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Nucular Love!

By ZaKaiRan

A response to Nuclear Tests by Korea on July 4th, 09
(independence day for the U.S.)

Greetings beloveds

Well, these are certainly very exciting times we're having here on planet earth. What a great place where you can play so many games and act out so many parts and be a good guy or a bad guy that people think is a good guy, while others know he and everyone who follows him are totally deluded. What a great place for souls to learn about oneness and truth by exploring separation and lies. We are well and truly living in the matrix.

What a great place where the boys and their toys and the poor deluded masses, led by their fears, and their lack and unworthy consciousness, can play these games, yeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaa!!!!!! And those deluded Koreans can thumb their noses at us on the U.S. day of Independence, and say "we're independent of you and we'll do what we want, we don't care what you say, nah nah nah nah nah! - Just like kids in the playground. What a great place!!!!

But don't worry, it's just souls taking advantage of their last opportunities to explore separation and denial before there is so much unity consciousness on the planet that they won't be able play the games of separation and competition any more and they will energetically have no choice but to accept Love, Divinity and Oneness as true reality. And these people are just acting out the fears of the collective consciousness, the fears that people don't want to look at in themselves. But thankfully, they are acting it out for us, so bless their little souls.

God bless all Koreans and all beings who are deluded by their fears and the lie that they are unworthy, powerless and helpless.

God bless them all!!!!!!!!!!! We love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nucular Love!


P.S. Please check out my free audio dissertation The "Nucular Threat"
(or, "Whoever has the biggest toys wins"), at the link below.

And if you want to see Kim Jong-Il at his finest, rent "Team America", one of the best movies ever made, by my heroes Matt Stone and Trey Parker!!!

P.P.S. I know I spelled Nuclear wrong, when you listen to the audio, you'll know why

The "Nucular Threat" (or, "Whoever has the biggest toys wins")
Part 1    Part 2
Channeled disertation (audio article), evoked from Korea's nuclear tests and the boys and their wars on planet earth.

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