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Sacred Geometry

An Introduction



So what’s all the hullabaloo about Sacred Geometry? I certainly understand your dismay if you are one that is attracted to Sacred Geometry, but don’t know why. I have struggled with this myself as I have been awakening my divine feminine (and the true masculine) and at the same time extremely attracted to Sacred Geometry despite it seeming so left brain masculine. The real reason we are attracted to Sacred Geometry is because it represents creation; something we are all reawakening within our divine creative nature. We are attracted to Sacred Geometry because it is masculine and feminine; something we are all balancing within. Sacred Geometry represents or is an image to help us remember creation and how to create. Sacred Geometry is the essence of creation.

Sacred Geometry is a universal language that allows us to access ancient knowledge contained in our cellular memory. It is the key to understanding the nature and value of color, sound, light, love, creation... Sacred Geometry provides complete understanding and experience to consciously Co-Create a new world of Divine Expression and accelerate the Ascension process. Sacred Geometry rekindles our cellular memory of knowledge lost during the old civilization’s prime directive of “mastery of limitation.”

Now different geometries are more masculine and others are more feminine, but together as one embedded together in sacred union, they represent and form the complete balance of masculine and feminine. The lines that we typically see in geometry are the “male” lines, but there can also be female “linear” geometries. At the same time, there are always the feminine spheres that are not portrayed when just showing the masculine shapes of geometries. But if you look at Metatron’s Cube, you can also see the feminine spheres.

A prime example of the feminine spheres is the Flower of Life (or Creation Mandala) (introduced to us so graciously from Drunvalo Melchizedek). The Creation Mandala is an extremely ancient representation of the feminine aspect of geometry. It absolutely represents creation itself. Every single aspect of life creates itself in the manner of the Flower of Life. Broken down smaller the Seed of Life with only 7 spheres represents the first 7 days of creation. Every single aspect of life uses this pattern and a specific numerical sequence to create itself. This is called the Fibonacci sequence: (0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21...). An example of this is the splitting of cells to create new life. When the Egg and the Sperm come together in divine union, their combined DNA begins the transformation/creation of life.

In the Creation Mandala we see the feminine spheres, but what we do not see is the linear geometries that are behind the scenes because many of the platonic solids (Cube, Octahedron, Tetrahedron, Icosahedron, Dodecahedron) are in the “Flower of Life” and all of them are in the “Fruit of Life.” Similarly, if we look at a linear geometry such as the Star Tetrahedron, at intersecting points, there are Spheres. Within the spheres are the linear geometries similar to the DNA that is within the cells; the round cells acting like the womb. In the case of the MerKaBa, when you spin the Tetrahedrons, a large sphere is created from the motion. Therefore, an integral part of the feminine aspect is the Spin. This is why children and big kids enjoy spinning. It helps us remember creation. It also alters our consciousness. Without the feminine spin/sphere there is no growth (without the womb). You can see this on planet earth with all the boys that refuse to evolve because they have lost their feminine; they have misplaced their creative essence.

You can see that the masculine and feminine principles are in full operation within Sacred Geometry. And when it comes to creation, similar to the creation of a baby, without the masculine and feminine no creation occurs. Here is the absolute essence of Sacred Geometry – Creation! The point of studying Sacred Geometry or at least looking at geometries and Flower of Life is to awaken your creative nature; your true God-Like essence that has the ability to create anything from nothing. This means manifesting reality, which we are always doing anyway. But the point is to be doing it consciously rather than unconsciously, which is what typical humanity does. This is why conscious breathing is so important. Consciousness follows breath, and Spirit follows consciousness.

If you have already studied Sacred Geometry and Light-Body you will have been introduced to the MerKaBa. The MerKaBa is essentially your light body, but is really only one aspect of your light body. The MerKaBa is your time, space, dimension and consciousness shifting/transport device aspect of your Light-Body. I use the word transport loosely because the activation of your MerKaBa helps you “transport,” transform, or shift you to other realities and can also transport you through space.

The basic linear structure of your MerKaBa is the Star Tetrahedron, which is masculine and feminine. The study and activation of the MerKaBa is a huge but also simple exploration depending on how deep you want to get into it. If you are not drawn to study geometry, don’t worry. There are many ways to activate your light body and activate your MerKaBa. Suffice it to say that everything you do that opens your heart is activating your divine consciousness, which activates your Light-Body/MerKaBa. Ultimately, your Spirit is in charge of your awakening so you won’t miss out on anything. In fact, no one will; even those people who are seemingly not interested in “awakening” truth and Love. This is a group consciousness endeavour and with critical mass eventually everyone will be entrained to Love. Everyone will become conscious creators. Your mission is to activate yourself, not worry about what everyone else is doing.

