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The below “article” is a transcript of my Teleclass entitled:
”Meditation - What is it good for? - Absolutely Everything!”, given in 2008, transcribed by the fabulous Sydney Hall, I hope you enjoy it.

The free audio of this Teleclass is available here on my website http://www.zakairan.com/ZaKaiRanStuff/ZaKaiRansAudiosCDsDVDs.htm#freeaudios

Guidance and Meditation from ZaKaiRan and ZaKaiRan's Divine Presence. Including a meditation that you will be able to download for future use as a practical tool to expand & enlighten your consciousness, and connect you to your Divine Presence! Mastering your thoughts and feelings. Clearing your unconscious energies. Energy and Frequency. Emanating God consciousness. Enlightening & balancing your Chakras. Meditating with the Ascended Masters and Angels for divine support, healing and karmic healing. EASE energies (the essential energies of the Universe): Prana, Christ Light, Plasma, Source and Voidal frequencies. Creating your Sphere (Egg) of Life. Healing your Auric Field

What is it good for?… Absolutely Everything!

Or How to meditate like a Lama in a simple and easy manner!
(That's the the buddhist monk type of Lama, not the animal, although I’m sure the Lamas in peru are great meditators)

Transcript of Teleplayshop with ZaKaiRan
(May 10, 2008)


Welcome everybody for joining in…make sure you have some water with you for this is high vibrational work and it will help cool the engine. I would like everyone to center yourselves, close your eyes and let’s create a lovely network – lovely connection between us so that the work that we do today will help heal the entire planet…so everyone just send a nice beam of love all around – so lets tell you where everyone is at…we’ve got a Michigan connection, 2 Colorado connections, a Florida, the UK and Australia, so just send a beam of love to all of us from the point of light within the center of your heart.

I call now for a group MerKaBa to connect us all together in divine synchronicity, I call now to the Ascended Masters and the Angels, Djwhal Khul, Lady Mary, Lady Nada, St Germain, Lord Ashtar, Quan Yin, Lady Rowena, Celeste….. calling on all the Emissaries of Light, Pleiadian, Syrian, Andromedan, Emissaries of Light join us surround us with a golden column of light and activate group Merkaba..... we activate our individual Merkabas.

This teleconference will be a combination of guidance, meditation and especially since its about meditation it’s ludicrous not to do meditation because it’s about the importance of meditation and the reason to meditate.

Meditation - what is it good for…absolutely everything -- and the point, Focus, the point is Presence there are all kinds and different ways, forms and techniques, but the most important aspect to create, the most important idea – the most important intent to create for yourselves, is Presence, Awareness, Consciousness, Focus, so that your awareness, your awareness, your body, your energy, your consciousness, is full of presence - full of your Divine Presence to create in a powerful way - in a grand way in the way that I know you all want to create and that is on the level that you want to powerfully assist humanity, for to be able to assist humanity you must step into mastery and begin to embody frequency and access frequency and you access frequency thru meditation, invocation, through ceremony, by playing with and by embodying your Presence – your God Presence…

So I want everyone to Focus your entire attention on the point of light in the center of your heart – the point of light in the center of your heart is the point of Presence and expand this point of light -- see it growing, growing and breathe in the Christ Light from above. See golden light raining down upon you and breathe in this light – breathe in this golden light, breathe in this Golden Christ Light consciousness, to activate you – helps you remember that you are Christ - Christed Beings of Light Being – unconditionally loving Masters of love and light... And breathe in Prana from below you, from the earth - breath in this life force energy into your heart - you may breathe it in through your perineum, through your prana tube that runs through the middle of your body… just feel it - see it all around you, breathing from the Christ above, the prana from below, breathing in from the center of your heart, as your heart grows and expands opens the point of love from the center of your heart.

