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Unconditional Prosperity
in the New Civilization of Light





Free Will – Choose your Reality

Because we have been given the gift of free will, we are allowed to create whatever reality we desire. You may choose a reality of lack, or you may choose a reality of prosperity, or any degree in between. You may choose wealth and abundance only for yourself, (usually at the expense of others, typical human ego, stemming from unworthy, designed to put you above others to upgrade your worth); only for others (goody goody syndrome - designed to upgrade your worth because you help others, also stemming from “I’m unworthy”) (both scenarios - separation consciousness, conditional prosperity); or general prosperity for yourself and others (unity consciousness, unconditional prosperity). You currently still have those choices, but your time for the choice of playing the game of conditional prosperity (like conditional love) is extremely limited.

The experience and experiment of separation, unworthiness, competition and lack is complete, (people just don’t know it yet), and the old world who stubbornly “survived” on these illusions is disintegrating fast and furiously. These illusions are being illuminated for the lie that they are and the old world’s addiction to its illusion of separation and egoic personal will, will no longer be tolerated on planet earth, by the planet itself, and by the consciousness that is developing upon it - the new civilization of light and unconditional love.

The Game of “Life” - Conditional Wealth – The Ego Conspiracy

In the old world that is based on survival and competition, everything is conditional, conditional love (you love someone else because you will get love in return), and conditional assistance, (“I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine”). In regards to wealth: you only help someone else financially if it helps you financially to do so. And the groups and individuals that control finance make the rules about who deserves wealth and who doesn’t. This ensures that they always have some or all of this illusion we call money. (Money has no tangible existence, it is just numbers and paper, in fact mostly zeros, which are nothing, and only has value because we agree that it does).

This conditional wealth game is played according to the many rules and regulations set up by the game masters and players of the game. You are allowed to be wealthy, (to have “abundance”), if you deserve it: because you are of good breeding; of the right class; the right race; from the right country; have the right genetic lineage; have the right connections; know the right people and help them make money; or because you worked hard for it (the work ethic)….

Our characters (player pieces) in the game, (our separate-sense-of-self, with the help of our ego), have adopted a long list of fears, reality structures, programs and belief patterns to maintain this “reality” of competition: such as the work ethic, where you manipulate yourself to do things that you hate in order to arrive at some goal of “prosperity”. Additionally, where you manipulate others, and take from the environment what you need to get to your desired goal of having more of the carcass than the next guy. These beliefs maintain the structure of the game, they keep things conditionally ticking along at a competitive pace.

Other beliefs: stick to your race, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, class. Gear your career orientation towards normal business practices. Avoid “radical” creative avenues that will not “contribute” financially to society. Stick to standard religious practices. Basically, be “normal” and support status quo reality. Play the game, and do not stray from normal operational procedures, or you will be rejected by your primary group: family, lovers, friends, co-workers, community, state, country. Love, money and protection will be withdrawn (indirect life threat), and your life may even be threatened directly if you try to upset the system too radically. And above all, you continue the game of conditions, based on the current rules set up by agreed upon players of the game. And the object of the game, the goal and unwritten rule of play is - prove your worth. The person who collects the most toys and stock piles the most money, thus “proving” their worth – wins.

Humanity lives their lives trying achieve this goal, trying to win the game. Everyone is programmed with the rules of the game from square one. As soon as you pop out of the womb the indoctrination begins. Masked aliens in a bright sterile environment slap you on the ass and cut you off from oneness as soon as they can find some rusty scissors. And it’s not enough that you’ve already adopted the genetic memory of the game, then society reinforces these rules throughout your entire life, and unless you say “fuck you”, (which you may be burned or stoned for), society will make you a zombie and enslave you to the system until you die a bitter mumbling idiot from repressing your anger and emotions your entire life.

Even the spiritual light workers are programmed with rules and regulations about how you are supposed to act in the “spiritual” game. Many spiritually oriented people think they are playing a new game, but they are really playing the same old game, they just took a different road on the game board. They have been deceived by their ego’s that have convinced them they are now better because they are spiritual and no longer follow typical religious practices -“get thee behind me Satan”!

This is the spiritual initiation path. Not many people take this path, because this path looks so scary, but this path is how you ‘really’ win the game, because if you are diligent and traverse all the rocky ledges (the emotional initiations) and get past all of the trolls (your fears), you eventually find a secret door, and when you go through it you escape from the game. Everyone else playing thinks you lost because you’re out of the game, (especially since you probably don’t have any money, and you probably lost all of your “friends”), but you know that you won.

Some people may live normal lives, playing by the rules, minding their own business, and by some mysterious coincidence (divine intervention) they stumble upon or are pushed through the door of liberation. But whether it is sought or miraculously discovered, until you find this door, you must travel the path of liberation. This journey may take on many forms, you may experience life in a myriad of ways (there are as many paths to liberation as there are people), but regardless of the form your life takes, all paths are the same and lead to the annihilation of the ego.

