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Welcoming the Lost Souls Home

The Release of Enemy and Victim Consciousness

(A Message of Love and Compassion)




The Earth Mission Continues

The forces of limitation, (the lost souls in darkness - which includes absolutely everyone who refuses to realize their magnificence), are doing their best to hinder the Light/Love and Ascension of Planet Earth and humanity. This is all perfect for everyone's soul growth and realization that we are all indeed One. All of the b's and b's (bastards and bitches - as my friend calls them), are merely lost in separation consciousness, lost in a world of the illusion of unworthiness, and are crying out for compassion for their suffering. And just like children, they will even take negative attention over nothing.

Everyone is struggling with their own feelings of separation, unworthiness and aloneness. All beings lost in this "reality" of separation, feel us Light-Lovers getting farther and farther away from them. They are fighting to get us back into the "matrix". So we must help them (and ourselves) by realizing that they are our brothers and sisters, our family and friends, even though it appears otherwise. Your initiation is to know that everyone is your divine brother and sister even if they do not know this to be true about you, and treat you accordingly. The test is to see if you can love the b's and b's. If you are truly living this reality regardless of what anyone does to you then you are truly living Unity/Christ consciousness.

This is not easy of course, especially because we still retain much enemy/lack/separation/victim consciousness within our mental fields, aspects and light bodies. This is being rectified with these current initiations on planet earth. We must allow these deluded souls to do what they need to do, because this is the last chance they will have to learn about love and unity through separation consciousness. We must let go of our attachment and use of victim consciousness and realize the truth that there are no victims in any world. There are no victims, only volunteers. Every experience is drawn to each individual for their own soul growth.

We have all been attacked by beings lost in the 4th dimension and by humans lost in this one, but we must realize that we are not "victims", but are manifesting these experiences for our empowerment not dis-empowerment. All reality is formed by our perception of it and our choices within it. All experiences can be empowering to you, or dis-empowering - if you choose to give your power away to the experience, the manifestation, or the "controler". You can be a victim to your manifestations, and your unconsciousness which is creating them, or you can learn from every experience and educate yourself to create a more preferred reality.

We must realize that we are helping these individuals by volunteering to be their "enemy". And knowing within our consciousness that they are not our enemy, but part of our family of light and love. We must realize the degree to which these individuals are lost and have compassion for their suffering. Attacks from 4th dimensional disembodied spirits, dark lords and negative extraterrestrials, are part of this experience of being a planetary transition team member; to being an ascension expert; reality buster - it comes with the territory. Attacks from humans can seem much more impactful because of our personal attachments and human programmed limitations.

We seemingly don't know these entities on the 4th dimension, but this not usually the truth. We actually know most of them, or a great deal of them personally, and have experienced many lifetimes with many of them. This is the "kill the messenger" syndrome. This is where we dislike someone who illuminates some dark/lost aspect of ourselves. In the case of lost entities, our light/love shines love and light on their aspects that feel unworthy and unredeemable - unworthy of God's grace. But human interference is more personal, it is closer to home, (based on our human perception). But there is not actually any difference between lost humans or lost spirits, ETs and other entities. They are all lost in their own self-generated karmic-soup of guilt and unworthiness, from lifetimes in the illusions of separation, survival, power and control.

It does not serve the ascension of planetary consciousness to fight the b's and b's ("dark forces"), including any aspect of society that we could judge to be dark and evil. This only adds fuel to the fire. Our attention must be on what we truly want, not on what we do not want - so that the universe can rearrange itself to accommodate this divine reality. We are spiritual lovers not spiritual warriors. Fighting and resisting the actions of the military, the government, corporate fascists, environmental rapers…) has limited affect. To some degree it states your preference of reality, but it is controling, projective and judgemental, just like the "controllers".

All real transformation to love - takes place within. For those beings to change their behavior, they must awaken and shift their awareness naturally, just as you have awoken and shifted yours through your spiritual initiations and education. We must be unconditional love, which does not judge/condemn, but merely classifies, observes, and guides when possible. We cannot interfere in the free will of others if we are to be the unconditionally-loving whole-light-beings that we truly are, and if we are going to be like the Ascended Masters and Bodhisattvas that we emulate.