Focus… upon this feeling - feeling your Presence - expanding this light out, opening, expanding, this light grows larger and larger – around you… Send this light out 12 ft around you. The point of sending this light 12 ft around you is to assist all those aspects of yourself...– the energies - the astral energies from the last 3 past lives – your most significant lives that are affecting you now, and any energies, traumas promises, beliefs, patterns, vows, agreements… left over from these past lives that may be affecting you, that may be blocking your energy in some way from feeling your Presence. By expanding your light out, by opening your chakras, clearing your chakras, you will be able to feel your Presence more, you will be able to feel the essence of your divinity more, you’ll be able to feel your presence more, feel the essence of your divinity more….

So I want you all to say, “I call now for My God presence, to merge with me, merge with every cell of my being, all of my energy bodies, my mind, my heart, and fill me with my Divine Presence – fill me with the essence of my love. Now everyone just feel your Presence now – just feel it - this is the real you… so if you ever you are struggling in life with thoughts, feelings, with perceptions – you don’t know what to do, don’t know what decisions to make in your life… you want to create something but you might not know how to create it, go to Presence – feel yourself…and feel this frequency.

Now, Prana and the Christ light are energies they are 2 of the essential energies that you need for your awakening, for your spiritual sustenance, for your existence. They are 2 of the 5 EASE energies that make up the entire universe and everything that exists and is created by combinations of these energies the other 3 are Plasma, which is pure power pure Divine power, Prana and Christ light energy. So if you want to step into your mastery then you have to allow for and invite in concentrations of energies and this takes Plasma - pure Divine Power. The other energies are the voidal frequencies, the voidal frequencies are the energies of the Divine Mother, it is pure love, plain and simply, and then the other energies are Source energies, source frequencies which might be the resources we need for our energies.

Today we are going to be working with Plasma and Prana and (Christ Light), we are going to be inviting in Plasma, we are going to be inviting in concentrations of Prana and the Christ light, we are going to be inviting in frequencies. So the focus of this meditation is Presence & Frequency, we are going to be inviting in Presence & Frequency and I’m going to show you the difference between frequency and energy. The Angelic nature works with just energy – the 1st initiation of awakening is embodying your Angelic Presence. The Angels work with energy - Prana and the Christ Light – helping everyone to manifest their dreams on soul levels… so the 1st step of awakening is Divine Service – unconditional service – helping others and you can do a lot of Divine service, you can spend an entire life doing Divine service and you will be completely fulfilling the first aspect of awakening – the nature of awakening, Divine Service, and you may be taken care of on human levels, on soul levels, by working with this energy, opening up to this energy. Your soul will be fulfilled with experiential fulfilment thru this journey of opening your angelic nature.

The next level of awakening, the next level of activation - is Mastery. Mastery requires a whole other level of responsibility. Mastery is where you are all currently experiencing the initiations of – stepping into your Mastery. You are also of course working with your own Angelic nature activating your angelic nature, serving humanity, and the next level is working on a global scale. Bringing thru frequency that will help create and manifest. It is the level of energy – it is the goal of meditation – it’s the goal of Mastery in meditation. When you connect to this frequency, this Presence, because to create on a grand level you must connect to your Presence, because your Presence your sprit, your God Presence - is the path of Mastery.

And it’s your choice – its everyone’s choice - not everyone chooses to step into Mastery, they may just serve humanity on an Angelic level just being in service and their individual needs are taken care of – they have lovely relationships and feel their connection to humanity thru love, and the next level is connecting to… (that’s soul energy work – that’s working with your individual soul and what your soul wants to experience in this lifetime) and a lot of what the soul wants to experience in this lifetime is the balancing of karma and you balance a great deal of karma by just giving Service.