Now of course there are no signs on this road that says that is what you are doing, this is only revealed when you get very close to the door (or when the munchkins tell you). And on this journey you will experience all of your worst fears, (just like Dorothy and her three buddies in the dark forest on the way to the Emerald City). These are your survival bubbles. And at the edge of each one of these survival bubbles are warnings (put there by your ego), that if you go beyond these barriers, danger is ahead, and your survival could be threatened. And of course in the rules and parameters of the game this is true, your survival will be threatened. And your ego will tell you that it is trying to protect you, but you no longer need protection, survival is no longer an issue of any real concern in your life, it is an illusion of the old world, part of the game, part of the matrix.

These fears (survival bubbles), have been set up by your ego to keep you from finding out that the ego is an illusion, and without the game, it does not exist. They are designed to keep you playing within the parameters of the game of illusion (the game of separation and survival). This is why this path is so scary, because the ego ensures that it will be. And all the egos of the world are all conspiring against your realization of the truth. They are conspiring to maintain their empire, their identities, and their very existence. They are fighting to keep the game operational because without it, they do not exist.

The Creation of the Ego

The ego was essentially created to solve the problems of unworthiness and separation. When we first entered this dimension we all experienced being separate and the thought that we had done something wrong, were unworthy, and that we had been cast out of heaven. Our separate-sense-of-self created the ego to somehow solve this problem and resolve our suffering. But the ego was created to solve a problem that doesn’t even exist. Just because the majority of humanity believes in separation and the lie of unworthiness without question, doesn’t make it real.

So because we felt cut off from the River of Life, from the experience of oneness, we gave our power away to a reality construct that would help us feel like we belonged and were loved. We essentially gave the ego the power to manipulate our thoughts and feelings to create a false reality where we did not suffer from these feelings of separation and unworthiness – the matrix. We created another problem to solve the original problem.

The solution to both problems is easy, because the ego can only manipulate your perceptions of reality as long as you believe that you or anyone else is unworthy. And when you discover that the world as we know it solely exists because of the lies of unworthy and separation, the ego, and the world is annihilated - this is the real Armageddon. This realization is your liberation from the matrix, and the final battle leading to the liberation is your “final” initiation, your personal Armageddon, the transcendence of ego. This is the revelation of your Divinity, the revelation of Unity Consciousness, the realization of your oneness with All Life. This is the creation and embodiment of the Christ Self

But Unity Consciousness must be real for you, it cannot be idealistically and mentally adopted, it must be embodied. These are the emotional and mental initiations on this path of realization. And the farther you get into the journey, even deeper fears and sufferings are revealed that were buried by all your egoic programs. All of your false identities and all of the illusions you have adopted are put in your face, and you are offered a chance to release all of these programs, and when you have done so, what is revealed is a much more expanded identity, this is your true self, the I AM Presence. What is revealed is the real truth that you are one with All That Is, and always have been, you just believed otherwise for the experience of it. This is the path of unconditional love. In physical terms it is the path of unconditional prosperity. When you pass these tests, (and you retrieve the broomstick from the wicked witch), all of reality is revealed (the truth and the lies), and the door magically appears and you are free.

Until you have released yourself from the matrix, you will still be playing the game of conditions. Unconditional Love and unconditional prosperity will just be an idea, or a goal. Many awakening masters in the new age, do not understand and have not embodied unconditional prosperity yet, they have developed a new list of conditions (its really a very old list, stemming from religious teachings) that you must adhere to in order to deserve prosperity, or to receive it: you’re not supposed to take money for spiritual work, or if you do you’re not supposed to charge much, because “we’re all poor spiritual people,” and money is evil, (vows of poverty, being poor is spiritual); you must do good with your money; you must donate to good causes, (you’re not a good enough cause); you must not be selfish with it; you must not have too much; you must not be too flashy if you do have lots; etc. This new list is just as conditional (or even more so) as the old list that was drummed into us by typical society and our “spiritual” teachings.

But this new world that is manifesting, the 7th Golden Age of light, is an unconditionally loving reality. You don’t deserve or not deserve to receive anything. You have abundance not because you deserve it or because you have worked for it, or done anything at all for it, but just because you are. You have prosperity just because you exist; because it is your preferred reality; because it is your Divine right as a child of God, as an individual Divine expression of All That Is. When you realize this, and you are rich beyond measure.

Divine Selfishness

An integral part of the old game was being selfish. Humanity acts this way to deny and placate their suffering about their feelings of unworthiness. This typical dog eat dog selfishness that society hangs on to like a dog with a bone, (where you “take care” of “yourself” at the expense of everyone and everything), is what I would call “evil” selfishness, and is what supports the standard reality in the world. Luckily, a new paradigm is taking its place - Divine Selfishness.

