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"True Prosperity"




Abundance: more than enough: amply sufficient.
Prosperity: thriving condition: success: economic well-being.


Prosperity is a concept of the mind that is in direct opposition to lack. In other words you cannot have prosperity without lack. Concepts of the mind are illusions; therefore prosperity and abundance are illusions.

True prosperity is not relying on lack or abundance to fulfill you. True prosperity, is not relying on anything in the world of form to give you what you need. True prosperity is the knowledge that you do not need anything. Natural abundance is the truth of your beingness that is not reliant upon anything from the world of illusion, what we call reality.

True prosperity is finding that which needs no abundance, nor needs to avoid lack. It is discovering that which you truly are. The awareness of that which is permanent, unchangeable, eternal - that is not concerned about rich or poor, sick or healthy, happy or sad - these are merely states of being that 'all that you are' is aware of.

True Prosperity is not defined by anything in the world of form. Prosperity is not a thing that can be obtained; if it is something that can be obtained then it can be lost. If it can be lost then it is not real, and therefore it is not real prosperity. If it can be obtained or lost then it is an image of prosperity, a form representing prosperity. Don't look to abundance to fix your life, to take your suffering away. Abundance is something you are, not something you get. You are prosperity itself.

Our usual version of prosperity is based on form. If you have a lot of forms around you then you are prosperous. If you are prosperous in this manner then you are perceived to be doing something correctly. In the old version it meant you were a hard worker or good at business, or lucky. In the new age version you are a good manifestor, knowledgeable of spiritual principles and universal reality. You have good self esteem and love yourself so that abundance comes your way.

Both these lines of thought are illusion because thought is illusion. You can have all the positive thoughts in the world and they are not going to manifest anything for you if you are trying to avoid your lack, rather than just live your natural state of abundance and prosperity.

Who you truly are is not concerned about abundance and prosperity. What is most important is your growth as a soul. And until you are awake, your spirit (and every aspect of your beingness that is not in alignment to love, truth, abundance…), will manifest for you what will best assist you with your awakening to self. If you need riches to be tricked into awakening then you will have riches. If you need poverty to be coerced into the discovering the truth of your beingness then you will have poverty. If you need loving, successful, caring relationships to wake up to your beingness then you will have them. If you need to have uncaring, selfish relationships to wake up to who you truly are then you will have these types of relationships. (Or more accurately, you will manifest what you believe to be real and important in your life, until those illusions are shattered).

So this is how humans typically create reality, and this is very accurate in the awakening process, but after you have taken your power back, and realize your divinity, then your natural way of being is abundance, and you will find that you “need” abundance, (or just naturally have it), to accomplish what you have come here to accomplish in this lifetime.

And please understand that this is the pure essence of prosperity and our divine Beingness. We, as souls, are a conglomerate of beliefs, patterns, programs…, held by our Souls and ancestral lineage, and we are affected by these beliefs and patterns. So the manifestation experience is not so cut and dry in the world of 3rd & 4th dimensional form, and certain elements need to be dealt with in your life and reality to create a life that is not only joyful and empowering, but also supportive to the joy and empowerment of others. This is our true nature and desire (or more accurately, our natural way of being), as loving souls: for the Empowerment & Joy of all of humanity!

How to deal with these aspects of your soul/consciousness/unconsciousness, that need assistance, is dealt with extensively in my other articles, “the Mini Ascension Master’s Toolkit” and my book “the Ascension Master’s Toolkit”, (http://www.zakairan.com/ZaKaiRansArticlesBooks/ZaKaiRansArticlesBooks.htm; http://www.zakairan.com/ZaKaiRansArticlesBooks/MiniAscensionMastersToolkit.htm;

What is Manifestation?

There are many versions of reality for manifestation. The old world manifested by manipulating and controlling apparent reality, utilizing the illusions of control, power, success and worth to get what they wanted. In all situations you had to prove your worth by working hard, being trustworthy and responsible. If you had money you could get more of it based on the fact that you could manage money well, proving you had worth. But many of us in the "new age" aren't too good at managing money because it is not our focus to amass riches to feel worthy, or prove our worth to an archaic decadent system.

