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Receiving Money
for your Healing Services


Give and you shall receive, receive and you shall give…



Should I charge for healing and other spiritual services? How much should I charge?
What about service? Tithing? Donations? Gifting?

These are the many questions most healers and teachers ask themselves. First of all, offering divine services such as healing, guidance and activations for people has nothing to do with money. It is a divine service to your fellow awakening masters to offer your mastery and the energies you channel. Whether or not you receive money for these services is immaterial, money has nothing to do with the healing or service. Money does not come from people, it comes from our Spirits, from the Universe, from the universal bank of abundance. There is absolutely nothing wrong with money, everything is God, therefore there is nothing wrong with receiving money (God) for offering a divine service. Any issues that arise from doing so, are strictly you or the client’s stuff. If you are interested in making a transition to allowing your Spirit to provide for you through the medium of your divine services, then I suggest you release, heal and forgive your stuff in regards to money. It is not any more divine to give “healing” for free, then to receive money from doing it. This is perception and belief only.

There is a tendency for people, who have not accepted their birthright of divine prosperity, and who do not believe (unconsciously) that they are worthy of receiving, that if they receive healing or other related services, they will not fully appreciate these services if money or some other form of trade is not exchanged. And the possibility for people, who are offering healing or guidance, to not fully appreciate their services, if money or some other form of trade is not exchanged.

And in general, until both parties are fully functioning from a position of divine prosperity, there will be inequity involved in any service given without some form of exchange. Indebtedness may arise in the conscious or unconscious mind, for either or both people. If somebody helps you without paying for it, you may feel obligated to them, or feel like you “owe” them something now. Or they may feel taken advantaged of. This whole interaction has created a psychic cord of dependence and inequity, unless of course, both parties are in complete integrity and balance within themselves and with the exchange.

If money is exchanged, then there is more empowerment that takes place because there is no indebtedness energies present. If you receive money, then there is a clean break, no co-dependence. The client walks away without any debts, and you are not indebted to. Both people can move on without any psychic or other attachments.

It’s not about money, it’s about doing what is most in alignment with truth. And doing what is best for both people, without creating a situation of powerlessness, whereby someone needs your help. You do not want any one becoming reliant upon you. Not exchanging anything inevitably creates this situation, unless it is totally directed by Spirit to not exchange anything. In these cases, there is some other exchange that has taken place which enables equality. “It’s about doing what’s best for the people you’ve helped. People get attached to a mysterious savior and can you blame them? But as long as you’re just a man whose doing his job and getting paid, they can feel like they’ve paid their debt to you and they can move on”. – Doyle, from “Angel” TV series, episode: “I Fall to Pieces”.

All of the divine services we offer are profound and miraculous, but they are also no big deal. You want people to realize that this is the case, to embody their own divine abilities. You don’t want anyone leaving with any energies of attachment or aggrandizing energies such as, “you are some mysterious powerful savior/healer”, or “you are a saint because you work for free”. This is a disempowering dependent energy. You are not their rescuer, you are their mirror, showing them that they can do this too and that you were merely the channel, or you were just being your divine self. You want them walking away clean and self empowered, knowing that they are a magnificent being. Help them realize this magnificence. Help them realize that all healing is within. Help them realize their healing, channeling, telepathic… abilities. Help them realize the fact that their presence is enough, and their services and abilities are priceless. And that the services, sessions, abilities, from other people, that help them, are also priceless. And help them realize the joy of nurturing themselves through Divine Services, and how this manifests prosperity and joy in their life.

We don’t really help or heal anyone, we help them heal themselves. It is our job to lead awakening masters to the water of life, it is up to them to decide to drink from this miraculous well or to remain thirsty. Whether they drink of the nectar of divinity or not is none of your business, it is just our job to lead them there.

