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Control Dramas 2

The “Victim”



The “rescuer/healer” pattern that humans typically use to control energies, is actually extremely insidious, even though it masquerades as “right” and “just”. “Rescuer” is a complete distortion of the mothering energy, it smothers rather than mothers. Rescuers are the opposite partner of victims who are actually functioning from their own victimhood to not feel like a victim and feel good about themselves. Rescuers do not see anyone as whole. They are constantly rescuing everyone, whether they want or need rescuing or not. Their conscious or unconscious perception is that everyone needs healing and everyone is wounded, and everyone needs them or someone else to rescue them, which actually stems from their own woundedness and feelings of needing to be rescued and healed.

Rescuers are often full of stories, details, history and new age modalities…, to heal you, the planet and other people. They have a hard time just being. They're easy to spot if you take them into nature where they have a hard time shutting up and just being. They have a hard time just appreciating nature and reveling in their own energy. They will talk about life and stories as usual rather than nothing or talking about how magnificent this place is.

Another example is the Church and door knocking preachers. The controlling energy they use is designed to hold you in a matrix, a net of believability. They are trained in salesman strategies to “get you”. They typically spew on and on from their great bible and other fundamentalist dogma, to ensnare you in their web, to manipulate you into believing “the truth”. They do not share their experience of God or divinity, only theoretical “truth” and belief. There is no real sharing or meeting of souls in these encounters, only illusion masquerading as religion or spirituality.

I was recently approached at home by a Jehovah’s Witness, a lovely woman who had actually visited briefly before, which I was naturally nice to as I see that we are doing the same job and working for the same boss. She had come this second time with an assistant, and because I was nice and open last time, she obviously decided that there was an open door here to preach to me.

I let her do her preachy bible thumping thing for quite a while, naturally not being able to get a word in edge wise. I naturally agreed with most of what she said because the best of the bible is good stuff, and their belief in a new world manifesting on earth is of course in alignment with my awareness, but my agreement was taken incorrectly. Naturally they enjoyed my openness, but of course this as not what this interaction was about.

But overall, our interaction was a wonderful experience because it provided for me a clear experience of the energy that she was using to try to convert me, the same energy used by salespersons, advertising, politicos and other religious and spiritual zealots. It is an entrancing, mind convincing/taking/controlling energy that is extremely disempowering. It is solely meant to dominate, to obtain, to own, to create doubt in your own convictions and beliefs and convert to theirs. It is a web of control that does not allow any real connection or communion between the individuals. From a control drama perspective, it is a way to steal your energy.

At some point I had had enough of my energy being sucked, and I stopped her rampant machine gun dictation from her bible passages. Not having any desire to try to convince her of anything, I proceeded to tell her what I desired and what I knew that the moment was really supposed to about, (the real reason she was there, which was not to convert me, but to just be in my divine presence and for me to be in hers, for our growth and awakening). (I did not speak this part in parenthesis). So it was my job to hold that presence, regardless of the draining energies that she was projecting. I stopped her and said, that “I had heard and studied it all, being that I was educated extensively in the Christian doctrines in my early years and did not need to hear all that again, but what I really wanted from our interaction in that moment, was to hear her experience of her spirituality within. Her experience of what she had gained personally from her spiritual exploration”.

Naturally, she did not have a clue what to do then. Go within?, god forbid. She immediately went back to her security blanket, the bible. I had to stop this completely at this point and went and got her one of my books. She graciously flipped through it and found some highlights that caught her eye, including ascension. She asked me a few questions and I described my knowing of what is happening on planet earth. The man then commented that he had heard this type of thing before on Ascension, naturally, this is Byron Bay. But she wouldn’t take the book with her, she gave it back and they went their merry way.

What do you get when you cross a Jehovah’s Witness with a Hell’s Angels biker?

A guy who comes to your house and tells you to fuck off.

Now back to the point.