And the next level is back to activation…is Presence… so once again, everyone, I want you to feel your Presence…center in your heart in the point of light in the center of your heart…feel your Presence in the Center of your heart once again see your light behind you 12 ft above you, above your head to the left to the right, 12 ft below you, below your feet, so that your entire body is surrounded in an egg of light and love, and we’re all connected in a tapestry to support each other. Know that you have the support of your Brothers and Sisters here today and the support of the Ascended Masters and Angels, the Councils of Light, the Galactic Federation, The Emissaries of Light… Ascended Masters who are always with you, Mother earth supports you… you are supported by the EASE energies – you are supported by Prana, you have the ability to breath Prana to assist your body…to strengthen you etheric body and you have access to the Christ light – breathe the Christ light to experience your Angelic nature…

Now I want everyone to just say within yourself… “I call now the EASE Emissaries energies to flood me with the Plasma frequency and I call to my God Presence to open all my chakras, to feel the Plasma, the pure Divine power of Divinity, of love”…

Now just allow it – just experience it, just let the EASE Emissaries do their work… See and feel your egg of light, your egg of love filled with Plasma…concentrated Christ light Prana, Plasma, Prana and Christ Light 1000 fold times 1000… And to help now, to help you know the difference, see the difference now, thus far you have been receiving energy – nice energy, nice guidance, maybe a hint of frequency in there… now we’re going to give you frequency, help you to feel and experience frequency… you will feel the difference which is concentrated full of Presence, (TONING……………………………)

Place all of your mind, your thoughts, your beliefs, your vision, your consciousness, deeply into your hearts Beloveds, feeling and filling yourselves with this Divine Presence - the love that you are…. this is all that is needed, it is very simple, it is not a big deal this meditation, this awakening process, this activation process, this embodiment process, it is simply a matter of you taking a bit of time every day, centering yourself in your heart, opening and clearing your chakras. By clearing your chakras you open the access… you open the doorway to receiving your Divine Presence, by extending your light out into your auric field and your energy field opening, clearing then the activation may occur…continue to feel the Plasma, feel the Prana, concentrated Prana, concentrated Christ Light, concentrating the energy that is YOU…feel your Presence, feel your Presence, focus your attention on your Heart Beloveds, feel your Presence, feel the Divine Power this is the real you…

The times when you are less connected, so to speak, when there are many thoughts Masters - a thousand thoughts – a thousand ideas of course there are many more than a thousand, a thousand upon a thousand and the thoughts are invading you, so to speak, the mind is going a mile a minute they are doing this because they are fearful, they feel afraid…continue feeling your Presence Beloveds.

The thoughts and feelings are no matter, they are just thoughts and feelings…the goal is to fill your thoughts and feelings with your Presence so that your thoughts and feelings become enlightened by extending your light out into your energy field into your auric field, the thoughts, the beliefs, the vows, the agreements, the patterns, fears, your soul extensions, your ancestry, programming, genetic programming, soul programs from past lives… will affect you in less and less ways…. By opening all of your chakras, your upper chakras, your lower chakras, you are able to receive, you are able to connect with your Angelic nature… you are able to give, you are able to connect in spiritual ways which many of you are not always able to do…you are able to be compassionate, you are able to be forgiving, allowing, but many of you may be struggling with knowing how to powerfully work here upon the earth and manifest what your soul and spirit desires to manifest on great levels………you may feel helpless, you may feel powerless – “how can I do this – little old me, how can I do this ?”

Opening your lower chakras is the way Beloveds so that you are an egg of light, not a cone of light where your upper chakras are open but your lower chakras are not…many beings are afraid to open their lower chakras in fear that they will be trapped in the lower dimensions that they will be trapped… they are afraid they will function as humanity does… there is nothing wrong with functioning from your lower chakras as long as the upper chakras are open and flowing as well…

See all of your lower chakras open as well as your upper chakras - call to your Presence every day to open them, play with your chakras Beloveds it is time to know everything about yourself…. it is time to feel if any of your chakras are closed… feel it and open it, if any part of you closes down, then open it up, it is very simple. You may need to take care of some part of you… you may need to assist some lifetime or experience of some aspect of your consciousness to forgive something, to let go of something so that the chakra no longer closes down in this instance from this type of experience but it is your mastery it is your intent to focus, to choose with your free will – “I choose now to open to this”…it is the only choice Beloveds – it is the choice of Mastery to master the initiations of life to say “I will open to this, I will allow this, I will unconditionally love this, no matter what it is”…

It is something you judge perhaps it is something you have done in a past life…or you have experienced it many times or you have done it and it does not feel good – I hate it, acknowledge it ……it is yucky it does not feel good. Yes acknowledge that it does not feel good. It is dense –it is a low vibration it is disconnected from love, it is conditional, it is limited, but that does not matter, that is just how it is… Then what is there to do?… There is nothing to do but love it, embrace it, love and embrace everything, love everything because we are one with everything.