We have no direct control over the consciousness of anyone outside of ourselves. Therefore, to assist our lost brothers and sisters, we must heal those aspects of ourselves that are still in separation, for the best way to guide others is by example. In this way we give others a rope to hang on to, a map to follow through the jungle of doubt and confusion. We must cease all judgement of their behavior and our own. We must develop compassion for self and for others suffering - for without suffering no one would act in such limited ways.

So in relation to others, the key is always going deeper, beyond what is being projected by them on the surface, beyond their posturing. Go deeper, see their suffering and have compassion for them. Healer heal thyself! Healing yourself, helps others heal themselves by them seeing that there is a different possibility of living another reality. It empowers them to realize they can create a reality that they prefer - a reality of prosperity, joy and unity - rather than the opposite "reality" that society dictates of lack, sorrow and separation.

Your example is love. If they see you judging them and fighting them, then you are no different to them, for their world of ego is one of judgement and conflict. Your non-resistance, or admission that you have no control in most situations outside of yourself - heals planetary consciousness, it heals the world of ego that fights for control over reality and the environment. The "controllers" are deluded to think that they have dominion over the earth, but the "meek" shall inherit the earth", not the reverse. The surrenderers, the allowers, the compassioners, the Christed Unifiers - are inheriting this earth. This is the Divine Plan! Resistance is futile!

The Unconditional Lovers

I have much experience communing with whales. My relationship with them has been developing since my first experience of watching two Gray whales mating, surrounded by dolphins, off the coast of California, and growing yearly as I commune with them physically and in consciousness every year in Hervey Bay. Whales and dolphins, to those beings with the openness and awareness to see and know, have always been revered as unconditionally loving masters. This has become ever more real for me as I have opened to their love and to my own love, and especially became clear to me recently as I was sailing up the coast to begin this years whale watching season, when I visited a now environmentally oriented resort in Moreton Bay, which was formerly a whaling station.

At this resort I watched a video of the history of the whaling station that slaughtered over 6000 humpback whales during its operation. I watched this old "romantically" portrayed documentary of the brave men doing a service to society, as they would shoot harpoons into the whales. Now I know how agile and fast whales are, most whales could easily run from a whale harpoon boat, but I realized that they gave themselves up freely to be slaughtered, to help us, their brothers and sisters, to realize unconditional love. To realize that the human species isn't the only species on planet earth with consciousness and awareness. Often of course, as any being would, they resisted being killed and even killed to protect themselves, but ultimately they all gave themselves willingly for their own soul evolution and experience, for the evolution of planetary consciousness, and for the soul evolution and experience of those beings killing them, eating them and using their body products. (Even eating whale meat, these people are unwittingly embodying whale consciousness.

All forms of unity are being attacked by the forces of separation. Human, animals, plants, water, fish and our beloved whales (the guardians of the planet earth). Every human, animal, plant… gives themselves willingly (mostly on higher soul levels, whales more consciously) - as a gift of compassion - for the wholeness - for the completion of separation consciousness. We can further assist these whale/animal/human/plant…friends of ours that we see being "victimized" by the "controllers", by not seeing them as victims, but as the sovereign empowered masters that they truly are. And seeing the "victimizers" as the divine souls that they truly are. Masters of limitation, and soon to become masters of divine expression. We are the new guardians of Earth.

Do not allow yourself to be limited by your programming and by your judgements. Always go deeper behind the projection, and higher to soul levels. It is now time to clear all of your judgements, and victim/enemy consciousness - of self and others.

Sit in a quiet place. Center yourself in your heart and ask the ascended masters for an antakarana activation. Send this column of light (as big around as your head) through your chakras, down to the core of the earth, up through the moon, the sun, the great central moon, the great central sun and to the source of All That Is. Call upon St. Germain to clear your chakras, your light body and your antakarana with the Violet Flame of Transmutation and the Silver Ray of Grace.

Now see yourself in a huge auditorium with blue walls. See yourself on stage. Now put all of the people that you judge or have judged in the audience. In the center of the auditorium, see all of the people you personally know or have known in this life that you hold some form of discord/separation with, and judgement towards. On the left side of the auditorium, see all those beings from all of your past lives and genetic lineage, across space time and dimension, that you have had judgements towards and separation with. On the right side of the auditorium, see all those beings on planet earth that you see in the media, all those political, religious, corporate, military separatists that you have judgement towards for victimizing you, your brothers and sisters, animal, plant and water friends (all the George Bush's, Osama Bin Laden's…). You may make this auditorium as big as you need to. You will probably need to expand it bigger and bigger to accommodate the thousands of beings that you have held judgement towards.