This is the key here. People who must try to convince other people of things, are actually in doubt themselves, and they need others to believe the same thing so that they won’t feel alone, and their beliefs will be energetically supported. This is the nature of the matrix of creation, for anything to be real it must be agreed upon and supported through this agreement and belief, even higher more inclusive energies. This is the nature of the lower dimensions and ultimately the nature of all creation.

For these people, their whole belief system, identity and self worth is wrapped up in what they do and what they say, or can say, especially if it comes from the agreed upon “divine” doctrine. Also upon who they can obtain, or convince, or even cause to experience self doubt. They need disempowered people, (or they need to disempower people), in order to bring them into their belief system; once again, so they won’t feel alone, and their beliefs are supported. And if you agree with them, or doubt yourself, they feel good, they got your energy and attention, and you strayed from your own center.

If they're not rescuing or helping someone or preaching to someone, (“doing God’s work”), then they are nothing and worthless (this is their unconscious belief. And if they don’t do “God’s work, they will not be worthy of being allowed to go to heaven). This is the rescuer mentality, the rescuer energy of control. But in order to maintain this identity and self worth, they must constantly manifest victims to rescue (or energetically maintain people within a victim state). And if there aren't any victims around then they will even see empowered people as disempowered victims.

She would not allow herself, because of her addiction to controlling energies and belief in her own inadequacies and unworthiness, to see that I did not need converting or empowering, (if that was her surface intention). And she would have been able to see that we’re both saying the same things, and doing the same job, and both working for the same boss, but with different approaches and intentions, and our presences together was enough.

Being in the presence of a rescuer is energetically draining, (unless you are the victim, then you get their energy). Since I do not play the victim game any more, my energy was being drained, or to describe the energies more accurately, I was not at that moment engaging in an evolutionary synergy. Overall it was, but on basic levels, it was not.

This rescuer/missionary/sales/advertising/political/convincing/manipulative control drama, in this case, was to dominate me; convert me; win me over; but on basic human and energy levels, this pattern of control is to obtain energy. It has the same intention as all of the other control patterns of aloof, poor me (victim) and perpetrator, interrogator (aggressor). Rescuers are actually interrogators and perpetrators. Their energy is aggressive, even though it appears otherwise. The essence of all control dramas is to obtain energy, (in it’s myriads of possible forms, including love…), and to deny and repress suffering that stems from their reality of fear, lack and unworthiness. Most everyone tries to get energy because of their experience and reality that is lacking in energy and love.

When you are centered in your own divine beingness, fully aware of your worth and that worth/unworth is an illusion of the “matrix”, and the truth that you are love and there is nothing but love, then you do not need to manipulate or convince others of anything, especially your worth. And you don't need to suck energy from anyone or anything, because you are your own divine source/channel of energy and love. You do not need to obtain energy and love because you are energy and love. You are the divine life/love force. You are God/Goddess!

The Eye Stair

This is one of the games that “new ageys” like to play. I’m sure most everyone has done this or experienced this at “new age” events and between individuals, whereby you stare into each other’s eyes to make some sort of heart/soul connection, to create “oneness” or intimacy. If done naturally, synergetically, without any intention (consciously or unconsciously), then it can be intimate and enhance connection, otherwise it is a game of control. Most people don’t know what is really going on as they are unaware of their energies and what they are doing, or what other people are doing with their energies. We are all quite tricky with our energies, and until you “have it together”, your unconscious aspects are often up “to no good”, trying to obtain energy, love, sex, nurturance, self worth…

This control game is actually an interrogator/perpetrator energy which keeps you locked in a “love” pattern. And the rule is that you are supposed to keep staring for a long while to “prove your ability to be intimate”. It is really a child’s game to see who will look away first.