To step into the path of mastery, you must realize, acknowledge, focus upon, remember, allow, for the absolute – the only absolute fact that you are One with everything, because you are God/Goddess and everything is God/Goddess, nothing is somehow separate from God/Goddess… as if there is some sort of thing that is actually evil or bad or wrong or dark, all things are God/Goddess, all things are All That Is, everything is a creation, every experience, everything expressing itself, we do this for our own individual growth – our souls, our experience, to experience more love, more light, more of our wholeness…

Experience your wholeness now Beloveds, we have created a Divine connection with us together…. Now see and feel your connection with all humanity, there is no separation with any being upon this earth, or any being in any dimension, you are completely one with everyone and the beings that are conscious are available to you for your assistance, call upon them for their assistance, you deserve it, but it is your choice to step into your Mastery.

Don’t think that by constantly asking the Universe for help that anything is actually going to happen, yes, you will receive Angelic assistance…you will experience support for your journey, but it is your choice to step into your Mastery…no one can hold your hand…we can love you, we can support you, we can guide you along the way, point our little flashlights to show you the way… like the scarecrow, “go this way… that is the way to the emerald city”, but you must walk the path to the yellow brick road, we cannot carry you…we can lay petals upon your path, we can give you massages and guidance and support along the way - guidance and support and create little way stations for you for this is all and all to reenergize yourself but you must walk this journey as a Master does, knowing how to ask for and receive assistance but also knowing that is your choice – it is your choice to step into your power, it is your choice to step into Presence as you are doing today – you must congratulate yourself for joining with us in divine connection, give yourself a pat on the back…you are saying yes to spirit – you are saying yes to mastery – give yourself a hug a kiss and thank yourself – honor yourself – for taking the step, the baby step of Mastery …

Every step is a baby step, with every step you grow stronger, if you do not take any steps how will you learn, how will you grow into your mastery – many beings are afraid – they are afraid to take a step, afraid to open their hearts because it has been broken before, but the breaking of our hearts is the opening of our hearts, it is only the breaking of the illusion – this is the breaking of the heart – the shattering of the illusion that we cling to that we gain our sustenance our security from, but it does not matter if you experience security or experience pleasure, or experience power, but whatever it is, if you are experiencing it from the illusion and the experience is an illusion and it is a fantasy, and it is waiting to be shattered, it is crying to be shattered, and you are a Master here to shatter the illusion, to step into the truth.

We ask you now to see yourselves always, see you stepping, with every step, to step further into the truth – to step further into Mastery… In your meditations, when you have opened your light, you have opened and cleared your chakras, you have focused your intent, you feel your Presence, then see yourselves, see the projects that you want to create, the projects that will help all humanity and the projects that will help you be more empowered to help humanity… everything that you need in your life will support you so that you can place your attention to the big projects rather than “how am I going to get money to pay my rent”, etc., that take our attention away from the real tasks….and see these projects… feel these projects whatever you need – your businesses, finances, your relationships – the life of your Spirit…the life of your Presence happening really gracefully… you are creating with Presence now…this is the path of Mastery - creating with Presence…creating with Presence - (TONING) your life, your projects, your relationships… see them transpiring, manifesting easily, gracefully with the light of your Presence – you may include positive affirmations to all sources…

Connecting now to the Unified field, the unified field of light love, of creation, the energy that connects everything – is everything, is creation, it is the field of Presence – it is the field of All Presence, it is the field of God/Goddess, it is the field of creation - is the field of nature – you may connect to this in powerful ways by connecting to nature physically, by dancing and prancing in nature – playing with the animals, and in your meditation, just by connecting with nature, connecting with the land and the seas, the oceans and the rivers, the trees, the mountains… these things hold Presence here…