In the new age we have tried to update manifestation to a less manipulative, more "enlightened" level, with "spiritual", 4th dimensional tactics utilizing: psychic intuitive senses, sorcery, universal principles, etc. The "new age" version proposes that if you love yourself; have self esteem; positive thoughts; can visualize well; meditate; and embody your personal power, then you will be powerful, prosperous and be able to manifest what you want. This strategy is just a new age version of the old world ways of manipulating energies.

Another "new age" practice is to attempt to get rid of all patterns of limitation and lack within your emotional thought structures that 'may be keeping you from manifesting what you want': i.e. money is evil; power corrupts; if you are rich you have worth; if you’re poor you’re worthless; it's not spiritual to accept money for doing spiritual work; it is noble to be poor; I'm not good enough; I am unworthy of prosperity; I never get a break; I always fail etc.

These are thoughts of limitation that we adopted to keep us off the trail of our own divinity; a veil of limitation, (disallowing our own magnificence), allowing us to play out this drama of "human having a spiritual experience", so we would not be able to see or remember who we truly are, and realize the truth that we are 'spirits having a human experience'. To do this we adopted an ego structure that would provide us with dramatic thoughts and feelings of limitation to convince us of our lack, to convince us that we are those things.

Getting rid of these programs will not get you more abundance - this strategy will not work. You can't get rid of them; you can stop identifying yourself as them, but trying to rid yourself of thoughts and feelings is a complete waste of time. They are only thoughts and feelings; they are not real and they are not you. You do not need to get rid of anything within your beingness. These programs of limitation do not have any control over you and do not actually limit you in any way. You cannot be limited by anything! You are an unlimited force of All That Is! This occurred through lifetimes of repression, where we as souls repressed traumatic experiences, thoughts or feelings.

Besides, 70 to 80 percent of your thoughts and feelings are not even yours! Until you are more connected to Spirit, they are part of the psychic thought stream of mass un/consciousness; your conscious and unconscious programs/beliefs,…adopted from the influence of parents, teachers, media, political/religious systems, mass consciousness etc., and the ancestral/genetic programs in your mind and DNA. That leaves a measly 20 percent that are actually yours to deal with. (That’s the percentage that your Higher Self is trying to influence you through). I would recommend spending more time being aware of which thoughts and feelings are really yours rather then trying to eradicate the whole lot. You may be trying to eradicate the real you instead of the general random thought streams and feelings of your programs and mass conscious reality.

What is a whole lot more affective is to Love all of your thoughts, feelings, judgments, limitations… You must honor the lot! You must honor every aspect of your consciousness, unconsciousness and soul, to get to a wholistic place of oneness - your natural state of unconditional love - Christ Consciousness!

And there is, more often than not, work to be done helping these aspects of Self come back to love, to remember they are Love and Light and Divine… To forgive themselves and others, the only real saving grace - forgiveness!

Self Worth

Both the old and new versions dictated that your ability to manifest is directly proportional to your self worth; in this case how good you are at "being spiritual", instead of how good you are at business. But self worth is an illusion, so that strategy doesn't really work. It appears to work because other people are playing the same game, and seem to get a lot of money; but they are often deluded too, because in truth this has manifested for them to teach them about self; about the truth of their Beingness; about the fact that worthy/unworthy is an illusion.

Both the old and new versions are based on competition and a promise of power as a reward for being good and worthy. Whoever can come up with the best strategy to avoid lack and suffering, to manifest money, things, thus, creating the most distractions of fun and joy - wins. We are fooled to think that if we have the "ability" to obtain/manifest objects and wealth, then we have power. But power is an illusion. Manipulation is still manipulation even if it is disguised as spirituality. The universe will not be manipulated. All manifestation is co-creative.