The shift in consciousness is away from the perception that “I am a struggling human trying to have a spiritual experience” to “I am a Divine Creative Spiritual Master, a God Presence, having a human experience!” It is the awakening of your God Consciousness, because “only God can create life!” Humans are Gods in disguise. They are Gods that have forgotten they are Gods deluded by this hypnotic reality; by the matrix of illusion. They are creating life and reality every single second of their lives with the help of the Unified Field and their God Presences. But they are creating life unconsciously because of their programs, beliefs and genetically inherited patterns. Through sacred geometry, meditation, and the many other tools available to us we can easily and gracefully shift out of the limited matrix to the realm of miracles and sacred geometry helps in this regard. All of the ancient alchemists all worked with Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is behind everything; it is the essence of all life. Every creative act is an act of Sacred Geometry. Even the opening of the petals of your heart is an act of Sacred Geometry/Creation.

So how do I awaken my own creative nature? How do I activate my Light-Body?

The answer is anything that gets you centered in your column of light, that opens and expands and centers you in your heart, that expands your consciousness, that expands your light frequencies, that helps you to embody more of your Divine Presence; activates your Light-Body/MerKaBa and helps you to awakening your True Divine Creative Nature. Very simple. (Ha Ha you might say, simple my frickin arse!) Having fun also helps…and spinning...and playing with the Dolphins and the Faeries…and doing anything that alters your reality. Surrounding yourself with Sacred Geometrical symbols, putting them on your altar, wearing geo-jewelry is extremely powerful. Also, meditating with and breathing in these geometries, especially those ones you are most drawn to because different geometries carry different frequencies and act in specific ways, activating our DNA and divine creative abilities.

Especially powerful is working/playing (plorking) with the Seed of Life, the Creation Mandala (Flower of Life), and the Fruit of Life to awaken the potential (Seed), your beauty (Flower) and your Mastery (Fruit).

Seed/Flower/Fruit of Life Creation Meditation

Do this meditation with each symbol, one at a time in succession, or a different one each day. (Note: This is a 3 dimensional image, the circles are really spheres, it is not really a flat 2D image as we see on paper. When doing the meditation, you are in the center of the image/geometry).

Place the (Seed, Flower or Fruit of Life) in front of you. Get it’s image clearly in your mind’s eye and begin to breathe deeply, breathing the image into your heart, allowing it to open and activate your heart and your frequencies to the Seed/Flower/Fruit of Creation. See the image of the geometry in your heart. Feel it opening and activating your heart to it’s creative nature.

Continue breathing deeply and with each breath the Seed/Flower/Fruit of Life grows larger, as big around as your body. And then larger around your auric field so that the edges are 6 feet/2 meters around you.
Now see it moving up and down through your body, through your chakra pillar and chakras, opening and activating your chakras. See each of your chakras growing larger now and see them being filled with the essence of creation and the essence of sacred geometry. See it moving up and down your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. See it, feel it, moving through your etheric body, your Ka body, all of your light bodies.

Now focus your consciousness on your center, in your heart, feeling the essence of the geometry feeling the essence of the Seed/Flower/Fruit of Creation. Feeling the essence of creation itself. The marriage of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. Feel your unique and powerful creative essence of Love; your Divine Power to Create reality, with Grace (with no reference to the past), with a deep and powerful connection to the Present. Allow the geometry to center you in this creative essence in your God Center where your God Presence resides. Feel how all life creates itself through these geometries, through these divine patterns. Feel how life creates itself miraculously from the flame of life at the center of every heart, every cell. See this flame of life in every person, every animal, every plant, every tree.

Now move the Seed/Flower/Fruit of Creation down your pillar of light through your legs, below your feet, through the chakras that anchor you to the earth, and continue moving the geometry through the earth to the core of the earth. Feel the core essence of Mother Earth and her creative power. Offer your love and gratitude to her for all that she unconditionally provides for us and for creating such a beautiful planet for us to enjoy. Breathe in this deep, penetrating, nurturing and creative power. Breathe it in to your heart, through your column of light, further expanding and activating your heart to divine creativity. (You may commune with mother earth and breathe in this love/light, and sending her your love/light for as long as you like).

Now bring the Seed/Flower/Fruit of Creation up through the subterranean levels of the earth through your body once again and continue up through your higher dimensional chakras above your head. Continue through the sky, through space, through the moon, and through the Sun. Now continue on through the central moon and central sun, the great central moon and great central sun, the great great central moon and great great central sun, the great great great central moon and great great great central sun - to Source Love-Light. Anchoring your column of light with Source. Feel the core essence of Source, the source of all creation. Give your love and gratitude to Source for all that has been created in all the universes and all that has been created for you. Thank Source for creating you! And breathe in this creative Spirit. Breathe it down through the moons and suns, through your chakra column, into your heart. And bring the Seed/Flower/Fruit of Creation back down to you through your breath.