You don’t need to prove anything, certainly not how intimate you can get with another person. You do not need to create or project light and love. Oneness is not created, it just is. True Love needs no manipulation or convincing. Either you are in synergy (synchronistic energy) with each other or you are not. Regardless, we are always light and love, we are always ONE, even if it appears or feels otherwise. We are just deluded to think otherwise because of our veils of denial, and so we try to create “connection”. Trying to create Love and Oneness is fantasy, it is not real. Light and love are not created, they just are. Light can be downloaded but not manipulated. It can be accessed but not controlled. Love can be allowed and accessed but certainly cannot be manipulated or controlled. It can only be denied or allowed.

Energy Vampirism

Being a victim and a rescuer are supported ways of functioning on Planet Earth. Typical aggressive behavior is now no longer approved as civilized behavior. But both victim and rescuer are approved behavior. Both do the same thing, they suck energy. Victims try to get everyone's attention upon them to suck their energy, and they suck the energy from their aggressors, including their rescuers. The rescuers are sucking energy of all the people who are approving of their rescuer behavior and getting love/worth energy from this approval. Rescuers are perpetrators because their perception that individuals need their help, holds those people in a matrix of victimhood. It disempowers them through this perceptual reality or supports and maintains their own perception that they are disempowered. Rescuers need victims and victims need rescuers, (and both need attackers, the aggressive perpetrators so that they can be victims and have someone to rescue). It is one big incestuous game of vampirism.

Healers always need sick and wounded people to heal. If you call yourself a healer, you might want to re-think your job description. No one really needs any healing, everyone is under the direction, guidance and care of their own Spirit/Higher Self & their Soul… Everyone is wounded from their multitudes of lifetimes on this planet and others, but these wounds are gifts not detriments. They can certainly impede your growth if you deny them, don’t forgive them or don’t release them, but they themselves are not actually limiting you in any way. Only your denial and repression of them, your disallowance of forgiveness, keeps them affecting you negatively. So healing is an excellent word if used correctly. We do all need massive amounts of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing, but this “healing” can all occur instantly with huge grace and ease if you allow Divine Will to heal you; for Grace Elohim to fill your beingness with newness, with Christedness, with Graciousness.

Grace is a fresh start, a karmaless state. Your true state of pure divine innocence, not connected to the past or future, only the present now. In this now, you are whole and complete, you need nothing. But maintaining this wholeness, this natural state of completeness is a process of release and "healing" of all that you are not; everything you hang on to and deny that is an illusion; everything that you try to use to prove your worth to get love, attention… So heal yourself and help others to heal themselves, but realize that no one really needs any healing. No one needs your help; no one needs your attention, energy or love, and you don't need anyone else's. "Healer, heal thyself", or rather, “healer, give up your identity as a healer”. You are really an awakener, awakening yourself and then helping others wake up with gentle reminders, compassion and your example.

So instead of healer, heal thyself, how about: “awakener, awaken yourself”. Then you are truly empowered to help others help themselves. To “heal” and perform miracles. When you realize you are a miracle, then miracles are easy and just naturally happen in every moment as life.

When you are awake, others will follow your example. This is how you can best serve humanity: by seeing everyone as whole, as the true divine masters they truly are; each being an individual expression of God-Goddess-All-That-Is; the entire universe of All-That-Is expressing itself as that unique expression of Divinity; you expressing yourself as that often apparently incomplete, wounded, dysfunctional person.

Delight in the wonders of the workings of the universe of All-That-Is that we can express ourselves in so many beautiful and "gruesome" ways. How wonderful! This is why we have come here to play this game of illusion that some things are good, while other things are bad; that some things have worth while others are worth nothing; some things are worth being loved while other are not worth spitting at. What a fabulous creation!

There is nothing that is not God-Goddess expressing itself as that divine expression. Remember this always.

You are Love! You are God-Goddess expressing itself as you. You are the entire wholeness of All-That-Is expressing itself and feeling itself as you. How awesomely, wondrously, utterly magnificent you are, no matter how wounded and inadequate you may feel. You are sheer divine perfection, a delight of the universe and we are all immensely proud of your accomplishments and your divine expression as you. We are proud to be you!

Delight in your magnificence!

We are ZaKaiRan

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