Our feelings of lack, of separation, are denied temporarily when we delude ourselves with the acquisition of worthy items of prosperity. We are fooled by our own perception of worth, and objects. We believed that if we had things all around us then we had no lack. But this is bondage, not freedom, because you have to continuously amass more and more money and objects from the world of form - hoard them, protect them, and hide them, to keep the feelings of lack and separation away. When you realize that nothing is yours and nothing is real then ownership is a joke. Then you truly treat "your" objects as toys, and just as a kid does, when s/he is bored with a toy s/he forgets about it and leaves it in a pile of unwanted discarded objects of the past.

What is your motivation for obtaining abundance? What strategy are you using to manifest "prosperity" - to get what you want? All strategies to obtain abundance are tricks of the mind, a linear based plan to avoid the perceived lack in your life, to avoid suffering. They are not real. And trying to avoid lack will only get you more lack. Your strategy is to obtain fulfillment, a false feeling of oneness with All That Is, by getting a new toy.

Your motivation for wanting things, in a sense, is what is keeping you from having it. Does what you want contribute to the divine plan, the co-creation of heaven on earth; does it assist you with further awareness of 'all that you are', or does it just satisfy some lack and make your life more convenient. This will enable you to see the true meaning of lust, envy and greed in your life and how we use it to deny our suffering.

Do you use failure to get what you want? Being "poor me" to get people to feel sorry for you and give you money. This is the nicer new age version to manipulate people and energies to get what you want, since many of us came up with the idea that money was evil. And do you sabotage yourself so that you won't "succeed", so that you won't have to leave your friends behind in their "failure".

Here's an exercise to see where you are in relationship with money: picture yourself surrounded by a group of friends. They have no money, but you have $100,000. What do you do? Do you give the money away? Do you act like you are poor and hide the fact that you have money? Are you afraid to have more money than your friends because you will be seen as an evil corporate fascist? Do you have a program that says it is noble to be poor and bad to be rich or even prosperous?

What about what Jesus said about giving up all material things. Was he talking about doing this literally, being destitute with no possessions and no creature comforts. Of course not, money and things of comfort are divine, as are all things, and abundance is yours by divine right. What he was talking about was giving up the world of form in consciousness. Giving up the world of form as being your God, your God that defines reality for you, which you utilize to deny the truth of your eternal beingness. By being in the world of form but not of it. (Thou shalt have no other Gods before me. That means you! You are the God this “commandment” is talking about)

All of the above versions of manifestation are based on the illusion that things are separate from us, therefore we must get them, but things are illusions, and there is nothing outside of self. You cannot obtain something without it being outside of you, so the concept of obtaining things is an illusion. If things are outside of you then they are separate from you. You cannot truly manifest anything that is separate from you because nothing is separate from you. Only your awareness that it is separate from you makes it separate from you. If you are not one with it, you are not one with All That Is.

Real manifestation recognizes and realizes oneness with All That Is. When you are one with All That Is you can manifest anything because anything is you, and nothing is you. You are one with all things, All That Is. Every thing is a creation of All That Is and you are part of All That Is, therefore you are one with all things. When this is reality for you, you can manifest anything because you are not separate from anything.

This is why Sai Baba can manifest anything, because he does not see himself separate from that thing that he is manifesting. Things are creations of All That Is, they are illusions; Sai Baba knows that all reality is an illusion; if all reality is illusion then no wonder it is so easy for him to manifest things. Sai Baba is a master of reality because he realizes that he does not need to manifest anything. A master of reality knows there is nothing to master, and nothing needs to be manifested. S/he knows that All That Is 'is' here now, therefore everything that is needed is here now.

True Manifestation

True manifestation, true creation, true alchemy..., uses no illusions of power or control. True manifestation works synergetically (synchronistic energy) with the Divine plan (All That Is) to do the manifesting. You are in partnership with All That Is and the Divine plan in the process of manifestation. This is the lesson of Moses using the staff to draw water (utilizing magical 4th dimensional powers) instead of drawing upon Gods power - the Divine plan of All That Is. True prosperity does not try to have or maintain control over anything. Personal manifestation is really an illusion, you only think that you personally manifest things. Manifestation is a co-creative effort in partnership with All That Is - all that you are.

