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Grace, Time and the New Civilization of Light




What is Karma?

Karma means action or reaction. There is positive karma and negative karma. From a soul perspective, positive karma emanates from your lifetimes on earth, other dimensions, other planets…, towards the goodness of all beings - unconditional love. Essentially, all of your experiences, actions and emanations of unconditional love, provide positive karma, a life of grace. Grace is an experience, existence, allowance of creation, newness; with no reference to the future or past. A life of grace is karmaless. Karma is time referential. A gracious karmaless life is not locked in time, it is infinite.

"Negative" Karma emanates from lifetimes of expression solely for separation, personal gain, ego, etc. (Negative) Karma is all energies that have been sent out from all incarnations, including your genetic lineage, soul extensions… that were not from love. Karma is everything that one experiences outside of love. And because of the nature of divine balance, everything that is created outside of love naturally returns to be resolved as love; just as all creations outside of source, that perceive themselves to be separate from source, eventually will return to Source. In day to day life, if you are not creating from Love (grace), then you are creating from karma, and all of these experiences will need to be balanced and forgiven.

The karmic bank, (managed by the Karmic Board) contains the Akashic records/memories of these experiences where we have lessons to learn, for the balancing of our love/light and for release of those aspects of ourselves in separation in our consciousness, that are still resistant to oneness, for them to surrender to love…. The Karmic bank also has a record of all your grace filled positive karma (karma-less) deposits.

Karma is all those times in all of your lives, across space time and dimension, where you experienced some trauma or emotional experience where you reacted with the absence of love. Where you denied the experience as being positive for your spiritual growth and the fact that some part of you manifested this experience for your awakening to oneness. You separated yourself from creation, and in order to avoid your feelings of suffering, (I'm powerless, I'm unworthy, I'm helpless…), you denied the experience, repressed it, or acted angrily, to try to control your external environment, so as to not feel the full impact of the experience, and to try to create a life where nothing like this experience would ever happen again, to never experience that pain again.

These were the instances where we have made vows and agreements with the universe, disembodied spirits, manifesting forces, our own souls, other people, ETs, our own consciousness, egos….to always experience life in a certain way or not experience life in a certain way. Times where we felt like victims. So in order to relieve that suffering, we tried to control reality, so as to not be victimized again. From an energetic perspective, becoming perpetrators rather than victims.

These are the karmic experiences of our past that are affecting us now; connected to fragmented aspects of ourselves, including our soul extensions, that are lost in karma, across space time and dimension, and which now need to be healed, so that we can be sovereign entities, standing naked in our truth and love, co-creative forces of love and light.

These experiences are "the fall", the fall from grace, either consciously or unconsciously, based on your current or past actions and reality. Ultimately, on Soul levels, we did it, and do it all consciously. On some dimensional levels, completely unconsciously; these are the dimensions where we are lost, and where we have lost parts of ourselves.

Essentially, karma is being pissed off with God, or forgetting your connection with God Goddess All That Is; your essence, Soul (Higher Self), Spirit (God Presence), Monad (Group Soul), ET friends, Angels, Ascended Masters, home, source, Great Spirit, Wakantanka… It is losing faith in creation and in yourself.

The big fall, (your first karmic experience), your first descension into dense matter and lower dimensions, was to experience the illusion of separation. It was a fall from grace, which is the fall into time, or being "lost" in the lower dimensions of linear time. It is a loss of the completion and balance of creation of the sphere (the womb) which encompasses the linear geometries. The fall is forgetting that you are not only an individual, but also All That Is; thinking you are just linear and not all encompassing as well. You are Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. You are Divine Love and Divine Will. You are everything and nothing. You are creation and you are the void from whence creation comes.

What about Sin?

Sin is essentially the same thing, only it has been translated and used differently. Separating yourself from Self, from God Goddess All That Is, is the only sin, the only thing that creates karma (the fall). But it is not a sin against any controling force, it is only a sin against self, and in the grand scope of evolution it is only part of the experience of oneness. The experiment of separation is part of the wholeness of Oneness, it illuminates Oneness; or without the shadow, we would have no concept of Light. The illusion/reality of separation, enlightens and broadens your experience of oneness, of the wholeness of All That Is.

