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The Illusion of

Exclusive Relationship

(No. 1 in a Series about Divine Relationship)



Having troubles with this thing we call relationship, where we have an implied conscious or unconscious agreement of exclusivity with a partner? Is communication difficult or impossible? Are you seemingly unable to be understood by and to understand your partner. Does the person you "love most" seem like an alien to you? Well take heart this is the human condition and a wondrous aspect of individual consciousness. This is a gift, a paradox whereby we are all one, yet individual points of consciousness, unique expressions of All That Is.

The spiritual aspect is easy, for we are all spirits, but the human element is definitely the most difficult. It is easy to agree spiritually; easy to talk about the spiritual higher dimensional truths of life as a spirit in a human body; easy to agree about the universe; but the human element is the "painful" task at hand. How to be a master in a human body, that is the question; "whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing them, end them." William S.

We are all masters, spirits inhabiting physical bodies. Many of us are planetary transition team specialists; experts at conscious awareness; ascension professionals, yet even though we are masters, we cannot seem to be able to have a normal peaceful relationship with one person. This is insanely illogical and eternally frustrating, but the nature of this transition to oneness.

This exclusive relationship thing that we have created for ourselves is a grand experiment in having a relationship with All That Is. When you love someone exclusively as we do with our partners we are essentially saying that we only love them, or that we love them the most. We may be allowed to love friends and family to a large degree, but that ultimate special love is reserved for mister or miss right.

Exclusive relationship of this type is illusion, hence the difficulties. We do not in truth love anyone any more than any one else. We may feel closer to one person, or experience higher degrees of fulfillment and wonderment, and magnificence with a special person or special people, but these are signs of the truth that we have this same special love with and for everyone.

Sure you may say but what about the human element that does love exclusively? I must question whether this is true. Does not the human part love exclusively only when it has someone exclusive to love? Do we not love exclusively in one relationship until that one is over, we have released our emotional attachments, and the next one comes along to twitter us. Sure you see people staying together their entire lives and "loving no other", but indeed this is rare in these accelerated times. How many people stay together merely out of co-dependence, afraid to be alone, facing their fears. Sure we set up "exclusive" relationships for ourselves, but we set these up as teaching mechanisms, for how could we possibly be exclusively tied to one individual, no one owns anyone, least of all their sexuality. Am I promoting promiscuity, I am neither promoting it nor denying it, for we love All That Is, therefore promiscuity is an illusion as well.

I would say that most light workers, and most people for that matter, are hopeless romantics, searching and hoping for that twin flame or soul mate. Or you have become disillusioned with that futile search and have given up hope. This is natural as we are all searching for those lost parts of ourselves that were never lost. And if you are pride-fully content being alone, I bet that there is a secret desire for your prince or princess charming to come along and fulfill you. So what's the answer? - Follow love into the rose garden, thorns and all? Be you; live your life as All That Is intended? Love one person; love all people; love yourself; love no one? - it does not matter, for you are love, an expression of love, and you can do nothing but love.

This experiment, the ascension of planet earth, is a gradual process of remembering who we truly are; completing what is already complete and reconnecting with that which we thought we had disconnected from. Because of this illusion that we must re-connect with that which we have determined we are separate from, we invented exclusive relationship. And because it is based on an illusion it is naturally fraught with disaster and heartache, but luckily, massive amounts of joy. We experience all these paradoxical feelings because of the illusion of separation. We reconnect with that which we were not separate from in the first place - so we experience the joy of reconnection and the pain of separation.

Communication Breakdown - Dead Ahead

The breakdown in communication between humans is a further example of this experiment in the illusion of separation and awakening process to who we truly are. It seems impossible to be understood and to understand due to this "separation". So what do we do to bridge this gap that we apparently have between our fellow mates and humans? I don't know. I am an Ascended Master, grandly knowledgeable of the human condition and it's psychological structures, I have many tricks up my sleeve and myriad’s of technologies at my disposal to assist with this process, but there is no quick fix, that is for sure. There is no quick fix because there is not supposed to be, in fact there is no problem in the first place. Mis-communication and un-understand-ability is a gift of this creation, a wonderment of the individual nature of us all. An obvious sign that we are all unique creations of All That Is with individual perceptions of reality. We are all individual Universes, perceiving and experiencing reality in our own unique way.