Lack, prosperity, abundance…, these are separation concepts of 3rd dimensional reality, part of the script that we adopted as part of this drama of limitation, to believe this illusion that we call reality. In true reality these concepts do not exist, because there is a natural state of prosperity within the wholeness of All That Is. In truth, everyone knows what is his or hers by divine right, so there is no lack. Lack only exists because of our unawareness of universal principles and true reality.

Lack, prosperity and abundance are linked to our adoption of time as a part of this drama, the awareness of present time lack and a concept of future abundance that my lack will be eradicated when I have obtained the object. Time is an illusion, the future does not exist yet, so attempting to manifest from something that does not exist is a waste of time (pun intended). Therefore true manifestation can only happen now. A master does not try to manifest from or in the future, a master manifests now or more accurately realizes All That Is 'is' manifested now.

Need is an illusion based on lack, and manifestation is merely a process of awareness of what is here now. Awareness of the true eternal self, that which is always present, that which was present before conception, the unchangeable essence that you truly are. When you are operating from this reality, then you do not need anything other then what you have now.
If you "need" something and it is not here now, then you do not need it. Abundance is here now. Prosperity is here now. Nothing needs to be obtained because nothing exists. The world of form is an illusion, our creation, our painting, and our play. Certainly you can manifest lots of illusions around you (including money, fame, real-estate, people etc.) but this is not real prosperity, not true abundance, and not real manifestation - only the illusions of them. When you know who you truly are, you know what is yours by divine right, you realize that you need nothing, and manifesting is not important.

Where did lack come from?

Lack stems from the illusion of separation that we experienced when we descended our essence, consciousness & soul into the lower dimensions of “separation”, and entered our bodies. We felt disconnected from Source, from All That Is. We experienced feelings and thoughts such as: “why has God abandoned/rejected me”; “why have I been cast out of heaven”; “what did I do wrong”…

We experienced lack and unworthiness, and we compared ourselves to others, because we felt separate from them. And we compared ourselves to God, because we felt separate from God/Goddess. And because we were in a world of form, in a reality that believes we are all separate from each other, that believes that we must obtain energy and love outside of ourselves, we immediately looked to this world of form to resolve these feelings of lack and unworthiness for us, to fill the void, and repress our feelings of unworthy. This helped us, temporarily, to no longer suffer from feelings of unworthiness; lesser than; powerlessness…, (a few of the faces of human suffering). And because we forgot that we could manifest anything from nothing, we looked to the immediate environment to supply our needs. This is natural of course of action, because our body is crying out for its survival needs to be met, and all of the fears from the many lifetimes, dictate to us, what is the best course of action to ensure our survival, physically and emotionally.

And our souls, soul extensions and ancestors have experienced many lifetimes where life/reality was not all that supportive to our own self worth perception because we experienced lifetimes surrounded by people who believed themselves and others to be greater or less than others; more or less powerful than ourselves or others; more or less worthy than ourselves or others; more or less divine than others than ourselves or others… And in our core being, we all knew this to be a lie, an illusion, but repressed these knowings and feelings, and did not express them, for fear of being hurt or rejected by others in our families or communities.

Ownership and the Universal Bank of Abundance

Where do things come from? All things come from the Universal Source of All That Is. Resources do not come from people, jobs, businesses, governmental and banking systems, they are merely the delivery system for All That Is, and the divine plan, the universal love delivery system. And the divine plan is in charge of how much form you have manifested around you, how much "prosperity" you have. Passing on a form to someone that needs this form exchanges love. Love is all things so when you give anything to anyone for any reason you are the delivery person of love. Since all things are love how can you own love.