The list of sins/commandments are essentially a "man" made creation; or ET/entity created; or man adopted. (Man: Sanscrit; to think) According to a reliable source, the commandments were given to the Children of Israel from their god Jehovah. (These commandments were later adopted by the Christians and altered somewhat to suit their tastes, including the removal of one of the commandments and splitting one of them in two to fill the spot. I'm sorry, I can't remember which one they took out, but they filled its spot by splitting the covet one in two). Jehovah was a god, but he was not God the Father, the big boy, the big chief. He was a little chief, a dimensional entity, probably part of the hierarchy of universal governing beings at one time, similar to Lucifer, who perhaps fell from grace, became part of the fall, (like all of us), and who either liked to control and govern races of people and was a complete bastard, or was somehow well intentioned and doing his best to guide a very barbaric race of people to a higher evolution, (or somewhere in between).

According to this source, he was not a very nice guy, and chased myself and many others from another planet to Mars and then to Earth, then to subsequently control us. What the real story is, is subject to individual experience, perception and interpretation of the grand evolution of dimensional entities and extraterrestrial races who have settled this planet and the evolution of planet earth, and all of humanity upon it. But one thing is for sure, God the Father/Source does not do such things as give commandments to races of people, this would be contrary to, and interfering with, the gift of free will, "the prime directive", (Gene Roddenberry had it right). Only underlings do such things. And either they have been guided and directed by councils of higher beings or fellow council members that govern the evolution of planets and universes, or they are interfering because of some desire to control, or well meaning intention of guidance because of their suffering from feeling separate from God Goddess All That Is. (God the Father/Mother acts itself out through these "lesser" gods in the lower dimensions. This is how the high source vibration is expressed through the lower vibratory worlds. It is naïve and childish to think that the Father/Mother Source would be so manipulative as to give commandments and directly control races of humans).

So essentially, the commandments were a great way to guide the ignorant masses, or control them, depending on your perspective. Most of them are good guidelines for human interaction, but they are not really based on any real universal law, only the fact that if you do such things you will create negative karma for yourself, or essentially create a life of hell, or collectively create for yourself a world of hell. So in the sense of after life, you would find it difficult to ascend to higher heaven realms of existence, because your consciousness is stuck in lower dark realms, "hell" realms. But there is no actual place called hell, created by God, only the hell that people create for themselves, which can actually be a place if beings collectively create it together (see "What Dreams May Come"). On a dimensional level, this is the lower overtones of the 4th dimension, the place of ghosts (disembodied spirits, aka the living impaired), demons, negative ETs…who are all disconnected from love.

The word purgatory would be a more accurate term for hell, a place where people go when they are stuck in their consciousness, separate from God/heaven/life. The word "hell" was a catholic creation, a mistranslation and manipulation of an ancient Hebrew word. Jews do not believe in hell, because "hell" in Hebrew meant; a paupers grave. If you had no money and died, your body would be thrown in a mass "paupers" grave - you would be "cast in to hell". It had nothing to do with your spiritual status, only your monetary one, (which obviously connotes the perception people had at the time, and still do, that poor people are not very spiritually aware and in God's favor, other wise they wouldn't be so poor).

So, once again, there is no punishing force in the universe of All That Is. At least not from the source. Lesser gods who want to experience power and control, may try to punish races or individuals, but there is no real punishing higher force. All real punishment is self generated, and self manifested. This is the real definition of karma; action, what you reap, you will sow. Whatever your perception of reality is, that is what you will continuously manifest in your life. So you could kill someone out of anger, jealousy…, out of separation, and heal that instantly, if you were open to it; that act essentially becoming your saving grace, rather than your down fall. But you already fell to even get to that point; you were already in hell to have even done such a thing; your consciousness was already in a karmic state. Your consciousness was hell, and you had the choice of continuing to live in a hellish/karmic existence or forgiving others, and yourself, and reconnecting to love.

