients in typical body care products and cosmetics

Butchery of the Penis
Circumcision and the repression of the masculine and feminine potencies
by ZaKaiRan

ZaKaiRan’s Health Tips
Butter or Margarine? Which is Better?
+ Fats & Oils, Essential Fatty Acids…

How much do you love yourself?
Or How to Create Heaven in your Life

Loving Yourself & Mother Earth
Self Love & Creating a Reality of Love
through Action and Consumer Activism

Toxic Ingredient of the Month
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Toxic Ingredient of the Month
Propylene Glycol