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Introduction to Success Mastery

By ZaKaiRan

Hi my name is ZaKaiRan!  And I have been working, training, teaching, speaking and writing in the health, spirituality, success, Law of Attraction, relationship... fields, for the last thirty years.  And I have written many books and countless articles in these fields, many of which have been published in many magazines world-wide and are available on my website at www.ZaKaiRan.com,

During this quest for truth, I have been doing my best to help people to “recognize and realize their magnificence”, and to help them manifest this magnificence in their daily lives, by embodying their divinity.  I also naturally trained in, worked with and taught the Law of Attraction, to help people be empowered to create what they truly want in their lives.  To help them manifest wealth, lovely relationships, be happy, etc., to make their dreams come true.  My most recent book, “The Seven Master Keys of Creation”, is all about this subject and how to powerfully work with the 7 Mighty Elohim, (the Creator Gods and Goddesses of the Universe, that create planets, universes, etc.). 

And even though I was writing and teaching about manifestation, creation and “Law of Attraction”, and I had a very strong theoretical grasp on how the universe works, I was not yet a master of manifestation and I was not manifesting my dreams at the rate I desired to manifest them.  And my soul felt hindered because of this, because I was impeded by my lack of mastery from accomplishing the great and vast tasks that I have come to this planet to accomplish.   Plain and simply, I did not have all of the keys of success to make my dreams come true!

I did not have all of the pieces of the puzzle when it comes to creation mastery and the “Law of Attraction”, because just doing positive affirmations, being positive and focusing on what you want, isn’t quite enough to manifest your dreams into reality. 

Affirmations certainly help, especially when combined with “EFT” (Emotional Freedom Technique), but there are many other “elements in the forces of play”, in the realm of creation and manifestation, that need to be in put in place, including daily reprogramming, in order for you to really, truly, powerfully and consciously create what you want in your life. 

So basically, I was completely sick and tired of being a poor spiritual teacher!  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired!!!!  And I wasn’t going to take it anymore!

When the student is ready, the teacher appears!

But when the student is ready, the teacher appears, and in 2012, I was introduced to something very special that would change my life forever.  So, where did I get the final pieces of the puzzle that are helping me manifest my dreams?  They came from an amazing man by the name of Kevin Trudeau, who is truly a Jedi master of creation and manifestation.  He is also a deeply spiritual master of light, as well as a master of business, master salesman and master of network marketing. 

He has built many multi-million dollar companies, and has also built one of the largest network marketing down-lines in history (with over 200,000 people).  As well as being a total champion of human rights, free speech and health rights.  He has written many books providing alternative health, nutrition and healing techniques for those self-empowered courageous souls who no longer desire to give their power away to the medical dictatorship and who wish to take control of their own health.  His books provide amazing positively empowering tools, techniques, foods and products that we can use to improve our health, wealth and success.  They also expose the corruption in the corporate world of finance, banks, governments, pharmaceutical companies and the medical industry. 

His most famous book is entitled “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About”, which was on the New York Times best seller list longer than any other natural health book in history.  He also written the book, “Debt Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About” and his latest book “Weight Loss Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About”, which exposes the corruption in the corporate monopolized food industry, the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the weight loss industry.  I highly recommend his empowering and enlightening books. 

And he has been unjustly imprisoned for his efforts of exposing these industries, that wish to keep him quiet, to maintain ignorance in the masses and maintain their “profit at all costs” control over these industries with impunity.

The pieces that completed the puzzle of success for me, were introduced to me by a totally amazing friend of mine when he so generously loaned me a CD set entitled, “Your Wish Is Your Command” by Kevin Trudeau.  This CD set was exactly what I needed and was asking for at the time to propel me to my next level of mastery! 

This CD set then introduced me to the next step of my success training by inviting me to join a private success mastery club that was set up by Kevin Trudeau and his band of super heroes, a group of thirty wealthy elite people, who have a passionate desire to empower humanity, rather than keep them stupid, ignorant, fat and enslaved, as the deluded and misguided people that have imprisoned Kevin Trudeau desire. 