Humans do not hold Presence unless they step into Mastery, then they work with energy, they may even embody energy if they have opened to their Angelic nature. They may be working with energy by doing Tai Chi, yoga etc. or even doing athletics opens up the energy, the energies of the body, but only the great beings that recognize their mastery – that acknowledge their mastery, open to their mastery – that affirm their mastery, even if they do not quite necessarily feel it yet…but are open to it – who say “yes, I want to experience that”…and have actually had an experience, I am sure that all of you at some time have experienced frequency – you would not be here otherwise, some of you have experienced frequency from this meeting and you have experienced your own frequency, your own Presence and are experiencing your Presence now, but the beings that you are most attracted to, are those beings that have experienced Presence, are open to experiencing Presence – are working with frequency – harmonizing frequency, embodying, channeling frequency…this is about channeling, the point is embodying frequency, to channel it for others – you channel for yourself, to receive guidance, but the path of Mastery is to channel frequency - Presence for others - the goal… Master Frequency, Presence… and remember this Beloved, when you are doing your day-to-day life – the world is nipping at your heels like little Chihuahuas nipping at your ankles - just go to center, go to Presence, to feel your Presence, to call upon you God Presence to open your chakras, to open your heart, ask for your egg of light to be activated by your Presence and to be maintained by the Light Body Masters, the Arcturian Beings, and with your intent and your focus, seeing it, believing it, knowing that what you are focused upon is being created in your lives… “I am now creating this with the power of my God Presence, the power of my free will – divine power of all that is, Unified Field – Divine Plan”…

Focus, Focus, Focus, instead of hocus pocus it is focus focus, being conscious Beloveds, conscious with your beliefs, with your thoughts, feelings… conscious of your knowing, conscious of your Presence, conscious of your breath… conscious of your knowing, walking gently upon the earth. There is no need to rush, when you are filled with Presence…you do not rush, or you may rush for an instance, but Presence, because Presence dictates it and it takes it and it does not feel like rush – it does not feel like you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off, you are running around with full intent you are walking fully conscious of your feet on the ground.

Now Beloveds see a golden column of light around you… send this column of light down into the core of the earth, grounding yourself fully to the core of the earth…

What is the point of this? You are here to create a new world, you are not here just to experience some sort of normal life of jobs, relationships, children, old age and death – it is not your journey, you have done this, you have experienced this. You are here to create change upon this planet, you are all here to create change upon this planet. Many beings will assist in this upon this planet by stepping into their Angelic nature. Many beings will assist this journey just by fulfilling their soul experience - not necessarily stepping into their Angelic nature or mastery, just fulfilling their karma, so to speak, – others are here to embody their Mastery - to be responsible for their energy fully… to accept responsibility for what they have come here to accomplish – to accept responsibility that they are the Special Teams that come when a planet calls – when The Federations calls – It is time for this planet to ascend – calling all Team members through dimensions, through space, through time – it is time, and of course we come running for it is a great adventure – it is our specialty it is what we do best. We are Creator God Goddesses – you are Elohim – Creator God Goddesses that create planets – by stepping into the Elohim frequency… the Elohim work is pure Divine Power, concentrated energy, to create this is the only way you will powerfully create by working with concentrated frequency, channeling frequency Powerfully creating your life you must channel frequency you must be the channel.

You are a channel – everyone say, “I am a channel, I am a channel of frequency, I am a channel of Source, I Am a channel of Prana – Christ light - Plasma, the voidal frequencies, I am a channel of my God Presence, I am a channel of love, light, and I am an emanator of these frequencies”.

Emanate your love and light Beloveds emanate these frequencies, beloveds, emanate your Source, emanate your Source Presence, emanate this out to all parts of yourself, your light, every part of yourself, emanate to help align every part of yourself, emanate this out across the entire planet. Your light, your love, Prana, Christ Light, the Plasma frequencies – emanate your Presence – embody your Presence, channel your Presence, emanate your Presence, integrate your Presence.