So there is not any cosmic repercussions from some punishing force, there is only karma generated between individuals and towards one own soul, or with one's own essence, I Am Presence, and further connection or separation from Source/God/Goddess/All That Is.

In essence, karma is further separation or fragmentation of self, because every time you react in hate, and deny, you break off a piece of self and leave it somewhere. All past life karma is like this; you experience trauma and react negatively, and then move on, not balancing and healing that part, or experience, realizing the truth of your separation, suffering, denial…, so it gets left behind. So karma is not really debt, or payback, or punishment, it is all the little falls from grace, out of the moment of love, where you denied some aspect and left it in the shadows; where you left lost parts of yourself strewn about the universe, in parallel realities, alternate realities, and dimensions, across space and time, on this and thousands of other planets. So those parts of you were cut off from grace, cut off from receiving a fresh start in the moment, with no reference to the future or the past - they were lost in time. They were not allowed to receive forgiveness, which is what grace is; divine forgiveness, or karmic absolution.

The only debt is to yourself, your Soul, to your true connection and Oneness with God Goddess All That Is; but it is no debt, only experience, only a need for rebalance, to return home. And debts between individuals are the same, as we are part of the same souls, friends, family, the same source, the same essence. So balancing our karma with each other brings us home to each other.

So all karmic/sinful experiences, all falls from grace, separate you further and further from the source of your soul, Christ Self, God Presence, the source of All That Is, separate from inner truth. Healing your karma is a process of soul retrieval; it is a process of recollecting those fragments of soul spread out among the cosmos. It is a dimensional and time convergence. It is a process of forgiveness: you must retrieve all these fragmented aspects of self/soul across space, time and dimension, and help them forgive themselves, others, God… You must forgive all of those traumatic experiences, and help these aspects forgive those experiences, to get them back to love, to get them to come back home, (to your souls) and help them realize they are loved and that they are love, and realize that all these experiences were for their growth, and for our growth, as a soul, and ours as part of Monad/group soul and the big group soul, of all beings - All That Is.

So 90% of your karma is your own soul's and not necessarily directly related to anyone else. The other 10% is between you and individuals. You will encounter these individuals in life as you awaken and create oneness in your life, and as they do the same. Individuals that you have worked and played with on this and other planets, dimensions… You will need to clear your karma with these friends, lovers and family members, so that you can co-create together, rather than compete together. You will in each case, need to re-collect your fragmented aspects from the past lives you have had together. If you can't do it together, you will have to do it individually. Often you have many many lifetimes together, often loving, often traumatic. This is the case with lovers and friends, and to have a wholistic relationship, you will have to clear a lot of shit together. You will have to forgive this past, or that person in the past, and yourself for reacting drastically and out of love, and literally holding a grudge unconsciously for lifetimes. Time for a karma wash, a soul clearing. You may ask the Karmic Board for karmic resolution between you, (and complete karmic resolution in your life), and release any vows and agreements you made individually or together, (because of the experience), to be cleared.

(For forgiveness ceremonies, meditations, vow/agreement release, soul extension cocooning, karmic absolution and other karmic/limitation releasing techniques, please refer to my book: "The Ascension Masters Tool Kit", available for sale and free on my website: ZaKaiRan.com

Transcending your Karma

Absolutely everything in this world of experience and form are illusions, creations for experience and divine purposes of expression of All That Is. A world of form designed so that we formless spiritual essences could play games such as limitation, darkness, and divine expression of light within these forms; to explore self and discover self, to discover the mysteries of All That Is.

Reality is perceptual. Nothing exists if you do not perceive that it exists and agree with others that it exists. Reality as we know it is really consensus illusion based on collectively agreed upon perception. Like everything in this reality, karma exists based on our perception of it, it is one of our creations of limitation. Religions and individuals define karma in their own perceptual way based on what they are exploring as awakening beings. The truth beyond perception, is that we created "karma" to be an instantaneous manifestation of inner reality, in other words, you reap what you sow; your perception of what is real manifests your reality; you exist in the world that exists within you.