I have been a member of this club since 2012 and I have learned more in the realms of success mastery, creation, manifestation and self-empowerment, in a very short time, than I have learned from the last twenty years of “spiritual” study.  All of the spiritual studies that I have done were all amazing but unfortunately, none of it taught me the real practical keys of creation and how to consciously and powerfully manifest what I need and want in life.  I did not get the “secret” teachings I needed to help me truly master the Laws of Creation to attract people, situations and events in my life to help me create wealth and success in my life, which I so desperately needed in order to fulfill my mission on earth to help as many people as possible to become empowered, happy, healthy and prosperous. 

Many spiritual teachers teach the Law of Attraction, and some have gotten rich from teaching Law of Attraction seminars, but most teachers have not achieved wealth through their own merits, aside from teaching about it, which in my opinion, does not count!

The real fact of the matter, and I can say this with direct experience of knowing literally hundreds of amazing spiritual teachers and masters, most of these “spiritual” teachers really do not know how to manifest wealth in their lives.  The fact is, most spiritual teachers, healers and practitioners struggle to make a decent living, and very few of them have any degree of financial freedom.  In other words, they cannot walk away from their businesses or practices and still receive passive income.

Most “spiritual” people struggle financially because they are unteachable when it comes to money and they refuse to go beyond their negative beliefs about money.  In other words, they are not willing to release their old programs about money and learn new things to change their lives for the better.  And they are not providing a very good example for the awakening masters who wish to improve their lives.

Instead, many people use “spirituality” as an excuse to not grow financially, therefor, they do not grow spiritually.  You cannot grow spiritually if you are blocked in any way to anything on planet earth, which includes money!  If you are blocked in the realms of money manifestation, then you are blocked in your ability to manifest in general! 

Yes, you may be able to manifest some things in your life, where you are not blocked and do not have resistance, but if you are blocked in the world of money, then you are blocked in the world of creation, because at the core of “money” manifestation, is creation itself! 

That is because money is a quantifiable element of creation, and manifesting quantifiable elements into your life gives you confidence in your manifestation abilities.  And having confidence in your manifestation abilities creates success, happiness and fulfillment!

And money is a magical thing, because with money, you can create anything!  So in a sense, the old song, “money makes the world go round”, is true.  That’s just how life on planet earth is, and you can surrender to the fact that we all need and use this wonderful tool of exchange and commerce to survive and thrive, or you can resist this fact and be poor and powerless, it is your choice.

I manifested this success mastery organization into my life because I was sick and tired struggling financially.  I have been teaching, guiding and helping people world-wide for years, and even though it was extremely enlightening and very rewarding in so many ways, I always struggled financially because I did not have all of the pieces of the Creation/Manifestation/Law of Attraction puzzle.  The success mastery training provided by this organization that was set up by Kevin Trudeau and the GIN Council, filled in those missing pieces. 

Those pieces of the puzzle, the “secrets” of success, wealth and manifestation, have not been typically available to anyone except for the wealthy elite classes & aristocratic families, who have kept these “secrets” for themselves and only shared them within the walls of their “secret” clubs to other elite and family members.  Success Clubs such as the, “Yale University Skull and Bones”, “the Harvard Alumni Group”, the Bilderberg Group”, the “Masons”, etc.  This success mastery training has been hidden and guarded to minimize competition and keep the peasants loyal ignorant workers to maintain the Elite empires. 

But not everyone within the wealthy elite society agrees with the standing order of, “keep the masses ignorant, poor, unhealthy and fat, at all costs”!  The select elite members of the GIN council believe that these success mastery principles used by the wealthy elite, should be made available to everyone who desires to receive these keys of success to improve their quality of life and to become empowered.  They believe everyone has the potential for success and greatness, regardless of their level of education, or genetics. 

Kevin Trudeau and the GIN council began this vision to reveal these teachings in 1999, and the vision became a reality when after years and years of harassment from promoting health and healing alternatives to allopathic medicine and pharmaceuticals, (which motivated Kevin Trudeau to write his books), and he was being interviewed on television about his latest book, “weight loss cures they don’t want you to know about”, and having great success from using the weight loss protocols, he stated that, “he personally found the weight loss cure easy”.  Which was completely true, because he had always suffered from weight issues.  He was subsequently arrested and fined 37 million dollars for allegedly misleading the public that the weight loss cure detailed in his book, (that has been used by the wealthy elite for around 50-100 years), “was easy”.

