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Creation Alchemy

The Divine Alchemists, The Heaven Creators

By ZaKaiRan

We are all amazingly powerful alchemists! We are all working and playing with all the elements in the forces at plat in this reality whether we know it or not, and it is your choice what you want to create and how you will interact with these elements in the forces at play of reality to create this.

It is now time to accept our divine power as Divine Alchemists and Co-Create Heaven on Earth, which is why we have come to this planet. Controlling forces, who have wanted to control life, money, people, energy and power, (who feel separate from God and unworthy of God’s Grace, and try to act like god because of this feeling of separation and unworthiness), have tried to disempower us through the millennia to control us, (the work force/slaves), and control money and power. Even in the 21st century, “the age of enlightenment”, power hungry individuals and collectives are still trying to control power on earth, because deep within their unconscious, regardless of what their ego tells them, they feel powerless, helpless and unworthy of love and divinity.

We all have adopted many similar feelings and programs from our past lives and the lives of our soul extensions, to the degree that we “enlighten” our consciousness and heal our soul aspects, will be the degree that we live a divine life. And we have all adopted the genetic ancestral programming of disempowerment taught to us by society, governments, the media and religion, and we have the creative power to listen to these programs and live our lives based on them, or form a sovereign life of divine empowerment.

These programs of unworthiness, powerlessness, helplessness, not good enough, etc., have been used to manipulate and control us because we suffer from these illusions/programs and do not want to feel these feelings and beliefs. So we use energies and addictions to repress and deny these feelings and suffering. And even us, “the enlightened ones”, have used these faces of human suffering to manipulate and control others, in this and other lifetimes, and we have used them to control ourselves, to keep ourselves from not shining too brightly, to maintain tribal peace and survival, basically living comfortably numb.

We have used them to keep ourselves disempowered to maintain our physical and emotional survival because we have experienced lifetimes of being oppressed, abused, rejected and killed for our beliefs and for expressing our divine power, alchemical abilities and creativity, our abilities to create anything from the elements available to us here on earth, as well as create miracles.

We Are Miracle Plorkers (play/work)

We are miracle workers, we are the wise ones, often referred to as wiccans-1, by the pagans of ancient times who recognized the importance of working with the elements and energies available to us, rather than fighting with them, and trying to control them. To try to control and shape reality so that we can feel “divine” and “powerful”. To work and play with nature, because God-Goddess flows within, through and around nature.

This manifested because humanity suffers from the illusion of unworthiness and separation from God-Goddess, but this is merely the game we have been playing, a game of illusion. This game is now over, it has become boring, so it is time to play a new game, the game of Divine Expression, Divine Alchemy and Divine Manifestation.

We are empowered by God-Goddess-All-That-Is and the Divine Plan for this planet to co-create heaven on earth, but we are only able to do this if we work together. Working together in group consciousness is the only way to create divine reality in physical form. This is also working in group MerKaBa. (Mer/water: working in the divine flow. Ka: with the divine light/prana/life-force, with Ba: Soul or group soul).

In group MerKaBa, all light forces work as one divine force with a common unified intent (covenant) and vision - this is powerful alchemy! ‘Plorking’ together in group soul, (aka “Coven”), the group is able to create in powerful ways, in divine ways! Trying to work alone no longer works, and we have seen how this often facilitates corruption in individuals as their ego (separate oriented aspects), delude the mind into thinking that the survival of the individual is the only true reality). And at the very least, working alone takes too long and is inefficient.

In the beginning, after individuals have traversed the many initiations, and are now on the next higher pathway of group consciousness, even working in group consciousness, can take a long time, until a good percentage of the group wounds are cleared, in individuals and for the group itself. To work alone in powerful ways, you must invite all supporting elements that are available to you, such as the earth elements, nature devas and spirits, and the fairies and elf beings; the lakes, rivers, oceans, trees, plants & flowers; the mountains, the sky, the clouds and mother earth; and all the animal kingdoms, dolphins, whales and specific totem animals that you are drawn to.

And you should ground yourself in the earth and open yourself up to the higher dimensions, through your chakra column and pillar of divine connection. And connect with and call upon the dimensional elements that are here to support you, such as: the Family of Light, the Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, Elohim and Eloha, The Emissaries of Light, Galactic Federations, etc. And I guarantee that they will support you in the most powerful ways that supports your spiritual growth! The Ascended Masters and Angels and the entire Family of Light, are here to help us, they are completely dedicated to this task. And they are always available to us, they do not take vacations, or if they do, they still do their job.

So even if it is just you in your little meditation space, or out in nature, or wherever, call for a group MerKaBa to activate around you and call for all of the elements available to you, to support you, and to unify you as one divine force of love-light, and you will be amazed, first of all, how radically your life will change! Sometimes this change seems too radical and may not feel so good as you release old patterns and unsupportive elements, including people, but in the end, your life will be more empowered and divine and you will certainly be functioning in alignment with your true nature and your divine mission, and then you will become more empowered to alchemically create money and manifest people and other resources to support this mission, because you must remember: just like the Blues Brothers, you are on a mission from God!, and nothing can stop you from accomplishing your divine mission!

May the Force (of Love, Light, Creation and Nature) be with you!!!!!!!


1 - Wiccans - aka “witches”, “pagans”: nature oriented individuals and groups, who in a sense, worship nature, or work and play with nature, to be in tune with nature. Who also may practice elemental magic, (or working with nature and the elements that create nature), rather than working against nature or trying to conquer nature as typical society does, because they feel powerless and helpless when compared to the magnificence of nature where God still exits within the unified field of nature.


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