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Some Tips for these Times


Blessings to all lovelightworkers,

I am offering you my divine love and assistance in regards to the transformational process all are experiencing at this time on Earth. I offer the following three keys to any who feel a heart resonance that these will assist them in creating a higher quality of life at this time. These are three keys that I use in my own life during times of great acceleration such as we are presently experiencing through the after wash of the beautiful Harmonic Concordance waves and the next portal openings (over the next three months).

The first key is related to trust of one’s own heart and life direction. During times of great shifts, the higher frequencies can create distrust or doubt to arise in relationship to what you are doing or your life direction and a sense of feeling a little lost for a while can manifest. To avoid this, I attune to the frequencies consciously that are coming to the planet at this time and ask for an activation through my chakras of these energies and ask for my chakras to be cleared of any energies that are unable to receive these frequencies. I use the Law of Grace to support me by calling on the Law of Grace to flood through me. This aligns all old energies within me to Source and opens the space for the new frequencies to pour forth through me. Otherwise, what occurs is I have to spend time clearing and connecting to myself again after feeling a little disconnected. After many years of practice of working with higher energies and the ascension process of Earth, I’ve found this to be the most efficient way to align. I hope this helps each one of you.

The second key is related to owning my lessons or my journey during the transformation period and recognising that as I am part of the Earth, I also am transforming something as the Earth transforms her energy. I sit within to find what the core of this is for me so that I can be conscious and aware of my own inner transformation process. This is usually quite obvious, for if I do not do this, issues arise in my life related to the core of this energy. Therefore, if I do not embrace my own transformation process and get clear on it and realise what it is that I am learning to let go of and learning to open to embody the truth of … I will otherwise create issues to arise for me to understand this. After many years of journeying with this, I have found that creating the issues to arise is the slowest and most difficult way, so to choose the path of grace, I always sit within myself to attune to my lessons or what I am transforming. Just bringing this to consciousness begins to shift the energy, and what completes this is my loving acceptance and non-judgement of this.

The third key is related to empowerment of my creation. I have understood for many years that during these times of great acceleration, we are able to create much more than at other times. Therefore, my intention is very important at this time, for it is magnified by the waves of energy coming to Earth due to the opening of the portals. I understand that whatever I intend at this time will be magnified many thousandfold more than if a portal was not open. Therefore, over these periods, I am guided deeply to be very clear in my focus, and if I do not hold clarity, to not place any energy into projects or creations during this time, for otherwise it will create great un-clarity in my creations and projects, and the result will not be of the highest benefit for my being or others. Therefore, this third key I offer you is to be aware of the portal periods and your own energy’s interaction with them, and to let go of having to do things because your mind feels it must be done … and instead, to attune to the currents of energy flowing through the Earth and how you feel with them to create a flow or divine timing in your life. In other words, the key I offer you speaks of choosing to work with important things in your life only when you are clear and learning to let go of having to work with these if you are not flowing with the Earth’s vibrational shift. For otherwise, your time will be wasted and you will create great problems or difficulty rather than create graceful success with your intentions and projects. The flow is created through your own interaction with these waves, and no matter how much we wish or want, we cannot stop these waves coming to the Earth or get off the ascension journey, so to speak. I have met many high initiates or awakened beings who have wished for this at times, and understand that this is a reality for some beings’ minds when things get difficult. So I am offering these keys as a form of assistance from my heart to each one of you in honour of all that you give and love.

Portal Periods ( December 2003 – June 2004)

The portal periods for the next 6 months on the Earth have been given to me as December 12 to December 22, December 23 to December 31, January 13 to January 22, February 4 to February 16, March 7 to March 2O, March 31 to April 11, April 22 to April 25, April 29 to May 8, , June 2 to June 22. These portal periods are offered to each one of you so you are aware that a new wave of very high frequency is beginning to activate every cell of your body on the first date of this portal opening. If the portal is larger than 7 days, the energy will come in a wave effect that builds for the first half of the portal and activates during this time (in other words, it can bring up a lot of old energy to be released) to then ground and stabilise through you in the last half of the portal (this is when you feel the effects of the energy and how you interacted with it). I offer this to you because your intention is very important in the first half of each portal that is longer than 7 days as during this time, everything is magnified at least one thousandfold. For portals that are shorter than 7 days, these are portals of intense activation and grounding. These portals have less affect on your physical body and more affect on your spiritual bodies, so it will depend on your own focus in life at this time what you receive and how this affects you. If you are particularly spiritually focussed, then this will have a great impact upon you and magnify your spiritual work, whereas if you are physically focussed, then you will have little experience of this portal.

It is not necessary to change your focus just for the portal, but it may be of interest to you to understand this. The waves of energy that come to the Earth from these portals come directly from Source through the Central Sun and Central Moon into our Sun and Moon to feed all life on Earth with this new energy and consciousness. Visitations from the Family of Light occur more powerfully during these times than any other times as the portals of Earth open to receive the floods of waves. This allows the veils to be lifted so many on Earth can meet or have first contact with the Family of Light. If you are seeking to have first contact, I would suggest you spend time during one of these spiritual currents in deep spiritual practice and call for these ones to be with you. I have had the personal blessing of having had visitation from our family for many years and this is such a divine experience, I would recommend it to all.

All my love to each one of you,

Radiance, radiance, radiance – may it shine through you


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