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The Position Teams


the Transition Teams

The Reality Creators and The Reality Dismantlers



Are you a density creator or are you a density dismantler? A position team member, or a transition team member. If you are reading this article, more than likely you are a density dismantler, a darkness illuminator, an energy harmonizer, a “light worker”, or in my terminology - a planetary transition team member, a Planetary Ascension Specialist. You have come here at this time in the evolutionary process of this planet for its Ascension into a star and humanity’s ascension into immortal bodies of Light.

Now the Ascension is no recent thing, Universes start ascending from the moment they are created. The process of this ascension is accomplished by two teams: the position teams and the transition teams. The majority of the beings on planet earth who are not "awake" in the least, who are lost deep in the illusion that this reality of competition is all there is, they are quite possibly position team members. Position team members set up structures and realities, they are the builders of density, whereas transition team members dismantle density and envision and embody the new higher lighter dimensional realities.

Many beings lost in density may be transition team members, but they will be different types of people. They will sometimes be those that are living in terrible situations of abuse and war - seemingly innocent victims to society and the MDPC (male dominant perspective civilization). They will stay asleep and finally awake to dismantle whatever structures they have been swimming around in. Most transition members are of Angelic and ET origin.

It is generally unimaginable to us transitioners how people on planet earth can be so dense, distorted, and do such hideous things to each other. I am personally amazed at what people do to themselves, each other, animals, oceans, trees and the earth. It is unimaginable to us because it is our job to not be dense, or to at least be as non dense as possible. Whereas, it is and was position team member’s jobs to be as completely dense as possible for their souls experience and growth and the fulfillment of the divine plan of the evolution of the planetary and universal species.

Position team members are the deep divers of density. The darkness trekkers, trekking as far away from the source as they can get, exploring the farthest reaches of separation consciousness. In a sense they are part of the dark forces because their job is to totally forget they are light. To some degree we are all density divers, but many of us are experts at getting us out once we are dug in so deep. These are the special forces that are called upon at accelerated times such as now. Times when planets are evolving to exceptionally higher dimensional realities. We create these higher realities with our selves, with our essences of Love and Light. Whereas position team members usually step in to densify planets, to create lower more limited realities. They also do this with their vision as well but their vision is limited to 3rd and 4th dimensional reality and they embody this limited perception that what you see and feel is real, the rest is non-existent or fantasy.

They create places where we can experience separation consciousness. They involve themselves in external evolution, usually using external technology, whereas we transitioners are more concerned with internal evolution and internal technologies.

In regards to Extraterrestrials, position team members usually operate no higher than the 5th dimension. Posi team ships are made with synthetic technology, and they ride inside this technology. Transi team ships are light ships, made with internal MerKaBah technology, generated from our own internal light. The ship is essentially an extension of our own light, a group MerKaBah (See my article “The 4th dimension” on my website and other ET articles for additional ET info).

Position team members set up structure and we (the transition team members) dismantle it. Position team members set up the process of separation and physical reality with all its dysfunction, and then when the planet is at its furthest point of separation and density we come in and assist her to transition to the next dimensions - dimensions of less density; dimensions where the illusion of separation does not exist; dimensions where love reigns supreme. Additionally, the position teams hang onto density till the last minute to maintain the balance of light and dark and insure a gentle transition without the problems associated with excess light input and subsequent chaos.

Position team members volunteered with a predisposition towards dense reality creation. They chose to be totally asleep and embody density to its fullest degree, some more densely than others. It's all pre-designed genetically, spiritually and dimensionally. Everyone has to work very hard to maintain the illusion that this is the only reality, and to maintain the illusion of being human - especially the position team members.

We should be honored by the commitment level it takes to remain asleep, to purposely deny divinity and only see with limited vision. I am extremely grateful that it has not been my job to go this deep into density consciousness, that deep into separation. (I’ve probably done it many times although, which is why I’m now a transitioner - I can see all the initiations easily now because of eons of experience).

These beings who dive this deep into density and engage in murder, rape, war, eco-rape and general all out greed, and everyone else supporting these distortions in their own sheepish way, should be commended for doing a job that a lot of us did not want to do, and for doing it so well - someone had to do it. There are no victims in this universe and those beings experiencing such separation and engaging in basic and heinous acts of separation and denial, are doing the job of taking this planet to its furthest point of separation so that we can finally be done with this experiment in denial, unworthy, and the illusions of power and control.

