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Winners and Losers

by ZaKaiRan

What is a “Winner” and what is a “loser”?  
What does a winner do to win?  And what does a loser do to lose? 

Why do some people achieve success, while other people fail to achieve success? 
And why do some people lose and some people win?

“A “loser” is a person who is afraid of losing, so they risk too much for “the big score”, or, they risk nothing at all.  And therefor, they attract what they fear and lose every time!

A “loser” is a person who fails only because they don’t learn from their “failures”, so that they can succeed the next time.

A “loser” is a person who simply does not make enough attempts to succeed!  It is a person who gives up way too soon, because they focused on the pain of temporary failures, rather than the joy of future success!  

And because the pain of failing is so great, and they do not know the joy of delighting in their dreams, regardless if they are physically here yet or not, they give up on their dreams, which seems less painful.  But in the long run, this turns out to be a very faulty premise because their dreams are always calling them, and there is nothing more painful than regret.  And there is nothing more painful than being out of alignment with your source, your own dreams and your creations!

A “loser” is a person who fails to become a master of success because they did not embrace “losing” as a necessary step to achieving success. 

Whereas, a “winner” is a person who embraces losing as a natural part of winning.  And every failure provides priceless wisdom about how to succeed the next time. 

A winner is a person who practices and practices, over and over again.  And who fails over and over again, and who never gives up trying because they love the adventure of creation! 

A winner is a person who never gives up on their dreams!  And who knows it is impossible to give up on their dreams because those dreams are always calling you to them!

Winners are dreamers who focus on their dreams, not their reality!  What IS, matters NOT!  And what WAS matters NOT!  All that matters is where they are going, not where they have been! 

For a winner, their dreams are all that matters, and how they get to their dreams, and how long it takes, does not matter, because they are having fun on the adventure of creating those dreams into reality, regardless of conditions like their physical existence or not.

“Losers” focus primarily upon their physical reality, on what IS, not upon what CAN BE.  They base their realities upon their beliefs, from what they have been taught, regardless of the validity of those beliefs.  They focus primarily upon what they can see, hear and touch, and not nearly enough upon their dreams that are not a physical reality yet. 

Losers focus primarily upon what they DON’T want, and very little upon what they DO want.  They do not take responsibility for the creation of their realities, and believe there are outside forces trying to keep them from getting what they want. 

Winners focus very little upon their physical reality, and focus mostly upon their dreams and desires which are not yet physically “real”, but are very much emotionally real!  They take 100 percent responsibility for the creation of their realities, and understand that nothing outside of them can keep them from being, doing or having anything they want!

Winners focus primarily upon what they DO want, and very little upon what they DON’T want!  Except upon the value of what they don’t like and don’t want has, which is the wisdom and clarity it provides them to now focus upon what they DO want and succeed in the creation of what they DO want.” - ZaKaiRan

ZaKaiRan SheeHan

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