Now feel your complete centeredness, passion, and divine power of your connection to Creation and your creative nature. Call to your God Presence to fill you with your Creative Essence, your Creative Power. Feel your Divine Presence! Feel this Power! Feel this JOY!!! Feel this Bliss! Feel the feeling of needing nothing because you have everything and are able to create anything that you need to fulfill your mission. Anything you need to manifest your destiny is already manifesting – through the Power and through the Law of Creation!!!!

Open your heart even further now encompassing the entire planet and all life upon her. Give mother earth and everyone and everything up on her a big hug. Now expand your heart even larger now encompassing our solar system, then our Galaxy, then our Universe, then our Super Universe. Feel the expansiveness of this. This is your True Creative Nature. You are All-That-Is!!!!!

Enjoy your Creative Nature!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Infinite Blessings on your Journey of Embodying your Awesome Magnificence!!!

I AM ZaKaiRan AatKa’Nui SheeHan

For more information about Sacred Geometry, see my articles on the MerKaBa, Light-Body, Flower of Life…, Sacred Geometry Jewelry and Links at: ZaKaiRan.com, Earth Ascension Times - A Transformational Space of Love Light and Laughter - To Infinity and Beyond! Divine Life Ascension Mastery Playshops, Services and Products by ZaKaiRan - Empowering you to Easily and Gracefully Create Heaven in your Life!


Creation Mandala
(Flower of Life)

Fruit of Life
Completed Flower of Life

Solar Mandala
(Seed/Egg of Life)

Star Tetrahedron

Fruit of Life within Metatron’s Cube

Platonic Solids in Metatron’s Cube


Star Tetrahedron




(The Star Tetrahedron is two platonic solids (tetrahedrons) interlocking to form a star tetrahedron)
(Images courtesy of Drunvalo Melchizedek and the “Secrets of the Flower of Life”)



Creation Mandala/Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is also referred to as the “Creation Mandala” because it represents creation itself. It is the blueprint for all creation.

The Flower of Life is the most significant of all the symbols in Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is a universal language which allows us to access ancient knowledge contained in our cellular memory. It is the key to understanding the nature and value of color, sound, light, love, creation... Sacred Geometry provides complete understanding and experience to consciously Co-Create a new world of Divine Expression and accelerate the Ascension process. Sacred Geometry rekindles our cellular memory of knowledge lost during the old civilization’s prime directive of “mastery of limitation”.

The Flower of Life is the pathway of creation in the void, or the creation of something from nothing. It is also the pathway of creation of form; of density; life. It is also the pathway back to Oneness; the pathway home, to source, Ascension/Inscension.

Every circle in the Flower of Life represents a sphere, or cell. These spheres are the female aspects, or center points of the intersection points of all of the platonic solids. Even though they are not drawn and you can’t see them, they are in there within this image, or more accurately within its completion which is the Fruit of Life, which forms and contains Metatron’s Cube.

All life begins with the imploding-splitting-combining-creation of new cells, (spheres), through a specific sacred geometrical sequence called the Fibonacci Sequence, whereby each number adds to itself the last number to create the next number in the sequence: (0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21...). All life begins and creates itself in this manner and through the representation of the “Seed of Life”, “the Tree of Life”, the “Flower of Life”, and the “Fruit of Life” (which is the completion of outer ring of circles of the flower of life).

I highly recommend drawing the Flower of Life to evoke the remembrance of its meaning and sacred geometry. To draw a Creation Mandala: get a good quality compass and good drawing paper. Make a circle in the middle of the page. Now pick a point on the circle you have drawn and draw another one that crosses through the center of the first one. Where that one crosses make the next one; and the next…, till you have completed the Egg (Seed) of Life. Then every point where two circles cross, use this point to draw the next round of circles. Then where these three circles cross, use this point to draw the next round of circles. You have now essentially drawn the flower of life, made up of 19 circles.

You will notice that there are many incomplete circles, and the outer circles don’t have petals, so you will need to fill those in. To do this you will need to complete the outer ring of circles in pencil, to be erased later. Use similar crossing points to fill in the petals of these extra circles. After you have filled in the extra petals, you also need to draw two complete concentric circles around the 19 circles.

The extra circles you have drawn in pencil to fill in the petals, actually completes the Flower of Life and make it into a “Fruit of Life”. You can of course go ahead and do these circles in ink if you like, making a Fruit of Life, but you will notice that even this doesn’t really complete anything; it completes the next rotation, but the evolution goes on forever.

The Flower of Life is seen everywhere around the world in ancient architecture and art. It is encoded with the Creation Codes of life. This is why this version exists everywhere, because the ancient masters wanted to help us remember without revealing too much of the power of sacred geometry and creation. When you have completed the extra 24 circles, (33 total), you have now revealed the holiest pattern of all of 13 circles, which is the Fruit of Life, the sweet stuff. 13 is the number of Christ Consciousness. With these 13 female circles, you can now superimpose within these spheres, 13 different male (linear) geometries.