This experiment started when the source decided to experiment with creation outside of itself and create the physical dimensions. We have been experiencing this grand experiment and have been trying out all possible permutations of separation and denial, and have finally, thankfully, reached the end of the experiment. We have tried everything, we have gone as far away from the source as we could get and we have reached 12 noon of the cosmic day and are now moving back to the source. And it is the job of the transition team members to accomplish this, to get us back on track, to get us heading in the right direction, to heading back to the source rather than further away which means certain annihilation and continuous karma. We are the crack team members traveling the cosmos physically and dimensionally, to planets that are moving back to the source. We don our human suits (or whatever suit is indigenous to the planet) and adopt veils so that we cannot remember who we are. We act, look, and feel like humans, and slowly remember our true divine identities - thus dismantling the status quo reality of illusion, denial and separation. (See my articles: “the cosmic day”, and “the ET mission to planet earth” on my website).

As we remember who we are and the planet transitions, position team members will start to remember who they are. Many will hang on to the old reality hard and fast like a dog with a bone, because they’re still doing their old job. They will continue stubbornly until they realize that their job is complete and they have a new job - divine expression. Old job description - mastery of limitation. New job description - Mastery of Divine Expression.

Position team members directive: set up structure. Maintain the illusion of density and physicality. Take the planet and humanity to its furthest point of density, and maintain this density at all costs until the time of full transition. Completely forget and deny your true identity of a spirit, and completely adopt the illusion that you are a human born to struggle and die. This reality is “all there is”, what I see and feel is real, everything else is fantasy.

Transition team members directive: come to planet earth via the crawl in (normal birth process) or walk-in procedure (walking into a pre-arranged body that the spirit has walked out of). Adopt similar illusions of denial as the position teams to forget who you are, but deep down maintain a sense of responsibility. Then at some point start to wake up and begin questioning reality, start radically upsetting the apple cart of social consciousness and status quo reality. Start remembering who you are while feeling like a stranger in a strange land. Feel a passionate pull to seek out other transition team mates. Start following your spirit without hesitation, being who you truly are, and manifesting your vision of Heaven on Earth.

How it works is the transitioners wake up first. Our first focus is to wake each other up, and rescue any team members that are in deep cover. When all the transitioners have awoken, then all the positioners will wakeup. The consciousness of Light and Unconditional love will be so penetrating and all encompassing that the posi teams will just naturally wakeup and realize what they’ve been doing and what they are now supposed to do. Then the positioners will start working to set up the new civilization. They will start applying their natural bias towards reality creation to create more Divine realities. And as they transition, we will have to counsel them well so they don’t beat themselves up too much for being such assholes in the old world.

Now, there is glamour and pride that can be associated with being spiritually aware and oriented. It can appear that transition team members are superior to position team members, but this is an illusion based on judgment and the duality aspect of this dimension of good and evil. We all work for the same boss and work towards the same Divine Plan!

Now we must remember, especially when we are immersed in our judgment of humans, that we are all masters, we are all unique expressions of Divinity. No one is bad or good, and everyone is a spirit wearing a human suit. This experiment isn't about being good and it isn't about being bad - but it is a reality where you can play the game of good and bad. It is the only reality where you can play the game of separation from source and All That Is, and feel alone and abandoned.

We are ascending to what is normally natural to us all - Light Body and expanded cosmic awareness with Divine abilities. We all came here for new adventures in separation and dimensional descension/ascension where you can experience new things because there is the illusion of time (past, present, future), degrees of form and degrees of separation (awareness, dimensions…). On the higher dimensions there is no time. From the oversoul perspective everything is simultaneous, and when you clothe yourself in density and descend into lower dimensions you experience new experiences and quantum soulular growth.

The position teams, including radically asleep humans, the dark forces of the fourth dimension, and the "bad" position team ETs (The Grays, Zetas, etc.) - are not the enemy. They are all awesome creators of form and reality. We are all divine beings on a holy mission of creation, mastery of density, limitation and Divine Expression. It is time to let go of enemy consciousness and realize that we are all one and all Light. Everyone is Love and Light. It is just that some beings don’t know this yet. It is your job to know this, see it and evoke this same knowing in others. We are all family. We are all friends. We are all ONE!

Wake Up! The Time Is Now!

Time to Co-Create Heaven on Earth with your true Family and Friends!

Time to Embody and Manifest your Vision of Heaven On Earth!


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