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Everyone is afraid of disorder and chaos. They are afraid that if they start unconditionally loving each other there will be anarchy, that all reality will collapse. They’re right, all reality will collapse, this is the Divine Plan, but they’re not correct in the way that they think. All reality will collapse, and there might be some insanity for a while, but eventually there will be bliss and love. (The ironic thing is that there already is chaos, because of everyone's fear of chaos). The fear is that if we start unconditionally loving each other, the evil dark forces will take over and stomp us. Well I’ve got news for everyone, the evil dark forces already have control over you and the world as we know it, the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

What do you think governments, banking systems and the corporations are? I know we would like to think that they actually have some degree of interest in our well being and prosperity, but this is naive, they are organizations of control motivated by their egos and lack consciousness. They are not interested in our well being, only their own. Their system counts on you being a peasant and them being the aristocracy, on you struggling for crumbs from the table, while they feast away on the bounty.

People allow the governments, corporations and police systems to control them because they are afraid of other people and themselves. They are afraid of invading countries, and invading neighbors (left over past life memory), and they are afraid that if big brother lets them take responsibly for their own lives they will just go crazy and act like irresponsible bastards, raping and pillaging every where they go. They believe they will abuse themselves with drugs and drive their cars insanely and not know what to buy or how to live. But luckily for them we have the governments and corporations to tell us exactly how to live, what to buy, what we need and what's good for us.

Religions, governments, corporations, policing/military establishments… are manifestations of our collective unconscious that we are unworthy, dangerous and irresponsible, and need to be controlled. We need religions and societal laws to control us because "we do not know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil".

These organizations are dark forces, plain and simply, because they don't know that they are light. They are disconnected from Divinity. And they will continue to act in this disconnected way until all the Light Forces wake up. We’re the leaders, the only way the dark forces wake up is when the Light forces wake up. When we all realize we are light, and shed so much light everywhere that there is no more darkness, no more shadow, then everyone (including the "dark" forces) realizes they are Light and Love. (See my article: "The Position Teams & Transition Teams - The Reality Creators & Dismantlers" on my website: ZaKaiRan.com)

Another fear is of the new world itself and what will be required to manifest it. Deep down everyone knows that if they accept their divinity, they will have to give up everything from their past life in the old matrix. Everyone knows from past spiritual training, that if they start unconditionally loving and living, their entire world will collapse. They will have to give up past careers, ideas, beliefs…They will be abandoned by their loved ones because this “family” doesn't understand their crazy behavior. They will have to leave their loved ones because these people are not interested in awakening, being around them is abusive to self, and undermining to your preferred reality. The initiations of life and awakening to your magnificence continue “chaotically”, until you are completely devoid of the old world and you are free.

In the old world, order was paramount. Disorder, chaos, anarchy, spontaneity, creativity, were limitedly supported. The perception was that if you live your life with unconditional love, without limits, with spontaneity, with creativity - you will have chaos. In a world of order, I suppose that this is true, this is why individual expression is repressed and suppressed.

There apparently can be no order or structure in chaos, in spontaneity, the unknown is what people are afraid of, the mystery. But in the future, in the new world of light, this total spontaneity (chaos), has complete order, structured by the Divine Plan; by divine guidance; by divine intuition; by divine knowing; by divine synergy; by Divine Love. This is true order; the old world that thought it was orderly, was actually in complete disorder.

Without this divine guidance, living an unlimited, totally spontaneous, unconditional life, leads to chaos, because not everyone is living from this perspective of unlimitedness, and those that are not, live from ego and greed and essentially upset the whole apple cart of a preferred divine reality, that must to a large degree, be agreed upon by everyone.

As a human, you have limits, acknowledging them and being truthful about them, gives you unlimitedness, it points out what you can now surpass because you are truly spirit which is unlimited and eternal. This creation of physicality has limits, knowing these limits gives you complete freedom and unlimitedness because you know the parameters of this specific creation, you know where to go because you know where you are. Most people do not know where to go, or how to even envision a better reality because they do not even know where they are, they are lost in a world that is completely mapped out for them, mapped out by society, by collective consciousness, but not mapped out by their Spirits, their divinely guided free will is their part in the divine play.

“There is nowhere to go and nothing to do, but we go there and do it anyway.” - 1st Miraculodynamic Axiom, Starbuilders.org

The old world survived on a loosely determined definition of order based on what could be seen, heard, and touched. This way of defining reality is supported by the scientific community, because scientific and physical evidence proves that life is real, but metaphysical evidence proves that life is unreal. Both are true, both are false - true life, true science is a paradox, (any real scientist will admit this) either one negates the possibility that the other is true.

“This is as real as it gets, until it gets more real.” - 5th Miraculodynamic Axiom, Starbuilders.org

Life is a paradox, 'there is more between heaven and earth than your philosophies have dreamed of Horatio'...-1

Embrace Chaos! Embrace Spontaneity! This is the essence of Shekinah, the inner feminine spirit, this is the divine mystery of life.

Live in the Mystery! Laugh in the Mystery! Create in the Mystery!

You are the Mystery! You are Divine Order! You are Divine Chaos!

You are the Entire Universe of All That Is Expressing Itself at a Single Point!

Kid Kaos

(aka ZaKaiRan)

1- Sorry William if I didn't quote you correctly, my Shakespeare is a bit rusty

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