Everyone that operates at a lower level of consciousness in the world lives that way. Their outer world is a mirror of their inner world. Similarly, on a social level, consciousness is affected by the outer world. This is the realm of sociology and psychology whereby human behavior is dictated by education and how people are raised. In other words experience dictating inner reality. Then inner reality, that now bases action upon experience, dictating how to live.

Experience dictates reality for humans that live a typical consensus reality existence. They base how to be and how to act and what to believe upon experience, upon the past, and what they have learned. Karma is therefore past oriented, based on learned behavior, and the consequences of action, not personal divinely guided conscious truth.


Part of the limitation that we have been experiencing has been the illusion of time. Time is also perceptual, it exists, or does not exist, based upon our perception of it. Time is mutable, it changes depending on how you perceive it and reality and your ability to be in the moment. Time is not so absolute and solely linear as the old world has taught, it is wavy and circular and can be stretched and shortened.

The past and future only exists in our perception; they do not exist in this now moment; only this now moment exists; but future possibilities are possibilities based upon our actions and perception in this now moment, this is the paradox of time.

Karma is linked to time. The old world has been operating from a past, time (karmic) perspective, it has been basing reality upon past experience. It has been negating future possibilities of grace. In other words, the future has been being shaped by the past - karma.

Future being formed by the past does not allow for grace, an instant spontaneous creative shift in the now moment. The old civilization did not allow for grace, for the now moment, for new possibilities not based on past experience, it neglected the graceful feminine principle of the mystery, of the unknown, of the spiritual, anything intangible that cannot be touched or felt to the practical male dominant world of survival power and control.

The past only exists in our pictures of reality, it does not exist in this now moment, only this now moment exists. The new civilization manifesting does not exist based on the past. It is aware of the past as part of the wholeness but does not reference from it. It allows all possibilities to have their place within the creation of All That Is. The new civilization references from one source only - God Goddess All That Is. This divine plan may have many expressions through all the many forms but it is based on only direction from All That Is.

The average human being exists in lower level consciousness; the consensus illusion; a karmic sinful world of random chance and coincidence. They live their lives essentially either trying to dominate the world or a victim to it; with very little creative control of their reality. Without awareness you have no creative control in your world. You are deluded to think that you do have control because the world says you do, but this control is form based and external technology oriented, limited to the manipulation of the illusion of power, control and worth. Real creative control is in the now moment, with the help of grace, the divine plan and direction from "higher sources".

When you have expanded your awareness beyond the old world perception based on experience, when you have expanded your identity beyond the world of struggling human, you exist beyond karma, you exist in a karma-less state. You exist beyond all limiting creations of the old world including the religious illusion of sin. Sin is really a western version of karma. Past based on future. Because you've done this, this is how your future will be. Instead of future lives being based on the past, the Christian version is similarly linearly based, because of your sin and how you believe etc., your future will be based on this. Both based on future possibilities.

The Future - The New Civilization

Living life for the future is not living now, it keeps you always striving for something, living in want and desire. This is a great way to keep yourself limited by being out of the now. But if you realize the truth of time and future possibilities, then you can use future possibilities realistically. The future is a vision. The new civilization is a vision of the future that is already written, not in stone but in Vision, in Light/Love possibilities. We each hold a vision of this future within our beingness, therefore it is not a dream, something that may or may not happen, it is something that must happen and in a sense already exists because it exists within our beingness, (our Vision is our creative mechanism, our ability to envision/manifest reality). This vision is manifesting because we are that vision, we are the starseeds for that vision of Heaven on Earth. This vision exists now.

Karma and sin were great creations to keep us limited, to not living in this now moment. They were also great creations to control others if you were a controlling power hungry "spiritual leader". Preach karma and sin and if the masses believe it, you've got them under your thumb always looking to you for their guidance; guidance of the past based on spiritual ideals; dogmatic doctrine and laws. This is not guidance, it is not empowerment, it is enslavement.

True guidance comes from the now, from within, from your own beingness, from true knowing. We are all sovereign entities, we are each individual expressions of All That Is, we all need individual attention because we are all on unique pathways of awakening, and have individual unique essences. True guidance is natural and spontaneous, not based on the past or any form of teaching, but by real truth of individual beingness, guided by All That Is and the Divine Plan.