There is a time for everything, a time for clearing, opening… and there is a time for embodying, activating, and then there is a time for integration, time to sleep, time to receive some bodywork, time to take care of yourself, time to get a massage, time to make love, time to watch a funny movie, time to take a vacation to Tahiti and then, there is a time to work in powerful ways beloveds, creating together.

To step into your Mastery you must begin to work where spirit guides you…in group consciousness, we are working now in Group Consciousness. You are experiencing Presence because we are working in group consciousness, you are not doing this alone – we are working together, you cannot do this alone –it is time to work together – to play together, to work together, play and work together (plork), to create together… we heal our group consciousness stuff from the many lifetimes Atlantis, Lemuria, Rama… there are many other experiences on this planet and others, we have worked in group consciousness and had some difficulties and the group became distorted…betrayals and so forth, collapses of the group vibrations –individuals, places of power, things distorted and became disconnected… time to let our fears go in working together – powerful ways – letting go of our egos, the parts, the bits and pieces that are afraid – this is all that ego is… it is not a real thing, even the parts of ourselves that are fearful – not something that we need to run from, it is a part of us, or that is a part of us…

Someone, some being, created one word for it…but it is not one thing, it is not a single structure…we do not want to think, it is not a single structure, their body or identity, but individuals when they listen to all thoughts and beliefs and patterns and fears emanating from those parts of ourselves and we believe that to be ourselves, but that is not necessarily the truth…you all know what is true – you can feel it now with your Divine Presence – you know what is true, you know what is real….your Divine Essence is what is real our Divine function, that which you have come to create on this planet, that is real… your connection, that is real – your connection to all your friends, divine families on soul levels, spiritual levels, that is real – your connection to nature Mother Earth – that is real…the rest is just memory, beliefs, false ideas, maya, many of these and beliefs may have some degree of truth to them but it is your consciousness that determines whether it is truly real or not. You are the Master…and this is the point of meditation. Remember, acknowledge your Mastery – embody your Mastery, your Divine Presence – feeling your Divine Presence – feel the divine power of it, the Love, the deep love, you are a deeply loving being, as loving and compassionate, as masterful, as Divine, as enlightened as the greatest master upon the dimensions, upon the earth, upon the dimensions, as great as Jesus Christ, Sananda, Mary, as the Kuthumi being, as great as them, as the Buddha, Quan Yin, as the archangels, ArchAngel Michael, as great as Sanat Kumara…great as all the Divine Councils - Great as the Lucifer Being, as great as the entire universe - you are all the universes – all the beings, all the creations, all dimensions, dimensions of light, dimensions of love……………….

Connecting to nature once again Beloveds, to ground yourself again – to ground your frequencies upon this planet…– you are here upon this planet to do great things…you must ground your energy into the planet deeply into the earth… …Open your golden column of light now thru the moons and the suns…thru the Central Sun and the Great Central Sun, Source enjoying their open frequencies, Divine Mother, Divine Father, Divine Masters, the divine plan and feel now the voidal frequency of complete clarity – pure divine love – the formless, the potential…………feel your awesome potential…this is your Mastery… that which is waiting to be embodied, to be acted upon – to be created… and just know that it will be created in due course – in Divine timing – just do the baby steps – one step at a time.

Before you can learn to fly you must learn to walk. You will all remember how to fly… you are all remembering your magnificence... and you may help yourself remember your magnificence by saying “I am magnificent”. Do not be afraid to say “I am magnificent”…You are not saying that you are any better than anyone else =…you are just saying “I am magnificent” and if it helps you, you may say, “and everyone else is magnificent too”… And when you desire to create and manifest for yourself in a more powerful way, you imagine, you affirm what you want to create and also include everyone else on the earth that they are also able to manifest this for themselves as well – “I pray that this is so”.

