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In Tune with Nature

Our Connection with Our Earth Mother - Gaia



Pagans, such as the Celts, traditionally saw themselves as being one with the earth. The sacred sights of England and the standing stones represent this oneness. These represented and functioned as energy portals, (to bring heaven to earth, the light to darkness) similar to the chakras on our bodies (to bring divine vibrations, life force energy to our dense physical bodies); the ley lines representing our meridians; the dragon and Mary lines our blood stream.

There was also of course a connection with the stars (heaven and earth, Father and Mother). In even more ancient cultures such as Egypt there was an even more specific connection with the stars because of their direct involvement with the Star people. The portals on the Great Pyramid point directly to the Pleiades and Sirius, and the pyramids themselves are laid out like Orion's belt.

Part of spiritual culture of these ancient "pagan" cultures was the recognition of the Goddess. A natural integral part of creation, life and spirituality. God and Goddess; part of the trinity of father, mother and son/daughter. Or in Christian terminology: God the Father, God the Holy (Mother) Spirit, and Son. We are the Son/Daughters of God Goddess.

As a planet and species, the evolutionary cycle we have been on up until now, has been condensation. We have been going as far away from the source as we could get as part of the experiment in the illusion of separation. We have been descending further and further into matter. We have now exited the descending age of darkness (Kali Yuga), and are now entering the age of light, awakening, ascension, expansion. We are de-condensing, or ascending back to the source; the in breath and the out breath of All That Is.

This evolutionary cycle incorporated the false male-dominant-perspective-civilization we have been experiencing, which subjugated the feminine aspect of creation in order to play with externalness/separation. Thus the onslaught of the industrial revolution, wars and environmental degradation, with physical and cultural genocide of indigenous populations, who are connected to the earth - all to further disconnect from the mother, inner truth and the Goddess within us all.

Without the feminine aspect there is Koyanisqatzi (Hopi; life out of balance). A world of external technology; a world of incompleteness. A world which decides what is real by what it can see, hear and touch (limited to 3 dimensions). A world which denies and neglects the inner Universe of Love, the Shekinah, the IsIs; which encompasses all of creation, and contains the masculine within its womb (wombman). We are now rebalancing the masculine and the feminine, completing the circle, or sacred geometrically adding the circle/sphere around the linear. By completing the picture, balancing the masculine with the feminine, we open the door to the void, the gateway to source, for the divine masculine is the key to the doorway of the divine feminine, the inner key to Divinity/Enlightenment/Ascension/True Reality.

The exterior technology, false male energy orientation is now loosening its grasp on reality and making way for the feminine, for inner technology male/female balance; the balance of wisdom and knowledge. The exterior orientation of the electric male linear vibration is what condenses. The interior orientation of the magnetic female spherical vibration is what de-condenses, accelerates, encompasses. It opens the doorway to the next dimension. (Every other dimension being male or female, ie. 3D-male, 4D-female, or more or less form; 4th D being a dimension of less form, 3rd D and 5th D being dimensions of more form…). The female completes the male for real creation. Without the female there is no creation, only synthesis, trying to be like god, rather than actually being God. This is why humans see the entire planet and everything on it as a resource to be exploited and used to synthesize more things, to feel like they have created something; but they have not, only synthesized. Real creation does not synthesize, it creates from nothing, from source, from prana/lifeforce. And the only way you can create anything is with male and female working in balance together - with Love. (See the movie, "The 5th Element")

This is also the only way you can transition to higher dimensions - with Love. You must go through the void (emotion feeling, initiations of realization). You can fly through space, linearly, and get far away, but you can't go in, which is where dimensions are. You can technologically synthesize portals, which create rips in time/space, essentially trying to bash your way through the dimensions, but this only works temporarily between the 3rd and 4th dimensions and you're not able to stay fully physically. (This is why we have the Bermuda Triangle).

With the inclusion of the Divine Feminine and re-awakening of the Divine Masculine (revealing the lie of the false masculine) we are becoming more in tune with our mother earth. We will eventually become real and truly one with her as time progresses; becoming real stewards of life rather than death; creation rather than synthesis; promoters of cooperation and Unity/Christ consciousness rather than enemy/separation consciousness. We will synchronize with her and no longer be parasites, trying to suck her blood, taking taking taking and giving nothing. We will give back, and be grateful for her support rather than being angered at her inconveniences. We will become in tune with weather, so that the weather will match our consciousness of Love. Love will be within us, so Love will manifest without.

Currently, weather matches our human consciousness of fear and greed (enemy/lack consciousness). Drastic weather patterns are the result. Because we are one with planet earth, and not separate as our egos would lead us to believe, our consciousness manifests reality, and in this case manifests catastrophic weather or "earth changes". As we become in tune with nature, the weather will become calm and easy, it will match our friendship/union with nature and weather, rather than our adversarial relationship with them.

