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"Dying to Ascend"

Ascend or Die
Death, Ascension, Resurrection, Reincarnation and Immortality


(Dying to Ascend)



Ascend or Die

Death, Ascension, Resurrection, Reincarnation and Immortality



There are basically two ways to die, consciously and unconsciously. This is the only real difference between "dying" and ascension. And there are many places to go dimensionally when you die, depending on your level of consciousness and awareness. So even though there are only two ways to die, there is a million trillion variations between the two polarities of conscious and unconscious. This consciousness or unconsciousness is based on your level of awareness of universal truth, your divinity…, and determines where you go dimensionally after you die.

If you move higher than the 4th dimension, then you essentially have ascended, but if you died physically, I would call that resurrection. Typically our perception of true ascension is: you and your body leave this dimensional plane. You vanish. This is one form, although everyone's experience will be different. My experience of ascension is one example detailed in my other death article and Light-Body II. But the experience of ascension never stops, it is not one experience, and then you are the ultimate master of space time and dimension. You master what you master, then you die and are reborn again as a baby (metaphorically speaking). Constant rebirth, constant death.

With Ascension there is no death process. You are consciously aware of your MerKaBa, (your double star tetrahedral energy field, your dimensional ascension vehicle, your Light-Body), your Wholeness and connection to all life, then you’re able to pass through the void to the higher dimensions with total awareness the whole time. (More information on MerKaBa, please see my Light-Body articles at www.ZaKaiRan.com).

Resurrection is when you become aware and conscious of your MerKaBa after you die. You become aware of yourself as spiritual essence, as eternal consciousness - existence. Your "ascension" takes place here, rather than on earth or some other 3rd or 4th dimensional plane of demonstration. Then you recreate your body and go through a process that leads you into either the 10th, 11th, or 12th overtones of the 4th dimension. From there you don’t go through reincarnation any more. Your memory is never blocked again and you continue on into eternal life.

Typical human existence is a constant cycle of reincarnation, due to souls not attaining a high enough level of awareness, and embodying their I AM Presences enough to retain their memory, to be able to consciously die or physically ascend. One method is "walking out", similarly to how we all "walked in" when, we as spirits, first inhabited these bodies. In the shamanistic tradition and other ancient civilizations, many spiritual masters would just "walk out", or breathe out, when they were done with their mission here on earth. Sometimes spirits "walk out" and another spirit "walks in" and then uses their body. All arranged on Soul/Spiritual levels. (Additional information about "Walk-Ins", please refer to my website).

So if you are typically unconscious, and you die, you essentially have no control over your death, or where you go. You are seemingly a victim to disease, tragedy, circumstance, and God. This way of dying takes you into the 3rd overtone of the 4th dimension which results in your cycling back into earth existence again and again to hopefully, as a soul, finally get to a high enough level of awareness to "ascend" beyond the "reincarnation zone".

Integral to being able to retain your memory and consciously die, or ascend, is the remembrance, activation and use of your Light-Body, specifically your MerKaBa. If you are stuck in the reincarnation cycle, then you’re not using your MerKaBa except unconsciously, (via your higher self).

Typically when someone dies they will hang out in this reincarnation zone and reconnect to their family and friends who they have spent their last lifetime with. They will reconnect with their Spirit Guides and Angels, and reconnect to their Spirit on soul levels.

Because their soul extension personality is not aware enough yet, and vibrating at a high enough level to realistically guide themselves, their next steps will be determined by their Soul and OverSoul, (Monad, creator, their father/mother, if you will). They will reassess their last incarnation and decide what new experience will best serve their spiritual and soul growth. But much of this reassessment experience is unconscious to the personality, because of their level of dimensional awareness as a soul extension. There is never any judgement. Judgement is a human concept, that does not exist from a higher level. From a soul/higher-self perspective, it just means, that aspect of the Soul is at a certain level and that's just how it is. (Of course the Spirit does everything possible to "enlighten" them as this part of the Soul/Spirit).

So when they reincarnate back to earth again, they don’t have any memories of where they just came from, either. So the reincarnating just keeps going on and on and on, until they finally get the cosmic joke that there is no real separation and this is all one big fun game of the illusion of separation.

Many beings are in a holding pattern in this overtone, and they may stay here for a long time or indefinitely for various reasons, (remember there is no time in this realm of existence), perhaps because another incarnation into the world of separation, will not serve them karmicly. Many beings waiting in this dimensional assessment zone, will not reincarnate but will be resurrected at a later time, as Light-Body, when the earth attains Christ Consciousness, everyone has ascended, and are inhabiting their immortal bodies of Light. This is the depiction of, “The dead shall rise”, that the bible speaks of. When the times comes, these beings will awaken as well, similarly to the people in bodies who have awoken. They are essentially "resurrected from the dead" and now live at the same level as those who ascended, (or are at least open enough to completely allow all new experiences without any resistance to the new, because they are now operating karmically free, free from any past wounds and attachments to the past and illusion).