You are here to create for yourself, to support humanity, your deepest desires for everyone, to manifest their deepest desires so it is good to affirm this - it is only affirming what is in your heart, because embodying, by affirming things, you are stating clearly what already exists – what is already real and what is real for you as a Master… What is real for you as a master is that you are here on a holy mission and you are completely supported, and not only are you supported, but your soul desires and their spiritual desires, and know that your spirit has it in hand…that your God Presence knows what is next for you – knows your mission, knows what you are here to do – it is not something that you need to run around and try to figure out, so to speak, but the journey of awakening is, to a large degree, figuring things out, but more accurately, to describe it, is more Opening and allowing, clearing, opening, allowing, then what is already true, what is real and true, can be made apparent – the light is shown upon your true mission and it is a journey because you are here on a journey… you are not here to just jump from A to Z but to experience all the steps from A and all the different steps to Z, and when you get to Z you will start with some other degree of Mastery, but be very clear, you are here on a journey… enjoy the journey - every part of the journey – this is why you are here – you did not come her for instant enlightenment – expecting one day to all of a sudden know all the answers to the entire universe. You are here to embody your Presence fully – and allow your body to adjust to this, enlightening your humanness, enjoy the journey Beloveds…

Is everyone enjoying the journey? This is a fabulous journey – an adventure, enjoy the adventure, say yes to adventure – this is your true nature …you did not come here to experience a normal life you did not come here to experience anything remotely resembling normality. You have come here to be ab-normal to be weird, to be crazy – enjoy being a Divine fool, enjoy being a Divine Fool, enjoy making a fool out of yourself… this is the true path of mastery, be open, be open to be completely foolish, being a Divine Fool……………doing things, being, ways, acting, speaking… in ways that others would seem to be dangerous – out of the ordinary – you are all out of the ordinary… you are all Divine weirdo’s… you did not come here to be – you came here on grand missions to fulfil your destiny …………….. step into this destiny! Make every day, when you get up from your bed, one more step, one more step to your Divine Destiny.

We bless you on your journey Divine Beloveds and I say to you, enjoy your Divine Presence… enjoy your empowered lives, enjoy your Power your love… Love is Power… I recommend that you do some form of meditation every day, even if it is just 5 minutes, that you connect to your Presence. The more you do it the faster and easier it will be and you can connect to Presence anytime. The more you connect with Presence the more you will be filled with Presence and you are a walking enlightened Master and the great enlightened beings like Sai Baba.... Amma, you are always in an enlightened state… our Beloved whale beings …and just know that you are always in an enlightened state…you are always God Presence, whether you feel it or not whether you have meditated or not, whether you know it or not. You are always God Presence… it does not go anywhere just a matter of whether you are connected to it or not…. whether you are saying yes to it in that moment or not…. this is the freewill choice of life every day, yes to love or yes to fear…Yes to Love or Yes to Fear…

We hope you have enjoyed yourself and we hope that you will enjoy yourself everyday – we are always with you… We are you! – we are happy to be you, honored, blessed to be you…honored and blessed to experience life as you, honored and blessed to feel your perception of life… You are all Beautiful, Amazing Beings…see yourself as we see you – as the beautiful awesome Divine Masters of Love and Light that you truly are… you are all Light Beings, beautiful beings, physical Beings…Master Buddhas you are.

This body suit that you are currently wearing, enjoy…. enjoy your suit, enjoy adorning your suit, enjoy pampering your suit, making love with your suit, enjoying the sensuality of nature with your suit – the feelings experiences that you experience… that is the big reason why you are here, that is the reason why you are here – a heck of a lot of fun…having a new identity.

So beloveds, we once again bless you on your journey, thank you for joining us, thank you for saying yes, thank you for allowing, for opening, for your energy, your love, your group consciousness, your essence, for your Presence. Thank you for your Presence and all the presents you give us, as You!

We bless you on your journeys,

Namaste Beloveds…


Thank you to Sydney Hall for transcribing this Teleplayshop!!!! Blessings to you beloved!!!


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