Call upon Lord Maitreya, Lord Kuthumi, Lady Nada, your own God/Goddess Presence, and whatever Angelic-Ascended-Boddhisattvic-Masters you resonate with, to merge with you now, and to help you release your judgements of these lost souls and their behavior. Stand on stage and verbally forgive them for all of their behavior. Forgive them for all of their attacks upon you and others. And forgive your self for your judgements towards them. Release all of your victim consciousness. All of your feelings that you and others are victims and have been victimized by these beings. Forgive yourself for all of the times when you have been just like them and have victimized others because of your feelings of unworthiness, powerlessness, helplessness… Ask your entire genetic lineage and soul extensions to also forgive all of these being who have ever hurt them.

Now break any and all vows and agreements you have made with yourself or any of these beings, by repeating this invocation: "By divine decree, under the law of grace, in the name of God-Goddess-All-That-Is, I formally release any and all vows and break any and all agreements, that I or anyone else in this body has ever made, or anyone in my genetic or soul lineage, across space time and dimension: that I am unworthy; that others are unworthy; I am not worthy of God's love; I am being punished; I or others deserve to be punished; I am not of the light, I am dark; I am not love or loving; others are not love or loving; that I am better or lesser than others; to never trust anyone again; to never love again; that life is dangerous; that life is a war; to be enemies; that others are not a part of myself; that there is not enough for everyone, (including me); that I have to take what I need; that others will take what I have; that I have to manipulate others to get what I need…(you may add any others that may occur to you).

When this is complete, say, "I release to the light any and all energies, entities, mechanisms or structures, curses, beliefs or perceptions that may have supported or maintained these vows and agreements".

Now open a doorway at the end of a large vortex (tunnel/Rainbow Bridge) above your head to the Light. See these things moving off to the light - give them all up to God.

Now say, "I now ask my Spirit for new divine encodements and awarenesses to replace those vows and agreements. And so it is!"

Now, activate the love flame of your heart and send it to your brain to clear all of the judgements held there and in your mental body. Call upon Doctor Lorphan and the Galactic Federation of Healers to help you heal your emotional body from all of the traumatic experiences you have had with all of these beings, and all of the experiences you have had in all of your lifetimes. Call upon the Karmic Board and ask for complete karmic absolution between you and every being in your auditorium and with every single being across all space time and dimension. Call upon Lord Metatron and the Archturian Light Body Masters to heal and cleanse your Light Body.

See all of the yucky-tangled-limited-judgemental-condemning-psychic attachments between you and everyone in the auditorium. See the colors of them, they are dark and grey and jagged and ugly. Call upon Archangel Michael to help you release all of these attachments and judgements to all of these beings. See Archangel Michael disconnecting them with his sword of truth. See these cords and judgemental attachments all disintegrating, and transmuting into love energy. See the colors change. See the new colors of love between you. Beautiful azure blues, and violets and pinks and lovely greens and oranges. Feel the true love that is now between you, always was between you, and always will.

See and know the love that you truly have for all of these beings and the love that they truly hold for you. Invite them back to the family of Love and Light. Invite them back to be held in the arms of God-Goddess. Invite them to realize their Oneness and Divinity. And personally remind them of their magnificence.

Remember, everyone is trying to love in the best way they know how. And everyone is trying to get back to love, and express love, even in distorted ways that do not remotely look loving - for everything is love and everyone is love. All expression, no matter how dense, limited or enlightened, is all for soul growth. Nothing you do, or have done, can separate you from the love that you are. Nothing anyone does, or has done can, separate them from the love that they are. Remember, everything that others do, you have done in other lifetimes, and they are part of you.

There is no judging force in the universe of creation. God does not condemn. There is no such place as hell, except what we create in our reality. Judgement and condemnation only exists in the lower dimensions, in the world of ego. You have done nothing ever in any lifetime that is un-redeemable. You are Love itself, you are God-Goddess-All-That-Is, why would God-Goddess-All-That-Is condemn any part of itself. Complete forgiveness/karmic absolution is available now to those that ask for it, to those who are ready to let go of their illusions of their unworthiness.

All "sins" are forgiven! Be free!

"I was once lost, but now I am found".


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