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The Extraterrestrial Mission to Planet Earth





Phase One, Deep Cover: Fall asleep. Adopt the 3rd dimensional limitation system - believing it to be real. Assume undercover rolls, (mother, husband, brother, friend, lover, worker, boss etc.), and fully deny your celestial origins and the vastness of your beingness - who you truly are.

Phase Two, Awakening Process: Awaken from deep slumber; recognizing illusions; questioning reality. Begin making waves, stirring the pot. Begin remembering your true identity, the eternal essence of love that you are and your Universal Celestial Dimensional Origin. Wake up other transition team members. Begin process of manifesting more of your Divinity here on this plane.

The Call to Action ...

Up until now most mission members have been pretending to be human and have done a pretty good job of fooling others, as well as themselves. I'm sure every transition member can identify with the feeling that they did not quite fit in, using the old adage, "I feel like a Stranger in a Strange land" - well you are a stranger in a strange land! And most transition team members have always had a strong sense of destiny, a feeling that they came here to do something REALLY BIG. But while they were in Phase One it always just seemed like a dream, a vision, and you probably acted it out in many other ways like trying to succeed, or doing something good for the planet by being a healer or environmentalist, etc. And you probably have experiences of frustration that "the old world is so dense and everyone participating with it is so stupid, and I can't believe that I actually thought it was real." And you probably have always been quite bored with it all.

Well the times they are a changin, and at quantum speeds, faster than has ever occurred on any planet in the Universe - ever! The dream of a new civilization that you have always carried, is now a reality. And with these accelerated times, the next wave of transition team members are now being called into action. As the Clarion wakeup call resounds throughout this planet it will be more and more difficult for mission members to stay asleep in 3rd and 4th dimensional distortions.

Whole ways of life are falling apart, things that you previously called real and held on to, you may see them for the illusions that they truly are. More and more beings are waking up disillusioned with jobs, careers, relationships and lifestyles. You have a knowing that "there must be something better than this shit, this old outdated reality, and I am going to find it, and live my life that way no matter what it takes - or die/ascend trying".

Well the good news is that never before has there been so much support to do what you came here to do, and never before has it been so easy for you to live as a master standing naked in your truth, fulfilling your Divine Mission and purpose here! The time you have been preparing for and patiently waiting for is now! It is a come as you are party, and everyone's ascending! There's no more preparation to be done, time to actively Co-Create Heaven on Earth !

The Gathering of Masters

A great gathering is taking place, A G a t h e r i n g o f M a s t e r s . We have come here at this time to assist in the ecstatic transformation that is taking place as Planet Earth becomes a star, inhabited by beings in wondrous immortal bodies of Light. Many of you also chose to come here to assist with this transition. And you did not come here to do it alone. Many beings presently incarnated on this plane are aspects of, and representatives for whole councils of entities on the other dimensions. You are the crack team members, voted by the other council members to be "the ones most likely to succeed". Your picture is in the Cosmic High School Year Book. It is time to wake up to the vast multidimensional master that you truly are. Wake up to your eternal beingness that is already awake!

Our Mission --- Cutting Pathways in Consciousness

We are the Ascension Masters, cutting pathways through the jungle of illusion to a higher reality of unconditional Love and Prosperity consciousness. We are here to assist in the Awakening, Activation, and Mobilization phases of the Extraterrestrial/Ascension Mission of this Planet. We call ourselves extraterrestrial because we recognize that we are not originally sourced from Planet Earth. We also recognize that we are multidimensional Masters, and we use our extraterrestrial names to identify ourselves as who we are on these other dimensions. We directly work with and are assisted by a diverse group of Divine entities dedicated to the Ascension of Planet Earth, including the Ascended Masters, Angelic Hosts and Multidimensional Soul Group Councils.

You may sense that you too are not of this world, and are now ready to fully engage with who you are on these other dimensions and what you came here to do. We realize that much is required of the beings who have chosen to be here during this transition. A completely new paradigm must be laid down for the physical, emotional and mental bodies to allow them to integrate the higher vibrational frequencies now entering the Earth Plane. All beings who volunteered to cut such pathways have vast support available to them. Now is the time for you to access, integrate and utilize the infinite amount of assistance available from the Ascended Masters, Angels, your own I AM Presence… There are also many 5th dimensional tools, technologies, (energies of release and manifestation-1), for the clarity of your awareness, and embodiment of your Divinity, (brought to planet earth from multidimensional/extraterrestrial sources). All of this support is here to help all mission members, cut pathways in their own consciousness, to easily and gracefully transition from 3rd & 4th dimensional reality, (separation consciousness) to 5th dimensional reality, (Christ/Unity Consciousness) - a reality that allows the full expression of who they are as Divine Masters, to manifest their vision of the New Civilization of Light and Love. To be empowered to speak and act from Divine Truth, enlightening the pathway for all of humanity to awaken to their Divinity and embody their Christ-Light-Bodies to



1- A compendium of 5th dimensional tools, technologies and energies of release and manifestation are available in ZaKaiRan's Book "The Ascension Master's Toolkit,"

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