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Looking for Leaders

by ZaKaiRan


Most people admire people that are able to do remarkable things and who lead others to achieve greatness.  And most people love to follow leaders who have a strong vision and a big dream! 

We admire people who have great vision and who pursue their dreams and visions relentlessly!  People who care more about their dreams and their vision then they care about what we think about them. 

That is the true mark of a leader, someone who does not care what you think about them!  A leader who has great vision and very big dreams, and who sees only that vision, and who moves steadily towards their dreams, and all other considerations are inconsequential in comparison to that vision and their dreams!  Other people’s perceptions, beliefs, support, action, inaction, complaints, judgements, etc., are meaningless, in comparison to their vision and their dreams!

A leader charges forward whether anyone else follows them or not! 

Even a leader’s own thoughts, especially doubts and beliefs that are contrary to their own vision, are all meaningless and a s/he pays no attention to these!  

The WHY is more important than the HOW!  All that matters, is your Dream, your “WHY”!  Why you’re taking the journey, and why you’re going on the quest, and why you’re taking the action… is more important than the HOW!  Why you’re doing what you’re doing, is more important than how you’re going to achieve your goals, dreams and desires!

All that matters is your vision, your mission, your destination and the journey to get there!  All that matters is “I’m going to accomplish this mission and I’m going to get to the destination, no matter what it takes! 

A leader never waits to pursue their Dream until s/he has figured out the HOW to achieve that dream! 

“The how does not matter when your attitude is right!”

Just having the Vision and focusing on that Vision, and having clarity about that Dream, is all that matters!

A leader may not even know HOW s/he is going to accomplish the WHY, and the how is often figured out along the way. 

A Leader understands that the HOW is not even necessarily their job and that the Law of Attraction will sort out the HOW, and all they have to do is focus wholeheartedly on their goal and not concern themselves so much with the details of how to get there.  A leader understands that success and achieving your goals and reaching the destination, comes more efficiently through positive thought and vibration, not necessarily from action!  Action is just an inevitable inspiration from the excitement of achieving the Vision!

A leader understands when to act, and the optimal time to take-action, is when you are compelled by your vision to act.  You are so inspired by your Vision, that it is impossible to resist taking action.

And leaders understand that, what other people do on their journey, is completely inconsequential, and does not get to determine how they are going to feel!

The inner premise is: “I am going to feel good about my dreams and desires.  And I’m going to feel good about achieving my goals and arriving at the destination.  And I’m going to feel good about every step of the journey, no matter what anyone else thinks about my journey, and no matter what anyone else does on that journey, and no matter how that journey may look along the way… I know that everything is temporary, and everything is always improving, and everything always goes my way; and I am on my path…  And in due time, I will manifest all of my hope, dreams and desires into physical reality!”

A Leader is Self-Guided

A leader is someone who, first of all, leads themselves – they are self-guided!  They may seek advice on their journey, but only from people who have been on that journey and already arrived at that similar destination and who know more about the journey than them.  They do not seek advice, or listen to the opinions, from un-teachable people, who think they know everything, but actually know nothing.  They seek advice from people that are experts in that field! 

And leaders do not look to other people for their approval, before they will move forward.  They make decisions, not knowing how that decision will turn out, with the expectation that however that decision turns out, it will be for the best for them.  After a decision is made and action is taken, if it appears that things did not turn out like they wanted or imagined, they never look back and regret a decision!  They learn from their decisions and only look forward!  And they keep moving forward, knowing that everything always turns out for the best for them and the journey is never complete! 

Leaders never retreat or have a plan B! 

General George S. Patton, most definitely the greatest general of World War II, he and his Army, were so much more successful in comparison to other generals and their armies, because they never retreated!  They always charged forward and kept moving forward, no matter what!  Patton and his armies never retreated!

And they also never ever doubted that they could accomplish their mission!  Leaders never retreat and they never doubt!  Leaders never give in and they never surrender!

Leaders are supremely confident, but this confidence is often judged as arrogance.  But that is only because people who lack confidence and self-esteem, do not understand the difference between arrogance and confidence, and are always intimidated by confident people.  Arrogant people believe they are better than everyone else.  Whereas, confident people believe that no one is better than anyone. 

Arrogant people, feel the need to shove their knowledge down everyone else’s throats because of their belief that other people are helpless, ignorant and powerless.  Whereas, confident people, never offer advice or guidance without it being requested of them, knowing that everyone is supremely self-empowered to be, do and have whatever they want in their lives!  To do otherwise, would imply that that person is helpless and disempowered, which is untrue.

The real sign of a leader, is someone who does not care what you think of them!  Your support and approval of what they are doing, does not determine how they are going to feel or determine their own self-worth!  A true leader will have a general respect for you regardless of your age, education, wisdom, etc., but if you are arrogant and egotistical, and therefore, not a cooperative, open, teachable, element in their life, they will give you no attention!  And rightly so, because based on the Law of Attraction, a wise person should never give attention to uncooperative people and elements, that are not supporting their positive creation of reality!