The new civilization is not based on the past, it is "new"! New is new, not existing before, a fresh start with no reference to the past - this is grace. "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that's why we call it the present"-(unknown author). The future civilization of light is here now, manifesting in each now moment. This is how manifestation works, this is how future projection works. The future happens now or it does not happen at all.

The new civilization was always manifesting, even within the old civilization, because the old is always in a state of decay to make way for the new. All forms are created and then begin dying to make way for higher possibilities, this is evolution. The Ascension began at the creation of the cosmic day, Source/God/Goddess/All That Is creates All That Is and then brings it all back to itself.

So this is the paradox of karma, it existed based on a perception that it existed, but living beyond the perception of the world was always a possibility, this was the essence of every spiritual teaching or religion. This is heaven on Earth, this is Enlightenment, this is Redemption.

So even to have the perception of karma you exist beyond it, you always existed beyond it, you just thought otherwise. On a planetary level the energetic grid of karma no longer exists. Any one that is preaching that it still exists does not understand karma and is still living their existence based on the past and past teachings. They have not actually truly investigated their own consciousness to see if it really existed or not, or if it exists or not.

Sin and Karma has been used by individuals and religious groups to neglect responsibility for this moment, or having the ability to respond in this moment, to keep you from seeing that you are perfect now just the way that you are. It was a cop out, something to say when you were powerless in certain situations to change something that you wish you could. Karma was invented along with a whole list of other illusions of the world of limitation like: power, control, survival, unworthy etc. One more illusion to keep you stuck in time, out of the moment, limited to thinking you have no control, or lots of control, or were powerful, or powerless etc. The only real karma, the only real sin, is the denial of your true magnificent essence of Divinity and Love, not knowing who you really are.

If your deny your magnificence, that you are part of All That Is, then you will continue in a reality of illusion of your own making, your world is karmic, everything in the present happening because you did something wrong in the past, this is self imposed perceptual enslavement. If you deny that you are part of God, then your world will be sinful, in constant need of redemption to earn your way to heaven. Heaven from this old world perception is based on the illusion of action and experience, based on future possibility, it only exists in the future if you play your cards right.

Both sin and karma take you out of this moment. The now moment truth is that you are divine, you are love. You Now are Divine Consciousness, a unique creation of All That Is for expression as that unique creation. You Now are enlightened. You Now are beyond karma and sin. You Now are redeemed and saved. You Now exist in heaven. You Now are Heaven. You Now are a manifestation of heaven, so how could you be other than that creation.

You are not faulty or broken as if you are some appliance, you do not need to be fixed, you are perfect just the way you are. You do not need to earn or learn your way out of here. You do not need to be saved, redeemed or to gain anything. Living this way with this realization, you transcend your karma, you naturally heal all your past "karma". You are beyond your past, your past was only experience for you as All That Is. Your past was for your awakening to this now point, time to live fully in the present.

Within the old civilization of limitation, every consensus illusion that we agreed was actually reality, was essentially limiting. These tribal realities that we put our energetic essence into financing, were designed to keep us tied to group consciousness, so that we would not know who we were as individual divine essential expressions of All That Is. Our identity was dictated to us by our family structures, our social structure, our race, our nation, our religions...

To be an active co-creative participant in the new civilization, you must shift your perspective so that you will not fight the old civilization because "it is limiting you". The old civilization does not limit you, you only limit yourself by being plugged into it energetically, by continuing to support the illusion.

Anything you have ever experienced in this or any other lifetime was not to limit you in any way but to empower you in every way. Every influence in your life including astrological influences, human, parental, educatory, employment, governmental, social..., are all to empower you, no matter how negative or limited the influence may be. Everything in this entire experience of All That Is is for your empowerment and realization. If you can see from that shift in perception, then you will be empowered by every experience in your life, that is when you are actively Co-Creating Heaven on Earth.

"To really live life you must again and again die into it, not out of collapse, but out of full-blooded surrender to the deepest imperatives of the moment" - Ramos (Robert Augustus Masters)

Be here Now!

I am always with you,


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