Yes miracles do happen. I have done miraculous healings, but I did nothing but be a channel of Godness. I just said, “yes, I can heal this person”. Or rather, “I can help them heal themselves”. It would not happen without them saying yes to it; to saying yes to love, divinity, health…

I don’t know how I was able to do the things I have done, really I did nothing but see change and wholeness, with faith and trust, and allow love and light to channel through me. In guidance sessions, I just show people what is hidden from them, but once it is revealed, it is often quite obvious to them, and accessible where previously it was hidden behind the veils, and is now available for healing. I just help people remember how awesome they are. The rest I leave up to my God Presence and theirs.

No one really needs your help. Everyone is in the hands of their Spirits. You do not want any dependents. You want to empower people. Exchanging money for services is empowering to both parties. If someone is happy with a service they have received, then they should be more than happy to give whatever was agreed upon, and the “healer” should be happy to receive it because they know the worth of their service. If they have paid you, they can then feel like they have received a service and paid you for it, and both people can move on.

Sometimes people do not want to pay because they or some aspect of them is resistant to change, and angry with the messenger. I call this the “kill the messenger syndrome”. Or they believe that healing and spiritual services should be free. Or there is a hidden program or agreement that spirituality and spiritual services are worthless or not real. Or the “healer” is resistant to getting paid, because of some belief that “I should not charge for healing or spiritual services”, or “receiving money for spiritual services is wrong or not spiritual”, or “money is evil or not spiritual”... It is time for these beliefs to be released.

A person who gives a divine service, that takes nothing in exchange, can be operating from indebtedness from their past, from past karma. They may be operating from a reality base of doing past wrong, perhaps when they abused power, money or spirituality/religion, or felt that they had. And in this case, attempting to heal the karma of the past. But this “reality” base is one of indebtedness, not equanimity, not from prosperity and abundance, but from lack. There is no clean slate, but debt energy. All exchanges and “healings”, must be clean, they must be debt and karma free, without any attachments or expectations.

Tithing and Donating (Give and You Shall Receive)

Tithing and donating money and services is a generous and prosperous thing to do, but optimally, should be done naturally from the heart, when you receive divine direction to do so. But it is not beneficial to anyone if done from feelings of guilt that one “should not charge for healing or spiritual services. This is done from a program, not from the moment and not from divinity. Donating your services to receive possible future paid work, can be lucrative, but this can also be a distorted form of service. True service is done with absolutely no expectation of return. You do this divine service because you know God provides everything, so spending time providing anything that does not provide an immediate exchange, does not matter. And you know that payment is received karmicly, and just from the joy of doing divine service. “Tithe, don’t advertithe”. - SheKaNah

Also, giving to charities should be from a position of empowerment, not from a position that who you are donating money to is powerless or helpless. Donate money with the intention that this money will raise them up; help them remember who they are; help them be able to heal themselves and shift their reality to a higher more self empowered position of being able to take responsibility for their creations, reality and lives, with the ability to alter their perceptions and reality if they choose to do so.

Tithing 10% of your income to divine service organizations or individuals that empower others, is highly recommended. One option is donating to those beings who have helped you awaken: your teachers, even friends. And of course environmental and charitable organizations that you are drawn by your spirit to support. (But be aware that many environmental organizations can be fear and victim based). If you do not have money to give away, you may tithe/donate your service. Divine service work is an excellent prosperity generator. Regardless of your financial status, donating 10% of your services free of charge, is highly recommended. Divine service opens your heart and it opens your bank account to be filled by the universe in gratitude for your unconditional gift to humanity. (“Give and you shall receive…”).

And here’s a new paradigm for tithing that I received from a friend of a friend and her experience/guidance with tithing. Instead of giving 10% of your income that you have received for the week or month, give 10% before receiving any money, or 10% of what you would like to make. This provides an opportunity for you to envision what you will make in the coming month, or what you would like to make, which can be larger than what you traditionally make. This begins the cycle in giving and allows the universe to provide this amount for you to match your tithe. This is an act of trust and faith that “God will provide”.