But, if you are a cooperative element, if you are open and teachable, someone who is a vibrational match to their positive, abundant, joyful, reality creation and well-being, then your life will be enhanced greatly by that leader’s positive support of you, because you are supporting their general well-being.

True leaders unconditionally want everyone to succeed and be happy, and if you are genuine in your desire for an improved life, they will bend over backwards to help you, but only, if you are truly committed!  If you give 100%, they will give you 100%!  If you give only 50%, they will, give you 50%, and no more!  And rightly so, because smart leaders only return what is given and give what is returned.  Anything more is a waste of their time and creative energy!

Leaders do not ever try to change anyone or convince someone that they should change! Everyone’s individual journey is respected and honored!  Leaders, (like good sales people), do not ever try to convince anyone to change or to buy what they are offering!  Instead, they look for people’s needs that they can fulfil with their product or service.  They look for people that are have similar visions as themselves.  And they look for people that are vibrational matches to the assistance and support they are offering.  They look for people who are looking for them.  People who want what they have, and who want to be where they are.

Leaders are always looking for other leaders who are open, teachable and coachable!  And they are always on the lookout for very eager teachable people who want to become leaders, that they can pass their knowledge and experience on to.  They are looking for people that are self-guided, but who are always open to learning how to refine their guidance and have more clarity in their lives, to make optimal choices.

One for All and All for One!

Leaders understand that we are all in this together and it is impossible to accomplish a mission alone!  They understand that life, relationship, business, success, etc., are all a group effort!  The smartest leaders are the ones who surround themselves with people who are smarter and who have more expertise than them.  An excellent example is Andrew Carnegie, the steel magnate of the 1930s, who became one of the richest men in the world, by surrounding himself with people who knew more about the steel business than he did.  Henry Ford did the same thing to create a car that everyone could afford by creating the first assembly line.

No athlete ever made it to the Olympics or to the pinnacle of achievement without expert coaching!  No team ever made it to a championship without expert coaching!  Leaders are always coachable and are always learning!  “Leaders are readers!”  Leaders are always reading success and law of attraction books, listening to audios, watching videos and attending training seminars! 

Long-Term Perspective

Leaders understand that Profit is better than wages!  Leaders do not trade time for dollars like most people do, instead, they understand the power of leverage and invest in and create businesses and opportunities that give them long-term freedom through passive income. 

Leaders have a long-term perspective, especially when it comes to business.  They understand that most new businesses do not typically see any profit for 5 to 10 years, after all the start-up costs and loans have been paid off.

Leaders are committed and persistent!  They do not jump in to businesses casually and “try” them out for a month or two, like most people do with network marketing businesses.  And the ones who succeed financially, are the ones that are committed to success, regardless of how long it takes to get themselves and their business into profit.  And they are persistent and consistent in their effort!  They work and play hard as long as they are inspired to do so!

Leaders Never Retire!

Leaders also never retire!  Retirement is for people that trade their dreams for the promise of safety and security, only to arrive safely at deaths door with their dreams unfulfilled! 

Leaders understand that they can never get it wrong and they never get it done!  And life, business, relationship… is a journey, and each goal, each dream, is just the reason for the journey.  Achieving goals and dreams are not the end because there is no end!  There is no retirement for a Leader, because a leader is always creating something new!  A leader is always inspired to the next creation and the next quest, and the next and the next…

Leaders do not delay living life, they live life now!  Leaders “Carpe Diem”, or translated from Latin, leaders ‘seize the day’!  Leaders create financial freedom for themselves so that they can live life now!  The key to happiness is to always be creating something new!  To always be pursuing the next dream and the next dream!  And those who do not, decay and die with their dreams unfulfilled.

So, are you a leader?  Do you want to be a leader?

Do you have a dream of being a person of influence, who in turn influences others to achieve greatness?

Do you want to empower others to create freedom in their lives and inspire people to believe in themselves and achieve their dreams?

Do you want to become a conscious creator of reality, with complete confidence in your ability to create whatever you wish to create in your life, as leaders do?

Do you want the financial freedom that leaders have, to be able to be, do and have whatever you want in your life?

Well, whatever your dreams are, you can be, do and have them!  

And I am very happy to support you to become completely empowered to make your dreams come true!

But I will only give you my valuable time, if you are truly committed to your joy and freedom, and truly committed to helping others achieve joy and freedom in their lives!

If you make excuses, if you are arrogant, think you know-it-all, if you are uncommitted, doubtful, and unteachable - I will not give you my valuable time!

But, if you are open, teachable, coachable, and completely committed to achieving the freedom you desire and deserve, and completely committed to helping other people to also achieve the freedom they desire…  And if you follow my guidance to the letter, you will continue to receive my support free of charge, and together we will ride the luxury ship of abundance and self-empowerment and create immense Fun, Freedom and Fulfilment in our lives and the lives of countless others!

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