Subsequently we will become in tune with the flora and fauna. It will finally become self evident that our trees and oceans are the planets lungs, therefore our oxygen supply. And that the animals are our friends, not just commodities and food sources, not just another inconvenience (especially those dangerous animals). Fear manifests what you fear. Fear that you'll be eaten by an animal, and you'll get eaten by one, or at least a few bites. (Just ask the Crocodile Hunter). If there aren't any animals left, you'll get eaten by a human.

It's official, we won the war; the animals lost! We're "smarter" than them, generally bigger than them and there's more of us (we learned how to breed from the rabbits), and we've got guns (we're real "smart"). We beat the bastards! We're the dominant species! Ya fuckin hoo! The war is now over! It is time to sign a peace treaty and start living cooperatively like we would with any culture or nation. Personally I can't wait till everyone realizes their oneness with the animals so that I can go anywhere and the animals don't run away for fear that I'm going to kill them and eat them. Being that I have a personal bias towards shnuggling, I especially can't wait till I can go to North America and shnuggle bears.

I had a dream where a beautiful woman was sleeping with a bear all shnuggled up together in a beautiful green forest, it was serenely beautiful. (The bear is prominent in my dreams. I knew this woman well). I was greeted jubilantly by two seals which I shnuggled profusely, and they licked me on the mouth (seal kisses). I looked on the woman and the bear and felt afraid a little (of the bear). I thought "I better not wake them up". But they did, and the bear got up and walked away, no worries, he wasn't concerned about me in the least. (We actually knew each other, it was a male bear). Then the woman came and greeted me affectionately. I was a bit jealous of the bear and envious of her to be able to shnuggle with a bear, but I knew, and she assured me, that everything was perfect and I could do so as well.

What I realized from this was - the Goddess communes with the Bear! Without any fear. The male, without the female balance, is afraid of everything. The female, balanced with the male, is afraid of nothing, and respects everything. I am this Goddess; and so are you! And I/we don't need to fight the masculine but to allow it to shnuggle us in its soft warm fur.

I also can't wait till I can go to Africa and shnuggle elephants, and tigers, and Gorillas… Stop your fear based bullshit humanity, you're spoiling my fun! I know some of the idealistic new agers out there are saying, "well, if you had no fear, then the animals wouldn't fear you". And to some degree this is true, (and this has assisted my being able to get very close to many animals because they are not afraid of me, including shnuggling a wild deer), but that presupposes that I have some sort of control over the consciousness of animals, which I do not. They are sovereign entities, just like us; they have minds, instincts, emotions, consciousness, and a soul, just like us.

For me to be able to shnuggle a bear now, we would have to earn each others trust because of the enemy consciousness relationship that still exists between humanity and animals. Mostly on our part, but on their part as well because we're always trying to kill them and destroy their habitats, and their world is one of survival, eat and be eaten. Additionally, just like us, they have to let go of their past conditioning from past experiences with us humans, and our shift in consciousness will help them shift this to a large degree.

So yes, I could develop a relationship with certain animals and get my shnuggles, but its just not going to happen for me or anyone else on this planet until everyone changes. We are all in this together; the I is the We; we are a synergy, a planetary synergy. Reality on a broad scale is created by agreement, by a matrix of codes. When everyone agrees that their preferred reality is cooperation and love, rather than competition and separation, then we will have peace on earth, (unity consciousness). When everyone realizes and agrees that they would rather hug a tree than chop it down (because they feel a natural connection to them, and feel empowered by their presence and existence, rather than feeling powerless and lesser than these great masters), then we will have beautiful forests. When everyone agrees that they would rather shnuggle animals than eat them, and rather see them alive in the wild, rather than dead or in zoos, (because they feel a natural connection to them, and feel empowered by their presence and existence, rather than feeling powerless and lesser than these great masters), then we will be living with our beautiful friends the animals in harmony and cooperation in our every day lives, and we won't have to huddle together in cities "protected" from the environment and those "killer" animals; we can live in harmony with nature and with each other.

Everything that helps the plants and trees and oceans, and rivers, and animals - helps us. We're all in this together! Everything that helps all of us, helps the planet. When individuals, groups and communities realize this, they will experience heaven in their lives and surroundings. When everyone who lives on Mother Gaia realizes this, we will be embraced by the mother and live Heaven on Earth.

Co-Create Heaven on Earth! Honor your Mother and Father!


Yours in Shnuggle Consciousness,

ZaKaiRan (Shnuggles with Bears)

©ZaKaiRan AatKa'Nui SheeHan

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