So from these 13 spheres, along with the Egg of Life and the Torus, you can create everything in existence. This is the magic of Metatron’s Cube, one of the most important informational systems in the universe, and one of the basic, yet extremely powerful, creation patterns of existence. If you look with multi-vision, you will see all of the platonic solids, in fact a big one and a small one of each. 2 cubes (hexagons), two star tetrahedrons, two octahedrons, two icosahedrons, and two (pentagonal) dodecahedrons. (You can see them individually on my website and on pages 161-164 on Drunvalo’s book). Every single line in Metatron’s Cube is in a Golden Mean ratio. And naturally, there are Golden Mean rectangles all over it as well.


Spiral Seed Torus


This is another version of the Flower of Life, based on numerously embedded Fibonacci spirals, in this case, similar to the spiraling seeds in a Sunflower. It is similar to what we look like from a top down view when our MerKaBa’s are spinning.

Creation Mandala Manifesting

You may use this sacred symbol of transformation as an alchemical creation tool, to access the ancient knowledge contained in your cellular memory of your true essence as a Creator God. It will help you remember how all things are created and the fact that you are creating reality right now with everything you are and do.

The Flower of Life/Creation Mandala, contains a great deal of the geometry’s of creation and form. These geometries are how everything is created. Utilizing this Sacred Geometrical symbol, aligns whatever you are using it for, to it’s original blueprint and highest potential. Any other technology will typically synthesize, taking resources, energy…, from an external source rather than creating from divine principle.

Use the Creation Mandala as a tool of transformation and divine alchemy. Create with, meditate with, and align everything in your entire physical and energetic body system using the Flower of Life.

Imagine or use an actual picture of the Creation Mandala to imbibe the creation energy (divine alignment/perfect balance), into anything you are working with or doing. Energize your projects, visions…, or anything you are desiring to manifest, by passing the Flower of Life through them, especially to create the highest potential of this vision. And use it to re-energize things, returning them to their original blueprint, intent and vibration, such as: water, food… (Don’t forget, the circles are really spheres).

Happy Creation,


(Hand painted wooden Creation Mandala plaques and laminated Creation Mandalas are available in the ‘Earth Ascension Products’ section of my website: ZaKaiRan.com. Also available are gold and silver Creation Mandala (Flower of Life) and Solar Mandala (Seed of Life) pendants, and Flower of Life T-shirts.

More information on the Creation mandala below in references section.
(“Creation Mandala” phrase courtesy of Juliet and Jiva: (www.originalinnocence.com – www.piinthesky.com - www.awareliving.info)

Heart Sphere Manifesting


Another geometrical tool of manifestation is utilizing the Heart Sphere, (aka Cube Octahedron; aka Iconic Terra Prana Sphere), to manifest with alchemically. This geometry is called the ‘Manifestor’ because of its broad composition containing so many geometries.

The CubeOctahedron is named thusly because it is a cube and an octahedron, or somewhere in the middle between the two. It is created by truncating (chopping off the corners), of a cube or an octahedron. If you chop off the points of either one, you get a CubeOctahedron.

Buckminster Fuller calls this shape the “Vector Equilibrium”. He believes this polyhedron to be the greatest shape in all creation because with the proper rotation, it creates all five platonic solids. He created the “Vector Flexor” toy to show this, which I believe is available from Source Books - www.sacredspaces.org. (To see the other platonic solids, your cubeocta must have flexible joints so that you can ratchet the geometry down, thusly creating all the other geometries).

This form is the basis of our consciousness and the energy fields around our bodies. I believe it to be the basic structure upon which all other geometries and fields are built upon. Most seeds contain some form of platonic solids within them, and mostly cubes. This is why this geometry is so good for negating the negative affects of electricity, because it restructures the energy to its original intent of equilibrium.

This tool of transformation, is a magnetic (Archimedean) receptor, geometrically composed of Earth and Air (Prana) elements, as they exist within Light. It is a feminine form of consciousness which aligns energies and self to the divine vibration and original intent. It has the ability to align you to the miracle of your conscious existence and heal your heart with the sense of gratitude.

The earth (cube), and air/prana (octahedron), form the perfect synthesis and grounded base for just about everything. This is why it is excellent for aligning electrical energy which is in the improper wavelength (hertz frequency) for our bodies. So it can be used to negate the negative electromagnetic energy from electricity and electronics. Putting a live electric cord through one of these structures will take care of this problem. Wearing this geometry will also shield you from the negative energies you may encounter, by realigning these frequencies that are emanating toward you, to a more harmonious vibration.

Wake Up! The Time is Now!
Time to Co-Create Heaven on Earth!


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