Paying 10% after expenses can create a situation of resentment and is limited in it’s perspective. One of the prosperity keys is to live in the future, not from the past and what you have received, but you will receive. In other words, if you spend/receive hundreds per week, you should envision spending/receiving thousands next week, and plan for it. This allows the universe to accommodate your vision. It sees what you are fascinated with and rearranges itself to accommodate this vision of reality. You are the divine alchemist and the universe is unconditionally loving and designed to give you whatever you are most fascinated with. If you made $500 this week, at the beginning of the next week – tithe $100, and envision/know you will receive $1000+ that week… But be fascinated by abundance not lack, or the universe will give you more of this instead of the prosperity you desire. (Please see my articles on “Reality Creation” on my website: www.ZaKaiRan.com)

Everyone of our times, efforts and services are absolutely priceless. No matter what you charge, it does not accurately reflect the true worth of you or your divine gifts and services. What we charge or do not charge for our services is immaterial. What is most important is being clear on if we should or should not charge for our services, and if so, how much to charge, directed by our God Presence, because God knows best. The best guidance is to ask your Spirit what you should charge, then you know whatever it is, it is in total alignment. If someone doesn’t like your price, then they can go elsewhere. If they can’t recognize the synchronis energy of the proper evolutionary exchange of the moment, then the session will probably be maligned, difficult, unhelpful or draining to you.

You may offer 10% of your total services or products, or a certain number per week, donated as scholarships to those who are currently unable to pay you. This exchange is equitable, because it is a gift in divine service, from prosperity consciousness. But it is recommended that you get confirmation from your spirit as to whether or not you should offer a scholarship to certain individuals or it would be better if they paid.

To operate at peak divine efficiency, a majority of your patterns and beliefs of worth/unworth will have to be released and healed, including soul aspects that believe themselves to be unworthy. From this enlightened position of confidence and faith in the universe, then it does not matter what you do with money because you know that all money comes from Spirit and God always provides what is perfect in the moment for my spiritual growth, awakening and well-being. This faith allows the universe to provide for you, rather than you having to work hard to provide for yourself. It aligns to the divine flow of the prosperity and abundance that is the natural state of the universe of divine creation.

But we must not interfere with this flow. If we have any conflicting programs, this blocks the channels by which God is able to channel funding to us, from wherever or whoever. All that really matters is to follow Spirit; do your mission; be all that you can be; do what brings you joy; serve others, yourself and the divine plan… - then the money will come in naturally and effortlessly, with grace and ease. But there can be no resistance to charging for your services, or not charging for that matter. Or resistance to charging certain amounts, or not charging certain amounts. Or paying certain amounts for services. If they help your growth and awakening, then it doesn’t matter how much they are, they are priceless. Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is totally priceless.

Money is just a game to explore the illusions of worth and unworth. Money is a way to facilitate an experience of this illusion, or facilitate the shattering of this illusion. It is a game to explore: if we value ourselves; if we recognize and honor the value of our time and services; the value of other people and their services; if other people have the ability to see our innate value, and if they value our gifts… And a great game to facilitate the release of our judgments towards ourselves and others.

From typical human terms, value is completely subjective and is determined by your ability to help me, serve me, or provide something that I want, or my ability to help you, serve you, or… It is based upon agreement. This perspective does not accurately describe anyone or anything. It is a completely limited way to operate. And of course, is the typical human way to live, based upon agreements. It is now time for the release of all agreements we have ever made with anyone, including ourselves, to free us to live as the sovereign masters that we truly are and embody our divine power.

From a more divine perspective, value is determined by each individual’s ability to recognize their own mastery/“worth” and subsequently being able to recognize and honor others mastery/“value”. From this reality base, everything and everyone is valued and honored for being God. And the concepts of value and worth are no longer used, because they are seen to be total illusions.

You are absolutely priceless! You and your Divine Gifts, (your Mastery), are worth more than all the gold and diamonds in the entire universe of creation. There are not enough numbers to describe how much you are worth!

Whether you do anything or accomplish anything is immaterial, your Presence is Enough! It is not what you accomplish out in the world that matters, but what you accomplish within, and how others are affected in your presence and by your example!

Recognize and Honor your Awesome Magnificence!

You are Prosperity! You are Abundance!

You are Divine Health! You are a Divine Healer!

Blessings on your Journey

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