Partially this occurs because of the convergence of all dimensions, because, when you ascend as a species and as a planet, there is essentially no more 3rd dimensional planet to exist one, or 3rd dimensional consciousness to function within. We are ascending to the 5th dimension of Light and Love. This planet will appear as a star from space, while within it, it will appear physical to us, although considerably less physical.

This is everyone’s (with a few exceptions) last chance to reincarnate. If you don’t remember who you are now and you die, you will go to the waiting room and you will have to look at old magazines until ascension time. Or if you are not done playing the games of separation, control, manipulation, power…, then you will have to go play on a planet that is still densifying and experiencing 3rd dimensional separation/unworthy consciousness.

Many new children that are currently incarnating into this dimension, this is their first incarnation. These virgin incarnators are very special beings - coming directly from an Angelic realm and vibration. They are vibrating at this high level (5th dimensional and above), in this dimension now. They are the next level of consciousness, they are the New Civilization.

They are "completion team" members - the embodiers of the New Civilization. The position team members set up this whole density/separation/unworthy/external-technology/form based system. Us transition team members, bring in and embody the light, illuminating the darkness, utilizing internal technology, to create expansion, to release the old and make room for the new civilization. Then the completion team members come in to live the civilization of Love and Light, as the Angels they are, from their natural Christ/Unity Consciousness way of being.

There have been many discussions about these children and many of them are coming in fully awake, with all kinds of special abilities like infallible psychic powers. Many are completely immune to all diseases and have a very different genetic structure with extra activated codons, and at least one extra activated DNA strand. (We have 12 strands of DNA. We are using only 2 - thus, we live in a dualistic polaric reality, split between good and evil, male and female, heaven and earth (hell). Christ Consciousness operates with at least three strands of DNA. The Father - Mother - Son/Daughter Trinity. Christ Consciousness is the unity of polarities, the combination of male and female creating life - the Christ Child.

James Twyman is a big proponent of these beings, many people may have received the "Thomas" messages, (www.emissaryoflight.com), and there are many books on the subject "The Indigo Children" by Lee Carroll & Jan Tober. Drunvalo Melchizedek also talks about these kids.

(Codons are multidimensional portals into our DNA, which modify our DNA with multidimensional information, which has the result of creating new bodies based on multidimensionality. We have 64 codons, with only 20 activated. When multidimensional information is entering in through the codons, this directly affects the blueprint for your body. Other people on planet earth are making similar and other genetic changes, some of which are theoretically due to the Aids virus and our adaptation to it. Perhaps its creation ultimately was designed to help us shift).-1

Death Is Your Ally

As a master you must master death. As a master you must master immortality. As a master you must become at peace with death. You must know the truth of death, that it is a part of life and perceptual reality. In other words, death is as real as you make it. You will know the truth of death one day, if you do not know it now. Death will enlighten you. You have the choice to make death your friend, or your enemy. (I highly recommend Carlos Castaneda's books, "The Teachings of Don Juan, a Yaqui Way of Knowledge", paramount shamanistic teachings which acquainted me with the force/energy of death, and began my enlightenment to the truth of "death". Also please see the excellent movies: "Defending your Life", "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure II, and Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life").

You must get to a place in your consciousness where you know that you are truly an immortal Spirit - that you cannot die and are eternal. Even your body is semi-immortal, it is energy and mouldable, and changes depending on your perception of it. It can live literally thousands of years in this physical reality and longer in higher realities when it has transmuted to Light-Body.

Fear of death is something you should admit to yourself, for everyone suffers from it. Fear of death is really fear of life. Mostly it is a fear of pain and suffering, with the belief that "life is suffering and you die" - the end. And the big fear is that there is no life after death, that this is my only shot at it, and if I don't get it right, its oblivion for me. Or if I didn’t do it well enough, I will be sent straight to hell for eternity.

But even bigger than that is the fear of living. Truly living a miraculous life, and fear of the initiations that go along with manifesting/allowing this divinely inspired magical life. Releasing everything that says, "I am not worthy of living a Divine Life". Fear and powerlessness that I have no control over my life (or death); that I am a victim to life, disease, death, God, humanity, business, government, ETs, fate, karma, sin… And that I have no control over my existence, or ability to free myself from pain and suffering.

But the ultimate truth is, that everyone is afraid of their Light. They are afraid of their wondrously-purely-divinely-totally-awesome-eternal-immortal magnificence.

Recognize and Honor your Magnificence!


(Please see my article, "Recognize your Magnificence"


Our Deepest Fear

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, "Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?" Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone.