So even though Kevin Trudeau and the GIN council are modern day heroes for revealing these success principles, the movement to empower humanity by revealing the “secrets of success”, really began in the 1930s, when Andrew Carnegie, a self-made millionaire in the steel business, and the richest man in the world at the time, employed Napoleon Hill, with a 20 year commission to study the most successful and wealthy people of the time, to see what were the keys of success that they all did, that made them so successful.  

The book that Napoleon Hill wrote from this 20 year commission, was entitled “The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons”.  After its release, this book was not welcomed in the least by many key individuals in the controlling elite classes, especially Henry Ford, who was afraid that “if the masses got a hold of this book and learned how to manifest what they wanted, no one would work in his factories”. 

So the publisher was subsequently “bought out” and the book was removed from sale.  Napoleon Hill later wrote his most famous book, “Think and Grow Rich”, which is an amazing success book in its own right, but does not contain all of the key “secrets” of success that were contained in “The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons”.  But luckily for us, the book “The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons”, has now been made available from the organization I have been alluding to, the Global Information Network also known as GIN. 

So we now have our own “secret” success club, but the difference between the GIN club and the traditional “secret” success clubs, is we allow anyone to join to learn the secrets of success.  And we want everyone to know these secrets to become empowered to manifest their dreams and desires.

And you can also learn these “secrets” of success that have been used by the wealthy elite for centuries to build their immense fortunes, so that you can create for yourself and your family, wealth, financial freedom, and anything that you desire to create in your life! 

What is your dream?  Whatever your dream is, you can have it!  You can do it!  You can be, do and have anything and everything you want!

Stop shrinking your dreams to suit your bank account!  Instead, grow your bank account to suit your dreams!  And with the success mastery teachings provided by Kevin Trudeau and the Global Information Network, anything is possible!

If you would like to become a member of your own private fraternal success mastery club, to learn the secrets of success, health and wealth?  If you would like to learn how to create for yourself a truly fulfilling life, full of joy, happiness and loving relationships with like-minded, loving, success oriented people, and become part of a growing family of empowered entrepreneurs and success masters?  If you would like to learn how you can be, do and have whatever you want in life and become empowered to make your dreams come true? 

Then go to this website and join now!

Success is a decision away!

Infinite blessings of immense abundance!


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What about Kevin Trudeau?

There is a lot of bad press that has been spun about Kevin Trudeau that he is some grand and evil con artist.

This could not be farther from the truth!

The real truth is that he has written many books that reveal the corruption in all aspects of corporate industry, including the financial world & the credit industry, the pharmaceutical/medical industry, the weight loss industry, etc.,
that wish to limit our rights of free-speech and limit our choices about health.

All of their lies and corruption has been revealed in his many books and these corrupt industries do not want the truth revealed and do not like what he has written and want him silenced.

This is why he has been charged the ludicrous sum of 37 million dollars and imprisoned for allegedly claiming that the weight loss cure that he revealed in his book, "Weight Loss Cures They Don't Want You To Know About", a weight loss cure that has been used for centuries by the wealthy elite class, is easy.

Yes, he did say it was easy. He personally found it easy, and he said this from personal experience because he has had weight issues his whole life. He did not say that anyone else would find it easy.

That is the heinous crime that he has supposedly commited, that he said that the weight loss cure that he revealed in his book, is easy!

Obviously our constitutional common law and divine law right to free speech is a thing of the past. The founding fathers and mothers, who fought for freedom of religion and freedom of speech etc. in America are literally turning in their graves.

After he did not pay the ludicrous sum of 37 Million dolllars and after the courts raided every single company and organization associated with Kevin Trudeau and tried to collapse and destroy these companies, and could not find the ludicrous sum of 37 Million dolllars, he was sent to prison for 10 year!

Yes, you heard right, 10 years!

People who murder other people get less time than that!

Kevin Trudeau is a modern day Nelson Mandela and he is fighting for our rights of free speech
and our rights to make our own health choices.

Please support Kevin Trueau and do not believe the lies spread by controling forces about Kevin Trudeau,
who is a friend of mind and an absolute saint!

God Bless you Kevin Trudeau!