Ownership is an illusion! All forms are temporary; we have things for a while until we are done with them, until we have learned all that we could about ourselves and All That Is via the temporary "ownership" of this object or person. When you can see from this perspective, you will be able to work with All That Is and the process of manifestation. You will not feel separate from this manifestation process because you know you 'are' manifestation.

Ownership implies separation and inherent in all ownership is greed and control over the object. Ownership implies lack, because if you own something, then someone else does not. Ownership immediately creates enemies, the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. The ‘haves’ are afraid of losing what they "own" to the ‘have nots’. The ‘have nots’ want what the ‘haves’ have so they can be a ‘haver’ and not a ‘have noter’. Haves are afraid of becoming ‘have nots’. If everyone knew what was theirs by divine right - there would be no theft, no lack, no jealousy, no infidelity, no envy, no victims, no police, no military, no governments etc.

Many of us have difficulties with this process of manifestation because we have made the political/business/banking conglomerate, (the universal energy circulation system) our enemy, instead of our friend. This circulation system is unable to transfer money to our universal accounts because of this adversarial relationship. We made them the enemy because we felt victimized by this greedy corporate political structure. They are the form hoarders, and we are the form releasers and healers. In an old fashioned sense they are the ‘haves’ and we are the ‘have nots’. "They are corrupt while we are pure". But luckily there are no victims in this universe, and we are all Divine Masters, from the corporate fascist, to the bum on the street, to the spiritual warrior of the new age. Each is playing their part for the Divine plan in the grand drama of life and the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth.


The current use of money is a result of the illusion of ownership, and a result of the old illusion of unworthy. We use money to imply worthiness of objects and people, depending on our perceptions of them. Typically humans prove their worth by how much "abundance" they have; by how much form they have amassed. The more worthy objects we have around us the less unworthy we feel. Obviously this is a strategy to avoid suffering, and of course all strategies will eventually fail, eventually you will have to look your suffering right in the face. This illusion is what created the industrial / technological civilization of today - proof of worth.

Money was originally designed by the Ascended masters to redistribute wealth hoarded and controlled by the monarchic/religious/political systems that operated on the planet. Of course this plan was disrupted by these systems and later by similar arising corporate systems and the technological age. But we as planetary transition team members, (Light Workers), have Divine dispensation to completely alter these monetary systems on this planet. With our weapon of pure consciousness we are eradicating the illusions of lack and unworthy. Our personal and planetary transition to higher overtones of the 4th dimension are enabling instant manifestation, a realm where prosperity reigns supreme and cannot be manipulated by illusory power structures of the 3rd dimension. The force of evolution is upon us all, you have no choice in the matter, you can flow with it or "try" to resist it. You can fight the wave, or ride it with your divine surfboard. In the words of the Borg - “resistance is futile”. (You Trekkers know what I'm talking about). Like the Borg this force has no mercy, but unlike the Borg it is the embodiment of complete compassion. Wake Up To Your Divine Beingness - The Time Is Now!

At this point you can be truly passionately grateful for whatever you have. You will have no more adversarial relationships with any of the monetary delivery system. Universal paychecks arrive in many forms. You no longer need to try to control any of the systems on the planet to give you what you need. You know where all things come from. Prosperity is yours by divine right, and it is something you have now regardless of your monetary status. You are prosperity itself ! Nothing is ours and everything is ours, because we are part of All That Is.

With this shift in consciousness, money will no longer be used on planet earth. We won't even trade things, we will just know what is ours by divine right. If we have it then it is temporarily ours, if we do not, then it is not ours. If someone has something that is to be passed on to us they will know it, and we will know it. And we will gratefully receive it without any reservations. If we have something that is to be passed on to someone else we will know it and we will give it to them out of the grace and love of our hearts. We will provide services to others because it occurs to us to do so, it will be a joy to serve others in any manner and no one will have any expectation of return.