As we let our own light shine, we give other people permission to do the same; as we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

By Marianne Williamson – from her book "A Return to Love" – Reflections on the Principles of a ‘A Course in Miracles’

1- Reference for Codons from the "Marriage of Heaven and Earth Newsletter", issue #3 - C/O Guy Nicholson and Saleena Ki aka Joan Ov Art
- www.TransformationalArt.com)


Dying to Ascend

The experience of Enlightenment, Ascension, Self Realization…, to being a fully conscious cosmic human master, (to being truly alive) - is a constant process of dying, or really, allowing those aspects that believe themselves to be separate and limited - to die and be transformed into the phoenix. You have to let everything go, all attachments to family, friends, genetics, relationships, jobs, material possessions, plans, places, nations, races, genders, sexual preference…, everything that you are attached to as an identity, everything that you believe yourself to be that "gives" you worth, and some form of temporal happiness and satisfaction. You even have to let go of everything you have learned spiritually, to always make room for higher more expanded realizations.

You must die to God. You must die to be God, to be the God/dess that you are. Not in the physical sense, but allowing everything to die that does not believe itself to be God. This is Ascension. This is true immortality. You must surrender all your pain, all your wounds (your attachment to suffering and victim/enemy consciousness) to God. You must give up everything to realize you are nothing. You are no-thing. You are Great Spirit, that Essence which exists within, moves through, and creates all things.

True immortality is constant death, constant resurrection, and rebirth. It is continuous incarnation and re-incarnation - with this personality, this ego, this mind, this body - now. To be immortal, (to realize and embody the immortal God/Goddess that you truly are), you must release everything that believes itself to be mortal, especially to being sinful, unworthy and limited - then all that is left is your Divine immortal self.

Ascension is living consciously and dying consciously. From a true perspective, there is no real difference between living and dying. Life is an illusion, death is an illusion. To ascend, you must release all programs and beliefs, and heal all aspects of self, that believe that death is natural, inevitable and real. You must deactivate the death hormone, something created by us to kill ourselves because we did not believe ourselves to be worthy of eternal life.

(For information on this hormone, and how to deactivate it, you may obtain Kalina Raphael Rose's Melchizedek Program Part I, which contains a pictogram and invocations for its deactivation. You may obtain this by sending an email to: light-elixirs.com and a request in the subject line: Subscribe me to Melchizedek Program).

Additionally, you may make a formal decree to your Divine Spirit and our helper friends to release yourself from this hormone, and other beliefs and agreements that you must die, and that death is real. Here is an example of a decree, of which the use of is detailed extensively in my book "Ascension Master's Toolkit".

BY DIVINE DECREE, UNDER THE LAW OF GRACE, IN THE NAME OF GOD-GODDESS-ALL-THAT-IS, AND MY OWN DIVINE I AM PRESENCE, I FORMERLY RESCIND ANY AND ALL VOWS, (AND BREAK ANY AND ALL AGREEMENTS), (you may also substitute other patterns such as: perceptions, beliefs, attachments, judgements, expectations, demands, desires, addictions etc.)

THAT I, OR ANYONE ELSE IN THIS BODY HAS EVER MADE, IN THIS OR ANY OTHER LIFETIME, (OR ANYONE IN MY GENETIC OR SOUL LINEAGE), ACROSS SPACE TIME AND DIMENSION - that death is inevitable; that death is natural; that this body must age and die; that disease is natural and inevitable; that suffering and pain are natural and part of life; that I am not worthy of ascension, or able to ascend; that ascension is impossible; that suffering and pain are a natural and inevitable part of life; that I must earn or learn my way into heaven; that I am unworthy of God's Grace; that I am not immortal… (Please add any additional vows, agreements, beliefs, programs… that occur to you. If they occur to you, you've got them, and it's time for them to be released).


Allow all of these to go off to the Light. See them all go. Bid them all farewell. Give them all to God. You may also ask Archangel Michael to disconnect any psychic cords attached to them from yourself. (Allow these cords to disintegrate). And you may also ask for St. Germain's Violet Flame of Transmutation, (for a complete cleansing of your energy bodies). And for the Silver Ray of Grace, (for a fresh start in the now moment).

And now, make a formal request of manifestation by repeating:

BY DIVINE DECREE, UNDER THE LAW OF GRACE, IN THE NAME OF GOD-GODDESS-ALL-THAT-IS, AND MY OWN DIVINE I AM PRESENCE, I FORMALLY REQUEST for the complete deactivation of the death hormone and the complete release of all beliefs, programs, genetic memory…that age, disease, pain, suffering and death are natural, inevitable and real. And SO IT IS!

Now Have Fun! That's an Order!

In Divine Immortality


I AM ZaKaiRan (that which cannot truly be described. I am everything and no-thing. I am the light and love that pervades all reality and un-reality. I am the Alpha and the Omega, I am separation, I am oneness, I am the essence of fun of the spirit of the Child, the Child that we all are, the sons and daughters of the Christ, the Christ children of God-Goddess).

For more information on DNA repatterning, refer to: www.Roseofraphael.com

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