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The Cosmic Joke



All reality is a creation. All reality is a created illusion. Only pure spiritual essence is real. You are that spiritual essence, only you are real. You are the creator of all reality, all illusion. Reality, creation, physicality, dimension, time - this is your playground.

You are the creator of all reality because you are God-Goddess-All That Is expressing itself as a single point of consciousness. You are creation creating. Your illusion was that you were a creation no different to any other creation, that you were an illusion, a creation of God, but not a creator of God.

As an illusion you thought you had to earn your way to reality, you had to deserve to be real. You always were real, you were the only thing in your entire reality that was real. You are and always were God. You were never separate from God.

In one sense you are the ultimate creation of God, of Gods own stuff, designed to be an actual extension of this isness, a creation that creates, for only God can create. So all the cosmic rebellions (ie. Lucifer rebellion) were trying to accomplish something that already exists, separate Gods creating separate realities. But of course there is no real separation, so these separate realities all coincide with one another, and are all co-created. Everyone’s separate realities are all part of the oneness of All That Is. Everyone’s separate creation is all part of the entire creation of All That Is. How can you not be part of All That Is? How could you not be a creator? Why would God limit its creation in any way?

Your limitation is self imposed. You are not limited by the hand of God or any other force. You have not been cast out of heaven. You are eternal and unlimited as God and creation is. Unlimitedness and infiniteness is your birthright. How could it be otherwise?

Your awakening is in your own hands. Do you accept responsibility for your own awakening, or do you give your power away to someone else to do it for you? No one else can do it for you, (this is the nature of the gift of free will). If this is your pattern, you will never awaken, you will always be searching for that one thing or that one master that will help you get it. What you search for, you already have - this is the cosmic joke. When you realize who you are, and realize your birthright, you will laugh the biggest laugh in your life, you will realize you were putting your self on.

Everyone that has ever awakened, especially the ascended masters, has gotten this joke. Getting the cosmic joke and learning to laugh at life, is the key to your enlightenment. It is the key to your awakening, the key to the full realization of your Divinity. Everyone in higher realities, especially those that have descended into these dense realms and experienced physicality, are laughing with you, not at you.

It is time to stop being so gullible and get the joke. Start laughing at life and the joke that it is. Especially the joke called civilization as we currently know it. This is a real joke. The joke of this reality is that it appears to be a tragedy, but it is a Divine comedy. The funniest comedy is always tragic. Other people’s folly is always funny. It is only tragic when it is your own and you do not get the joke, when you are the brunt of the cosmic tragedy.

The great and awesome master William Shakespeare, outlaid the comic tragedy of life in his plays. He always showed how stupid humanity is. His tragedies were always for nothing, (which is how life is). His comedies always appeared tragic, just as life appears. And the dramas, and corruption turn out to always be futile, (much ado about nothing) and reveal the pathetic comic tragedy of man’s folly.

It is obvious that everyone takes life entirely too seriously. Most people see life as a tragedy. Their lives are tragic because they believe in the lie of their own unworthiness. They watch the news and think how tragic, and then their lives don’t feel so tragic. They feel something (hopefully), another reason why people watch the news, to feel something – anger, sadness, passion, compassion, disgust…, because their lives are so passionless, so un-emotional.

When I see the news I think how tragic that everyone takes this reality so seriously. How tragic that everyone is more fascinated with drama, conflict and pain than joy, cooperation and love. When I see politicians, bankers, and business people playing their games, I laugh big huge cosmic laughs because they take the game so seriously – it is truly hilarious.

If you cannot laugh at life, then you are not going to get it, you will always be the brunt of the joke, you will be the one crying rather than the one laughing.

Get the Cosmic Joke!

Yours in Jollity,

ZaKaiRan Heyoka

“If you see life as a tragedy and cannot see it as a comedy, then you are not living high enough. If you see life as a comedy and cannot see it as a tragedy, then you are not living deep enough.” - Nasod Lamosa, Nez Master. Starbuilders, Federation Flash #44. www.starbuilders.org

Heyoka: Native American for trixter

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