Many of us in the spiritual community have had “success” and "prosperity" - houses, cars, stereos, TVs, art, music, money, status, fame, glamour… - these were wonderful, convenient, pleasing things to have and experience, but soon we became bored with our toys and experiences. All the toys and distractions in the world did not fill the gap - the longing of oneness with All That Is. They only staved off the suffering temporarily, they did not fulfill us, and they did not lead us any closer to the truth of our beingness. They did not really make us more powerful, or have more control... The happiness was temporary as the excitement wore off.

The Return to Innocence

We have tried every strategy to get to the truth of our beingness: prosperity, lack, richness, poverty, renunciation... It is time to return to innocence; it is time to be children again; the things in the world of form are your toys to play with in this big playroom we call earth. These things of form, these toys are yours to play with until they have worn out, broken, or you have outgrown them. If you have outgrown your toys then pass them on to the younger kid next door. When you have outgrown all your toys and are bored with them, then you can know the truth of your beingness.

Who you truly are, (you as God Presence), does not experience lack, or abundance for that matter. If a thing helps you to accomplish your mission of self awareness and awareness of All That Is, and the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth, then it is of use to you - you have abundance, if it does not then it a burden. A million dollars can be a burden if you are unable to be who you are because of your clinging to it and fear of losing it. Abundance and prosperity are a given in true reality and all things in this physical world are denser forms of higher dimensional realities. Behind theft, greed, envy, lust, and gluttony, (manifestations of lack and unworthy), is the truth and vision that all things are free, temporary and cannot really be owned, that there is truly abundance and more than enough for everyone on this earth. Behind prosperity is the vision of instant manifestation, of being able to have everything for nothing without having to work, or earn them or prove your worth to have them.

All wants and desires in this dimension have a higher dimensional counter part. What do you want? Now what do you really want? Now, what do you really really want? Now what do you really really really want? You can trace this question to the divine plan; to what you truly want; that which you truly are; that which the Divine Plan is manifesting through you. What you as Divine Spirit (God Presence), desires to create through you, as you, in this lifetime!

True prosperity is awareness of Self - the rest is an illusion - a fantasy - merely something to have fun with and utilize to help you with your mission of manifesting 'yourself ' here into this reality. True prosperity is rediscovering the truth of your Eternal Divine Beingness; the awareness of Who You Truly Are; that unchangeable self, always present, amongst all the turmoil and drama and joy and suffering; that which truly experiences / witnesses all that you do, see, feel, think and experience.

Be Who You Truly Are! - Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

With True Love and True Prosperity,




The whole point of this dissertation on Prosperity is to illuminate true reality, the facts that: We are Prosperity!!!! We are Abundance!!!! We are Success!!!! We are Divinity!!!! We are Mastery!!!! And to manifest what we truly want - on a personal and planetary scale, to create/manifest heaven in our lives, and heaven on earth, in order for us to powerfully create a reality of cooperation and unity/Christ Consciousness, we must be one with that which we desire. Our desires must not be separate from ourselves, or from our divine essence, our Spirit. We must let go of our attachments to things to make us feel good about ourselves, and we must let go of our feelings of unworthiness if we do not have things, and worthiness if we do have things.

We do not “need” money because we are abundance, (what money represents). We are re-Source! We do not “need” things, because we are all creation - everything that has been created, and everything that will be created. We do not need anyone or anything to prove we are worthy, or good, or powerful… Because we are God-Goddess, Divine Magnificence, Divine Power, Divine Love…, no matter what we may judge ourselves to have done or said that is unredeemable.

But we do “need” cars, houses and everything else that will help us to accomplish our divine missions here, as Souls, as Spirits, and as a collective of Planetary Harmonizers. And it is time to accept our true nature as Divine Prosperity/Abundance! It is time to accept our true nature as Creators of Divine Reality!

I AM Divine Prosperity!!!!
I AM Divine Abundance!!!!

I AM Divine Prosperity!!!!
I AM Divine Abundance!!!!

I AM Divine Prosperity!!!!
I AM Divine Abundance!!!!

Co-Create Heaven on Earth!!!!!!!!!!!


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