Why are we not able to understand each other? Perhaps we are not supposed to. Our mental processes operate in the future tense; our emotional bodies reference reality from past experience; our physical bodies are in the present, and our spiritual bodies are in no time - so no wonder things are so confusing. Not to mention that the sun has a tilt to it which hinders communication and understand-ability between humans, especially between men and women.

Of course there is huge pain involved with this because we all get sent into the deepest darkest places within our consciousness where we feel separate, alone and abandoned. Why do people get so dramatic when there is a possible break up situation? Obviously it is because we are all afraid of being abandoned, or more accurately we are all avoiding the feeling that we have been abandoned by our Spirits and All That Is. Of course this is an illusion, but it sure feels real. It was a good creation we devised so that we could deny our magnificence and act like we were humans. All mis-communication is an illusion, it is a game we played so we could feel and experience separation; it requires us to surrender to the mystery, to the confusion, to the insanity.

So it doesn't look like there is much hope for the average relationship. In one sense this is true, there is absolutely no hope; there is no hope for relationship based on the old ways of perceiving how it is or should be. The old relationship is dying and we are birthing the new relationship - Oneness with All That Is; so with this in mind, there is all the hope in the world. This new relationship is the new civilization.

The planet is shifting to a higher dimensional realm where the illusion of separation will finally be put to rest. Then we can sit on the edge of the dimensions and laugh about the lunacy of it all with all those beings that we played the game with, especially those that we played the game of exclusivity, dependence, ownership and abandonment with. Love then can be seen for what it truly is.

So what is the point of continuing. Why not just keep all our relationships casual and detached, wait for the "big" shift, or live life from a spiritual ideal that we do not need anyone. Well false detachment obviously won't do it for us because we do need someone, in fact we need everyone because we are everyone. We as humans need affection; and caring; and conversation; and intimate sexual interaction. We need friends; and family; and children; and joy; and fun; and adventure; and heartache - because this is being human. Being human is not being spiritual, you already are spiritual, you are a spirit having a human experience not a human having a spiritual experience. It is about being who you really are as a spirit/human, and that seems to be a gradual process of revelation. Being human is about experiencing more of self through self (relationship with "another" person), and giving yourself more love through the "other" person loving you - loving self through self.

The realizations and awakenings of Self to All That Is that are experienced through intimacy are truly a great wonder of the workings of the universe. I will always be drawn to relationship with the one and with the many, because the doors of love that are opened up, and the fears that are vanquished with intimacy are awesome, inspiring and truly a gift of separation and oneness.

I love being alone, experiencing my own solitude and wonderment, the intimacy of myself - but it is indeed a gift of All That Is to experience more of myself by intimately experiencing the essence and gifts that another person has to offer me; by experiencing self through the illusion that I am separate from my self; by experiencing self through self.

I will continue to jump straight into the fire of love just to see how hot it can get and how much heat I can handle. I will continue to be the adventurer that I am and quest the final frontiers of love experienced with another being. I will always be attracted to fellow adventurers of truth, love, and consciousness, and to their own individual unique qualities, essence and beauty. I will always follow love wherever it may lead me, even if it appears like a dark dangerous alley way. I will follow with as little hesitation as possible in my step. I will always go wherever love leads, as there is no other direction to go. There is nothing but love, and all experience is an expression of love. I will remain eternally romantic of prince and princess charming, looking for "the one", knowing full well that s/he does not exist outside of self and is a part of All That Is, that which I am.

Yours forever and ever,

Prince ZaKaiRan, Knight of Love, Ascended Master and Caretaker of Humanity


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