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The Magnificent Journey

Creating Heaven in your Life

The Honoring and Activation of your awesome magnificence
through the healing and clearing of your MerKaBa, (your Light-Body),
and your karmic memories
Divine Life Creation through the Power of Joy

by ZaKaiRan


Greetings beloveds Magnificent Master of Love-Light!

This is your invitation to Magnificence, to your magnificence!

I am now focusing my energy and attention on the embodiment, activation and expression of my divine keepership, my God Presence field of work that I came to this planet to reveal. This work will help this planet ascend and help my broStars and siStars remember and embody their divine magnificence to ascend in to their immortal bodies of light.

And I am focused upon doing this in the most efficient ways available to help as many people as possible to become the awesome magnificent masters that they truly are - through this field of divine transformation entitled: The Magnificent Journey!

What is the Magnificent Journey?

You are the Magnificent Journey beloved! Your life is the magnificent journey! Life on this planet and the ascension of planet earth into a star, is the Magnificent Journey! This is a holy mission that we are all ultimately committed to, and we each have our parts to play in this divine comedy and we each have our pieces of the divine puzzle to accomplish this holy mission. My piece of the puzzle is called the “Magnificent Journey” through the “Power of Joy”, which is my body of work that I have come to planet earth to reveal. It is my divine “keepership” of Soul Travel through MerKaBa technology.

This will be expressed through the channeling of the higher dimensional frequency of my God Presence, divine teachings, transformational meditations and soul journeys of divine grace. Also through the channeling of amazing sounds which I call “Sonic Alchemy”. If you have been to one of my “playshops”, or listened to any of the audios from these powerful events, my or had a session from me, you would have experienced these transformational sounds, which easily and gracefully harmonize the densest of patterns and raise the vibration for the experience of a greater level of divinity. Additionally, through the healing of soul aspects through karmic absolution and divine dispensations facilitated by my Karmic Record keepership, MerKaBah energy healing, and “the Power of Joy”, through my “child-like” playful and expressive essence.

As a result, a being is then able to access their Divine Power, Mastery and truly experience and embody their awesome magnificence.

This body of work is now going into full production, and will be offered through all mediums available, to help us all learn to powerfully work together in group MerKaBa, to support each other and energize each other’s missions, to easily and gracefully create the lives and the world they we have come here to co-create together - Heaven on Earth!

To support this work, and to support my divine family to remember their divine magnificence, I have provided on my website, a cavalcade of free Articles and audios from my “Divine Life Creation Mastery” playshops. These teachings have been given as support to all beings who are on the journey of enlightenment and ascension, as we ascend into our immortal bodies of light. Also available for your divine support, healing and transformation is “The Mini Ascension Masters Toolkit”, “The Ascension Masters Toolkit” (an Ascension Manual of Epic proportions), and it’s support buddy, “the Daily Ascension Meditations by ZaKaiRan”.  I highly recommend availing yourself to these supportive elements as a divine blessing.

This months gift to you to support your journey, is one of the most powerful tools of ascension that I could offer, which is the power of decree. And as an additional gift of love, I give you the “Stress Relief Decree”, to help you free yourself from all possible stress in your life, and realize that all “stress” is self imposed, believed and adopted, and it is always your choice to create a life that is stress free, flowing and full of joy and prosperity. I hope that these gifts bless you and your life to help you embody your divine magnificence!

And I hope that you will join me and your other family members for future “magnificent” events. And I thank you for promoting this and other gifts that I will be offering to your friends so that we can help each other and all of our divine family on planet earth to gracefully and easily awaken to our Awesome Magnificence. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support for my mission and for your commitment to your journey of awakening and mastery and our mission of the co-creation of heaven on earth.

Infinite blessings on your Magnificent Journey!


P.S. I also hope that you will bless yourself with the divine support, healing gifts and programs that we are making available as a collective to the world through www.TheDivineUniversity.com, a world wide spiritual outreach organization that I am intimately involved with. And I hope that you will join with us as an integral part of this divine cooperative.

The Power of Decree
your ‘Ascension Tool of the Month’:

Stress Relief Decree

For the release and healing of all aspects of your soul
that experience stress from life on planet earth, and past life experiences




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