Divine Selfishness is when you truly take care of your Self, which of course is encouraged (and is the only reality) in the New Civilization, because any good Master knows that before you can take care of anyone else you must first take care of your Self. And the way that you take care of your Self is by accepting your Divine place in the scheme of creation and this ascension taking place on planet earth. By accepting your Divinity, that you are indeed a wondrous creation of the Father/Mother God, and as such are a Son/Daughter of God, a God/dess in your own right, an integral part of All That Is. Created and Creator.

So you “selfishly” take “control” of your life and decide what is right for you, not what everyone else thinks is right for you. You decide your preferred reality. This is how you create reality, how you act as a creator God/dess. You choose what to create rather than doing what society dictates you should “create”. You create your own reality rather than everyone else’s reality.

Part of Divine Selfishness is expressing and emanating this divinity that you are, this ability to create reality, in order to assist the awakening of others. You no longer try to take care of others at your own expense (or to prove your worth), you help others take care of themselves, and become truly empowered by realizing their divinity. Being Divinely selfish allows you to become fully charged and empowered to diligently and impeccably continue on your path of awakening and spiritual growth to the magnificent realization of your oneness with All That Is. It empowers you to realize the oneness of all life and to encourage others to the same realization.

Divine Selfishness is the realization that taking care of yourself is taking care of all life. (You are your brother’s keeper!) A distortion of this Divine action is the religious practice of proselytizing. Trying to convert people to a belief system, as if by adopting this belief system, they will somehow earn or learn their salvation, or at least help them feel they now belong to something, a false unity. The real feeling behind it is belonging to God, and all religious adherence to a specific faith, stems from this desire to belong, a desire to be worthy of God’s grace, and the feeling that they are loved by God.

In the new civilization, it is common reality that you are God, and since God is not outside of you, and since are not separate from God, being loved by God isn’t even considered, it is a given. Even you loving your self is similarly preposterous. This is the same pattern as trying to prove your worth to God, trying to prove to God that you love “him” so that “he” will love you back. In this case, to prove your worth to your higher self, so that this God will love you.

You do not need to love yourself as if you and yourself are somehow separate. Only your separate-sense-of-self and egoic identity feels separate from yourself, separate from your I AM Presence and separate from God. You are love! And only your separate-sense-of-self and your ego believes otherwise, and rationalizes that if “you” love yourself, everything in your life will be hunky dory. But this is just part of a strategy that “you” came up with to try to get rid of the ego, because you theorized (this is even taught by religions and spiritual teachers) that if you can just love yourself enough, you will transcend your ego, and you will be free. But this is a strategy that is secretly planned and supported by the ego to reinforce its own existence, because the ego knows that wherever your attention is, that’s where the energy goes, which reinforces that particular reality. (The conspiracy continues)

You see one of the most clever ways that the ego stays in charge is by appearing to be your enemy, so that all of your attention is on getting rid of the enemy, thus reinforcing the very existence of the enemy, and you end up using the ego to try to get rid of the ego. And the new age principle of “loving yourself” is a dastardly plan devised by the egos to manipulate you into spending all of your time trying to love yourself, which you believe will empower you by destroying your ego. And you are trying to somehow love yourself, but you are really trying to love the ego which does not exist.

Christ Consciousness

There is a new reality that is manifesting on planet earth, a reality of oneness, abundance, and cooperation. We are creating unity consciousness in our day to day life. We are realizing that this is true reality, and everything else that we have been playing was an illusion - for the experience of it, for the fun of it, for your growth and evolution, for your ascension, and for no reason at all, then to just do it. We are embodying Christ Consciousness.

In this new reality, there are no illusions such as lack, unworthy and enemy consciousness. Survival is no longer an issue as everyone looks after everyone, (not just self or immediate genetic family, at the expense of anyone or anything). All creatures, all beings and all things are honored, respected and truly loved. There is no such thing as, “you deserve this or don’t deserve that.” This is fantasy, something we made up to create a dramatic story to make the game interesting. Everything and everyone has equal worth because everything and everyone is God Goddess All That Is.

Lack consciousness is dead, it is now a walking zombie on planet earth. There is more than enough for everyone. This game, this experiment in survival, is complete on planet earth, you no longer need to play this game. It has been done, we have learned all we could about separation through it. It is now time for Unconditional Love and Unconditional Prosperity. It is time for everyone to have everything, most of all – their Divinity, this is true prosperity.

You are Love! You are prosperity! You are abundance! You are a creator God/dess, a creator of Reality! Which reality do you prefer? Get off of the game board! Disconnect from the matrix! Stop playing the old game, it isn’t fun any more. Enter the doorway of liberation! It is time to wake up from the dream of separation! It is time for a much more fun game, the real game of life. Let’s Play!

Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

Yours in Christ Consciousness,


Thanks to Shekanah for the inspiration and additional thanks to Osho and Ramshivar for the insights.

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